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Copy and Share Everything
CURRENTS Article The University of Melbourne's "Collision" brand campaign shows that the university is a research institution tackling the world's challenges; Rice University's Owl Edge Externships help undergraduates explore career opportunities and engage more alumni volunteers in the process; and Cheshire Academy's "One Word. One Gift." campaign asks supporters to submit a single word to describe their Cheshire experience and make an annual fund gift in honor of their chosen term.

Talking Shop: In with the Fund Crowd
CURRENTS Article Jonathan May launched the U.K. digital fundraising technology startup Hubbub, which serves the education and nonprofit sectors, with Duncan Knox in 2011. The company is expanding its U.S. operations after winning $1 million in venture capital funding in 2016 through the VentureClash investment challenge. Currents spoke with May while he was in the U.S. studying digital fundraising and alumni relations practices at more than 40 colleges and universities. His travels confirmed the importance of relationships in fundraising—even online. “I think there’s a lot more than technology behind the success of different programs,” he says.

Pin of Pride
CURRENTS Article How can you tell if a major gift officer secured a gift for an endowed professorship or chair? At the University of Florida, you just check his or her lapel. At special ceremonies near the end of the last campaign, the development chief and deans gave unique Gator pins to those who closed such gifts. The incentive program ran during the last two years of Florida's recent $1.5 billion campaign to help focus gift officers on securing endowed professorships and chairs.

Leading by Example
CURRENTS Article The campaign "I Love My 1910" encouraged all students at North Carolina Central University to give $19.10 in honor of the school's founding date. The Student Government Association president and vice president, along with school ambassadors Mr. and Miss NCCU, collectively gave $1,910. The foursome oversaw the February 2016 Student Philanthropy Day, which featured music, giveaways, and testimonials.

Talking Shop: Supporting Brilliant Minds
CURRENTS Article Chris Cox talks about what philanthropy does best and how to share that messge with donors. Cox is the chair of the 2016 CASE Europe Annual Conference (CEAC) in Brussels and helped shape its theme, "The Big Shift." The idea: As governments reduce funding for higher education, university leaders need to seize new fundraising opportunities, be more entrepreneurial, leverage new sources of income, and promote the value of their institutions.

Community Support Drives Giving
Article,  Community College News Article Successful community college capital campaigns can be fortified by interests shared with its community, according to one advancement leader whose institution was recently honored by CASE.

Fundraising During a Crisis
CURRENTS Article A controversial decision or scandal can cause donors and alumni to revolt and withhold gifts. Mix a volatile situation with social media chatter and emotionally attached alumni, and a reputational crisis can hit any institution. The key to keep a catastrophe from harming fundraising is to maintain donors' trust by knowing what, when, and how to communicate with them.

Campaign Guidelines
Sample Collection The Library maintains this collection of campaign guidelines for all CASE members.

‘G’ Is for Giving
CURRENTS Article When Louisiana's Grambling State University announced that state funding would cover just 30 percent of its budget, two alumnae created a unique giving program. The "I'm a G: 10 for $10" campaign challenged alumni to give $10 and to recruit 10 friends to do the same.

Saving Sweet Briar
CURRENTS Article The inside story of how a scrappy group of passionate alumnae raised money, fought in the courts, and gathered support from community leaders to keep Sweet Briar College's doors open—and what advancement can learn from it

First Class
CURRENTS Article In 2015, CASE added the Platinum Categories to its Circle of Excellence awards to recognize the best-of-the-best practices in educational advancement publications, programs, and projects through a tournament-like competition in CASE's eight North American districts.

Cycles of Giving
CURRENTS Article For Life Cycle 5 in 2015, cyclists will raise £350,000 funds for dementia research at the University of Nottingham in the U.K.

Game Plan
CURRENTS Article Your alumni are begging for something fun that will grab their attention. Let's look at ways your university can dust the stuffiness off of its giving campaigns and attract the attention of long-lost alumni.

Everything You Need to Know About Campaigns
CURRENTS Article While fundraising campaigns seem ubiquitous, especially in the United States, growing numbers of universities from Australia to Europe are undertaking inaugural campaigns. Here are several strategies for success.

Capital Campaigns Are the Time to “Dream Big Dreams”
Article,  BriefCASE Article What’s the worst reason to have a capital campaign? “Because your peers are having a capital campaign,” said Stanford University’s Martin Shell, speaking in July at CASE’s Summer Institute in Educational Fundraising.

Maximizing Alumni Relations in a Major Campaign
Podcast Hear Donna Arbide from the University of Miami talk about what campaign goals alumni relations offices should set and how they should be measured. Also, hear her discuss how playing a key role in a major campaign can bolster the position of the alumni relations office within advancement.

Keeping a Campaign Short and Sweet
Article,  Community College News Article In just six weeks last year, the Foundation for Santa Barbara City College raised $700,000 and grew its donor base by 35 percent.

The Next Phase
CURRENTS Article Whether through growth, reorganization, or makeshift strategies, a steadily increasing number of minority-serving institutions, particularly historically black colleges and universities and Hispanic-serving institutions, are starting their first campaigns. Institutions that already have their first campaign under their belt are shifting into a higher gear for the next.

Upward Bound
CURRENTS Article With the economy slowly mending, a number of colleges, universities, and independent schools are launching their biggest, longest-lasting, or first-ever campaigns. Campaigns that have recently launched are part of an evolution in which campaigns have become more donor-centric.

Scaling New Heights
CURRENTS Article Community colleges are seeking and raising previously unheard-of sums through major campaigns. Driven by the need to fill budget gaps caused by reduced public funding, these colleges also have strong leaders championing their fundraising cause and newfound confidence that they are worthy of investment.

Then and Now
CURRENTS Article Scotland's University of Glasgow embarked upon an ambitious fundraising campaign during the midst of global recession. That was not in 2008, but in the 1870s. More than a century later, the university's experiences offer lessons on fundraising during a fiscal crisis.

Donation Data
CURRENTS Article A chart shows the median campaign goals over time, from 1997 to 2009, of institutions that responded to CASE's Survey of Educational Fundraising Campaigns. It is a sample of the data that can be found in the CASE Campaign Report 2009.

A Lot of Creativity
CURRENTS Article To help potential donors visualize a new building, the Tuality/Oregon Health & Science Center had a blueprint drawn on the parking lot where the building was to go up. Standing signs labeled the rooms that already had benefactors, and "Your Name Here" signs informed the crowd about opportunities to make significant gifts.

Treasure Chase
CURRENTS Article Advancement leaders from around the country and the world acknowledge the downturn in mega gifts to education during the Great Recession and discuss the best strategies for dealing with the new economy.

Capital Campaigns
Robert Pierpont for the School of Philanthropy at Indiana University
Article This article, pre-course reading for the School of Philanthropy at Indiana University, provides an overview of capital campaign planning. Topics include campaign types and characteristics, pre-campaign planning, the feasibility/pre-campaign planning study, gift range charts/tables, campaign leadership and management, sequential solicitation, campaign phases, and testing readiness for a campaign.

Advance Work: Vision Quest
CURRENTS Article Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass., put advice from young alumni into action, creating a very transparent, flexible Web site to support its fundraising campaign.

Steering Through Stewardship
CURRENTS Article Stewardship should not be an afterthought in a healthy advancement operation. This article describes how stewardship can be an organizing principle, directing the essential activities of trust building, relationship management, and message delivery.

Billion-Dollar Campaigns Maintain Momentum in Tough Economy
Article,  BriefCASE Article Despite the tough economy, billion-dollar campaigns in higher education are making “sufficiently strong monthly progress” and are on track to meet their goals. That’s according to a new report that analyzed campaigns launched right before and after the onset of the recession.

Keep Your Campaign Aim True
CURRENTS Article The recession has added a tricky new aspect to campaigns, but savvy fundraisers are finding success with a "business as usual" approach.

Campaigns: Monroe Community College Foundation - Bronze Award
Best Practice In January 2007, Monroe Community College announced the Chesonis Family Foundation Challenge as part of the institution's campaign to raise funds for the PAC Center--a new athletic, fitness and recreational facility. By December 2007, the college and its foundation met the campaign goal of raising $6 million in private funds, including the $1.5 million challenge.

Winning Ideas
CURRENTS Article This article gives in-depth profiles of eight of the 2008 CASE Circle of Excellence Award winners. These winners were chosen to represent a wide range of types of institution as well as each aspect of advancement: fundraising, alumni relations, communications and marketing, and advancement services.

The Big Time
CURRENTS Article More and more institutions are conducting mega-campaigns (with goals of $1 billion and above) and describing them as "transformational." What does that really mean? How important is dramatic change to donors?

Banding Together
CURRENTS Article Many institutions still shy away from involving the alumni association in capital campaigns. But as campaigns get larger and longer, it makes sense for the two disciplines to work together.

First Seating
CURRENTS Article Despite the news of multimillion dollar and even billion dollar campaigns, many public institutions are just now planning their first-ever capital campaign. They face challenges such as lack of fundraising experience and resources, underdeveloped major and planning giving programs, and more. Author Bruce Matthews discusses real-world case studies illustrating approaches that proved to overcome these challenges.

A League of Their Own
CURRENTS Article The 2006 Circle of Excellence award winners profiled in this article are hitting it out of the park. This article describes a few of the grand gold and gold medal award winners.

Advance Work: Time Now Goes By
CURRENTS Article After 131 years and a relatively quick capital campaign, the University of Arkansas now has a clock in a signature building on campus.

All in a Day's Work
CURRENTS Article Campaigns are part of campus life. This article presents a broad picture of a day in the life of an education institution campaign. It gathers details from campaigns at various institutions to create a broad portrait of a campaign as an enterprise and features a diversity of institution types, roles within the advancement office, campaign phases, and experiences--from the mundane and tedious to the exciting and momentous.

Dollars and Sense
CURRENTS Article Institutions of all types tend to focus on the dollar goals associated with a campaign--often to the detriment of other goals. Nonmonetary benefits of campaigns include improved perceptions of the institution, brand building, enhanced relationships, increased voluntarism, sharpened institutional priorities, sustained investments in communications, and the creation of a sense of forward progress.

Leaps and Bounds
CURRENTS Article Although capital campaigns often don't have a specific role for alumni associations, they don't have to remain in the shadows. Alumni officers can have a great effect on the current campaign--and build momentum for future ones--by taking a more targeted look at staffing needs, homecoming and campus events, advocacy efforts, alumni programming, and market research strategies.

Global Expansion
CURRENTS Article Capital campaigns in the UK and continental Europe are similar to those conducted in the United States--with a few striking differences. Along with their U.S. counterparts, campuses outside North America have relied heavily on campaign gifts from alumni and traditional giving pyramids. European campuses, however, have a different view of giving goals and campaign volunteers. This article takes a closer look at the history of and trends in capital campaigns outside the U.S. and how alumni, campus CEOs, volunteers, and foundations play a role in international advancement.

Peaks and Valleys
CURRENTS Article Can education institutions sustain big campaigns and everything that is involved with them? Reflecting on the University of Colorado's recent seven-year, $1 billion campaign, author Myrna Hall explores the proliferation of ambitious capital campaigns and the abundance of opportunities and obstacles they present.

Introduction to Capital Campaigns
Craig T. Chindemi
Conference Presentation This presentation explores key definitions, principles and techniques for capital campaigns.

A Steady Ascent
CURRENTS Article Rather than follow the up-and-down cycle of campaign after campaign, fund raisers may want to consider a new approach: an ongoing major gifts effort. The author describes what he sees as the flaws of campaign-based advancement, and suggests that institutions develop continual, mission-based fund-raising programs.

Campaign Strategies: Worldwide Appeal
CURRENTS Article Making the effort to connect with overseas prospects can help make a campaign a success. The challenge is in finding the right way to make contact and in bridging cultural differences. The author shares his experience working with prospects and donors in Asia.

Campaign Strategies: Drawing Together
CURRENTS Article For a campaign to succeed, development officers must make sure that faculty, staff, and students are informed and involved. Strategies include making effective use of campus volunteers, bringing campaign news to everyone’s attention, and tailoring special events to draw diverse campaign constituencies together.

A Presidential Perspective on Campaigning
CURRENTS Article The retired president of Alfred University reflects on the lessons he has learned across six campaigns, such as valuing volunteers, making connections early on between prospects and the CEO, preparing well for donor or prospect meetings, stressing donor stewardship, and continuing to support advancement even during lean times.

AdvanceWork: Throwing in the Towel
CURRENTS Article When the 1999 school year began and the team didn't have uniforms, it needed to come up with the money fast in order to play in the first game of the season — just three weeks away.

Campaign Strategies: Clearing a Path to Success
CURRENTS Article Stockdale, advancement director of the Webb Schools, describes four strategies the schools used to overcome unpleasant memories from a previous campaign and complete a new $21.5 million campaign. Stockdale advises: 1) Don't be afraid to break new ground. 2) Find leadership givers. 3) Stay focused on the objective. 4) Use resources wisely.

In Advance: The Sermon on the Amount
CURRENTS Article Advice on soliciting a campaign lead gift

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