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Matching Gifts
A company that sponsors a matching gift program establishes guidelines by which the company will match employees' or other individuals' philanthropic gifts. Match rates and other criteria vary among programs. This page links to information about the HEP/CASE Matching Gift Network and the MatchMyGift App.

2012 Matching Gifts Best Practices Survey
Report Amy J. Phillips and Brian Dowling share this 85-page report with results of an annual survey of matching gift program practices.

The Debt
CURRENTS Article The story of an Alabama sharecropper's financial contribution to his son's college education is the inspiration behind a new scholarship fund at Morgan State University.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table
Article,  Community College News Article Nearly one in 10 gifts to educational institutions is eligible for a matching gift from employers of individual donors. It’s time more community colleges took advantage of these opportunities, say a group of matching gifts experts.

Odds and Ends: The Giving Kind
CURRENTS Article Devoted philanthropists John and Tashia Morgridge talk to CURRENTS about the importance of writing small checks and the challenge of giving large gifts in a public manner, offer advice on how to become informed and engaged philanthropists, discuss possible changes to the U.S. charitable giving deduction, and reminisce about some of the projects they've helped make possible.

Match Points: St. John's University Uses Employer Find to Identify Matching Gift Prospects
HEP Development Services
Article This May 2010 article describes how St. John's University used Employer Find to update alumni records and identify potential matching gift prospects.

Match Points: BYU-LDS Philanthropies Uses Workplace Fundraising Widget to Boost Alumni Matching Gifts
HEP Development Services
Article This May 2010 case study describes LDS Philanthropies' viral campaign using a widget that lets donors see in real time that their employers match philanthropic gifts. The widget was distributed to interested Brigham Young University alumni who work for companies with matching gift programs. These 1,800 alumni spread the widget to 6,500 people, resulting in $35,000 in gifts, for a total of $70,000 after the match.

Matching Gift Administration: Examining the Evolving World of Matching Gifts, 4th Edition
HEP/CASE Matching Gift Network
This 2009 e-book, the fourth edition of CASE's publication on matching gift administration, outlines the responsibilities of companies sponsoring matching gift programs and those of recipient organizations and donors. It also provides guidelines for matching gifts used for religious or political purposes, and offers model programs and case studies.

In Search of …
CURRENTS Article Since their debut in 1954, corporate matching gift programs have generated billions of dollars in gifts to nonprofits (including education institutions). Regarded by some development officers as “free money,” matching gift programs help companies of all kinds demonstrate corporate citizenship, improve employee relations, promote broad-based philanthropy, and make giving flexible. This article examines the latest trends in corporate matching gift programs--what’s working, what isn’t, and what’s next.

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