Strategic Plan 2017-2021

Our Guiding Pillars

Our Guiding Pillars

No strategic planning process can begin without an attempt to answer a simple, yet profound, question: Why do we do what we do? We have focused on this question throughout this plan’s development. Our new vision statement, advancing education to transform lives and society, answers that question and frames the sense of purpose, direction, drive and mission that motivate us.

To advance education in the future as well as we have in the past, we will concentrate our efforts in four main areas: member engagement, talent management, thought leadership and global impact.

Member Engagement

Because our members are at the center of everything we do, supporting them will continue to be a priority for a reimagined CASE. We will redouble our efforts to serve members in appropriate and meaningful ways, no matter where they are in the world or in the profession. This will require our unflinching devotion to continually assessing our curriculum, the methods by which it is delivered and the value it offers. At the same time, we will seek every opportunity to improve the member experience by forging new global partnerships and ensuring that every CASE staff member understands and honors the special trust our members—and the institutions they serve—have placed in us.

Talent Management

We will heighten awareness of the critical nature of our communities of professional practice. This will include broadening the pathways by which professionals can enter these fields and providing them with robust offerings that will enable them to grow and excel. We will continue to convene committed professionals from across the globe to share, network, inspire and introduce lifelong mentors and peers.

Thought Leadership

As the largest and most widely relied-upon association serving professionals advancing education worldwide, we are in a strong position to establish CASE as a thought leader in the field. To do so, we will strategically direct our resources to explore new research areas, shed light on trends affecting our member institutions, and work with others to apply that knowledge in ways that demonstrate the value of the profession.

Global Impact

Our plan for a reimagined CASE is to establish a truly global position and more clearly transmit the value of such a position to volunteers, members, staff and stakeholders. By so doing, we will enhance not only our capacity to serve a broader and more representative membership but also better equip them to work with other entities around the world to advance our shared purpose: the transformation of lives and society through education.

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