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Outlook: Do Your Funds Need a Checkup?
CURRENTS Article Compliance checkups expose problematic spending restrictions, educate new employees on fund limitations, and ensure that fund usage reflects donor intent. They're a way to assess the fitness of funds—particularly your oldest restricted income accounts, endowed funds, and pending planned gift assets—that are key to the institution's long-term financial health.

The Tenure Problem: How Can We Make Major Gifts Productive if Gift Officers Keep Leaving?
Article This post explores issues related to productivity and ROI caused by turnover and short tenure among gift officers. Questions are offered to assess short tenure trends.

Gift Officer Metrics
Good Question Do you have any samples of metrics used to evaluate the performance of fundraisers, especially major gift officers? If not, do you have information that can help us develop metrics?

Examining Assumptions About Fundraising Portfolios: Insights from Sales Force Management
White Paper This white paper looks at sales force management techniques as a way to help development offices assign major donors to development officers in order to minimize costs and maximize revenue. The paper considers four common fundraising models—constituency based, geographic, capacity based and the Mayo Clinic model—in relation to criteria used in sales-force strategies: product knowledge, customer knowledge, available time/travel and internal incentives.

Gift Officer Metrics & Reporting
Sample Collection The Library maintains this collection of documents describing gift officer expectations, metrics and reporting.

Major Gift Metrics that Matter
Thomas W. Grabau, Ph.D.
White Paper This July 2010 issue of Bentz Whaley Flessner's white paper, Points of Practice, discusses how to track the right major gift metrics for the best donor results.

By the Numbers
CURRENTS Article To identify what gets measured in fund-raising efforts, Bentz Whaley Flessner surveyed about 4,700 development managers and major gift officers on their expectations regarding number of phone contacts, number of face-to-face visits, and other metrics. The findings provide a snapshot of what's going on in the field and serve to establish some baselines for performance management.

Beyond Metrics
CURRENTS Article A baseline of metrics provides a foundation for the performance evaluation of major gift officers and programs. Then it's possible to move beyond the numbers to achieve transformational gifts. A wide range of perspectives from an advancement headhunter to a chief development officer paint a more complete picture of how to develop "big idea" major gift efforts.


The Library maintains a collection of gift officer metrics & reporting samples.

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Gift Officer Metrics

The Library has compiled a collection of resources about gift officer metrics.

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