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Faculty & Staff Fundraising & Giving
Good Question Does CASE have any resources that would help us train faculty and staff about their role in fundraising? We want them to understand why fundraising is important and relevant to them. Also, does CASE have any articles or information about successful faculty and staff giving programs?

Faculty & Staff Giving Campaigns
Sample Collection The Library maintains this collection of materials used to encourage faculty and staff to give to their institutions. Samples include CASE award-winning programs, campaign coordinator resources, websites, videos, brochures and pledge forms.

CCCA 2019 Planning Committee Announced
Article,  Community College News Article Kristen Bennett, vice president of institutional and executive director of the foundation at Trinity Valley Community College has been named chair of the 2019 Conference for Community College Advancement. The conference takes place Oct. 2-4 in San Diego.

Cooking Up New Opportunities at Reynolds Community College
Article,  Community College News Article Beginning next fall, visitors to Richmond, Virginia's Church Hill neighborhood won't need to wonder where the delicious smells they encounter are coming from. The source will likely be The Kitchens at Reynolds, the new home of Reynolds Community College's culinary arts program.

Harper College Sings Its Own Song
Article,  Community College News Article When members of the advancement team at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois, wanted to capture new donors for #GivingTuesday last November, which coincided with the school’s 50th anniversary year, they ended up doing something entirely new.

Grants Task Force Report Moves to New Website
Article,  Community College News Article The Federal Funding to Two-Year College’s Report has moved to a new user-friendly platform and is now accessible to all CASE members.

A Lesson in Alchemy from a Longtime Grants Professional
Article,  Community College News Article As any community college grant professional knows, public funds can be a lifeblood for the institution. And often, according to a longtime expert in the field, staff just happen upon the field rather than following a distinct career path to it. Which can mean a lot of responsibility with only a little bit of background. In other words, it's a professional leap from the frying pan into the fire.

Engaging Community College Alumni
Article,  Community College News Article Community college professionals tasked with building alumni engagement face an uphill battle: historically, institutions don't successfully integrate alumni once they've left campus and community college alumni don't engage easily.

Leaders Must Reinforce Diversity on Campus
Article,  Community College News Article Community college presidents and chancellors must "get uncomfortable" to build a truly diverse and inclusive campus culture, according to CASE's director of diversity and talent management.

Inside Grants Offices: Findings from New CASE Survey
Article,  Community College News Article Grants professionals at community colleges track the effectiveness of their offices—but are still grappling with measuring ROI, according to a recent survey.

3 Ways Community College Presidents Can Drive Campaigns
Article,  Community College News Article What can community college presidents learn from taking a 600-mile bike ride? For one president, it not only gave him a chance to reflect on his well-being, but also a lesson in leadership.

Panel Spotlight: Conference for Community College Grants Professionals
Article,  Community College News Article Community college executives, foundation representatives and experienced grant professionals will be on hand to provide insights at the CASE Conference for Community College Grants Professionals, Nov. 1-3, in Washington, D.C.

From Funding to Foundation: From Funding to Foundation: Game Changers for the Community
Article,  Community College News Article With an assist from a former Harlem Globetrotter, one community college has made a transformative social impact and promoted humanities in it's community.

Stay Curious and Focused: Advice for Advancement Shops
Article,  Community College News Article Development shops can support their institution by maintaining a steady focus on their mission and an eagerness to learn new things, according to the executive director of one community college foundation.

Sharing Professional Development Valuable for Community Colleges
Article,  Community College News Article Community college leaders and staff have a significant asset: collaboration. According to Diane Shoger, it’s easy to collaborate and create partnerships in the community college world.

Federal Funding Task Force Seeks Volunteers for 2017 Session
Article,  Community College News Article The Federal Funding Task Force is now seeking volunteers to help compile the 2017 Federal Funding to Two-Year Colleges Report.

Planning Team Named for Conference for Community College Advancement
Article,  Community College News Article Mitch Andrews, executive director of advancement for the Tyler Junior College Foundation in Texas, has been named chair of the 2017 Conference for Community College Advancement. Doug Ferguson, director of alumni programs at Delaware County Community College, will serve as vice chair.

The Great Alumni Hunt: Student Sleuths Track Down More Alumni
Article,  Community College News Article Drawing on a collaborative relationship with faculty, one Wisconsin community college foundation was able to reconnect with more than 400 alumni in one month---at no cost. Better yet, the students who participated gained valuable working experience and awareness of the alumni association and foundation.

Submit Proposals for 2018 CASE Community College Conferences
Article,  Community College News Article Share unique knowledge and experiences with fellow community college colleagues.

Vernon College Grant Is a Foodie’s Delight
Article,  Community College News Article Farm-to-table dining is all the rage, including in north Texas, where Vernon College is collaborating with the Red River Valley Local Food Expansion Project—with the help of a USDA grant—to bring the best of the region’s food to a hungry audience.

Careful Planning, Quick Action: Lessons from the Front Lines of Disaster Relief
Article,  Community College News Article Natural disasters can shake campuses and communities—but as one community college found, careful planning and a focus on developing strong internal and external relationships can set the stage for quick action and relief.

To Bee or Not to Bee
CURRENTS Article Washington State University Provost Dan Bernardo wore a beard of about 12,000 live bees for nearly 20 minutes to raise awareness and funding for a new honeybee research center.

By The Numbers: Making Helmets Cool
CURRENTS Article California's Stanford University has a serious bicycle culture, yet not enough students wear helmets. In fall 2016, a Stanford parent and lecturer gave every freshman a Stanford-branded helmet, modeled after those worn by the institution's football team. If enough students wear them, he plans to repeat the giveaway next year.

Engaging Internal Support – With Energy, not Money
Article,  Community College News Article Community college foundations are tasked with finding ways to support their institutions with minimal resources and budget. But tapping into campus staff with energy and enthusiasm can be a cost-effective way to raise awareness and support for your institution, according to two CASE faculty members.

Pocket Change Goes a Long Way
CURRENTS Article At least five U.K. universities have joined the micro giving platform Pennies from Heaven, which has raised more than 300 million pennies for 265 charities from employee payroll deductions at companies including Barclays and HSBC.

Fundraising Begins at Home
Article,  BriefCASE Article Engaging faculty and staff in fundraising campaigns is an important part of an institution's overall strategy but requires careful planning and two-way communication for success. That's according to Howard Heevner, assistant vice chancellor of alumni engagement at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and presenter at a recent CASE webinar.

District Makes Employee Engagement Fun–and Successful
Article,  Community College News Article The key to successful employee engagement–at least for a community college district in California–apparently starts with conga lines.

First Class
CURRENTS Article In 2015, CASE added the Platinum Categories to its Circle of Excellence awards to recognize the best-of-the-best practices in educational advancement publications, programs, and projects through a tournament-like competition in CASE's eight North American districts.

Learn to Fully Engage Retired Faculty and Staff
Article,  BriefCASE Article Advancement practitioners should value retired faculty and staff members for their intellect, institutional memory and the many contributions they have made to the institution during their careers, says a CASE faculty member.

Bad at Retiring, Good at Giving
CURRENTS Article More than 50 percent of faculty members at most U.S. institutions are or will be at least 55 years old within the next 10 years. The coming wave of retirements could be good news for advancement as faculty and staff members still dedicated to their institutional missions continue working as university ambassadors.

Status Symbol
CURRENTS Article This brief story details how Australia's La Trobe University increased staff giving from 1.03 percent in 2012 to 12.67 percent in 2013 with "The Golden Lanyard" campaign.

Putting the Spotlight on Philanthropy
Article,  Community College News Article Students, faculty and staff at an Ohio community college plan to celebrate Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day by raising money to provide emergency assistance to students who might otherwise have to drop out for financial reasons.

The Professor with Three Pennies and a Cause
CURRENTS Article Terry Armstrong, a retired University of Idaho administrator and education professor with a penchant for picking up loose change, explains how he started the Found Money Fund of Idaho.

Jump-Start Employee Giving
Article,  Community College News Article By highlighting the impact scholarships make on students’ lives, a Wisconsin technical college increased employee-giving participation from 34 percent to 92 percent in one year.

Improving Faculty and Staff Giving
Podcast Genevieve Shaker from IUPUI discusses the characteristics of faculty and staff donor prospects. Also, discover how to encourage these individuals to give.

Office Space: Something in Common
CURRENTS Article Fundraisers are perpetually called upon to find new sources of funds. In doing so, we shouldn't overlook college and university faculty members, who not only are some of our best prospects but also are essential participants in creating a culture of giving at our institutions.

And the Winner Is …
CURRENTS Article This short article highlights the valuable role faculty members play in helping development communicate to donors the mission and needs of an academic program. Several universities have established awards to recognize faculty fundraisers.

Seeing Both Sides
CURRENTS Article Development officers who give to their employers or favorite charity see first-hand how well those nonprofits treat donors, and they learn from those experiences.

Getting Staff to Give
Article,  BriefCASE Article It’s hard enough to get work colleagues to open their email, let alone their wallets—especially if asking for donations is a relatively new phenomenon. Still, the Institute of Education at the University of London has run a successful staff fundraising campaign for five years—with about 15 percent of its staff members making a gift last year.

El largo brazo del desarrollo
CURRENTS Article Valerie Gay, Asistente del Director de Desarrollo Institucional de la Universidad de Temple, comparte sus consejos para expandir la oficina de Desarrollo convirtiendo a las facultades en socios para la procuración de fondos.

The Family and Friends Plan
CURRENTS Article Growing numbers of colleges, universities, and independent schools have found fundraising success targeting parents, grandparents, and other nonalumni friends for gifts to meet institutional needs and, at many public institutions, replace appropriations lost to state cuts.

Long Arm of Development
CURRENTS Article Valerie Gay, an assistant dean of institutional advancement at Temple University, shares her tips for expanding the reach of the development office by turning faculty into essential fundraising partners.

Name That Office
CURRENTS Article DePaul University's music faculty have the opportunity to name an office in their new building.

Setting an Example
CURRENTS Article When annual giving by faculty and staff at St. Catherine's School in Virginia reached 100 percent, parents noticed the commitment and increased their giving despite the uncertain economy.

Campaigns: Carleton University - Bronze Medal
Best Practice In 2006 Carleton University re-imagined its annual faculty and staff appeal as the Campus Community Campaign. The primary objectives of the redesigned 2006 campaign were to host a more elaborate and creative campaign; raise $150,000; increase participation; and launch the first ever Board of Governors appeal.

Advance Work: Hard Act to Follow
CURRENTS Article This article examines one independent school's successful faculty giving campaign.

Striking a Chord
CURRENTS Article Campuses that have successfully solicited faculty and staff gifts point to two helpful strategies: (1) giving employees flexibility in how they make gifts, and (2) cultivating a sense of campus community. This article explores these and other strategies development officers can employ to increase faculty and staff giving at their own institutions.

AdvanceWork: Giving Begins at Home
CURRENTS Article The University of Minnesota and Florida State University both saw campaign successes close to home with notable gifts from faculty and staff. Minnesota's campaign raised $67 million from current and former employees, while FSU's president pledged an estate gift worth $7.5 million toward that university's campaign.

Write-Minded: Proceed with Caution
CURRENTS Article The author offers advice on approaching faculty most effectively via a solicitation letter.

AdvanceWork: Giving Close to Home
CURRENTS Article Advancement Services Q & A with John H. Taylor


The Library maintains a faculty & staff giving campaign sample collection.

Faculty & staff giving campaigns
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