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Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018

1:00-2:30 PM
Welcome and Opening Key Session
The Maker Mindset
The Maker Movement embraces innovation, creativity and learning to improve communities and create a better future, a mission statement that mirrors the work we do for our students every day. Dale Dougherty has been at the helm of this movement since its beginning. As the founder and CEO of Maker Media, Inc, Dougherty has launched both Make: magazine and the Maker Faire. His presentation reminds us all how much of an impact we have on the education of our youth and answers the question, "Why make?"
Dale Dougherty, Founder and CEO, Maker Media

Marketplace Opens

Coffee Break in the Marketplace

Elective Sessions

  • 50 Percent Alumni Participation: It Takes Collaboration

    Ever wonder the best way to grow your alumni participation numbers? Over the last two decades, we have seen how a strong partnership between our alumni and annual fund teams and programs have led to consistently achieving 50 percent alumni participation. This session outlines how the annual fund and alumni relations in a 1-12 day school work together to achieve a larger goal.

    Alex Eshelbrenner, Director of Alumni Relations; and Christina Jarke, Director, St. Mark's Fund, St. Mark's School of Texas

  • Setting Your Institutional Compass: Values-based Strategic Planning

    St. Margaret's shifted the paradigm of strategic planning from operational to aspirational with mission-driven, values-based strategic planning that ignited purposeful focus in the advancement and communications offices. The board of trustees and head of school leveraged its defining school mission and values to chart a bold vision for the future of St. Margaret's academic and student programs, increasing community engagement and moving the preK-12 school forward. Learn about cohesive and successful campus master planning, advancement, communications and marketing programs that align with the school's innovation and growth.

    Anne Dahlem, Director of Communications and Marketing; Ryan Dahlem, Assistant Head of School; William N. Moseley, Head of School; Jonathan Tufo, Executive Director of Advancement; and Jason Weiss, President, Board of Trustees, St. Margaret's Episcopal School

  • Scaling Genuine Conversations to Drive Annual Giving

    St. Paul's School expanded its alumni outreach efforts and increased annual giving by engaging in personalized conversations over text messaging at scale. St Paul's was able to engage their alumni through their preferred channel in an unobtrusive manner at 30x the speed of traditional phone banking, while leveraging the unique voices of their students. This panel explores the methodologies used by the team at St. Paul's to achieve these results.

    Roddy Lindsay, CEO, Hustle; and Tracey Perkins, Director of Alumni Giving and Relations, St. Paul's School

  • Better Together: Using Advancement Collaboration to Increase Fundraising

    Hillbrook School, a JK-8th grade school in Los Gatos, California, increased annual giving by 55 percent and parent participation from 91-96 percent over the last five years. Fueled by their innovative advancement model, they fostered this growth by creating research-based synergy between development and marketing and communications without adding to their marketing budget or increasing development personnel. This session highlights the importance of collaboration between development, marketing and communications and for using readily accessible resources such as donor databases, working with the admission team to identify prospective families, and collaborating with marketing and communications for engagement.

    Cathy Carlson, Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations; Joe Connolly, Chief Advancement and Enrollment Officer; and Erin Schwartz, Director of Communications and Community Engagement, Hillbrook School

  • Building a Better Machine: Rethinking Paradigms for Hiring and Training New MGOs

    Three senior-level advancement experts—working at very different educational institutions—whose thinking, approaches and adopted practices to hiring key major gift personnel has refined and evolved considerably over the years, offer some valuable hiring and personnel observations and tips. Inspired by disruptive thinking relative to advancement work and a radically changed and ever-changing work force, these professionals provide insights into how their institutions are adapting to the changing demands in the marketplace.

    Daniel J. Courcey, III, Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Choate Rosemary Hall; Brian Hargrove, Assistant Head of School for Advancement, Mercersburg Academy; and Jim Pattison, Senior Advancement Officer and Director of Major Gifts, Harvard-Westlake School

  • Secrets to an Effective Partnership Between Fundraising and Finance

    Does your school know the difference between accounting and counting? This session provides a glimpse into the importance of a strategic partnership between two key departments: advancement and finance. Learn how the team at Pomfret School worked together to develop innovative donor outreach strategies while delivering the funds needed to meet the bottom line. Learn how to navigate the complexities between donor relations and risk.

    Ed T. Griffin, Chief Financial Officer; and Melissa Perkins Bellanceau, Director of Advancement and Communications, Pomfret School

  • Chasing the White Whale: Creating a Culture of Philanthropy with Two Words

    Everyone's asking for it, but few know how to create it. The phrase culture of philanthropy is as ambiguous as it is elusive, and its prevalence from position descriptions to annual reports and everywhere in between suggests it's a phase that's here to stay. But, what does it really mean? Can you create a culture around giving? And, if so, can you make it authentic and engaging? At the Whitby School, we stopped trying. As a result, we raised more money in less time by creating a sustainable culture of gratitude.

    Matthew L. Honeycutt, Director of Institutional Advancement, Whitby School

  • A Disciplined Approach to a Successful Campaign: A Case Study of University School's $100 Million Comprehensive Campaign

    During our recent campaign, we approached donors seeking annual fund, major, and planned gift support to provide funding for a major capital project and other strategic initiatives. Join us as we discuss how we defined, standardized, codified and applied our many processes and procedures from campaign beginning to end. We were challenged with balancing the accuracy of accounting while also recognizing and honoring our donors, particularly with respect to deferred gifts.

    Lorie Hollington Smith, Director of Gift Planning; and Vicky Wong, Director of Advancement Information Systems, University School

  • Strategic Idea Generation: Annual Fund 101: Speed Networking

    Are you new to the world of advancement and feel like you need a one-stop shop that will highlight all of the must-dos and challenges of annual giving? Do you wish you could email a peer with a quick question about how to manage direct mail segmentation or how to increase young alumni participation? Come to this session if you're interested in learning more about annual giving, while also developing lasting relationships that promise to deeply enrich your career.

    Jenn Bradley, Director of Reunions, Mercersburg Academy; Brooke Buchanan, Development Consultant, Schultz & Williams; Chris Kitzmiller, Director of the Annual Fund, The Flint Hill School; Carter Learnard, Director of the Episcopal Fund, The Episcopal Academy; Alexander McDowell, Director of Peddie Fund, Peddie School; and Lisa Marin, Director of the Hun Fund, The Hun School

Coffee Break in the Marketplace

Elective Sessions

  • Creating a Philanthropic Alumni Program

    Explore proven strategies and techniques that have allowed schools to reengage and excite alumni, ultimately leading to a stronger annual giving program. This session focuses on exceptional ways to communicate customized messages to alumni, and showcases outstanding stewardship strategies that will make your school a top philanthropic priority for many of your alumni. Student giving programs will also be showcased to create future "alumni donors" at your respective schools.

    Steve Higgins Carter, President, Carter; and Lela Diaz, Executive Director of Advancement, Loyola High School

  • Development Collaboration with Admission and Communications for Maximum Impact

    Would you like to collaborate with your colleagues in admissions and communications, but either are not sure how to approach them, or have tried in the past and met resistance? Learn why these relationships are paramount to long-term success in parent relations and revenue generation (fundraising and tuition revenue). Discover strategies for inviting these colleagues into closer working relationships for the mutual benefit of each department and ultimately, for your school.

    Virtue Byrd, Director of Marketing and Communications, St. Mary's School; Christine Downie, Director of Development, St. Mary's School; and Jennifer Risner, Director of Admission, St. Mary's School

  • Development, Head of School and Consultant Partner to Raise Unprecedented Funds

    Colorado Rocky Mountain School is a boarding and day high school in Carbondale, Colorado. When the trustees voted to move forward on a $10M capital campaign (twice as large as any prior campaign), the newly-appointed director of advancement and the head of school knew they needed outside counsel in order to be successful. Concurrently, they were tasked with growing their $600,000 annual fund. Join all three as they share the individual and collective roles they played and how their winning formula has carried them successfully through $10M and beyond.

    Jeff Leahy, Head of School, Colorado Rocky Mountain School; Frank Pisch, Chairman and CEO, The Compass Group; and Lisa Raleigh, Director of Advancement, Colorado Rocky Mountain School

  • Donor Research: Tools and Templates for Shops of All Sizes

    Donor research is a critical element of a successful fundraising plan. Not having the fundamentals in place can be the difference between reaching your fundraising goals and, well, not. Research frequently falls to the bottom of everyone's to-do list due to lack of time, money and resources, but it doesn't have to be that way! Today's speakers will suggest research resources and tools to use to save your nonprofit time and money and guide you through some key points to consider when building a research profile and prioritizing prospects.

    Ryan McCarvill, Content & Community Manager, iWave Information Systems;  Vidya Kagan, Director of Data Management and Research, Menlo School; and Kate Villasenor, Major Gifts Officer, Harvard-Westlake School

  • Dreaming Big, Elevating Sights, Planning Responsibly

    Many schools have big dreams for the future, requiring planning, communication and philanthropic support. Discuss approaches to your school's ability to elevate donor sights, and pursue capital improvements and endowment growth with the importance of planning responsibly to ensure fundraising success. Using Castilleja School and Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School as case studies along with other similar examples, this session demonstrates the importance of communicating a bold vision for major capital projects to inspire transformational support, while calibrating the school's potential for fundraising and campaign success.

    Ted Blackburn, Senior Vice President, CCS Fundraising; Tesha McCord Poe, Chief Advancement Officer, Castilleja School; and Robyn Payne, Director of Institutional Advancement, Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School

  • Dueling Asks: Both Annual Giving and the Campaign Can Win

    It is easy to assume that annual giving will suffer during a major gifts effort. But it doesn't have to! Learn how the Evergreen School grew annual giving participation and total raised while also asking parents to support a $20M comprehensive campaign.

    Tiffany Carey, Chief Advancement Officer; and Kristin Wennberg, Associate Director of Annual Giving, The Evergreen School

  • How to Restructure a Flat Alumni/ae Board

    For many years, all one had to do to be a part of the Ransom Everglades School Alumni Board was show up to meetings. Very little was required of board members, in fact, many were not even donors to the Fund for RE. Over the past three years, the executive board has recruited energetic, involved alumni and has established committees with a sense of ownership; and are now thriving! Learn how Ransom Everglades School rebuilt their alumni board, and explore strategies you may apply to revive your own board and make it a sought-after position.

    Melissa Bonafonte, Director, The Fund for RE; Amy Spence, Director of Alumnae Relations, The Hockaday School; and Vicki Williamson, Director of Alumni Relations, Ransom Everglades School

  • International Fundraising: Navigating New Lands

    More and more schools are tapping into the giving potential of families who live outside the United States. Join this session to learn how to successfully develop and navigate cross-cultural relationships. More and more schools are tapping into the giving potential of families who live outside the United States. Join this session to learn how to successfully develop and navigate cross-cultural relationships.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Upon completion of this session, participants will understand cultural differences, and why it is important to pay attention to them when building relationships.
    • Upon completion of this session, participants will walk away with specific idea on stewardship, cultivation and solicitation in an international setting.

    Kathryn Limmer, Assistant Head of School for Advancement, Taipei American School

  • Strategic Idea Generation: The Case for Boarding Schools

    It's not a secret: boarding schools are facing increased competition and declining applicant pools. As we scramble to respond, it's critical that we ask how we can reverse these trends—and for the right reasons. Setting an understandable desire for self-preservation aside, we'll ideate on those valuable educational elements that can only be found at a boarding schools—and we'll identify how our schools might better communicate those benefits to potential applicants.

    David Thiel, Assistant Head of School for Strategy and Planning, Deerfield Academy

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Welcome Reception
Head over to the House of Blues Anaheim for an exclusive and fun event! Heavy hors d'oeuvres and beverages and shuttle transportation will be available.

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Monday, Jan. 22, 2018

8:00 AM
Marketplace Opens

Continental Breakfast/Roundtables

Key Session
How to Raise an Adult
Based on her New York Times bestselling book by the same name, in this talk Julie Lythcott-Haims draws on her own insights as a mother and as a student dean to highlight the ways in which overparenting harms children, their stressed-out parents and society at large. While empathizing with the parental hopes and, especially, fears that lead to overhelping, Lythcott-Haims inspires audiences to examine their behaviors and join the growing movement to allow children to develop the resourcefulness, resilience and inner determination necessary for success.
Julie Lythcott-Haims, New York Times Bestselling Author, How to Raise an Adult and Real American, and TED Talk Speaker

Break in the Marketplace

11:00 AM-12:15 PM
Elective Sessions

  • Is Family Philanthropy the Answer?

    If every independent school in the country is questioning whether they are financially sustainable, and every school determines that endowment is the only solution, how are we solving the endowment dilemma? What if we change our annual fund to allow families to establish and grow named endowment perpetuity? This session examines how schools can develop a financial plan to allow donors to establish named family endowment funds and give to them annually.

    Philip Higginson, Assistant Head of School for Institutional Advancement, Ravenscroft School

  • It Takes a Village: Fundraising as a Team Effort

    It's no secret that development staff are in charge of philanthropy at independent schools, but should they shoulder all of the responsibility? The most effective programs use an integrated approach to build relationships, make asks and achieve philanthropic success. Board members, the head of school and outside partners all represent untapped stores of fundraising potential. This session takes a deep dive into the team approach to philanthropy, examining best practices and exploring the real-world experiences of the head of school and director of development at Mark Day School.

    Joe Harvey, Head of School; Wendy Levine, Director of Development, Mark Day School; and Julia McGuire, Executive Vice President, Campbell & Company

  • Why Innovation is an Essential Partner for Advancement Communications Teams

    Innovation is all the rage in our schools. But how can it be leveraged to make a real impact on fundraising and communications? This session deconstructs game-changing strategic innovations from several schools to reveal how a big idea unleashed the full potential of a community and created a differentiated value proposition.

    Tim Fish, Chief Innovation Officer, NAIS

  • Major Gifts: Securing the Appointment is Half the Battle

    A successful major gift program requires creativity, self-direction, persistence and lots of visits. Getting that first appointment, and establishing long-term relationships, is key to turning prospects into donors. Explore ideas that work, including real-life examples of successes—and failures—and what to learn from them. Hear practical tips on finding new prospects, establishing travel budgets, making those cold calls, writing persuasive but pithy (ie SHORT!) emails that generate responses, securing appointments, and finally turning that first visit into a major gift.

    Stephanie Ball, Director of Major Gifts, William Penn Charter School

  • Making In-House Video Production Part of the Communications Family

    Does your admissions department deliver personalized acceptance videos to prospective students? Does your development department make its capital campaign case through strategic videos? Smart, emotionally engaging and on-message videos are magical marketing vehicles in our social media world. As is happening in business, independent schools are increasingly realizing the value and cost-effectiveness of bringing video production in-house, as a marketing tool to support admissions, fundraising and overall communications. Learn how the Meadowbrook School has married in-house video production with communications.

    Mike Scafati, Teacher, Film, Media and Technology; and Pam Scafati, Director of Marketing and Communications, The Meadowbrook School of Weston

  • Mission vs. Market: A Strategic Framework for Schools

    Schools craft mission statements through countless hours of discussion, consulting and committee work—finally asserting "who we are" in polished prose. And then the market steps in: More of this! Less of that! Match the offer of XYZ school! Whether it's a facilities arms race, pet projects or exceptions made for "exceptional" admissions candidates, there's no question that mission and market can be out of sync. Learn how to unify these powerful forces, gaining greater alignment and strength through a coherent strategic framework.

    David Thiel, Assistant Head of School for Strategy and Planning, Deerfield Academy

  • Modern Frontline Fundraising: A Team-based Approach to Major Gifts

    How do advancement shops collaborate effectively to power frontline fundraising? Gift officers share how their teams are aligning efforts to better share insights to engage prospects and nurture relationships. Hear how schools are leveraging data points, social insights and engagement activities to identify high-capacity prospects, secure meetings and move donors through the funnel.

    Evan Crosby, Associate Director of Leadership Gifts, Westminster School; Tim Crouch, Director of Regional Engagement, Mercersburg Academy; Mike Nagel, Customer Marketing Manager, EverTrue; and Jim Bob Womack, Director of Development, St. Mark's School of Texas

  • More than a Logo: Creating a Marketing Strategy to Support a $52.5M Campaign

    From tuition to annual fund, independent schools ask for a tremendous amount of support from their families. Review the marketing and communications strategy that helped differentiate an ambitious capital campaign from other campus initiatives. Key elements include the creation of a distinct brand, coordination with external partners, use of in-house design in multiple channels and the importance of a nimble team mindset. Identify discrete action steps to help you create energy and excitement for your next capital campaign.

    Kerry Shea, Director of Marketing and Communications; and Emily Wilson, Creative Services Manager, Greenhill School

  • No More Guessing: Prompting Your Prospects to Tell You Everything You Need to Know

    Cultivation. That's what is always taught at fundraising conferences and examined in development textbooks. But how does cultivation—contacting prospects, informing them, engaging them—ultimately result in a successful solicitation? It doesn't necessarily. From that first visit, we need to be asking the right questions to find out if a prospect may give, when they might give, and how much they might give. And the thing is, they will tell you. They want to tell you. It's just a matter of asking the right questions and listening.

    Mitchell Linker, Director of Development, The Loomis Chaffee School

  • Strategic Idea Generation: Building Your Board

    One of the key committees that a CAO staffs is usually the Trustees and Governance Committee. This case study leads participants through an interactive year in the life of a T&G committee—goal setting for board composition, the usual tugs in terms of specific needs, and the interpersonal aspect of the board that is so critical.

    William Kissick, Chief Advancement Officer, St. Paul's School

Networking Luncheon

Dessert Reception in the Marketplace

Elective Sessions

  • Achieving a Trifecta in the Annual Fund

    How do you excite your internal community to support the annual fund at the beginning of the campaign to use their high levels of support to entice other constituencies to follow their lead? Learn how to electrify your donors. Accelerate parent giving with a challenge to inspire parents to want to participate in the annual fund. This session highlights strategies to jump-start the campaign with a series of marketing initiatives and appeals to energize your community to ultimately surpass both your participation and fundraising goals.

    Julie Breau, Development Associate; and Kelly Jennison, Director of Development and Alumni Affairs, Applewild School

  • Rx for Gen Z: One School's Prescription to Engage its Young and Future Alumni

    According to Forbes, Generation Z (i.e., those born after 2000) constitute 25 percent of the U.S. population—a larger percentage than Baby Boomers or Millennials. Like many schools, St. Paul's struggles to stay connected to these digital natives once they leave campus as alumni—reflected in declining participation in giving and event attendance. Learn how St. Paul's has stopped the bleeding in its young alumni engagement by reorienting its young alumni program to engage future alumni while they are still on campus as students and maintain engagement through strategic use of social media.

    Charley Mitchell, Director of Alumni Relations; and Kevin Sottak, Head of External Relations, St. Paul's School

  • Xers, Millennials, and Boomers, Oh My!: Forging a Powerhouse Communications Team

    Though the divide between Gen X, Millennials, and Boomers in the workplace is legendary, there are numerous strengths and skills each brings to the table which, when harnessed correctly, can lead to a dynamic communications program and supportive team. In this session, a Millennial, Xer, and Boomer will share a few tips, tricks, and strategies on how to successfully blend into a powerful team, and what you need to know to do the same.

    Polly Lockman, Director of Communications, The College Preparatory School; Elizabeth Nixon, Associate Director of Public Relations & Communication, and Dana Rakoczy, Director, Strategic Communications, Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton

  • When One Door Closes: How to Triumph Over the No

    It's difficult to hear the word "no." However, as a development professional, you must get used to the idea that among affirmative responses, your asks may also be turned down. This session focuses on the "no." First, we'll discuss our physiological response to voices of disapproval. We'll share self-awareness strategies to handle difficult moments. Second, we'll discuss deploying empathy while maintaining commitment to your institution. We'll offer probing, but appropriate, questions to learn about the supporter's values and priorities. Last, we'll find the best strategy forward from that "no."

    Elizabeth Zeigler, President and CEO, Graham-Pelton

  • Accelerate Giving by Asking New Data Questions

    There is a significant drain on school fundraising efforts that is going unnoticed. Traditional metrics don't uncover this problem, but it is keeping organizations from substantial annual fund growth and capital campaign success. Learn how one school uncovered the data and adjusted strategy to accelerate giving and improve the overall ROI on the investment in development.

    Jay Goulart, Director of Development, Tampa Prep; and Lauren Reichart, Director of Annual Giving, Hopkins School

  • Web-Slinging Without a Supervillain

    Your website is a tool with a specific purpose—or rather, it should be. Too often, school websites resemble a Swiss army knife, with so many attachments that it no longer fits in your pocket, which defeats the whole purpose. Learn how to make your website get the job done without sowing political discord throughout your organization.

    Adam Olenn, Director of Communications and Community Engagement, Moses Brown School

  • The PTA: Friend or Foe? Parent Volunteers and Advancement Fundraising Together

    Does your advancement office have a great relationship with your PTA, or do you step on each other's toes? Explore areas where a strong alliance between the PTA and advancement office creates a stronger, more engaged parent community. Hear best practices to make the most of parent volunteers, not step on advancement toes, and keep everyone happy. Specific examples of parent-based fundraisers include silent auctions, live auctions, raffles, special occasions, merchandise, resale shop and more.

    Holly Hook, HPA and Benefit Liaison, The Hockaday School; and Theresa Jones, Director of Special Events/Parents' Association Liaison, Greenhill School

  • The Saint Francis High School Snapchat Story: How One School Turned $15K to $30M

    A Catholic school in Silicon Valley made a $15,000 investment in a private company (Snapchat) in 2012 that turned into a $30M IPO windfall in 2017. Find out how the school had the opportunity to make this investment, how the windfall was strategically communicated to the community, and how the funds are being used and leveraged for future fundraising.

    Holly Elkins, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement; and Simon Chiu, President, Saint Francis High School

  • Inbound Marketing Strategies to Drive Advancement

    There's been a lot of buzz over the last few years about "automated and inbound marketing," but what does that look like for fundraising? How should you think about "digital engagement" when it comes to bringing donors to your website? How do you move them through the so-called "buyer's journey"? In this session, we'll take proven marketing concepts from the corporate world and translate them to a donor strategy by showcasing tools and tactics you can implement today, using email campaigns, content you're creating and a data-driven smart website deployment.

    Rob DiMartino, Chief Evangelist Officer, Finalsite

  • Strategic Idea Generation: Alumni Relations: Copy and Share Everything

    Gather in small groups to discuss and share engagement strategies that work for our institutions. Network with fellow alumni relations professionals who can provide you with fresh ideas and new ways of achieving your objectives. Topics include: finding lost alumni, affinity programming, social listening, alumni networking requests, and more.

    Katie Young, Director of Alumni Relations, Greenhill School

Elective Sessions

    • The Capital Campaign of the Future: A Cultivation Tool to Close Major Gifts

      The one-type-fits-all style of campaigning is no longer effective for many schools. In fact, the traditional campaign, with its arbitrary and fixed timelines and routine insistence on methods, is slowly disappearing. A more fluid approach, using moves management techniques and a longer nucleus phase, are needed. Today's campaigns are less formulaic and rigid, and becoming more flexible and nimble in how they unfold. The successful campaign needs to marry the interests of the top five percent of donors with the current needs of the school.

      Ralph A. Nardini, Major and Planned Gift Officer, St. Xavier High School

    • Talent Management as a Path to Loyalty and Productivity

      The development field has long been subject to high turnover. Much of it is attributed to strong demand for professionals, resulting in team members leaving for positions that offer career and compensation advancement. However, emerging evidence in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors suggests job satisfaction is often not primarily based on compensation. Staff loyalty also results from a mission-driven atmosphere, strong onboarding, professional development opportunities, clarity on roles and good work life/balance. Learn how to create a workplace culture where loyalty and performance go hand in hand.

      Peter Fissinger, President and Chief Executive Officer, Campbell & Company

    • Tales from the Campaign Trail: Managing the Unexpected

      This session tells the story of Mx2, a recently concluded and very successful $220M plus campaign that almost wasn't. We will identify the important decisions that were made and discuss how those decisions made the campaign more successful in spite of challenging economic conditions and paralysis in the overall fundraising environment.

      George W. Noble, Director of Advancement; and Heather J. Parker, Director of Development, Middlesex School

    • Strategic Development of Alumni Communities to Engage and Expand Your Donor Base

      This session focuses on the strategic development of alumni communities to engage and expand your donor base. Review the alignment of alumni, development and communication teams, the vital role of key volunteers and regional alumni/development work, and the importance of a comprehensive communication strategy.

      Noelehua Archambault, Senior Director of Development; Erin Kinney, Associate Director of Alumni Communications, Punahou School; and Douglas Rigg, Director of Alumni Relations, Punahou School

    • Energize Your Annual Fund with a Sustainable Day of Giving

      Giving days are trendy and first-year efforts are seeing solid results. But what happens when the novelty fades? Learn how a well-choreographed plan with dynamic videos, social media and catchy new elements make your day of giving stand the test of time. Need a crowdfunding platform? Think again! Manage every aspect from producing in-house videos maximizing student talent and enthusiasm to creating a riveting event website. This "no platform needed" event will make your day of giving the most cost-effective tactic in your fundraising playbook for years to come.

      Maureen Corbett, Director of Special Events and E-Commerce; Catherine F. McCarthy, Director of Philanthropy; and Eileen Ring, Advancement Associate, The Ursuline School

    • The Head of School's Role in Fundraising

      The head of school is one of the most important fundraisers in your organization. It is incumbent upon the head of advancement, and development professionals in the organization, to manage up to the head of school and set him or her up for success in fundraising. Understand ways to optimize, empower, encourage and support the head of school in advancing your institution. Gain insights and identify key ways for building relationships that include all three of you—the head of school, head of advancement and donor.

      Paul Barsky, Head of School, The Pilgrim School; Shara Freeman, Head of Advancement; Catie Langston, Director of Advancement, The Pilgrim School; and Kevin Yaley, Head of School, Francis Parker School
      Moderator: Martha Keates, Senior Consultant and Principal, and Vice President, Marts & Lundy

    • When Annual Giving Met Communications: A Mini-Campaign Love Story

      We all know that wooing donors for the annual fund is often a yearlong courtship. Wouldn't it be nice to jump-start the lovefest with a brief, but rewarding, romance? To celebrate 45 years of brave and bold education, Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences developed a highly successful 45-day mini-campaign to boost early giving. Learn how the annual giving and communications teams created a compelling mini-campaign, inspiring the school community to show its love through a 63 percent increase in early-giving donors over the previous year.

      Ginette Buffone, Web Manager; Patti Finkelstein, Director of Major Gifts; Jeff Goodman, Communications Manager; Sara Ring, Director of Communications; and Peggy Cook, Former Director of Annual Giving, Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences (now Chief Advancement Officer, Poly Prep Country Day School)

    • Advancement Planning that Works for You: Minimizing Stress, Maximizing Results

      Do you find it difficult to coordinate your annual fund, auction/gala, capital campaign and other development efforts? Are your donors confused about your fundraising objectives and frustrated by the seemingly relentless requests for donations? Are your classroom teachers, athletic organizations, or parent organizations conducting fundraising activities outside of your office that are affecting your ability to raise funds? Learn ways to streamline your advancement plan, harmonize your various fund development efforts, coordinate with outside fundraising, minimize donor frustration, reduce development staff stress and maximize results.

      Theresa Fleck, Director of Advancement, New City School

    • Advancement Shark Tank

      This interactive session is back by popular demand! Modeled after the hit ABC show, the Advancement Shark Tank offers you a chance to be a presente.! Pitch your most innovative advancement program idea to a panel of fundraising experts to win a chance for three free conference registrations to the 2019 CASE-NAIS Independent Schools Conference in Philadelphia. All participants will receive live, on-the-spot feedback from the panel and the audience. A great learning experience for all, participants and attendees will hear how successful professionals approach new projects. They will also hear some of the best new ideas in advancement. Submit your pitch!

      Judges: Michael J. Littell, Vice President for Advancement, Saint Xavier; Susan Moll, Director of Advancement, The Harpeth Hall School; and Libby Roberts, Vice President, Lois L. Lindauer Searches
      Host: David Thiel, Assistant Head of School for Strategy and Planning, Deerfield Academy 

Wine and Cheese Reception in the Marketplace


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Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018

7:30-8:30 AM
Continental Breakfast/Roundtables

Closing Key Session
The Art of Transformative Storytelling
Sharing stories about our students, alumni and donor experiences is an essential tool in our advancement work. Filmmaker and animator Rob Minkoff, best known as the co-director of Disney's original animated film "The Lion King," explores the power of storytelling and discusses how to discover and harness creative talents to create more impactful narratives.
Rob Minkoff, Filmmaker and Animator

Coffee Break

Featured Sessions

  • Priority Now: Prepping for the Unanticipated Communication Crisis

    When a crisis suddenly interrupts your day, are you ready to dive in and help leadership strategically think through the right communication response? Do you know what questions to ask and who best to solicit for answers? Are you savvy enough to juggle competing agendas related to who "needs to know" and when? Learn from a panel of pros who've run the crisis gauntlet a few times just how to be Boy Scout-prepared, keep your cool when others can't and emerge as a true asset to your institution.

    Alex Perez, Director, Communications, Menlo School; Dana Rakoczy, Director, Strategic Communications, Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton; and Jill Shaw, Director, Strategic Communications, Viewpoint School

  • Seizing Control of Your Time

    Development work is filled with what ifs and missed opportunities. There is always more to be done than time to do it, yet many people spend time on activities that aren't moving their highest priorities forward. Often, when critical initiatives fail, we realize that too much of our time has been diverted to lower-return activities. Discuss common distractions and learn how to tackle them. You'll return to your job ready to make the best use of your time and to help others do the same.

    Laurel McCombs, Senior Philanthropy Advisor, The Osborne Group

  • The Second Machine Age in Independent Schools

    The Second Machine Age is upon us, greatly enhancing our mental capabilities as the Industrial Revolution enhanced our physical capabilities. The result is complete transformation of the culture and structure of the workplace, new opportunities for human and machine collaboration, and advancements in how we teach students and lead schools. We'll look at everything from artificial intelligence to social collaboration and discuss the impact on and opportunities for schools.

    Donna Orem, President, National Association of Independent Schools

  • This Week's Innovations in Annual Giving

    Three-time CASE author and Crystal Apple speaker Bob Burdenski presents a new batch of creative and strategic annual giving fundraising examples from independent schools and other educational institutions. These days, innovative fundraising ideas can get a foothold fast-hear about the latest ideas, apps, solutions and success stories. Burdenski features specific examples from a worldwide range of institutions, and will highlights new products and services that will help you do your annual giving job easier, faster, cheaper and smarter.

    Robert Burdenski, Principal, Robert Burdenski Annual Giving

Conference Adjourns

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