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Master Class


Tuesday, May 15
8:00 AM-NOON

Leading a successful CFR program is a complex challenge, and requires competencies that take many years to perfect. Even then, the shifting environment in which we work demands continuous reassessment of the effectiveness of our programs and an enduring commitment to innovation and change. This program is designed for senior-level CFR leaders.

This program is held in conjunction with the Annual Conference for Corporate and Foundation Relations Officers.

 Separate registration fee required.



7:00 AM
Registration and Breakfast

8:00-10:00 AM
A Hands-On Applied Improv Workshop for Honing CFR Competencies
Tailored for experienced CFR professionals new to improvisation training, this master class will provide a safe, fun and low-pressure environment in which introverts and extroverts alike will explore improv and discuss how its core principles can enhance essential competencies such as communication, collaboration, idea generation and development, and storytelling.

Applied improvisation workshops have gained popularity in leading business schools and Fortune 500 companies around the world. Hannah Chase of Magnet Genius Machine, the improv training and events division of the renowned Magnet Theater in New York City, collaborated with seasoned CFR professionals to customize this first-of-its-kind master class for CASE conference attendees. The stage is set, so punch your ticket today!

Read more about Magnet Genius Machine.

Rick Andrews, Facilitator/Instructor, Magnet Genius Machine; Hannah Chase, Facilitator/Instructor, Magnet Genius Machine; Peter McNerney, Head of the Conservatory Program, Magnet Theater
Session Designer/Moderator: Ryan Sauder, Assistant Dean of Academic Advancement and Senior Director of College Grants and Foundation & Corporate Relations, Franklin & Marshall College

10:30 AM-NOON
Networking at the Highest Levels
What is stopping you from connecting with that foundation leader? In this session, Jeanne Narum will challenge and encourage senior foundation leaders in their quest to build relationships and communicate with individuals who can make a difference in their quest to secure corporate, foundation, and government funding.

Jeanne Narum, Founding Principal, Learning Spaces Collaboratory


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