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Presidential Transitions
Sample Collection The Library compiled this collection of presidential transition planning documents, communications about presidential transitions, and inauguration websites and collateral to assist members who are undergoing a presidential or head of school transition. Staff identified highlights from each website and linked to useful plans, timelines, position descriptions, magazine articles, press releases, invitations, programs and other samples. Inauguration events that won a CASE Circle of Excellence Award are noted; program abstracts and judges' reports are linked when available.

Global Greetings
CURRENTS Article This article discusses Mount Holyoke College's efforts to involve its international alumnae and other audiences to make the inauguration of its 18th president a global event. The communications team leveraged the Web and social media, in addition to traditional communications tactics and tools, to reach out to its constituents. The article also discusses how the team measured and followed up on its efforts, from thanking staff to increasing its use of video to communicate with alumnae and other audiences.

An Academic Costume Code and An Academic Ceremony Guide
Eugene Sullivan, American Council on Education
Article Reprinted with permission from American Universities and Colleges, 15th Edition, this article provides a brief history of academic dress, a detailed costume code, and a guide for academic ceremonies including commencement and inauguration.

Advance Work: Mergers and Inaugurations
CURRENTS Article In March 2003 two British institutions--the Victoria University of Manchester and the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology--agreed to dissolve and re-form as the University of Manchester. Officials decided that the new institution would be set up under Royal Charter--which establishes an institution as a legal entity with the consent of the Queen of England--since both predecessor institutions had had such charters. Who better to participate in the university’s inauguration than Her Majesty herself?

Great Beginnings
CURRENTS Article Commencement officers, special event planners, and advancement professionals are links in a long chain of academic and institution history. Those who plan and oversee inauguration processions and installation ceremonies follow time-honored traditions of academia to honor that history. This article provides an overview of these traditions.

Presidency as Platform
CURRENTS Article A presidential inauguration offers an institution a chance to connect with all of its constituencies, and can be used to set the tone for what’s to come in the life of an institution. Despite the many variables that can shape inaugural events, most tend to follow one of three models, emphasizing change, stability, or innovation.

AdvanceWork: A Swimming Success
CURRENTS Article Before a presidential inauguration pushes you off the deep end, try these tips for keeping your head above water

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