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CASE Asia-Pacific Educational Fundraising Graduate Trainee Program

Seeking a Meaningful Career? Be a world-class fundraiser. Making a difference starts here.

Millions of underprivileged youths are provided access to tertiary education, while groundbreaking research work in a diverse range of areas are initiated, by virtue of funds donated worldwide. The impact of philanthropy involves creating public value and helping to advance society - this is the power of fundraising.

The CASE Asia-Pacific Educational Fundraising Graduate Trainee Program is an exciting way to launch your career in fundraising and provides you an opportunity to advance education to transform lives and society. This prestigious fully paid program will begin in March 2019 for 12-months at a premier Australian institution.

Program Highlights

Holistic Induction Program, Gain breath of expose, Delve deep into fundraising, Dedicated guidance

We invite highly motivated graduates and early/mid-career professionals to enter the exciting world of educational fundraising.

What does the traineeship include?

Trainees will be employed by a host university on a 12-months contract. They will begin program at the host institution and work within each area of a university's development office-gaining experience and developing skills in alumni relations, prospect management, annual and regular giving, stewardship, fundraising campaigns, major gifts, events and partnerships. The breadth of the experience provides trainees with a fully rounded view of fundraising in higher education and the role it plays in supporting the university, current students and potential students. Two mentors will be provided to the group of trainees along with networking opportunities, online resources like the CASE Community.

As part of the professional development, trainees will participate in an induction program at CASE Asia-Pacific Advancement Conference 2019. In addition to the CASE Asia-Pacific Advancement Conference, those on the Program also attend the Asia-Pacific Institute in Educational Fundraising and one other CASE conference or seminar.

During the year-long placement, graduate trainees will spend one month at another co-host institution. This month-long placement will enhance the learning process through opportunities given to apply learning at another institution with an emerging development function.

Natasha Tan

"The program refined my passion for advocacy through ample opportunities to meet international leaders in advancement and to practice creative problem solving skills."

Natasha Tan
Development Associate
(Leadership Regular Giving)
The University of Melbourne
2017 Graduate Trainee

Teresa Murray, 2017 Graduate Trainee

"It is such a unique program that allows you to constantly explore numerous personal development opportunities."

Teresa Murray
Advancement Officer
The University of Western Australia
2017 Graduate Trainee

Aleesha Kumar, 2017 Graduate Trainee
"Without a doubt, the networks we have made in this unique program will be extremely useful throughout our careers."

Aleesha Kumar
Faculty Development Officer
The University of Western Australia
2017 Graduate Trainee

Adam Ruble, 2017 Graduate Trainee
"This experience is what you make of it. In an expanding field like this, this opportunity can set you up for an amazing career."

Adam Ruble
Advancement Officer
Queensland University of Technology
2017 Graduate Trainee

How to apply?

Application for the CASE Asia-Pacific Educational Fundraising Graduate Trainee Program 2019 is now open. Click here to apply for this program.

How can I support the Educational Fundraising Graduate Trainee Program?

If you are a university and are interested in becoming a host or co-host institution, you can find out more details here.

The Graduate Trainee Program is sponsored by:

Richmond Associates

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