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Getting Institutional Buy-In for Talent Management Programming
Podcast Amy Bronson, from Boston University, talks about how changing the way an advancement office hires, trains and retains employees can positively influence its performance.

Recruiting Nontraditional Candidates to Advancement Positions
Podcast Hear Sergio Gonzalez from the University of Miami discuss why advancement offices should consider hiring professionals from other fields. Also, learn how to recruit these individuals and determine the best position for them.

A Conversation about Executive Recruitment with Dennis Barden
Podcast In this March 2012 interview with CASE, Dennis Barden of the firm Witt/Kieffer defines executive recruitment as the process when a consultant is hired to proactively recruit for a position, possibly from among individuals who are not looking to change jobs. He describes trends such as increased use of executive search firms across higher ed positions and tools like psychometric assessments and off-list referencing. He shares mistakes institutions make when searching for quality candidates and candidates' mistakes while interviewing for their next position. Finally, he discusses these considerations for hiring from non-advancement backgrounds: assessing candidates' transferable skills, internal capacity and resources to teach someone new to the profession and ability to proactively help a person move from one career path to become high performing in an advancement position.


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