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A New Leader's 30-60-90-Day Plan
Advancement Weekly Article Newly hired leaders are tasked with the impossible: learning their new role and building relationships with their employees all while finding success along the way. Trying to achieve this goal can be overwhelming but it can be done, according to one management expert.

A Gift for Ideas (and Ideas for Gifts)
CURRENTS Article Whether it's dangling from a precarious crevice atop one of the world's tallest mountains or pushing through mile 25 of a marathon, 69-year-old James Doti gets his best ideas off campus. Since Doti became president of California's Chapman University in 1991, the institution has risen to third in a U.S. News & World Report ranking of student selectivity, and its endowment has increased from $25 million to $300 million. As he prepares to retire in September 2016, CURRENTS asked for his secrets on fundraising, leadership, creativity, and having a little fun.

A Checklist for Change
CURRENTS Article With campus CEO transitions on the rise, communications and marketing professionals need to be ready to drive the process.

Learning from a Legend
CURRENTS Article After a widely hailed 47 years as Xavier University's president, Norman Francis retired in June 2015.

The First 180 Days
CURRENTS Article Advancement is essential in preparing the president and institution for a successful transition, but the new leader must adopt and fine-tune the plan. Five years into her presidency at Montgomery College in Maryland, DeRionne P. Pollard and her advancement chief, David Sears, talk about the tactics they used to introduce her to stakeholders, communicate her vision, and ease her into fundraising.

Media Planning for an Institutional Leadership Change
Article,  BriefCASE Article Media relations professionals should always be prepared for a presidential transition at their institution—whether or not one is on the horizon—says a CASE faculty member.

New Leadership: Meet CASE’s 9th President
CURRENTS Article Sue Cunningham will take the helm at CASE on March 9, 2015.

How Advancement Professionals Can Help Ensure Successful Institutional Leadership Transitions
Podcast Hear David Beidleman from Elizabethtown College explain how advancement professionals can make the best use of an outgoing leader's time during the period between the announcement and departure. Also, find out some specific roles for the advancement office during and after the search process for a new leader.

Leadership Transitions Create Opportunities in Advancement, Speakers Say
Article,  BriefCASE Article Well-managed leadership transitions can create fundraising and engagement opportunities that will position the new president for success, according to two advancement leaders speaking at the recent CASE District II conference.

Study: Presidential Pipeline Slow to Change
Article,  BriefCASE Article A new study shows slight increases in the age and gender diversity of senior administrators in positions that often lead to the presidency.

President's Perspective: Turning Heads
CURRENTS Article A turnover in leadership can disrupt an institution's advancement efforts. CASE President John Lippincott offers advice, based on a discussion with CASE volunteers, on what advancement leaders can do to ensure a smooth transition.

Presidential Transitions
Sample Collection The Library compiled this collection of presidential transition planning documents, communications about presidential transitions, and inauguration websites and collateral to assist members who are undergoing a presidential or head of school transition. Staff identified highlights from each website and linked to useful plans, timelines, position descriptions, magazine articles, press releases, invitations, programs and other samples. Inauguration events that won a CASE Circle of Excellence Award are noted; program abstracts and judges' reports are linked when available.

Presidential Transitions
Good Question I would appreciate any information you have about planning and undertaking a presidential transition. I could use communication plans, press releases, timelines, etc.

Advancement Professionals Can Contribute to Successful Leadership Transitions, Say CASE Commissions
Article,  BriefCASE Article Advancement officers can play a critical role contributing to the success of leadership transitions at their institutions, according to members of the CASE commissions on alumni relations, communications and marking, and philanthropy.

Un nuevo inicio
CURRENTS Article Este artículo aborda el importante papel que desempeña un presidente interino en la comunicación institucional y el rol que juega el Staff dando apoyo al líder y llevando a cabo los objetivos de comunicación de la institución.

Clean Break
CURRENTS Article This article discusses the important role an interim president plays in institutional communications and the part the communications staff plays in both supporting the interim leader and furthering the strategic communication goals of the institution.

Closing Remarks: Changing of the Guard
CURRENTS Article Retiring university and college presidents open the door for a new kind of leader

Closing Remarks: The End of the Beginning
CURRENTS Article Presidential transitions prompt questions and issues that institution leaders must address over long periods of time—from the earliest confidential discussions between an exiting president and board chair to the moment years later when a new president is fully established on campus. Transitions also are multifaceted harbingers of a campus CEO's overall tenure and even institutional maturity and health, which magnify the importance of identifying when a transition is ending and a new president is getting settled. This column identifies several signals that mark the shift from "president in transition" to "president as established leader."

Between Presidents
CURRENTS Article During the transition after one CEO leaves and before the next one arrives, advancement managers can help with institutional self-assessment; keep up momentum in fund raising, alumni relations, and communications; work collaboratively with other campus divisions; support the interim CEO; and prepare for the arrival of the new president. However, campus veterans differ on whether they should undertake new initiatives during the transition. This article is of interest to chief advancement officers and managers of development, communications, advancement services, and alumni programs.

Sweeping Clean
CURRENTS Article The arrival of a new campus chief executive officer often means the departure of the current chief advancement officer, but both parties—and the institution—benefit when the two develop a good working relationship. The author provides advice to both CAOs and CEOs for making the transition go as smoothly as possible.

Presidency as Platform
CURRENTS Article A presidential inauguration offers an institution a chance to connect with all of its constituencies, and can be used to set the tone for what’s to come in the life of an institution. Despite the many variables that can shape inaugural events, most tend to follow one of three models, emphasizing change, stability, or innovation.

The Popular President
CURRENTS Article To establish a new president's image, you must present the real person as reflected in his or her abilities, inclinations, and interests. These techniques may help: 1) Prepare the new president with sound, institution-related research findings. 2) Introduce the new president to trustees, students, faculty, alumni, and key opinion leaders. 3) Advise the new president to avoid making controversial changes in the first 100 days; concentrate on early successes in such areas as fund raising, student recruitment, and compensation. 4) Beef up the new president's on-campus presence. 5) Use time management techniques to increase the new president's impact.

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