Wednesday 02 September

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Alumni Relations

Business School Alumni Relations Network

Alumni professionals working with business school alumni

Small Shop Alumni Relations Network

Alumni professional working in an alumni office with 1-5 staff

Facilitator: Jan Geetz, advisor alumni relations, The Hague University of Applied Sciences

CASE Research 

Facilitators: Yashraj Jain, research manager, CASE Europe; Holly Peterson, head of constituency engagement, University of London and Nik Miller, director, The Bridge Group


How to Convince New Donors in a Creative Way

Facilitator: Lea Sarica, development director, annual fund, HEC Foundation

Class Giving: All together Now?

Facilitators: Gudrun Kuhlmeier, senior alumni relations manager, Henley Business School, University of Reading and Ben Herbert, Development Officer, Henley Business School, University of Reading

Who Wants to Find a Billionaire Over Breakfast?

Facilitator: Graeme Byrne, Director of Development, University of East Anglia


Building Your Community and Brand on Chinese Social Media

Facilitator:  Emma Gilmartin, social and digital media manager, University of Glasgow

The Use of Twitter by Universities

Facilitator: Rob Speekenbrink, consultant online media, Delft University of Technology

Political Affairs and Lobbying

Facilitator: Nicky Old, head of political affairs and deputy director of communications, Universities UK

Marketing Track

Marketing KPIs

Facilitator: Chris Watts, director of marketing and student recruitment, York St John University

University Branding

Facilitator: Ivor Lawrence, director, Underlying Form Ltd

Lead Generation

Facilitator: Martin Bojam, managing partner, 360 Education


Database Workshop

Facilitator: Suzi Squires, development manager, Erskine Stewart's Melville Schools

Annual Fund

Facilitator: William Vaughan, director of advancement, The American School in London


Facilitator: Rachael Henshilwood, Eton College

09:00 - 10:00 Breakout Session 2

Choose from one of the following:
Alumni Relations Alumni Relations 101 (Part One): The Eight Enablers - Why Things Go Wrong With Alumni Relations Programmes, and How to Get it Right

Based on the presenter's experience of working with institutions throughout Europe, this presentation will outline eight enablers that are essential in designing, delivering and growing effective alumni relations programmes through a series of case studies. Attendees will take away strategic approaches, practical tools, and new insights to support their work.

Speaker: Nik Miller, director, The Bridge Group

Alumni Relations Track Having a Successful Career in Alumni Relations, or ‘My Job is Weird'

Speakers: Claire O'Sullivan, head of alumni relations, University of Birmingham and Holly Peterson, head of constituency engagement, University of London

Fundraising Track 10 Good Reasons Never to Do a Campaign

How often do we stop to consider whether the planning, execution and messaging associated with campaigns undermine the deeper things that we say matter about our work? Ever share the speakers' concerns that as a profession we risk becoming stuck in an ever-deepening campaign rut that stifles creativity and flexibility, due to marketing necessity or over-vaulting ambition? Are there other successful models which play to our institutional strengths and put the impact of philanthropy and the motivations of the donor more centre stage?

We hope you will leave this session either in disgust and more determined than ever that campaigns are right for you, or equally emboldened and determined to consider ploughing a different furrow. But refreshed either way!

Speakers: Chris Cox, director of development, University of Manchester and Steve O'Connor, director of development, University of Leicester


Inspiring Principal Gifts

Inspiring the largest gifts to your organisation requires a strategic, collaborative and disciplined effort from stakeholders across the institution. These donations are critical to the success of fundraising efforts, especially to multi-year comprehensive campaigns. Yet many colleges and universities struggle to develop robust principal gifts programmes.

Participants will engage in conversation with the University of Cambridge's Executive Director and the Director of Principal Gifts to learn about building a programme that inspires philanthropists to make transformative investments.

Speaker: Alison Traub, executive director of development and alumni relations, University of Cambridge and Christopher Whitney, director of principal gifts, University of Cambridge

Communications track Make it Happen - A Unique Brand Alliance Between a City and University

The Erasmus University of Rotterdam aims to improve it's international position by combining expertise at an international level to boost standards of education and research, and thus contribute to the recruitment and retention of top talent. It is also working to ensure its students are ‘citizens of the world' who can successfully embark on their careers with an intercultural and global perspective. 

The University seeks to strengthen its international reputation and to recruit more international masters students by 2018, seeking collaboration with other universities, businesses and public organisations to support this.

In 2014, the University created a unique brand alliance with the City of Rotterdam and the Port of Rotterdam with the slogan "Make it happen". Find out how this campaign is working to make the Rotterdam region more attractive for international talent and business and consequently support the institutional goals of Erasmus University.

Speaker: Karin van de Braak, senior advisor marketing communications, Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Pieter Kuijt, director marketing and communications, Erasmus University, The Netherlands


Treasure of the Future

The University of Iceland has successfully boosted public interest in sciences through an integrated communication project called "The Treasure of the Future". The campaign consisted of TV series, A Science Magazine, a Web Site and a Press Campaign. Donations to the University of Iceland trust increased to 72 percent following the campaign, and media reach increased by around 40 percent.

Speaker: Jon Orn Gudbjartsson, head of communications, University of Iceland


'It's Not About the Logo, Promise': A Case Study on Re-Branding

A warts and all view of the University of Warwick's re-branding exercise, with tips on research, making the case, and putting your finger on ‘it', whilst staggering through the political and cultural obstacles on the journey to a new brand (including a new logo!).

This session is aimed at anyone who has thought about re-branding and thought twice, and why, as hard as it is, as marketers and communicators we must endeavour to persevere.

Speaker: Helen Pennack, director of marketing, University of Warwick and Ken Punter, deputy director of marketing, University of Warwick

Marketing track

Research Panel: "R&D Live - The Story of the Undergraduate Applicant Student Journey Told by the Applicants Themselves!"

We need to understand our audience of prospective students like never before. To help us do that, SMRS launched an exciting research project, 'Revisions and Decisions - The Student Journey'. Over the last two years 50 students have taken part in ongoing research and dialogue investigating their practical and emotional journey as they make key decisions on courses and careers.

This session - ‘R&D Live!' gives delegates the opportunity to put questions to a panel of students that are participating in the R&D project. By the CASE Europe Annual Conference, the group will have just received their A-Level results and this is a unique opportunity to discover their views on their student journey and the highlights and pitfalls they experienced.

Chair: Ruth Collier, head of engagement and external relations, University of Reading and Dan Beynon, head of education, SMRS

Strategy Track

Your Alumni as Global Problem-Solvers

The traditional role for alumni has been support of their own institution. Alumni do this in many ways: volunteering time and expertise; mentoring students' hiring recent graduates; giving financially; and recruiting new students. But with competition from so many other organisations, today's alumni are more difficult to attract and keep as reliable supporters.

Meanwhile, the problems of individual institutions pale in comparison to global and societal challenges. Clean water, youth unemployment, ethnic strife, human rights - your students and alumni devote much time and effort toward alleviating these crises. This session proposes a new way for alumni communities to collaborate, and a different means of targeting their time and attention. Instead of driving local aid for a single institution, can we drive coordinated support for truly global solutions?

Speakers: Andy Shaindlin, alumni futures consultant, Alumni Futures Consultants and consulting vice president, Grenzebach Glier and Associates, USA

Strategy Track

Integrated Advancement: Our Story

The University of Liverpool has recently brought together all of its advancement functions and in doing so has integrated marketing, communications, fundraising, alumni relations, UK and International recruitment and admissions to form a mega centralised team. Almost 12 months on a number of lessons have been learned, not least of all the importance of engaging staff on the journey and the need to present a coherent and engaging strategy.

During this session Taryn and Claire share the rationale behind this merger of departments that were formerly separate and share their perspectives on why the time was not only right for Liverpool to do this, but why it might benefit other institutions to ditch the silos and take the plunge too!

Speakers: Taryn Rock, director of communications, University of Liverpool
and Claire Brown, director of marketing, University of Liverpool

Schools track

Engage your Alumni: ‘Nine Year Olds Understand Endowment Better Than Hedge Fund Managers'

Your alumni community is a diverse group - how can you please all the people all the time? What methods do you employ to engage the different age groups within your community? How can a 9 year old understand your endowment model better than a hedgefund manager?

In this session we reflect on both new and established methods of alumni engagement.

Speaker: Simon Jones, director of development, The Manchester Grammar School

10:00 - 10:45 Tea, Coffee and Networking Break (Exhibition Hall)

10:45 - 11:45 Breakout Session 3

Choose from one of the following:
Alumni Relations

AR 101 (part 2): Giving Alumni What They Want: Unique Events, International Chapters, Professional Networking and More

How do you design and deliver popular activities for alumni? How do you create a network of thriving international chapters? How do you encourage alumni to engage with their university to boost their job prospects? What are the secrets of good stewardship?

This session will answer these questions by highlighting how you can respond to the needs and wishes of your alumni by offering a diverse programme of unrivalled opportunities. It will show you how you can implement your strategic priorities in very practical ways. Tips about communicating your activities and staging major events at home or abroad will be discussed, as well as insights about networking and engaging your alumni online.

The presentations will emphasise how listening, and responding, to your alumni can reap huge rewards. Examples will be shared from the University of Oxford and the Universidad de Navarra.

Level: Beginner

Speakers: Guy Collender, head of alumni communications and marketing, University of Oxford and Cristhian Mestre, associate director, alumni office, University of Navarra, Spain

Alumni Relations

Global Alumni Ambassadors

Alumni are a highly valuable resource. They are motivated, talented, well connected and genuinely happy to help. As the higher education market becomes increasingly competitive, how can institutions use alumni to support recruitment, employability and the student experience?

Hear from Aston Business School about the their successes and challenges of launching a new Global Alumni Ambassadors Programme and how the University of Cambridge are working to align their alumni groups network in order to achieve the strategic goals of the University and alumni relations office.

Together we'd like to share best practice with colleagues from across the globe and from different kinds of organisations to generate best practice in how we all work with, support and get the most out of our alumni ambassadors.

Speakers: Paula Eccles, alumni and external relations officer, Aston Business School and Claire Baxter, alumni relations co-ordinator - networks, University of Cambridge

Fundraising track

Major Gifts 101: On Your Way to Your First £1million

Just been handed a new list of potential donors, or taken on this role and have no idea where to start? Join us for a 'nuts and bolts' overview of how to get moving on major gifts. Our experienced session leaders have handled hundreds of major gift meetings and solicitations and will guide you through phone calls, discovery meetings, cultivation and solicitation planning and keeping track of your progress. We'll share some of the secrets of really successful fundraisers to boost your income and meet your targets.

Speaker: Fiona Duffy, director of development and fellow, Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge and Bruno van Dyk, director of development and alumni relations, Durham University


Growing Your Legacy Programme - A Collaborative Major Donor and Direct Marketing Approach

King's College London has recently taken the positive decision to invest in legacy fundraising. In an effort to grow our legacy programme, we are using a new approach to engage our supporters, demonstrated through our recent successful mass direct marketing campaign, which mirrored the methods major donor fundraisers use in one-to-one relationships. This session will present how King's is using this approach, and prove that it works.

Speakers: Helen McGahon, head of legacy giving, King's College London and King's Health Partners and Thomas Hipwood, senior direct marketing  manager - fundraising and supporter development, King's College London and King's Health Partners

Communications track

Grand Depart Utrecht 2015: How a University Strengthens its Brand Using the Tour de France?

The Tour de France is one of the world's biggest annual sport events. In 2015 the Tour chose cycling, but also knowledge-city Utrecht, to organise the 'Grand Depart'. To make full use of the worldwide reputation of the event, Utrecht University decided to be one of the leading parties organising a 100 day programme, which will have its apotheosis on the 4th July, when the first stage will not only be held in the centre of town, but also on the Utrecht's knowledge campus, where the university is the biggest inhabitant. Learn more about organising a successful event by teaming up with a broad range of local and regional profit and non-profit partners.

Speaker: Cor Jansen, director of marketing and communications, Utrecht University, The Netherlands


Privacy and Legislation in the Online World

Questions arise when institutions and individuals are both active online. Is your personal account a license to do as you like? Should your institution monitor what you do on your personal accounts?
Examples from both in and out the education sector are being used in this talk to shed a light on what you and your institution should think about online.

Speaker: Steven den Boer, social media editor, Radboud University, The Netherlands


Using Multi-Media to Tell a Story

This session focuses on how the University of Leicester is harnessing multimedia, such as videos, podcasts and social media, to deliver marketing communications that engage with key audiences. You will see examples of multimedia stories and campaigns and receive an insight into the impact they have made.

Speaker: Amy Cory, multimedia news officer, University of Leicester

Marketing track

The Answer is 42: A Survivors Guide to All Things Strategy

Lies, damn lies and strategies. Everyone wants a strategy, particularly 'management'. And they want metrics and KPIs too. So what are the secrets to developing strategies that are not only flexible and responsive to new and rapidly changing challenges, but also do not require constant revision?

Aimed at anyone having to develop a strategy, and taking a slightly whimsical approach drawing on his wide experience, Peter Reader will reveal how he has minimised time spent on developing strategies, letting him get on with the job he so loves.

Speaker: Peter Reader, director of marketing and communications, University of Portsmouth

Strategy Track

What do Changing Frameworks Mean for Stakeholder Management?

Most university systems in Europe are engaged in some sort of large-scale restructuring, involving concentration measures, autonomy reforms and revised funding models, motivated by the search for excellence and international competitiveness. This session focuses on how universities adapt or redefine their relationships with stakeholders as a response to these changes.

Speaker: Enora Bennetot Pruvot, deputy director, governance, funding and public policy development, European University Association

Strategy Track

British Council: Education UK Alumni Awards 2016 and Graduation UK 2016

Building on a successful pilot year, the British Council will now be expanding the awards in up to 11 countries. The awards celebrate and profile international alumni who have studied in the UK and showcase the impact and value of a UK education to international audiences.

Graduation UK 2016 - Celebrating UK Alumni success.
Discover what initiatives will take place to support South-East Asia and UK collaborations.

Speaker: Bryony Inge, alumni campaign manager, British Council and Amita Chawda, UK SE Asia knowledge partnership manager, British Council


Developing Alumni - Your Return on Investment

We exist in a universe called ‘Relationship Fundraising'. Our development philosophy is forged from an understanding of the importance of ‘community': their engagement; cultivation; trust and support. By investing in a process that drives donor activity, loyalty and satisfaction we can create a significant long-term value that can accrue for both parties.

Using the case-study of Reigate Grammar School, this session looks to demonstrate that educational fundraising requires sustained community investment and that the nature of ‘affinity' is central to an appreciation of donor motivation.

Speaker: Sean Davey, development director, Reigate Grammar

12:00 - 12:45 Breakout Session 4 - Exhibitors Showcase


Alumni Relations

Friends for Life - How to Successfully Establish Donor Loyalty

Educational fundraisers are operating in an incredibly crowded space, competing to acquire and retain their stakeholder's continual investment in their university's development, as alumni's loyalties become stretched across multiple institutions. This session explores how to attain donor support through multi-channel engagement, vertical fundraising and stewardship.

Speakers: John Rux-Burton, founder and managing director, Rux Burton Associates and Hugh Langford, business development director, Rux Burton Associates


Alumni Relations

Locate - Engage - Advance: Advancement through Online Engagement

This session will cover:

• Setting up your database to use direct communication and social networks
• Locating and connecting with alumni using social networks
• Engaging alumni to keep them coming back
• Tracking engagement and using it to identify new donors
• Allowing alumni to choose how they contribute to the community.

Speaker: John Batistich, director, Potentiality

Alumni Relations

The 5-Step Engagement Test

This interactive session will present a five-step guide to maximising online alumni engagement. For each of the five steps, the presenters will show the concepts together with market insights. Attendees will be encouraged to share their experience and to privately self-score their institution's own current engagement. The key outcomes from the session will be a greater understanding of what it takes to maximise alumni engagement and have an action plan on how to make this happen.

Speaker: Robert Curtis, vp new business ventures, Graduway and Guy Collender, head of alumni communications and marketing, University of Oxford


Building Great Fundraising Teams - How Profiling can Help with Recruitment, Retention, Skills Development and Team Structures

Do you need to restructure your fundraising team? What skills do major gift fundraisers truly need? What behavioural characteristics distinguish a good fundraiser from a great one? For over five years, Graham-Pelton has used profiling successfully to inform the recruitment, training, and retention of fundraisers to build balanced team structures and identify skills gaps. Find out how profiling can help you shape a great fundraising team, restructure an existing team and grow an outstanding team.

Speakers: Susie Hills, managing director, Graham-Pelton Consulting and Shaun Horan, managing director, Graham-Pelton Consulting



Strategy Track


Alumni Relations

Advancement Technology: #trends and Hot Topics, and What it Means For You

Come and join us for 45 minutes where we will discuss some of the current key trends in and around technology. Including the wider topics of importance across educational fundraising and engagement and how these are intertwining to make technology a key enabler for advancement. Covering everything from data insights and mobile access, to globalisation and philanthropic interests, we'll explore both opportunities and challenges for your institution, and some predictions for the future.

Speaker: Collette Langley, Business Development Manager, Blackbaud Europe and Dan Keyworth, Head of Customer Engagement, Higher Education, Blackbaud Europe

Marketing Track


The Complete Student Journey with Augmented Reality

From open days and interactive prospectuses, to on site navigation and immersive lecture materials, augmented reality technology now provides a platform for educators to enhance learning environments and materials by creating engaging and unforgettable experiences, accessible through a student's mobile device.

Speaker: Rupert Forsythe, founder, Campus Interactive and Hannah Bailey, managing director, Campus Interactive

Strategy Track

Alumni Relations


More Myth Busting: Unmasking the Half-Truths and Urban Legends Getting in Your Way

Tuition fees are having no impact on giving. Big gifts follow from small gifts. Direct mail is less effective than the telephone. Using evidence from the richest data set of regular giving in the UK and the results of thousands of donor interviews, More Partnership tests the reality of a pack of mythical beasts lying in wait for intrepid fundraising and alumni relations professionals. We'll slay some dragons and equip you to ward off distractions and focus on your real challenges.

Speakers: Adrian Beney, partner, More Partnership and Joanna Motion, partner, More Partnership

Strategy Track

Alumni Relations



Being Authentic

Authenticity. It sounds so simple. You know it when you hear it. Yet it can be difficult to achieve. Join Emma and Jo for a fast-paced session on how to get it right. Using some impressive (and award winning) sector and consumer brand examples, the session will provide you with six key tips on how to use your own stakeholders to tell your story.

Speaker: Emma Bridge, head of communications, University of Bradford and Jo Redfern, managing director, Educate


Ten Ways to Enhance your 2016 Marketing Plans

Are you looking for new ideas to boost your marketing plans? Or perhaps want some inspiration as to how you can best use tools such as lead generation, programmatic buying, campaign tracking, augmented reality and remarketing? Join us for a practical and accessible journey through the top ten ways that you can make a positive impact on your marketing and recruitment goals for 2016.

Speaker: Rachel Killian, client services director, 360 Education and Kelvin Ward, account manager, 360 Education

Marketing track

How to Plan a Clearing Digital Strategy that will Generate Awareness, Track Every Call, and Prove a True ROI on Digital Spend

See how Net Natives worked with one UK University to plan their clearing digital strategy. Learn how video content was created to generate awareness and calls for clearing 2015, and call tracking was implemented to track every single call and prove a true ROI on digital spend.

Speaker: Murray Simpson, higher dducation client partner, Net Natives and Lisa Grant, corporate marketing manager, University of Westminster

Marketing track

Marketing to Generation Z

The under 18s have always been the great unknown in marketing circles. The over 18s have been around and you have an idea of how they think and have seen how they behave. But the under 18s - they are much more of a mystery. In this session we'll explore how to engage and market to generation Z, from a ‘talent' perspective. What are the issues we need to consider when looking to attract and engage future (and current) generation Z employees?

Speaker: Simon Bracewell, education and public sector director, Havas People and Charlotte Fenney, regional director, Havas People

Marketing Track

Strategy Track

The Influence of Rich Media Within the Student Recruitment Cycle

Revolution Viewing is a creative digital agency. Our bespoke, research-led solutions have featured within university marketing campaigns since 2004 for more than 60 universities. Recently, we have conducted primary research with prospective and current students. The research - overseen by Leeds University Business School - established how influential different types of rich media are when used at key points within the student recruitment cycle. We are delighted to present key findings.

Speaker: Vicky Hayhurst, commercial director, Revolution Viewing

12:45 - 14:00 Lunch (Exhibition Hall)

14:00 - 15:30 Breakout Session 5

Choose from one of the following:
Alumni Relations

Maximising Alumni and Friends to Engage with Business and Corporate Philanthropy

There is no magic bullet as to how this can be done most effectively or efficiently. What there is - is how we can leverage and align our networks in the world of fundraising, business engagement, research and innovation to gain mutual benefit.

This session aims to give you an insight into how business, fundraising (philanthropically or corporate) and alumni networks can work hand in hand to increase your reach and ultimately create win-win results.

Speakers: Nicole Fouchier, director of development and alumni relations, Tilburg University, The Netherlands and Gurmit Kler, head of business engagement, University of Birmingham

Alumni Relations

Innovation and Creativity to Inspire the Right Audiences to Achieve the Right Outcomes

A group working session exploring the bravery of innovation in achieving agreed targets....and harnessing the power of unexpected benefits along the way. Real life examples will be used in this exploration of ultra-networking, and participants will be asked to add their own thinking to resolving problems in unique and positive ways.

Speakers: Sarah Sherwood, director of communications and external relations, Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona), Spain; Janine Watson, chair of the alumni advisory board, The University of Manchester and former assistant chief executive (communications), Stockport Council and Katherine Leopold, senior employability consultant and visiting lecturer, University of Greenwich

FR track

Dragons Den

Ever imagined yourself on the BBC's Dragons' Den pitching your big idea? What would you do to ensure maximum success in front of the dragons to get your funding? This session will provide useful and practical advice on how to best 'pitch' your proposals to foundations and you'll get the chance to see some pitches in action.

You will have the opportunity to hear from Paul Ramsbottom, CEO of the The Wolfson Foundation on what he looks for in a successful proposal, and you will also get useful advice and feedback from senior development colleagues on how they've successfully 'pitched' for funds and how you can too.

Speakers: Lori Houlihan, executive director of development and alumni relations office, University College London; Paul Ramsbottom, chief executive, The Wolfson Foundation and Graeme Byrne, director of development, University of East Anglia


All you Ever Wanted to Know About High Net Worth Individuals but Were Too Afraid to Ask

Professionals in wealth management are working with your donors every day. In this session you will hear from legal and private bank advisors on the issues facing the wealthy and the management of their money. Develop your understanding of the vehicles they use, the factors in their decision making, and the ways in which families are involved, all of which will provide you with further insight into their philanthropic decision making.

Speakers: Alana Petraske, special counsel - charities and philanthropy team, Withers LLP; Rachel Harrington, director - strategic solutions, Coutts Institute; John Derrick, director - ultra high net worth and family offices, Barclays Wealth & Investment Management and Caroline Underwood, chief executive officer, Philanthropy Company


#brilliant - The Power, Beauty and Simplicity of Hashtags in Social Media Campaigns

A hashtag campaign can be a great way to drive your social media activity; they pull your content together with a click and are so easy to use that they open the door for invaluable opportunities to engage with students. This panel session will tell the stories of three brilliant hashtag campaigns from 2014. You'll learn how these campaigns were planned, executed and evaluated, as well as having the chance to quiz the brains behind them. Come and be inspired to start your own campaign!

Speakers: Dave Musson, senior online communications officer, University of Warwick; James Donald, press and public relations manager, Bournemouth University and Emma Leech, director of marketing and advancement, Loughborough University


Rosetta: To Catch a Comet!

The European Space Agency's mission Rosetta captured the imagination of the world in 2014, as it rendezvoused with Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and deployed a lander, Philae, to its surface.

In this session, we will give a behind-the-scenes view of the mission, its history, its 10-year journey to reach the comet, and the exciting events that have been taking place there and the scientific discoveries being made. We'll explain the broad strategy we developed for engaging the public in the excitement of the mission, including the major events, the wide use of social media, and the development of innovative tools such as a series of anthropomorphic cartoons and a short science fiction film.

Speakers: Professor Mark McCaughrean, senior science advisor, directorate of science and robotic exploration, European Space Agency, The Netherlands and Dr Emily Baldwin, space science editor for the esa portal, EJR-Quartz for ESA, The Netherlands


Student Panel

Current students will answer questions about what actually worked for them during the recruitment process - and what they would recommend higher education institutions consider in their marketing and recruitment plans.

Chairs: Tricia King, pro vice master for student experience and director of external relations, Birkbeck, University of London and Tim Westlake, director for the student experience, University of Manchester

Marketing track

Widening Participation

Many higher education institutions, especially in England, depend on expanding their student numbers for survival. This will mean engaging with students from different social backgrounds when the costs of higher education in many countries is rising and the guarantees of graduate employment diminishing. Widening participation is still viewed by many institutions and those within them as an added luxury. As the 21st century develops it is becoming an essential. This session will look at the future for widening participation work and what HEIs can do, and will need to do if they are going to attract those from a more diverse range of backgrounds and ensure their future survival and growth.

Speaker: Graeme Atherton, head of access he, London Higher

Strategy track

Women in Leadership

Join an esteemed panellist of inspiring and internationally renowned leaders who will discuss and demonstrate the pathways for women to advance to leadership positions within the education sector. Whether you are in the early stages of your career, looking to take the next step up or responsible for nurturing tomorrow's leaders, attend this session to gain valuable insight from across the education sector.

Chair: Sue Cunningham, president, CASE

Panellists: Marion Walker MBE, professor in stroke rehabilitation, University of Nottingham; Professor Sue Black, director, Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification and deputy principal, University of Dundee and Moyra Doyle, managing director, Richmond Associates and Sarah Porter Waterbury, vice president (advancement), Imperial College London

Strategy track

Internal Communications: Key to Success for HE Institutions

Internal communications is an important aspect of the communications discipline. Although this is commonly acknowledged, not all institutions have focused enough on this element. Can communications departments in higher education institutions risk underestimating the value of internal communications in the years to come?

One could argue that in our current open network society, digital communication and new media will automatically improve communication between staff and students without interference of communications professionals, but is this true? And if not, can we continue our traditional internal communications approaches or are new methods and means needed? Do we as communications departments have the knowledge to play a crucial role in internal communications in the years to come? Are current competences of our staff in the communications departments the ones needed to tackle the challenges ahead?

In a panel discussion in which we actively want to involve the audience we will try to find answers to the different questions posted.

Panellists: Suzy Giles, head of corporate communications, University of East Anglia and Sara Kouchakji-Allen, head of employee and change communications, Sheffield Hallam University; Pieter Kuijt, director marketing and communications, Erasmus University;

Chair: Denis Ancion, deputy director, Marketing and Communications, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

More panellists to be confirmed shortly


Capital Campaigns: Learn from Those Who've Been There!

Hear from two seasoned fundraising professionals in the process of completing capital campaigns in their schools. This session will include the nuts and bolts of planning and running a campaign, as well as practical tips and real-life experience. Q&A will be an important part of this presentation.

Speakers: William Vaughn, director of advancement, American School of London and Mark Taylor, director of development, Glasgow Academy

15:30 - 16:00 Tea, Coffee and Networking in the Exhibit Hall

16:00 - 17:30 Breakout Session 6

Choose from one of the following:
AR track The Strategic Role of the Senior Alumni Relations Leader - How to Face the Challenges of the Future?

Having worked hard to justify our own existence, build effective internal relationships and secure vital investment, senior alumni relations leaders are now facing multiple challenges.

How best to lead a high-performing team? How to manage and leverage external and internal relationships for the benefit of the whole university? How to work with changing University leadership? How to adapt to new government policies and strategic priorities? How to stay relevant and connected in an environment of increased global mobility and multiple careers?

This intensive, interactive session will explore what skills are needed in a rapidly changing landscape and in the context of new advancement models. Together we will share the latest trends and best practise. Participants will be required to complete a short survey. Some short articles and scenarios will be provided in advance to maximise this rare opportunity to work together.

Level: Advanced

Speaker: Jane Westbrook, director, advancement, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Alumni Relations track

Engaging Academics and Researchers in Alumni Relations

A recent examination of what the University of Copenhagen's alumni expect and want from their alma mater has one clear conclusion: they want to gain access to research straight from the source. A researcher presenting his or her in-depth knowledge seems to be the ideal. This session will ask: how to choose and motivate researchers to spend their time on alumni? Which forms do we offer? How do we market the presentations?

We will examine the Oxford Alumni Travellers Programme as a case study, which highlights current Oxford academic research and provides alumni exclusive access to academic content through travelling with a trip scholar.

Speaker: Christoffer Nyborg, alumni relations officer, University of Copenhagen, Denmark and Denise Gogarty, alumni travel and learning manager, University of Oxford

Fundraising track

Why Fundraising is Like Dating

We all know that popping the big question on the first date is never a wise move! In their lively comparison of fundraising and dating, Kirsty and Mark will talk about their own experience of what works (and what doesn't) when developing relationships with major donors and getting to that all important ask.

A lighter-hearted introduction to the world of Major Gifts, but filled with practical tips and real life examples.

Speakers: Mark Curtis, director of development, New College, University of Oxford and Kirsty MacDonald, executive director, development and alumni engagement, University of Edinburgh

Fundraising track

How to Engage Faculty Members in Fundraising?

The University of Helsinki launched its second fundraising campaign, 'Helsinki Insight 375', in December 2014 with a goal of 25 million euros. This presentation will discuss fundraising from a faculty's point-of-view.

This session will explore the concept of strategic investment-oriented fundraising, as fundraising should not be considered as humble begging. In fact, ideally, donations are investments, and the return on investment is a better-functioning and more competitive university.

The presentation will shed light on how to engage each faculty member in a university's fundraising campaign, using examples from the Faculty of Medicine.

Speaker: Heidi Lehmuskumpu, development and alumni manager, faculty of medicine, University of Helsinki, Finland

Chair: Catherine Bell, director of development and alumni, University of Glasgow

Communications track

How a Great Video Works, and How we Know - Tools for Marketers, Managers and the Plain Curious

Even if you'll never pick up a camera, learning what makes a great video that educates, performs and persuades is invaluable. With plenty of practical examples, experienced filmmakers and animators Tom Wilkinson and Tom Fuller will show you how to make the best of this powerful - but expensive and time-consuming - resource, from planning shoots, through to production and editing, and finally promotion and evaluation of your work.

Speaker: Tom Wilkinson, online media producer, University of Oxford
Tom Fuller, online media producer (research), University of Oxford

Communications track

GOV.UK: Developing Content Strategy for 50 Million Visits a Year

Launching GOV.UK required a revolutionary change in how government organises and designs information for the public. Learn about the challenges the GOV.UK content team faces when improving user journeys and content quality - and try your hand at creating content based on the needs of your users.

Speakers: Elena Findley-de Regt, content lead, Government Digital Service, GOV.UK and Persis Howe, content community manager, GOV.UK


Fighting for UK Undergraduates in an Ever More Competitive Marketplace

In late 2013, in the context of an increasingly competitive global higher education landscape, the University of Reading embarked on a major change programme to realise its vision for 2026, the University's centenary. One of the early priorities was transforming the prospective student experience and driving up applications.

This session explores some of the measures that contributed to a 21% year-to-year increase in home undergraduate applications (against a sector increase of 2%), and looks in detail at transforming Open Days.

Speaker: Fiona Blair, deputy head of engagement and external relations, University of Reading and Ruth Collier, head of engagement and external relations, University of Reading

Marketing track

Hertfordshire's Approach to the "Consumer Marketing Authority" Legislation

What is CMA? This is your opportunity to participate in an open discussion exploring the potential impact on UK HE and particularly student recruitment, admissions and marketing. The session will also highlight the University of Hertfordshire's approach to CMA and lessons learnt.

Speaker: Donald Mcleod, deputy director, marketing and communications, University of Hertfordshire

Strategy track

Collaborative Working - Is it a Pipe Dream, Achievable Goal or Common Practice? Find Out from Those Making Collaboration Work

There are many different configurations of advancement teams across institutions and whatever way your alumni relations, fundraising, communications and marketing functions are organised, you will need to find robust and creative ways of working together for the common good of your institution (and your own part of it).

This session is a panel discussion, with plenty of time for questions from participants, bringing together senior practitioners from all areas of advancement, and beyond. Some work in alumni relations and development as part of a wider communications and marketing team. For others the disciplines are structurally separate. We will be looking at not only working effectively and collegiately across advancement disciplines, but also with others in the organisation, such as colleagues in Careers Services and Business Engagement teams.

This is a learn and share session. Learn from some of those who lead and co-ordinate activities across diverse teams every day and bring your best tips for fruitful cross-disciplinary working along with you.

Chair: Karen Brady, director of philanthropy and alumni relations, University of Liverpool

Speakers: Emma Leach, director of marketing and advancement, University of Loughborough and Andy Shaindlin, alumni futures consultant, Alumni Futures Consultants and consulting vice president, Grenzebach Glier and Associates, USA

Strategy track

After the UK General Election - What Now for Higher Education in the New Parliament?

In the UK, the recently elected Conservative Government has committed to a legislative programme for the next 5 years that will have a significant impact on universities. We can expect new measures to reduce immigration, to the lifting of the students numbers camp on home undergraduate students in England, a new teaching excellent framework and new quality assurance regime, a strong focus on the economic contribution of universities and role in driving productivity and public funding cuts as part of a tough spending review. This panel will explore what this forthcoming period of policy change means for universities and the potential impact on advancement professionals. There will be an opportunity to pose your questions to the panel.

Speakers: Alistair Jarvis, director of communications and external relations, Universities UK; Alison Goddard, editor, HE and Andy Westwood, associate vice-president for public affairs, University of Manchester

Chair: Tricia King, pro-vice-master strategic engagement and recruitment and director external relations, Birkbeck, University of London

Strategy track

Additional Session: Cecil the Lion - A Development Office's Response to a Global, Viral Fundraising Drive

In this session, Development Office team members from the University of Oxford will discuss the challenges and opportunities of the Cecil the Lion fundraising drive. The presentation will focus on crisis management, data and donor analytics, academic partnerships, public relations and gift stewardship. Development professionals with internal, external and management roles will share their experiences raising £600,000 in ten days from more than 12,000 donors across the world.

What you will learn:

- Pro-active and reactive strategies to manage and capitalize on this extraordinary event
- Ways of minimizing institutional and cultural silos
- Managing donor questions, needs and stewardship on a global scale
- Leveraging faculty relationships to work with development
- The importance of transparency in high profile fundraising drives
- The analytical breakdown of types of donors to the effort

Speakers: Christine Jeffery, director of development services, University of Oxford; Patrick O'Connell, head of development, mathematical, physical and life sciences, University of Oxford; Hannah Curwell-Parry, senior development executive, MPLS, University of Oxford; and Chris Propper, DARS technical data manager, University of Oxford

Schools track

Moving from a Big to a Small Shop: How to do Everything

An Interactive Panel Discussion

Recently moved from a University to a School or planning such a move in the near future? This is the session for you! With a focus on the new challenges presented by working in a school's environment, this session will help you to deal with new issues and manage your resources to achieve your aims, whether friend or fundraising. Hearing from four experienced practitioners who have moved from middle management in the Higher Education sector to Director of Development, often in brand new Development Offices, you will leave this session equipped to manage your programmes and with an understanding of how to scale down the workload whilst maintaining fund and friendraising levels across all constituent groups.

Speakers: Gemma Wicks, director of development, Bancroft's School; Adrian Ballard, head of foundation, The Sherborne School Foundation and Kathryn Moore, development director, Kingston Grammar School

Chair: Helen Clapham, director of external relations, The Grammar School at Leeds

17:35 - 19:00 Exhibitor Reception at Manchester Central - Exchange Hall

17:35 - 19:00 Schools Reception at Manchester Central - The Gallery Room

19:00 Free Evening

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