Strategic Plan 2017-2021

Reimagining CASE's Future

Reimagining CASE’s Future

For more than 40 years, the Council for Advancement and Support of Education has been a trusted partner for those who seek to advance education. In that time, as the world’s understanding of education as a powerful means of transforming society has both deepened and broadened, so, too, have our ranks.

In every corner of the globe, our members are doing everything in their power to increase the accessibility, efficiency and impact of education upon the world’s citizenry. So, too, must we do everything in our power to bolster and sustain our capacity to serve our members. It is critical that we look to the future and set out a strategic plan for meeting the challenges ahead while staying true to our rich and expansive past.

A wise colleague once shared the view that the strategic planning process was as important as the outcome. So as we set out to reimagine our future, we took great care to involve our membership and partners. For at the heart of CASE are its people: staff, volunteers, members and stakeholders.

Our staff around the world demonstrates day in and day out a high degree of professionalism, camaraderie and dedication to our mission. CASE’s very existence is built upon the love and commitment of our volunteers who give of their time, their expertise and their passion for education. Volunteers ably lead our governing boards, our districts and our communities of practice. Volunteers help us identify challenges ahead for the profession as members of our commissions. Those volunteers spring forth from our member institutions, which believe in our value and our desire to serve. We are fortunate to have more than 150 educational partners, including companies and consultancies that provide vital support to the work of our members and of CASE.

We have enthusiastically sought collaboration from all of our constituencies, and we are delighted to report that all responded with equal enthusiasm. This plan features our new vision, mission and values as well as our key goals and myriad objectives for the next five years. We have dreamed large and been encouraged to be bold and bodacious. Yet what we are proposing is evolution rather than revolution; for we are determined to meet the needs of an ever-changing future by remaining true to our successful past.

You, our members, will be key to realizing the success of this plan. That is why it was so vital that you played a part in creating it.

We look forward to an important and inspiring journey together.

Sue Cunningham
President and CEO

Mike Goodwin
CASE Board of Trustees

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