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An Honorable Gesture
CURRENTS Article Providing microscholarships increased membership in Phi Theta Kappa at Klamath Community College.

Moving Out
CURRENTS Article Several public college and university development shops in recent years have moved fundraising operations to new or existing institutionally related foundations. The benefits of such a move include better engagement of donors and alumni in development work, but transitioning the staff can be challenging.

Keeping the Piece
CURRENTS Article GASB Statement No. 39 sets new requirements for public colleges and universities to include financial data of "component units"--including many institutionally related foundations--in annual reports. This article explains what the requirement means for institutions and their affiliated foundations and offers guidelines for reaching compliance by the June 2004 deadline.

Valuable Support
CURRENTS Article Affiliated foundations can be valuable tools for public institutions, enhancing fund-raising ability and providing, through their boards, a means of creating closer relationships with influential friends and alumni. The article provides development staff with advice on the establishment of an institutionally related foundation, including important steps such as building on-campus support for the idea, developing a mission statement and a long-range plan, and recruiting board members.

Talking Points: Foundations for Excellence
CURRENTS Article The outstanding performance of endowments at public institutions has attracted negative reaction and raised many questions from observers. Orcutt provides basic answers to common questions, including why state-assisted institutions need private funds, why they need independent foundations to manage these funds, what foundation do with the funds, who determines how to use the funds, how foundations are held accountable for their performance, and how they pay their operating expenses.


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