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Become a Host Institution - CASE Advancement Internship Program

Since 2016, CASE Advancement Internship hosts have benefitted from the bright and enthusiastic high-caliber students in the program. Many institutions find the program a great way to spot talent and build the advancement pipeline. Several of our host institutions have gone on to hire former interns in entry level advancement positions.

2016 CASE Advancement Interns in Washington, DC for the inaugural CASE Advancement Internship Conference


Hosts Provide

  • An eight-week internship (June 3 - July 26, 2019) during which time the advancement intern will undertake assignments and projects that will develop their core advancement skills and help them to develop professionally.
  • A senior member of staff and an onsite mentor to oversee the intern's development.
  • A designated staff person who will be both the intern's and CASE's main point of contact at the host site.
  • The fee to participate is $2,500 per intern. This fee covers associated costs of the program including the intern's travel expenses to Washington, DC for the three day CASE Advancement Internship Conference.
  • Compensation for interns, host institutions have the flexibility of providing a $5,000 stipend that is distributed through CASE or setting up compensation directly through the institution and their intern(s). 
    CASE recommends that hosts pay interns a stipend of $5,000 or $15 per hour. This will cover living expenses throughout the program. This program does not require hosts to provide or pay for housing, meals and/or transportation to and from your campus.

Host Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in becoming a host, please contact Robyn Neeley, Senior Manager, Career Programs at