Strategic Plan 2017-2021

Appendix C: Broad Stakeholder Engagement

Broad Stakeholder Engagement

A global “engagement architecture” provided a variety of high-touch and high-tech opportunities for CASE members and staff worldwide to provide input to the project at defined intervals. These activities—face-to-face meetings, focus groups and electronic surveys—were led by the consultants, steering committee members and other CASE volunteers and staff. These groups included:

CASE’s international board

Council of Alumni Association Executives


CASE Europe Annual Conference

National Committee for Institutionally Related Foundations

CASE worldwide vice presidents and directors 

CASE Commissions

CASE Industry Advisory Council

CASE headquarters staff

CASE Europe board and staff

CASE Asia Pacific staff/volunteers/board

CASE District Chairs Council and district boards

Community College Advisory Committee and community college presidents

CASE-NAIS Independent Schools Conference

CASE Latin America Advisory Group

CASE independent schools members

CASE Marketing Task Force

CASE members worldwide

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