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New Practitioners Should Make Connections
Article,  Community College News Article Community college advancement practitioners new either to their job or the sector should develop relationships with key influencers on their campus, say two CASE faculty members leading a newcomers workshop.

Copy and Share Everything
CURRENTS Article Get inspired with these Circle of Excellence winners: Red River College finds success with its "Our Grads Get Hired" advertising campaign; University College London's Develpment and Alumni Relations Office initiates a unique and effective onboarding program; and Colgate University's video The Journey Begins helps garner alumni gifts.

Office Space: Employee Retention Starts on Day One
CURRENTS Article Keeping high-performing staff members is vital to an institution's success. A positive onboarding experience is a fundamental step toward reducing turnover, increasing employee engagement, and raising productivity.

A Guide to Getting to Know a New Campus
Article,  BriefCASE Article Stefanie Howlett knew she was truly part of the Salem State University community when she posted about the yellow house. That and a turkey-leg-toting Viking.

Impassion New Workers
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers can inspire new employees by giving them a big-picture view of the organization and explaining how their contributions add value, says a leadership expert.

Show New Employees Around Campus
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Giving newly hired advancement employees a guided tour of campus that focuses on gifts to the institution helps them better understand the impact of their work, says a development officer.

Dedicated Training Contributes to Success of Non-traditional Fundraisers
Article,  BriefCASE Article A multi-round interview process and a detailed training plan can make the difference between success and failure when hiring development officers who have no previous fundraising experience, said a speaker at the recent Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education conference.

Change the Way You Orient New Hires
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article New research suggests that managers should spend more time getting to know their new employees than explaining their organization’s culture and mission.

Teaching New Employees How to Fit In
Advancement Weekly Article Teaching employees what behaviors are valued at their new workplace is an excellent way to align organizational culture and drive success, writes a management expert.

Setting up New Hires for Success
Advancement Weekly Article The first 90 days are make-or-break when it comes to a new hire. Leadership experts say it is incumbent upon managers to carefully plan and advise new employees during this time to avoid turnover and ensure their success at an organization.

Office Space: Everyone On Board
CURRENTS Article Creating a process for new employees to feel connected to the school can be integral to their success.