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Student Engagement & Philanthropy Month
Sample Collection The Library maintains this collection of samples from institutions that participated in CASE ASAP's Student Engagement and Philanthropy Month in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. The collection is available to all CASE members and highlights dozens of programming ideas, including ways to engage students in thanking donors.

Faculty & Staff Fundraising & Giving
Good Question Does CASE have any resources that would help us train faculty and staff about their role in fundraising? We want them to understand why fundraising is important and relevant to them. Also, does CASE have any articles or information about successful faculty and staff giving programs?

Faculty & Staff Giving Campaigns
Sample Collection The Library maintains this collection of materials used to encourage faculty and staff to give to their institutions. Samples include CASE award-winning programs, campaign coordinator resources, websites, videos, brochures and pledge forms.

Student Philanthropy
Good Question Do you have resources about student philanthropy and how to teach students about the importance of giving before they become alumni? Examples of what has worked for other universities would be helpful too.

Student Philanthropy Awareness Campaign
Tuition Runs Out events foster awareness among students that tuition alone is not enough to cover the cost of their undergraduate experience, and teaches the importance of philanthropic support.

CASE Affiliated Student Advancement Programs
CASE ASAP is an organization of student advancement programs at more than 300 higher education institutions, all with the common goal of enriching student advancement programming.

CCCA 2019 Planning Committee Announced
Article,  Community College News Article Kristen Bennett, vice president of institutional and executive director of the foundation at Trinity Valley Community College has been named chair of the 2019 Conference for Community College Advancement. The conference takes place Oct. 2-4 in San Diego.

Cooking Up New Opportunities at Reynolds Community College
Article,  Community College News Article Beginning next fall, visitors to Richmond, Virginia's Church Hill neighborhood won't need to wonder where the delicious smells they encounter are coming from. The source will likely be The Kitchens at Reynolds, the new home of Reynolds Community College's culinary arts program.

Women More Likely to Give and to Give More than Men
Article,  BriefCASE Article New research shows that women at virtually every income level are more likely to give to charity and to give more money on average than their male counterparts.

Athletics Programs
Athletics Programs

Class Giving
Class Giving

Faculty & Staff Giving
Faculty & Staff Giving

Friends Groups
Friends Groups

Parent/Grandparent/Family Giving
Parent/Grandparent/Family Giving

Senior Class Gifts
Senior Class Gifts

Student Giving
Student Giving

Young Alumni Giving
Young Alumni Giving

Reunion Giving
Reunion Giving

Harper College Sings Its Own Song
Article,  Community College News Article When members of the advancement team at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois, wanted to capture new donors for #GivingTuesday last November, which coincided with the school’s 50th anniversary year, they ended up doing something entirely new.

Grants Task Force Report Moves to New Website
Article,  Community College News Article The Federal Funding to Two-Year College’s Report has moved to a new user-friendly platform and is now accessible to all CASE members.

A Lesson in Alchemy from a Longtime Grants Professional
Article,  Community College News Article As any community college grant professional knows, public funds can be a lifeblood for the institution. And often, according to a longtime expert in the field, staff just happen upon the field rather than following a distinct career path to it. Which can mean a lot of responsibility with only a little bit of background. In other words, it's a professional leap from the frying pan into the fire.

Engaging Community College Alumni
Article,  Community College News Article Community college professionals tasked with building alumni engagement face an uphill battle: historically, institutions don't successfully integrate alumni once they've left campus and community college alumni don't engage easily.

Preconference Workshop: Engaging and Fundraising from Diverse Constituents
Conference This program will help hiring managers understand the current challenges in recruiting and retaining diverse candidates from an advancement perspective.

Repeal of Athletic Seating Deduction
On Dec. 22, 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (H.R. 1), legislation that repeals the deduction for charitable gifts made for the right to purchase preferred seating at college or university athletic events.

Leaders Must Reinforce Diversity on Campus
Article,  Community College News Article Community college presidents and chancellors must "get uncomfortable" to build a truly diverse and inclusive campus culture, according to CASE's director of diversity and talent management.

Inside Grants Offices: Findings from New CASE Survey
Article,  Community College News Article Grants professionals at community colleges track the effectiveness of their offices—but are still grappling with measuring ROI, according to a recent survey.

3 Ways Community College Presidents Can Drive Campaigns
Article,  Community College News Article What can community college presidents learn from taking a 600-mile bike ride? For one president, it not only gave him a chance to reflect on his well-being, but also a lesson in leadership.

Panel Spotlight: Conference for Community College Grants Professionals
Article,  Community College News Article Community college executives, foundation representatives and experienced grant professionals will be on hand to provide insights at the CASE Conference for Community College Grants Professionals, Nov. 1-3, in Washington, D.C.

Conference on Diverse Philanthropy and Leadership
Conference This conference will review the emerging philanthropic markets (ethnicity, GLBT, young alumni, etc.) in advancement while exploring minority buying power, giving behaviors and donor expectations. In addition the program will focus on management leadership and mentoring of advancement professionals of diverse backgrounds.

From Funding to Foundation: From Funding to Foundation: Game Changers for the Community
Article,  Community College News Article With an assist from a former Harlem Globetrotter, one community college has made a transformative social impact and promoted humanities in it's community.

Copy and Share Everything
CURRENTS Article A time portal that allows prospective students to glimpse their future at the U.K.'s University of Huddersfield drives this entertaining yet informative five-minute video; the University of Chicago's Short List email newsletter offers one-stop shopping for news, job listings, events, and stories ranging from the enlightening to the offbeat; and Towson's Presidential Ambassadors expanded their mission of educating peers about the importance of philanthropy by creating the university's first student-giving campaign.

Stay Curious and Focused: Advice for Advancement Shops
Article,  Community College News Article Development shops can support their institution by maintaining a steady focus on their mission and an eagerness to learn new things, according to the executive director of one community college foundation.

Sharing Professional Development Valuable for Community Colleges
Article,  Community College News Article Community college leaders and staff have a significant asset: collaboration. According to Diane Shoger, it’s easy to collaborate and create partnerships in the community college world.

Federal Funding Task Force Seeks Volunteers for 2017 Session
Article,  Community College News Article The Federal Funding Task Force is now seeking volunteers to help compile the 2017 Federal Funding to Two-Year Colleges Report.

Outlook: Don't Discount Diverse Donors
CURRENTS Article If you assess the philanthropic landscape today, you'd be challenged to find Latinos in major staff roles, on nonprofit boards, or as major donors. As a Latino and development officer for 32 years, I've observed a range of reasons nonprofits overlook Latino communities. The main one: Because our communities have struggled with poverty and have indeed been recipients of charity, the assumption that we cannot give prevails. This is simply not true, and most people outside of Latino communities don't realize our propensity and capacity to give.

Planning Team Named for Conference for Community College Advancement
Article,  Community College News Article Mitch Andrews, executive director of advancement for the Tyler Junior College Foundation in Texas, has been named chair of the 2017 Conference for Community College Advancement. Doug Ferguson, director of alumni programs at Delaware County Community College, will serve as vice chair.

Athletics Fundraising
Sample Collection The CASE Library maintains this collection of samples for all members. It includes examples of athletics fundraising campaigns and related collateral.

Athletics Fundraising
Good Question Do you have best practices or case studies on fundraising for athletics?

The Great Alumni Hunt: Student Sleuths Track Down More Alumni
Article,  Community College News Article Drawing on a collaborative relationship with faculty, one Wisconsin community college foundation was able to reconnect with more than 400 alumni in one month---at no cost. Better yet, the students who participated gained valuable working experience and awareness of the alumni association and foundation.

Submit Proposals for 2018 CASE Community College Conferences
Article,  Community College News Article Share unique knowledge and experiences with fellow community college colleagues.

Vernon College Grant Is a Foodie’s Delight
Article,  Community College News Article Farm-to-table dining is all the rage, including in north Texas, where Vernon College is collaborating with the Red River Valley Local Food Expansion Project—with the help of a USDA grant—to bring the best of the region’s food to a hungry audience.

Careful Planning, Quick Action: Lessons from the Front Lines of Disaster Relief
Article,  Community College News Article Natural disasters can shake campuses and communities—but as one community college found, careful planning and a focus on developing strong internal and external relationships can set the stage for quick action and relief.

How Well Do You Know PHIL?
CURRENTS Article North Carolina Wilmington’s PHIL Text Trivia puts information about the importance of giving right into students’ hands. Students opt in to the bimonthly quiz for the chance to score prizes, and advancement staff hope that the quiz inspires students to give as alumni.

Practicing Inclusive Fundraising
Article,  BriefCASE Article Major gifts officers should consider their outreach and donor pools with diversity in mind, according to one fundraiser expert and CASE faculty member.

To Bee or Not to Bee
CURRENTS Article Washington State University Provost Dan Bernardo wore a beard of about 12,000 live bees for nearly 20 minutes to raise awareness and funding for a new honeybee research center.

By The Numbers: Making Helmets Cool
CURRENTS Article California's Stanford University has a serious bicycle culture, yet not enough students wear helmets. In fall 2016, a Stanford parent and lecturer gave every freshman a Stanford-branded helmet, modeled after those worn by the institution's football team. If enough students wear them, he plans to repeat the giveaway next year.

Crops for Cash
CURRENTS Article In 2016, Montana State University launched the "Bushels for Bobcats" program, accepting gifts of grains and crops from local farmers in lieu of cash.

Diverse Philanthropic Constituencies
Good Question Resources on raising money from diverse donor constituencies, including age groups, racial and ethnic groups, LGBT and women.

Engaging Internal Support – With Energy, not Money
Article,  Community College News Article Community college foundations are tasked with finding ways to support their institutions with minimal resources and budget. But tapping into campus staff with energy and enthusiasm can be a cost-effective way to raise awareness and support for your institution, according to two CASE faculty members.

A Global Mindset
CURRENTS Article More international schools are recognizing the importance of alumni relations, communications, and fundraising. CASE's Fundraising in International Schools Report 2016 found that 82 percent of the international schools surveyed had a fundraising or development office. The marketplace is changing. Once a bastion for expats whose tuition was paid by corporations, international schools now attract middle-class families in developing and emerging economies. The schools can help launch their children into universities around the world, and having 40 to 60 different nations represented in international school classrooms isn't unusual. Some schools have up to 90—and such diversity means advancement has to be extra diligent and creative. Whether they are American, Singaporean, or German, parents often face a steep learning curve before they become willing to give.

Engaging Student Philanthropy in Community Colleges
Article,  Community College News Article When developing a student philanthropy program, community college professionals should start by looking at their past projects and being honest about what has been successful and what hasn’t. And they should never be afraid to try something new, according to two CASE contributing authors.

Quote of Note
CURRENTS Article Emmett Carson, president and CEO of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, comments on the amount the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture raised from black donors. African-Americans made up 74 percent of donors who contributed at least $1 million to the new D.C. museum opening in September 2016.

Turning Senior Gifts into a Tradition of Giving
Article,  BriefCASE Article Institutions that work to create a pipeline from senior class gifts to post-graduation giving will see growth in the first-year-out giving from their graduates, according to a CASE conference faculty member.

Parent Engagement
Good Question What resources does CASE have for engaging parents? Any samples of what other institutions are doing is great too.

Parent Engagement Samples
Sample Collection The Library maintains this collection of parent engagement samples for all CASE members. The collection includes material on parent councils, such as brochures, applications and role expectations, as well as material on parent giving campaigns, newsletters, welcome guides and material specifically for parents of international students.

Copy And Share Everything
CURRENTS Article Ideas we love from institutions everywhere. This issue: Swarthmore College's viewbook; University of Richmond Magazine's winning cover; students helping students through a philanthropy campaign at the University of California, Davis.

Leading by Example
CURRENTS Article The campaign "I Love My 1910" encouraged all students at North Carolina Central University to give $19.10 in honor of the school's founding date. The Student Government Association president and vice president, along with school ambassadors Mr. and Miss NCCU, collectively gave $1,910. The foursome oversaw the February 2016 Student Philanthropy Day, which featured music, giveaways, and testimonials.

Pocket Change Goes a Long Way
CURRENTS Article At least five U.K. universities have joined the micro giving platform Pennies from Heaven, which has raised more than 300 million pennies for 265 charities from employee payroll deductions at companies including Barclays and HSBC.

Parental Pride
CURRENTS Article The Lovett School gets new parents to give generously by building relationships in the spring, when their children receive admittance letters. When classes start in the fall, the warm welcome to the Lovett Lions community includes intimate gatherings with the headmaster and personalized outreach by highly trained peer solicitors. The result is a strong parent-school partnership.

Fundraising Begins at Home
Article,  BriefCASE Article Engaging faculty and staff in fundraising campaigns is an important part of an institution's overall strategy but requires careful planning and two-way communication for success. That's according to Howard Heevner, assistant vice chancellor of alumni engagement at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and presenter at a recent CASE webinar.

LGBTQ Alumni: A Growing Force in Giving
Article,  BriefCASE Article Shifting alumni demographics and the growing role of LGBTQ alumni in leadership and giving must be considered by advancement leaders, according to information presented at CASE's LGBTQ Engagement and Fundraising Strategies conference, held earlier this month in Washington, D.C.

Cards, Carnivals, Selfies: Students Celebrate Philanthropy
Article,  BriefCASE Article On Thursday, Feb. 25, Monclair State University hosted its third annual Red Hawk Day of Thanks, drawing more than 1,000 students to the event—record participation for the New Jersey school. At eight philanthropy stations around campus, students penned thank you cards to donors, signed thank you posters, which will be displayed at homecoming, and snapped photos with the Rocky the Red Hawk mascot.

Three Essentials of Student Advancement Programs
Article,  BriefCASE Article Student philanthropy initiatives can shape up differently at various institutions, but they have several key facets in common, according to an advancement professional in a forthcoming CASE book.

District Makes Employee Engagement Fun–and Successful
Article,  Community College News Article The key to successful employee engagement–at least for a community college district in California–apparently starts with conga lines.

Outlook: What LGBT Alumni Want to See
CURRENTS Article For your advancement efforts to succeed in the coming decades, you must offer on-campus programming for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender alumni, students, and parents. Such programs benefit them and signal that your institution is a welcoming, inclusive place.

First Class
CURRENTS Article In 2015, CASE added the Platinum Categories to its Circle of Excellence awards to recognize the best-of-the-best practices in educational advancement publications, programs, and projects through a tournament-like competition in CASE's eight North American districts.

Thanksgiving, with a Twist
CURRENTS Article How three institutions put a unique spin on celebrating Thanksgiving.

Young Alumni Giving: All Roads Lead to Data
Article,  BriefCASE Article Data and nostalgia are terms that aren't often used together—but when it comes to alumni giving, the two work in perfect harmony, according to a fundraising professional and CASE speaker.

Dos and Don'ts for Student Philanthropy Events
Article,  BriefCASE Article In February 2015, Indiana University Northwest students proved that a little love can go a long way. Especially if it's fueled by cookies.

Gender Differences in Income Can Impact Overall Giving
Article,  BriefCASE Article Recently released research on gender differences in giving shows that differences in men's and women's income shape a couple's overall giving and the causes they support.

Reflecting One Year Out
CURRENTS Article A 25-year-old assistant director of alumni relations shares the lessons learned during her first year at Williston Northampton School.

Strategic Partnerships and Student Advancement Organizations
Podcast The University of Chicago’s Lori Hurvitz talks about how to create strategic partnerships between a student advancement organization and other divisions on campus—from dining to Greek life—to educate students about the importance of philanthropy.

Report: Nonprofits Should Cater to Donor Preferences
Article,  BriefCASE Article Nonprofit organizations in the United States could garner more gifts by tailoring their fundraising efforts to fit donor preferences, according to a new report.

Profiling the Top Donors in the Asia-Pacific Region
Article,  BriefCASE Article Forbes Asia recently unveiled a list of 40 the region’s most noteworthy philanthropists—many of whom have made significant gifts to education.

Making the Case for Student Philanthropy
Article,  BriefCASE Article A carefully crafted investment in student philanthropy will yield dividends for an institution, says a CASE faculty member.

Young Alumni Engagement Samples
Sample Collection The Library maintains this collection of young alumni engagement samples for all CASE members.

Young Alumni Engagement
Good Question Do you have any best practices on engaging young alumni?

Balance, Relationships Key to Managing Athletic Giving from Central Office
Article,  BriefCASE Article Tying athletic giving to an institution’s main fundraising operations is a winning strategy, says development professional Brian Otis.

Fundraiser Touts Importance of Giving to Young Students
Article,  BriefCASE Article A development director at a UK independent school doesn’t wait until after graduation to talk to pupils about how private philanthropy benefits them and the institution. He starts when they are 11 years old.

Student Advancement Expert Talks Strategic Partnerships
Article,  BriefCASE Article Lori Hurvitz, senior director of annual giving at the University of Chicago, recently shared tips in a podcast interview on how to create strategic partnerships between student advancement organizations and other divisions on campus to educate students about the importance of philanthropy.

2015 National Survey of College and University Parent Programs
Marjorie Savage & Chelsea Petree
Article This report, summarizing the seventh national survey by the University of Minnesota Parent Program, builds on longitudinal information about parent/family services provided by colleges and universities. The surveys have been conducted biennially to track best practices in services and programming, changes and developments in the field, costs for providing parent/family services and experience levels of the professionals who work with parents and families of college students.

Spot the Donor
CURRENTS Article Members of Salem State University's Class of 2015 who contribute at least $20.15 to the class gift will wear green philanthropy honor cords at commencement. The cords raise awareness about giving and recognize student donors as leaders.

Investment in Student Philanthropy Pays, Reports CASE White Paper
Article,  BriefCASE Article Educational institutions that spent more than 50 cents per enrollee on student philanthropy programming raised, on average, 250 percent more than institutions that spent less. That’s according to a white paper by CASE that surveyed more than 200 two- and four-year institutions.

Student Philanthropy: The Foundation for Engagement as Lifelong Donors
White Paper This groundbreaking research provides baseline data and analysis on student philanthropy programs in higher education around the world. Best practices as well as staffing and budgeting trends in student philanthropy are highlighted. A key finding from the survey of 211 institutions: patience and organizational commitment to engage students as donors through a variety of practices can establish a foundation for better fundraising outcomes over time.

Reach Out to LGBT Graduates
Article,  BriefCASE Article Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender alumni are a largely untapped community for engagement and fundraising by many educational institutions, says a university leader.

Learn to Fully Engage Retired Faculty and Staff
Article,  BriefCASE Article Advancement practitioners should value retired faculty and staff members for their intellect, institutional memory and the many contributions they have made to the institution during their careers, says a CASE faculty member.

Young Donors Optimistic about Future Giving
Article,  BriefCASE Article Donors younger than 35 plan to give more this year than last, compared with middle-age donors and those older than 64, according to a new survey.

Class Exodus
CURRENTS Article In 1990, 18 percent of college and university alumni gave to their alma mater, according to the Council for Aid to Education. By 2013, that number had been cut in half to less than 9 percent—a record low and a culmination of a trend that has persisted for more than two decades. The implications of this trend cannot be ignored. It's time to ask some new questions and set better goals for our institutions. It's time to examine what is and isn't working in our advancement practices and to look at how we can provide the best service to our alumni base.

Lyrical Intervention
CURRENTS Article Massachusetts' Wheaton College went coed in fall 1988. That year saw the formation of the a cappella group the Gentlemen Callers, which played a practical and symbolic role in Wheaton's transition. The group still exists today and has added fundraising success to its achievements.

Survey: Strong Student Philanthropy Programs Vital to Overall Fundraising Success
Article,  BriefCASE Article Results from a new survey on student engagement reveal that colleges and universities that invest in student fundraising programs tend to raise more money per capita and are more successful at engaging their students as lifelong donors than institutions that do not make such investments.

Schooled in Giving
CURRENTS Article What should colleges and universities be doing to encourage students to become lifelong donors? CASE and Campbell & Company, which have been supporting and innovating alongside development professionals for nearly eight decades combined, collaborated on a global study to find out. Conducted in January, the survey of development and alumni relations professionals at higher education institutions of every type—public and private, two- and four-year, large and small—uncovered some promising strategies in the critical but often neglected area of student philanthropy.

Beyond the Classroom
CURRENTS Article In the past decade, as states slashed postsecondary education appropriations, and college presidents responded by prioritizing academics over cocurricular programming, hundreds of large and midsize universities began fundraising for everything from new student union facilities to transportation to off-campus cultural excursions. Student affairs fundraisers face many hurdles, among them educating campus constituents about the importance of their work, finding prospects amid scant student records, and getting donors to support areas not directly related to attaining a degree.

Increasing Donations from Young Alumni
Article,  BriefCASE Article Fundraisers who don’t engage and convert young alumni into donors soon after graduation are less likely to do so as more time passes, according to a CASE faculty member.

Bad at Retiring, Good at Giving
CURRENTS Article More than 50 percent of faculty members at most U.S. institutions are or will be at least 55 years old within the next 10 years. The coming wave of retirements could be good news for advancement as faculty and staff members still dedicated to their institutional missions continue working as university ambassadors.

It’s a Woman’s World
CURRENTS Article The nonprofit sector is a growing and competitive industry that managed $300 billion in philanthropic dollars in 2012 in the United States alone and employed nearly 10 million people. This growth is causing the sector to more closely scrutinize its business practices. CURRENTS examines how certain trends, including the rising role of women in philanthropy and the integration of corporate and social goals, are shaping the future direction of the field and what that means for educational advancement.

Status Symbol
CURRENTS Article This brief story details how Australia's La Trobe University increased staff giving from 1.03 percent in 2012 to 12.67 percent in 2013 with "The Golden Lanyard" campaign.

Take Five
CURRENTS Article Each March, Indiana's Park Tudor School channels the state's love affair with basketball into the March Madness Young Alumni Challenge, pitting alumni classes from the past 24 years against each other in a friendly fundraising battle.

LGBT Development & Alumni Relations Samples
Sample Collection The Library maintains this collection of LGBT development initiatives, alumni associations and affinity groups, publications and programming samples for all members.

LGBT Development & Alumni Relations
Good Question Do you have any resources about alumni relations and fundraising efforts tailored to LGBT constituencies?

The Young and the Selfless
CURRENTS Article The Chestnut Hill School educates its students early about the responsibilities of alumni. The tween students have embraced the message with stunning success.

Female Philanthropists Take the Lead
Article,  BriefCASE Article Women are taking a predominant role in philanthropy, according to a recent study of the world’s wealthiest individuals.

Putting the Spotlight on Philanthropy
Article,  Community College News Article Students, faculty and staff at an Ohio community college plan to celebrate Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day by raising money to provide emergency assistance to students who might otherwise have to drop out for financial reasons.

The Professor with Three Pennies and a Cause
CURRENTS Article Terry Armstrong, a retired University of Idaho administrator and education professor with a penchant for picking up loose change, explains how he started the Found Money Fund of Idaho.

Jump-Start Employee Giving
Article,  Community College News Article By highlighting the impact scholarships make on students’ lives, a Wisconsin technical college increased employee-giving participation from 34 percent to 92 percent in one year.

The Amazing Feats of Super Women Donors
CURRENTS Article An Atlantic Cape Community College women's giving circle founded to help at-risk youth finds creative inspiration in superheros.

Improving Faculty and Staff Giving
Podcast Genevieve Shaker from IUPUI discusses the characteristics of faculty and staff donor prospects. Also, discover how to encourage these individuals to give.

Are Men More Generous than Women?
CURRENTS Article A new study indicates women are more susceptible to social pressures to give.

Motivating Students to Fill the Funding Gap
Article,  Community College News Article Community colleges can grow student giving by educating students that tuition doesn't cover the actual cost of attendance, says an advancement leader.

Establishing a Women's Philanthropy Initiative on Campus
Podcast Hear Kathleen Loehr from Orr Associates Inc. share examples of women's fundraising efforts, and learn what makes them successful. Also, discover the best strategy for engaging with female donors.

Putting the Fun in Fundraising
CURRENTS Article CASE ASAP's inaugural Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day inspired some pretty creative activities at participating campuses.

Where Younger Donors Go for Data
CURRENTS Article Young major donors research causes on the web, according to new research noting the importance of donor-friendly websites.

The Common Thread
CURRENTS Article Creating a culture of philanthropy can help an institution recruit a cross-section of constituents to the cause of advancing the institution and improve fundraising success. Here's how.

Material Interest
CURRENTS Article What are the essential characteristics of a culture of philanthropy? Can an institution claim to have a philanthropic culture if staff giving is low? Does an institution have to demonstrate need? Does athletic success promote generosity among constituents? In a survey, advancement leaders say they struggle to identify and develop the characteristics of a philanthropic campus.

Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day Produces Fundraising Success
Article,  BriefCASE Article A number of institutions that participated in the recent Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day met student fundraising goals while others took advantage of the increased interest to launch student campaigns.

Students Learn Importance of Philanthropy
Article,  Community College News Article On Feb. 28, three community colleges participated in Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day, a celebration among more than 120 institutions worldwide spotlighting the importance of private giving to education.

Office Space: Something in Common
CURRENTS Article Fundraisers are perpetually called upon to find new sources of funds. In doing so, we shouldn't overlook college and university faculty members, who not only are some of our best prospects but also are essential participants in creating a culture of giving at our institutions.

My Brother’s Keeper
CURRENTS Article A scholarship endowment funded through student-approved student fees is among three initiatives launched by Prairie View A&M University in Texas to promote philanthropy.

Introducing New Families to Independent School Philanthropy
Article,  BriefCASE Article Independent school fundraisers looking to grow parental engagement should analyze how they introduce new families to their school’s culture of philanthropy, said presenters at this week’s CASE-NAIS Independent Schools Conference.

Increase LGBT Engagement through Targeted Strategies
Article,  BriefCASE Article Members of the LGBT community can be strong prospects for philanthropy, and educational institutions should develop strategies to engage them, says a CASE faculty member.

Overcoming Myths about Women's Philanthropy
Article,  BriefCASE Article Using research to debunk several persistent myths about women's philanthropy, a CASE faculty member encourages educational institutions to proactively develop effective strategies to reach female donors.

And the Winner Is …
CURRENTS Article This short article highlights the valuable role faculty members play in helping development communicate to donors the mission and needs of an academic program. Several universities have established awards to recognize faculty fundraisers.

CASE ASAP Announces Inaugural Student Engagement, Philanthropy Day
Article,  BriefCASE Article On Feb. 28, 2013, CASE ASAP will shine a spotlight on the work of more than 375 student alumni associations, student foundations and philanthropy groups that make up its membership through a Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day—the first-ever day dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of student advancement.

Seeing Both Sides
CURRENTS Article Development officers who give to their employers or favorite charity see first-hand how well those nonprofits treat donors, and they learn from those experiences.

Grooming Students to Give
CURRENTS Article The success of Rochester Institute of Technology's Campaign Day event in 2006 led staff to modify it and make it a campuswide annual fund kickoff event, Raise Our Annual Responses Day.

Older Women Give Nearly 90 Percent More than Male Peers
Article,  BriefCASE Article New research indicates that women of the baby boomer and older generations are more likely to give and to give more to charities than their male counterparts.

Getting Buy-In for a New Student Philanthropy Program
Article,  BriefCASE Article Advancement professionals interested in starting a student philanthropy group on their campus should first make sure the proposed group doesn’t overlap with existing philanthropic efforts, such as an annual fund or senior gift campaign. That’s according to two presenters who spoke about the challenges of launching student philanthropy programs at this month’s CASE ASAP Network Convention in Indianapolis.

Millennials Tap Websites First for Info on Giving, Volunteering
Article,  BriefCASE Article Young adults are more likely to visit a nonprofit’s website when looking for information about volunteer opportunities or giving. That is according to a new study on millennials.

The Diversity Imperative
CURRENTS Article As the United States as well as college enrollment grow more diverse, advancement shops are challenged to improve outreach to alumni and donors of difference. Many colleges and universities are trying new approaches, such as meaningful engagement of minority communities and business groups in their areas or a rethinking of race-based affinity groups.

Selling for U
CURRENTS Article Brandeis University maintains a fruitful, 64-year relationship with a group of "friends" who hold book sales and other fundraisers for the institution year after year.

University Giving Continues to Rise in UK
Article,  BriefCASE Article UK universities saw an increase in both the number of philanthropic donors and accompanying cash income in the academic year 2010-2011, according to the annual Ross-CASE survey.

Getting Staff to Give
Article,  BriefCASE Article It’s hard enough to get work colleagues to open their email, let alone their wallets—especially if asking for donations is a relatively new phenomenon. Still, the Institute of Education at the University of London has run a successful staff fundraising campaign for five years—with about 15 percent of its staff members making a gift last year.

Students Dial Up Donations
Article,  Community College News Article Involving students in phonathons is a great way to generate excitement on campus and drum up community support for an annual fund, says a development officer at a Michigan community college, who adds that most students say they love the work and are happy to help.

Grassroots Organizing
CURRENTS Article When a group of young Tufts alumni said it wanted to raise money for the institution, the university gladly obliged.

Rivals on More than the Gridiron
CURRENTS Article Two Pennsylvania institutions used their long football rivalry to develop a young alumni giving challenge.

Findings from the Field: The Donor Motivation Study in Practice, an inside look at the attitudes and preferences of more than 50,000 champions, friends and acquaintances
Converge Consulting in Alliance with CASE
White Paper This white paper, the second in a three-part series produced by Converge Consulting in alliance with CASE, explores the results of a study of how alumni attitudes relate to the motivation to give. The paper looks at preferred communications channels and philanthropic causes of alumni by segment, applies the study’s findings to three specific institutions and includes recommendations based on lessons learned.

Cultivating Student Philanthropy
Podcast Listen to Meg Petersen from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill explain why engaging potential donors while they're still students allows you to frame a more meaningful message. Also, hear why her experience as a student in a philanthropy program changed her life.

Class Show Offs
CURRENTS Article The Baylor School in Tennessee tackles the challenge of illustrating annual fund progress for each grade and spurs some good-natured schoolwide competition in the process.

Text Keyword: Success
CURRENTS Article THON, the annual student-run fundraising dance marathon at The Pennsylvania State University, successfully added text-to-give to its toolkit, raising nearly $27,000.

Not Afraid to Ask
CURRENTS Article A $500 gift from new graduates may seem like a lot to ask, but Notre Dame found that young alumni are willing to give at that level if the gift specifically benefits students.

Women Drive Philanthropic Decisions in Wealthy Households
Article,  BriefCASE Article A new study reveals that women are either the sole decision maker or an equal partner in decisions about charitable giving in nearly 90 percent of high net worth households.

Time is Now to Teach Students How to Give
Article,  BriefCASE Article The national average for alumni participation has steadily declined in recent years. Young alumni are also giving to a fewer number of charities. And yet, these young alumni now make up a significant and growing share of many institutions' donor databases. This is a make-or-break moment for alumni relations professionals hoping to cultivate student philanthropy and turn these future young alumni into future donors, say faculty who are presenting at a CASE conference this spring.

El largo brazo del desarrollo
CURRENTS Article Valerie Gay, Asistente del Director de Desarrollo Institucional de la Universidad de Temple, comparte sus consejos para expandir la oficina de Desarrollo convirtiendo a las facultades en socios para la procuración de fondos.

Un buen principio
CURRENTS Article Cada vez es más conocido que durante la educación superior hay que cultivar y educar a los alumnos en el tema de la donación desde que son estudiantes. Se sugieren nuevos programa de filantropía dentro de los estudiantes para generar la cultura de donación.

New Research Shows that Transfers Support Both Alma Maters
Article,  BriefCASE Article New research reveals that community college students who transfer to four-year institutions are as likely to donate to both their two- and four-year alma maters.

Revealing the Community College Alumni Donor
Article,  Community College News Article Using predictive models, four-year institutions develop profiles of alumni donors so that they can target efforts to those alumni most likely to give. Community colleges, however, have been unable to benefit from such tactics because a profile of their alumni donors did not exist. Now, thanks to groundbreaking research, some characteristics of community college alumni donors have been revealed—and are sure to provide new direction for two-year college administrators, fundraisers and alumni professionals.

Serving Those Who've Served
CURRENTS Article This article discusses Operation Education, an individualized scholarship program that provides financial, academic, and social support to U.S. military veterans disabled in combat after Sept. 11, 2001. The brainchild of Karen White, a professor and spouse of University of California, Riverside President Tim White, the program exists at three U.S. institutions. The Whites have encouraged other higher education leaders to develop the program at their institutions as well.

Words with Worth
CURRENTS Article Community college asks alumni to provide words of inspiration to current students along with their annual fund gifts.

Giving by Example
CURRENTS Article A group of Morehouse College alumni who received scholarships from Oprah Winfrey start their own scholarship fund, spurring other alumni affinity groups to do the same.

The Family and Friends Plan
CURRENTS Article Growing numbers of colleges, universities, and independent schools have found fundraising success targeting parents, grandparents, and other nonalumni friends for gifts to meet institutional needs and, at many public institutions, replace appropriations lost to state cuts.

A Head Start
CURRENTS Article There's growing acknowledgment in higher education that alumni donors need to be cultivated while they're students. New student philanthropy programs are cropping up and old ones updated to educate students about the role philanthropy plays at an institution, engage them, and instill in them a habit of giving.

White Paper: Knowing Alumni Attitudes toward Giving More Helpful than Gender, Class Year
Article,  BriefCASE Article Preliminary data from a recent survey suggests that colleges and universities can identify alumni who are mostly likely to give and those who may never give by examining their attitudes, motivations and behaviors toward giving.

Champions. Friends. Acquaintances. Donor Motivation Defined: A Lifestyle Segmentation Study Focused on the Attitudes, Motivations and Giving Behaviors of Alumni
Converge Consulting in alliance with CASE
White Paper Which alumni are most likely to become donors? This October 2011 white paper, the first in a series of three, explores the results of a study on the relation of alumni attitudes to the motivation to give.

Long Arm of Development
CURRENTS Article Valerie Gay, an assistant dean of institutional advancement at Temple University, shares her tips for expanding the reach of the development office by turning faculty into essential fundraising partners.

Fundraising 101
Article,  Community College News Article Community colleges looking to spark a culture of advancement on their campuses need look no further than the classroom. Several two-year institutions have reaped the benefits of teaching their students, faculty and staff the ins and outs of fundraising

Student Philanthropy
Sample Collection The Library maintains this collection of samples to help members develop programming to teach students about the importance of private support for their institutions and encourage contributions from the students themselves. Please log in to access the collection.

Lessons Learned: How one University Grew Attendance, Gifts at Reunion
Article,  BriefCASE Article High-level volunteer support, a unified advancement staff and robust data are critical for institutions planning to transform their reunion programs, according to two presenters at a recent CASE Online Speaker Series on campus reunions.

Six Behaviors that Grow Generous Donors
Article,  BriefCASE Article A new study indicates that what parents say and do when it comes to giving and volunteering can have a significant impact on the charitable activities of their children once they become adults.

Senior Moment
CURRENTS Article This brief article looks at Rye Country Day School's yearly effort to solicit gifts from parents of graduating seniors, thereby expanding its endowment. Parents are encouraged to double their most recent gift to the annual fund. In recent years, parent participation has consistently exceeded 95 percent.

Name That Office
CURRENTS Article DePaul University's music faculty have the opportunity to name an office in their new building.

CURRENTS Article Students at the University of Cincinnati have launched a fundraising effort called "Proudly Pennies" through which they hope to raise 1 billion pennies, or $10 million, by 2013.

Setting an Example
CURRENTS Article When annual giving by faculty and staff at St. Catherine's School in Virginia reached 100 percent, parents noticed the commitment and increased their giving despite the uncertain economy.

CASE ASAP Launches Two New Services for Members
Article,  BriefCASE Article CASE ASAP has launched two new services designed to help its members educate students about and engage them in philanthropy.

Study Says Time to Engage Younger Generation is Now
Article,  BriefCASE Article Now is the time to engage individuals under age 45 as volunteers and donors – just as they move into their peak earning years, a new study concludes.

One Big Happy Family
CURRENTS Article Whether public or private, small or large, two- or four-year colleges, institutions are actively catering to parents, hoping to turn them into an essential student support system—and enthusiastic donors.

Women More Likely to Give to Education, Other Causes than Men
Article,  BriefCASE Article Women are significantly more likely than men to give to almost every type of charitable cause and are equally likely to support the rest, according to new research from the Women's Philanthropy Institute at the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.

The Bag Lady Syndrome: Myth or Reality?
Article,  BriefCASE Article Most fundraisers are familiar with the stereotype of "the bag lady," a woman of means who is so fearful of losing her money she lives like a pauper. This stereotype lurks beneath the surface of many interactions with would-be female philanthropists and the fundraisers who would like to inspire gifts from them.

Respecting the Bond
CURRENTS Article Development professionals at The Citadel found success with a reunion giving program, boosted by the strong class bond students form due to the rigor of their training.

Degree of Difficulty
CURRENTS Article Alumni tend to be less generous to the institution they attended for their graduate degrees than their undergraduate alma maters. This story provides examples of institutions working to overcome the lack of engagement and affinity among graduate school alumni in order to boost fundraising.

Tuition Costs, Large Endowments Impact Alumni Giving
Article,  BriefCASE Article A new survey reveals that eight out of 10 alumni under age 35 say high tuition costs are keeping them from giving to their alma mater.

Build Relationships to Engage Young Donors
Article,  BriefCASE Article Donors ages 20 to 40 prefer face-to-face communication when it comes to requests for their time or money. That’s according to a new survey on the giving habits and engagement preferences of millennial donors.

Cost-Benefit Analysis
CURRENTS Article During its annual Heritage Week, Saint Mary's College held its first "Tag Day," in which price tags were attached to campus buildings, furniture, paintings, etc., to show students how much these items cost and to encourage them to donate in the future.

From Modest Beginnings to Wild Success: Class Gift Program Resonates with Students
Article,  BriefCASE Article Attendees at the recent CASE conference in Kuala Lumpur learned how a senior class gift program that began with no name, no plan, no targets and no expectations became one of the most successful programs in the Asia-Pacific region.

Philanthropy Chat: John Lippincott
Foundation Center
Podcast In this podcast from April 15, 2010, CASE President John Lippincott discusses alumni giving and its critical role in fundraising programs at schools, universities and colleges.

Advance Work: Test Driving Text Giving
CURRENTS Article Media coverage that accompanied the Haiti relief effort brought new visibility to the texting-to-give concept. Now colleges and universities are experimenting with the new technology to engage young alumni and raise funds.

A “Perfect Storm” Brewing for Women’s Philanthropy
Article,  BriefCASE Article Developments that accelerated after the 1960s—an increase in business owners who are women, more women in positions of power, longer life expectancies and increasing income and education—have created a powerful, though often overlooked, demographic in educational fundraising.

Advance Work: Parents to the Rescue
CURRENTS Article An urgent appeal to parents at Penn State's honors college raised funds that allowed financially vulnerable students to stay in school despite the recession.

Preparando el Terreno
CURRENTS Article Existen menos de veinte escuelas y universidades en Estados Unidos en las que al menos la mitad de sus ex alumnos contribuya financieramente con su alma máter en un año determinado. Y la tendencia va a la baja, no al alza. ¿Por qué sucede esto? ¿Se pueden permitir las instituciones que esta situación continúe?

¿Qué tienen en común los donativos, el pastel de chocolate y el sexo?
CURRENTS Article 10 razones por las que la gente dona¿Quieres saber cómo recaudar más?Entérate qué tienen en común los donativos, el pastel de chocolate y el sexo.Por Sandra Gurvis

Contar con la ciencia
CURRENTS Article En la Universidad de California, los investigadores más nuevos de San Diego están en la búsqueda de adelantos—en la ciencia y en procuración de fondos

Advance Work: The Habit of Giving
CURRENTS Article Researchers find that alumni who gave regularly in their first five years out gave on average eight times more in the long run than those who donated the same amount in the first five years but did not make a steady habit of it.

Building a Strong Volunteer Program (sample materials)
Phillips Exeter Academy
Sample Collection This packet from a 2008 CASE conference includes guiding principles for a volunteer program, tips for successful class agents, the role of a class agent, the table of contents of a class agent manual, a sample letter to class agents, and a sample volunteer update newsletter.

A Gift of Her Own
CURRENTS Article This article makes the case for cultivating women donors as a constituency, both for major gifts and for the annual fund.

Significant Difference
CURRENTS Article Research suggests advancement officers should pay special attention to entrepreneurial donors

Power of Women Donors Grows
Article,  BriefCASE Article More women control more wealth in the United States than ever before, and unlike their predecessors, they are more likely to support causes supporting women and girls.

Student Advancement Programs
Sample Collection The Library maintains samples from student alumni associations, student ambassador programs and student foundations. These groups foster and enhance student involvement in all areas of advancement—from alumni relations and communications to fundraising, marketing and related areas. The sample collection has mission statements, constitutions and bylaws; profiles of award-winning student groups; and programming ideas including alumni engagement and student philanthropy.

Advance Work: Blah-Blah Blues
CURRENTS Article The blah-blah letter has been a tried and true fundraising appeal for young alumni. But a recent backlash might be the signal of its demise.

Crunching the Numbers
CURRENTS Article In this story, CASE Senior Director of Research Chris Thompson demonstrates how to analyze the data in the annual Voluntary Support of Education survey in order to compare your institution's alumni fundraising with national averages for peer institutions.

Turf Tales
CURRENTS Article Not every institution's sports program relies on "ticket pro quo" to attract donor dollars.

Advance Work: Fundraising 101
CURRENTS Article Illinois State University's student foundation has done a good job of raising money for scholarships.

Cultivating Your Crop
CURRENTS Article There are fewer than 20 colleges and universities in the United States in which at least half of the alumni contribute financially to their alma mater in any given year. And this trend is headed downward, not up. Why is this the case, and can institutions afford to let it continue?

Advance Work: Spin Cycle
CURRENTS Article Each year the Taft School in Connecticut gives seniors a gift to remind them of the school and the importance of giving back to it. This year's gift was something all college freshmen need--a laundry bag.

CURRENTS Article 美国有不超过20所大学每年能获得半数以上的校友通过捐赠回馈母校。这个数字有待持续下滑,毫无上升的迹象。为什么会有这种趋势?大学能坐视这种情况持续恶化吗?

Cultiver Vos Terres
CURRENTS Article Moins de 20 établissements d’enseignement supérieur aux Etats-Unis bénéficient d’une contribution financière annuelle d’au moins 50% des anciens.Et cette tendance est à la baisse. Pourquoi ? Nos institutions peuvent-elles se permettre de laisser ce phénomène continuer?

Potential Seen in International Parent Programs
Article,  BriefCASE Article Engaging and stewarding parents from different parts of the world can be challenging.

Advance Work: Cultivating Cocky Behavior
CURRENTS Article The University of South Carolina created an annual giving campaign that appeals to young alumni.

Advance Work: Millennial Motivations
CURRENTS Article Study shows that the Millennial generation are as philanthropically inclined as older generations.

The Y Impact
Josh Robertson
Conference Presentation These slides review a fall 2007 survey that collected data about Generation Y students, and the implications for annual giving as they become young alumni and employees.

Principal, Major, or Special Giving Programs: Springside School - Silver Award
Best Practice A committee of young alumni was instumental in Springside School's fundraising for the Johanna Sigmund Scholarship, which honors an alumna killed in the Sept. 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. Individuals, corporations and foundations contributed to the fund, and several special events were held.

Untangling Diversity
CURRENTS Article Diversity is a complex issue, and the concept has different meanings, depending on your institution and advancement office. But one thing that everyone can agree on is that diversity is important, and reaching communities of color is imperative.

Women Across Generations Approach Giving Differently
Article,  BriefCASE Article As women become an increasingly potent force in philanthropy, understanding the different views each generation has about giving is vital, said Marjorie Houston, executive director of development at Wheaton College in Norton, Mass.

Raising Her Sights
CURRENTS Article Fundraisers who work primarily with female constituencies describe the techniques that work best with women donors.

Career Path: A Sporting Chance
CURRENTS Article Many in the advancement field have the wrong perception of athletic fundraisers--they aren't just superfans looking for a desk job. Rather, they are professional members of a hard-working team.

Campaigns: Carleton University - Bronze Medal
Best Practice In 2006 Carleton University re-imagined its annual faculty and staff appeal as the Campus Community Campaign. The primary objectives of the redesigned 2006 campaign were to host a more elaborate and creative campaign; raise $150,000; increase participation; and launch the first ever Board of Governors appeal.

Going for the Gold: Approaches for Recent Graduates in Annual Giving
David S. Jones
Conference Presentation This presentation focuses on issues, trends and approaches for reaching the senior class and graduates of the last decade (GOLD).

Advance Work: A Will to Give
CURRENTS Article If older alumni and donors are your bequest prospects, you might want to lower your age range, according to a recent report on the topic.

Closing Remarks: He Gave, She Gave
CURRENTS Article There have always been women philanthropists. Nowadays there are more of them, with more wealth. The author challenges the assumptions and sheds light on what the real differences are between female donors and male donors, and among women philanthropists.

Advance Work: Moguls in the Making
CURRENTS Article Georgia Tech's student foundation is on it way to a million-dollar endowment, teaching future alumni about the value of annual giving and investment en route.

Advance Work: Save the Date
CURRENTS Article Wheaton College in Illinois educates students about annual giving and simultaneously stewards donors through its annual Tuition Freedom Day.

Advance Work: Hard Act to Follow
CURRENTS Article This article examines one independent school's successful faculty giving campaign.

Advance Work: The Gold Standard
CURRENTS Article The U.S. Southeastern Conference institutions are intense athletics rivals. Now they are channeling that competitive spirit to encourage their young alumni to give to the annual fund.

Advance Work: Dollars & Scents
CURRENTS Article Ohio Wesleyan's Class of 1954 raised $200,000 to restore a sulphur spring that had fallen into disrepair.

Advance Work: More from Less
CURRENTS Article The Council for Aid to Education's survey, Voluntary Support of Education, showed that in 2005 financial contributions increased but the percentage of alumni making gifts declined.

Advance Work: Teach Them and They Will Come
CURRENTS Article A new company, SportSpectator, is offering sports brochures that can engage parents in institutions' athletics programs--and raise money.

Cultivating Young Sprouts
CURRENTS Article Millennials are arriving on campuses with a strong sense of engagement and looking for ways to serve the community. They want to connect to something larger than themselves, but they either aren't receptive to fund-raising efforts or they feel their money can do more good at the grassroots level. Development professionals need to capitalize on their desire and get them involved in giving to their institutions while they're still undergraduates. One way is to foster communication and working relationships among development, alumni relations, and student affairs. The article describes several successful and creative cultivation and education programs at various institutions that take a collaborative approach.

AdvanceWork: With This Gift, I Thee Wed
CURRENTS Article Maryville College developed the Calvin Duncan Society, named for one of its loyal donors who attended when the college reopened after the Civil War, to encourage class gifts and annual giving. Society members receive silver bookmarks and other gifts when they reach certain milestones, such as five years of continuous participation.

Cream of the Crop
CURRENTS Article This article profiles a few of CASE's 2005 Circle of Excellence award winners in the fields of fund-rasing, special events, campaigns, marketing, alumni programs, stewardship, and advancement services operations.

Motive Operandi
CURRENTS Article Author Cindy Sterling conducted research concerning gender differences in planned giving at small liberal arts colleges in the Northeast. Among other things, Sterling quantifies the amounts and types of planned gifts women and men make, explains why women made their giving choices, and suggests strategies planned giving officers can use to strengthen their solicitation efforts. A sidebar identifies key planned giving terms with which all development officers should be familiar.

Striking a Chord
CURRENTS Article Campuses that have successfully solicited faculty and staff gifts point to two helpful strategies: (1) giving employees flexibility in how they make gifts, and (2) cultivating a sense of campus community. This article explores these and other strategies development officers can employ to increase faculty and staff giving at their own institutions.

AdvanceWork: A Nurturing Nature
CURRENTS Article Women are inclined to take care of those they love--a reality Lynne Marie Kohm says planned giving officers should bear in mind as they cultivate female planned giving prospects. Kohm, a law professor at Regent University, is author of the recently published planned giving primer, “Estate Planning Success for Women.”

All in the Family
CURRENTS Article Campuses are responding to parents' need to be involved and informed in their children's education by engaging them in parent-to-parent fund raising. This article examines why parents are so effective as volunteer fund raisers, how to recruit and train them, and how to best make use of their volunteering.

AdvanceWork: Giving Begins at Home
CURRENTS Article The University of Minnesota and Florida State University both saw campaign successes close to home with notable gifts from faculty and staff. Minnesota's campaign raised $67 million from current and former employees, while FSU's president pledged an estate gift worth $7.5 million toward that university's campaign.

AdvanceWork: Rivalries Revisited
CURRENTS Article Eleven campuses in the Big Ten Conference encourage young alumni giving by competing each year in the Big Ten GOLD Challenge. The contest pits participating campuses against each other to determine whose young alumni are most generous. A Web site tracks each class's giving percentage. Participants include Penn State, Ohio State University, Purdue, and others.

Competing Interests
CURRENTS Article Athletics development and institutional development are stronger when they’re integrated. Coordinating athletics fund raising with the institutional development office results in fewer and more targeted solicitations, allows athletics to benefit from institutionwide strategic planning and activities, and enhances donor stewardship. Like other gifts, athletics gifts benefit the “greater good”--the campus itself.

Leap of Faith
CURRENTS Article Annual giving volunteers need to feel that their efforts are appreciated and that their contributions are making a difference. As Phillips Exeter Academy's development officers discovered, engaging volunteers by raising expectations can result in higher enthusiasm and greater fund-raising success.

Young Alumni and Senior Class Gifts
Fritz Schroeder
Conference Presentation This presentation outlines topics to consider for fundraising from the senior class and young alumni.

Swell Returns
CURRENTS Article Like large institutions, small colleges and independent schools can approach reunion giving as a mini-campaign that combines annual and capital giving over several years. This requires careful goal setting and timing, effective volunteer recruitment for the reunion gift committee, and thoughtful attention to how to make the gift suit the unique character of the class. This article is of special interest to development officers who handle reunion, annual, campaign, and major gifts and recruit class-related volunteers, and of some interest to prospect researchers.

AdvanceWork: Creating Young Philanthropists
CURRENTS Article Teenagers learn the value of giving their time, money, and skills with the help of Giving Nation, the school-based portion of the Giving Campaign, a United Kingdom initiative to promote charitable giving. The program uses a Web site and a curriculum package for teachers to develop the desire to give. This Advancework item is of interest to development and public relations officers who want to promote philanthropy.

Forever in Your Debt
CURRENTS Article Heavy student loan debt can make young alumni feel they can’t afford to make a gift. The author explores trends in student debt and proposes four strategies for addressing the problem in appeals to young alumni. This article is of interest to annual giving officers and development and alumni professionals who work with young alumni.

AdvanceWork: Friends in High Places
CURRENTS Article Theological centers must rely on other donors when alumni have taken vows of poverty

Pulling Their Own Purse Strings
CURRENTS Article Over the last decade, women have made significant strides in accumulating their own wealth. As they’ve learned more about finance, they’ve become more confident in their ability to make decisions, including decisions about philanthropy. Advancement officers can better court women by understanding their attitudes and knowledge about wealth.

Write-Minded: Proceed with Caution
CURRENTS Article The author offers advice on approaching faculty most effectively via a solicitation letter.

Talking Points: Grants Today, Gifts Tomorrow
CURRENTS Article To determine how student aid affects giving after graduation, researchers at Vanderbilt University analyzed factors that influence young alumni giving. Data on 2,822 graduates over eight years showed that receiving a need-based scholarship raised a graduate’s likelihood of giving by 12 percent, while need-based loans reduced the probability by the same degree. The amount of aid had no effect.

AdvanceWork: Giving Is Par for the Course
CURRENTS Article A hands-on lesson in philanthropy for high school seniors

AdvanceWork: Playing Quarters
CURRENTS Article Problem/Solution: One institution's offbeat fund-raising program yields more than pocket change.

AdvanceWork: Behind the Numbers
CURRENTS Article One development officer takes his fund-raising goals to heart

AdvanceWork: Giving Before Graduation
CURRENTS Article The hows and whys of senior class campaigns

Great Catches
CURRENTS Article A creative approach to fund-raising appeals involves identifying and targeting unconventional prospect segments. Examples include first-time donors (University of Michigan), constituents who have requested no solicitations (Syracuse University), disillusioned older alumni (Stanford), donors whose gift level has "plateaued" (Wheaton College), alumni with ties to particular extracurricular activities (Mesa Community College, University of North Alabama), residents of certain states (Iowa State University), concertgoers (Baldwin-Wallace College), and grandparents (Reed College). These institutions relied on information they already had in their databases, collected useful new information, and sought new prospects.

The Hidden Philanthropists
CURRENTS Article Realize the full potential of women's giving with gender-sensitive cultivation and solicitation strategies

The Young and the Restless
CURRENTS Article Two trends are increasing the number of young major gift prospects: the intergenerational transfer of wealth to the baby boomers from their parents, and the increase of young stars in high-paying fields. As a group, young donors often face financial insecurity, have a desire to give back to the community, are focused on the bottom line, and may be seeking status. To cultivate young major-gift prospects, consider approaching them through other young alumni or older major givers; try a challenge; keep an eye on the annual fund for prospects; and let them start small. A sidebar profiles two top young women philanthropists.

AdvanceWork: Giving Close to Home
CURRENTS Article Advancement Services Q & A with John H. Taylor

Divide and Conquer
CURRENTS Article This article discusses four options for getting the most out of an annual fund. Reunion class giving is a valuable method for soliciting gifts from alumni who are in their prime stage of life for giving. The second option is parent giving. Next comes giving by faculty and staff, who can make a big difference with their involvement in a campaign. To conclude, student giving is an option for making an annual fund campaign a success.

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