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CASE Jobs Online Advertising Terms of Agreement

  1. CASE Jobs Online reserves the right to reject any advertising.
  2. CASE Jobs Online does not guarantee a specific number of visits to an advertisement.
  3. When an advertisement is placed by an agency on behalf of an institution and if payment cannot be collected from an agency for any reason, the client institution will be held responsible for payment. 
  4. The advertiser assumes liability for all content, including text and illustrations (such as logos) of advertisements, and also assumes responsibility for any claims made against CASE Jobs Online and/or CASE, including the cost associated with defending such a claim.
  5. All ads will be posted for 30 days. Under the subscription agreements outlined below, renewing an ad for an additional 30 days counts as a separate ad and will be deducted from the total number of ads included in the subscription.
  6. Advertisers are expected to pay at the time of posting the job online.
  7. A subscription is defined as a maximum of six ads over a maximum of six months (whichever comes first) or a maximum of 12 ads over a maximum of 12 months (whichever comes first).
  8. CASE Jobs Online will not issue refunds at the end of the subscription time period, even if fewer ads were placed than the maximum number allowed under the subscription.
  9. Subscriptions must be prepaid.

These terms constitute a legally binding agreement.