Directors' Forum

How to speak to senior leaders and donors with gravitas and authenticity - £195
Tuesday 29 August 2017

We look at how we can feel confident in pressured situations, how we behave confidently in pressured situations and how we influence in pressured situations.

We will discover how to find our natural ‘authentic' voice; learning to be physically relaxed, yet still open and dynamic.

And we will look at how our body language can influence in different situations ranging from interactions with Vice-Chancellors to major donors.

We will look at how to best pitch, present and meet people in these scenarios: 1-1 meetings, presentations and networking events. We will learn how to structure our messages so that key messages are remembered.

This Workshop is for senior advancement professionals who have to tell a story, deliver a message or speak to leaders inside or outside your organisation. It will be interactive, actionable and fun.

Workshop Outline

Registration will be from 08:30 for a 09:00 start, with the workshop finishing at 13:00 for lunch.

A half day workshop for senior advancement professionals. In this interactive workshop we will learn how to engage and influence our audience for maximum impact - whether that's an audience of one or one hundred. Through a combination of practical exercises and reflection, you will develop and practice techniques and skills to develop your personal impact.

Workshop Objectives

• Learn how to establish rapport quickly and easily
• Learn how to add gravitas and charisma
• Learn how to structure a pitch, presentation or meeting
• Learn how to control nerves in pressured situations
• Learn how to ‘centre' our voice
• Learn how to become aware of our body language signals
• Learn how to connect with our audience - every time

Workshop Outcomes

At the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:

• Establish an instant rapport with everyone they meet
• Quickly put people at their ease
• Establish an easy connection with every audience - every time
• Deliver structured key messages so they are remembered
• Appear confident and relaxed in pressured situations
• Have a natural authority and gravitas
• Influence their audience for maximum impact

Workshop Timetable

09:00 - 10:45

What is true confidence?
• How and why nerves affect us
• Learn how to ‘centre' our voice
• Our body language
• How to establish rapport quickly and easily
• The theory of Zone 2
• Building gravitas and charisma

10:45 - 11:00 Break

11.00 - 12:15

• How to structure a presentation
• Pointing key messages
• Great openings and closings
• 1-1 meetings (with senior prospects & executive leadership)
• How we stand and command a room
• Telephone conversations
• Networking
• Feedback
• Q and A

12.15 End

Our Session Leader - Robin Kermode

Directors Debate

Robin is one of Europe's leading communication coaches working with CEOs, senior executives, politicians, media personalities and sales teams.

He is a popular keynote speaker and author of the best-selling book 'Speak So Your Audience Will Listen - 7 Steps to Confident and Successful Public Speaking'.

He is a respected media commentator, contributing to a wide range of newspapers from The Guardian and The Telegraph to Radio Times and Huffington Post....

A popular keynote speaker and facilitator, he is also a recognizable voice over artist (he is the MC of the ATP World Tour Finals each November at the 02 Arena in London).

Born in Lancashire, Robin spent 25 years as an actor and has been coaching for the last 15 years. He founded Zone 2 in 2007. Robin's experience, enthusiasm and sense of humour make him a highly valued speaker and coach.

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