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Change is More than Just Talk
Advancement Weekly Article Despite what you think, you can’t manage change. But a leader can be more effective about change by thinking and acting in strategic ways, writes one workplace expert.

4 Strategies to Make Change Comfortable
Advancement Weekly Article Even the most competent employee can struggle to adapt to change at work. Addressing key concerns and fostering a community can help curb resistance to change, according to one leadership expert.

President's Perspective: Advancing Through Adversity
CURRENTS Article Disruption. We've all heard about the seismic changes affecting multiple business sectors, and education is no exception. At their spring 2016 meetings, CASE Commission members discussed how we might turn disruptions into opportunities.

Brand Values
CURRENTS Article When the university began using the Zia name and sun symbol in 1981, most people were unaware of the sign's sacred meaning. When we began the trademark process, we knew better—and we had a choice. ENMU could continue to use the name and symbol, likely without challenge from the Zia Pueblo, but that didn't mean the university should. Taking this route would prevent us from protecting part of ENMU's visual identity since we couldn't register the Zia symbol. We could try to modify it to meet trademark and licensing requirements, but that would be costly and difficult. What was the university's obligation? If we continued using the name and symbol, would future generations of students, staff, and alumni view ENMU as participating in cultural appropriation? How would stakeholders react if we stopped using the name and symbol?

Embracing Disruption
CURRENTS Article During the Great Recession, Bill Campbell became fascinated with marketing in fields experiencing disruption. He left his position as a vice president and brand strategy director at an agency to work for a university—in a higher education marketplace that has become profoundly destabilized. Crazy? No. Savvy marketing professionals should view obstacles as opportunities. They offer the potential to move in different directions as well as the prospect of leading an important conversation about marketing's place in higher education and its effect on the future viability of our institutions.

Identity Crisis
CURRENTS Article Whatever the intention behind an institutional change, straying too far from the identity former students grew fond of can alienate and anger your biggest fans.

Outlook: Merge Ahead
CURRENTS Article During the next 10 to 15 years, 25 percent of the lowest-ranked colleges and universities will either merge or disappear. Mergers are daunting, but dealing with one or another major office shake-up is not impossible if you prepare by adding change management and executive intelligence to your skill set.

Repairing Cracked Relationships
CURRENTS Article Encountering disillusioned alumni throws a wrench into the already complicated science of alumni engagement. Two alumni leaders from Emmanuel College and Boston University share insights about how their offices helped re-engage alumni upset by major institutional changes. They've found that the best tools to build bridges with unhappy alumni are those employed by companies that address consumer complaints.

Assess Your Organization to Boost Performance
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Advancement offices should conduct formal staff assessments to improve work outcomes, says an institutional talent manager.

How to Face Fear and Inspire Courage
Advancement Weekly Article When managers display courage and perseverance, they inspire the same in their employees, says a leadership expert.

Embracing Change
CURRENTS Article This article discusses how changes in the way universities are organized in Finland led to the creation of University of Helsinki's first fundraising campaign, which, in turn, informed its university branding efforts. The university brought its brand to the city of Helsinki in several ways, including creative newspaper ads, public events, and a store in the city center that was inspired by Apple stores and designed to showcase its research in ways that would interest the public.

Tips for Executing Ideas
Advancement Weekly Article A leadership expert says that managers must quickly turn great ideas into reality before inspiration dissipates.

Moving Out
CURRENTS Article Several public college and university development shops in recent years have moved fundraising operations to new or existing institutionally related foundations. The benefits of such a move include better engagement of donors and alumni in development work, but transitioning the staff can be challenging.

Course Correction
CURRENTS Article In the view of many college presidents, the economic crisis of 2008 was a tipping point. In its aftermath, a "new normal" is redefining higher education realities and reshaping the traditional role of college and university presidencies. Higher education leaders say they are less focused on empire-building and more attuned to financial management, institutional marketing, improving the customer experience, and finding ways of helping financially strapped families pay for college.

Good Leaders are like Meteorologists
Advancement Weekly Article We rely on the expertise of meteorologists to tell us everything about the weather—from whether we’ll need an umbrella tomorrow to how much we can expect to perspire on the weekend. One management blogger says many employees look to their organizational leaders for similar foresight.

An Alumni Love Story
CURRENTS Article Antioch College closed in 2008 after years of mismanagement and acrimony. But since then, alumni have raised millions, and a new class of students will start this fall. What will the revived Antioch look like, and how will advancement's role at the college differ to keep history from repeating itself?

Outlook: Revolutionary Times
CURRENTS Article The American University in Cairo, by virtue of its leading role as an educational institution, has always been part of the political scene. In the new political era, through its students, alumni, faculty, and staff, its role is expected to grow.

From Pressure to Progress
CURRENTS Article In mid-2009, Cornell University, which was grappling with a $215 million budget deficit, hired a consulting group to advise the institution on cost-saving measures. The alumni affairs and development department led the way in the restructuring effort. A large portion of the resulting savings came from realigning procurement, IT assistance, human resources, marketing, and other services that can managed by a central office.

Project: Transformation
CURRENTS Article With an effort that touched every area of advancement, the Villanova School of Business succeeded in taking its program to a new level of academic and fundraising achievement.

Rebirth and Renewal
CURRENTS Article How Adelphi University has revived its reputation

By Any Other Name...
CURRENTS Article Changing the name of your institution takes research, strategic planning, and a solid communications plan. Follow the story of one college that successfully followed through on this undertaking.

Advance Work: A New Level of the Name Game
CURRENTS Article When Tri-State University in Indiana wanted to change its name, it honored the Trine family in doing so. The institution is now Trine University.

Hell Hath No Fury
CURRENTS Article This article chronicles one institution's decision to go coed, which has sparked much protest among alumnae. The article describes in detail what went wrong in communicating the decision to alumnae, the lengths to which alumnae have retaliated against the institution, and what leaders are doing to placate alumnae.

Closing Remarks: Purpose or Place?
CURRENTS Article Advancement professionals should reconsider how they position their institutions with a long-term view in mind. Instead of campus facilities, their focus should be on educational goals, the exchange of ideas, and the generation of new insights and other long-term missions and goals.

Closing Remarks: Looking for Jane
CURRENTS Article The president of Rockford College describes institutionwide efforts to chart the campus' future by exploring its history as the alma mater of Jane Addams, pioneering social reformer. By exploring the life and work of Addams and incorporating her vision of learning and citizenship, Rockford strives to be "Jane Addams' college."

The Way We Were
CURRENTS Article Five case studies describe how advancement officers maintained alumni loyalty in the face of major institutional changes. Examples cover the Citadel’s admission of female cadets, Harvard School’s merger with Westlake School, Beaver College’s name change to Arcadia University, the transformation of church-owned St. Michael’s School to independent Wesley School, and Mount Vernon College’s adoption by George Washington University.

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