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Don’t Waste Time at Meetings
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders can turn long meetings into short, productive gatherings by putting action items on the agenda—not discussion points, writes a time management expert.

Advice to Make Most of Gaps Between Meetings
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Busy managers and workers shouldn’t waste 30-minute gaps between meetings, writes an authority on workplace productivity.

Workplace Productivity Tricks to Tackle Email, Meetings
Advancement Weekly Article Two of the biggest office time killers are email and meetings. Combat them with these two tactics from a productivity expert.

3 Words to Guarantee Feedback in Meetings
Advancement Weekly Article Many leaders assume that if they ask for feedback, their team will offer it. But that’s often not the case, write two strategists. The key is to set the right expectation up front.

Eliminate Your Meeting Distractions
Advancement Weekly Article Meetings: you can’t avoid them, but how can you make them more worthwhile? Try eliminating distractions during the gathering, writes one workplace expert.

How to Make Impactful and Memorable Presentations
Advancement Weekly Article Can you remember the details of the last presentation you attended? If not, there's a chance that it lacked a strong and memorable message, writes one content strategist.

Talking Shop: The Upside of Chaos
CURRENTS Article Joan Garry, principal of Joan Garry Consulting, believes the best nonprofits are like twin-engine jets. In advancement, the board chair and institution president are co-pilots. The staff and lead volunteer engines need to be strong, effective, and efficient. But, of course, there will always be turbulence. "If you haven't had a crisis at an institution, it's not because you're good—it's because you're lucky," she warns. The author of Joan Garry's Guide to Nonprofit Leadership, Garry shares advice on dealing with disorder.

Define Your Meeting for Productivity
Advancement Weekly Article Meetings, whether routinely scheduled or unique, can benefit from being defined to attendees, writes one management expert. The added benefit of informing your meeting attendees of the meeting type and goals is that it helps everyone stay focused and minimize wasted time.

Don't Waste Time in Meetings
Advancement Weekly Article Meetings can shift from being motivating and fruitful to ill-received and counterproductive. But there is a way to ensure the hidden value in meetings, writes a workplace expert.

Ground Rules for Effective Meetings
Advancement Weekly Article Meetings are a fact of life. For meetings to be effective for all team members, leaders should set ground rules that are consistently enforced, one management expert writes.

Avoiding the Hazards of Online Meetings
Advancement Weekly Article Today's technology makes it easy to hold meetings with remote staff but it takes "forethought, practice and patience" to lead a successful virtual meeting. That's according to one expert on leadership issues.

Long, Aimless Meetings? Sabotage!
CURRENTS Article Too many committees? Wishy-washy decision-makers? Those little frustrations in your day-to-day office life aren't just annoyances—they could be sabotaging the work you do, according to the book Simple Sabotage: A Modern Field Manual for Detecting and Rooting Out Everyday Behaviors that Undermine Your Workplace.

3 Reasons Your Colleagues Hate Strategy Sessions
Advancement Weekly Article At their best, strategy meetings can clarify priorities and breathe life into a team's projects—but at worst, these meetings can seem frustrating and futile.

Avoid These One-On-One Meeting Killers
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders can ruin meetings with another colleague by dominating the conversation, writes a communication expert.

Learn to Read Attendees' Emotions for a Great Meeting
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers should employ empathy to hold more successful meetings, writes a leadership specialist.

Inject More Positivity into Meetings
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers should start meetings by asking participants to share one positive thing that has happened to them recently, writes a leadership coach.

Tweaks to Improve Meeting Productivity
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers can significantly improve the productivity of meetings by making small changes in how they conduct them, says a management consultant.

Methods for Better Meetings
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers can make meetings shorter and more productive by adhering to a few simple research-backed guidelines.

Know When Not to Schedule a Meeting
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Before scheduling another meeting, managers should first determine if there’s a better way to accomplish their goal, write time management experts.

Know Business Lunch Manners
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders should act appropriately at business luncheons if they want to impress clients, say etiquette coaches.

What to Do When a Meeting Appears to Go Off Topic
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers should try to understand, and not ignore, team members who interrupt meetings, says an organizational psychologist.

Refocus Senior Leadership Meetings
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Senior leaders should focus on major organizational issues when meeting together, says an executive adviser.

How to Make Virtual Brainstorming Work
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Two management authors suggest that hosting virtual brainstorming sessions or sharing ideas through email chains might give employees more time and space to reflect on and frame their ideas.

The Worst Ways to End a Meeting
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers can ruin a productive meeting by ending it improperly, says a management expert.

Keep Employees from Feeling Left Out
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers should ensure their employees feel they are an important part of a team, says a communications leader.

Break the Meeting Habit
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article By cutting down on the number of meetings they attend and schedule, managers will free themselves to get more work done, says a time management expert.

Don’t be an Idea Killer
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers need to rethink traditional brainstorming tactics to ensure they don't "actively shoot down" employee proposals or "passively let them languish," says a leadership expert.

Boost Employee Productivity
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders can help their employees get through the winter doldrums and stay on task, says one chief executive.

Tips for Last-Minute Meeting Preparation
Advancement Weekly Article Managers who must prepare for a meeting quickly should put aside their perfectionist tendencies, says a management guru.

Executing a Successful Conference Call
Advancement Weekly Article A communications expert says that conference calls can be a waste of time for everyone involved without proper planning.

Dealing with Chronically Late Employees
Advancement Weekly Article Managers who have employees that always seem to be running late can minimize the impact on the rest of the team, says a leadership guru.

Rules of Conduct for the Conference Room
Advancement Weekly Article When managers prep for their next team meeting, they should consider not just what they’ll say but how they’ll say it, says a communications professional.

How to Tame a Chronic Interrupter
Advancement Weekly Article It can be hard for managers to communicate effectively when a member of the team is always looking to get a word in edgewise.

Prevent Latecomers from Ruining Meetings
Advancement Weekly Article Attendees showing up late for meetings is a common disruption, but managers can keep their meetings on track by adopting a few tactics.

Save an Unproductive Meeting
Advancement Weekly Article Managers don’t have to feel powerless in meetings that drag on and on. They can take control of them by readjusting the focus.

Lead a Better Brainstorming Meeting
Advancement Weekly Article Forget about telling employees to “think outside the box.” Leadership gurus say there are more effective ways for managers to initiate and guide brainstorming sessions.

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