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Leaders Must Reinforce Diversity on Campus
Article,  Community College News Article Community college presidents and chancellors must "get uncomfortable" to build a truly diverse and inclusive campus culture, according to CASE's director of diversity and talent management.

Inside Grants Offices: Findings from New CASE Survey
Article,  Community College News Article Grants professionals at community colleges track the effectiveness of their offices—but are still grappling with measuring ROI, according to a recent survey.

3 Ways Community College Presidents Can Drive Campaigns
Article,  Community College News Article What can community college presidents learn from taking a 600-mile bike ride? For one president, it not only gave him a chance to reflect on his well-being, but also a lesson in leadership.

Panel Spotlight: Conference for Community College Grants Professionals
Article,  Community College News Article Community college executives, foundation representatives and experienced grant professionals will be on hand to provide insights at the CASE Conference for Community College Grants Professionals, Nov. 1-3, in Washington, D.C.

From Funding to Foundation: From Funding to Foundation: Game Changers for the Community
Article,  Community College News Article With an assist from a former Harlem Globetrotter, one community college has made a transformative social impact and promoted humanities in it's community.

Stay Curious and Focused: Advice for Advancement Shops
Article,  Community College News Article Development shops can support their institution by maintaining a steady focus on their mission and an eagerness to learn new things, according to the executive director of one community college foundation.

Federal Funding Task Force Seeks Volunteers for 2017 Session
Article,  Community College News Article The Federal Funding Task Force is now seeking volunteers to help compile the 2017 Federal Funding to Two-Year Colleges Report.

Sharing Professional Development Valuable for Community Colleges
Article,  Community College News Article Community college leaders and staff have a significant asset: collaboration. According to Diane Shoger, it’s easy to collaborate and create partnerships in the community college world.

Planning Team Named for Conference for Community College Advancement
Article,  Community College News Article Mitch Andrews, executive director of advancement for the Tyler Junior College Foundation in Texas, has been named chair of the 2017 Conference for Community College Advancement. Doug Ferguson, director of alumni programs at Delaware County Community College, will serve as vice chair.

Vernon College Grant Is a Foodie’s Delight
Article,  Community College News Article Farm-to-table dining is all the rage, including in north Texas, where Vernon College is collaborating with the Red River Valley Local Food Expansion Project—with the help of a USDA grant—to bring the best of the region’s food to a hungry audience.

Careful Planning, Quick Action: Lessons from the Front Lines of Disaster Relief
Article,  Community College News Article Natural disasters can shake campuses and communities—but as one community college found, careful planning and a focus on developing strong internal and external relationships can set the stage for quick action and relief.

Submit Proposals for 2018 CASE Community College Conferences
Article,  Community College News Article Share unique knowledge and experiences with fellow community college colleagues.

The Great Alumni Hunt: Student Sleuths Track Down More Alumni
Article,  Community College News Article Drawing on a collaborative relationship with faculty, one Wisconsin community college foundation was able to reconnect with more than 400 alumni in one month---at no cost. Better yet, the students who participated gained valuable working experience and awareness of the alumni association and foundation.

Engaging Internal Support – With Energy, not Money
Article,  Community College News Article Community college foundations are tasked with finding ways to support their institutions with minimal resources and budget. But tapping into campus staff with energy and enthusiasm can be a cost-effective way to raise awareness and support for your institution, according to two CASE faculty members.

Engaging Student Philanthropy in Community Colleges
Article,  Community College News Article When developing a student philanthropy program, community college professionals should start by looking at their past projects and being honest about what has been successful and what hasn’t. And they should never be afraid to try something new, according to two CASE contributing authors.

Community Support Drives Giving
Article,  Community College News Article Successful community college capital campaigns can be fortified by interests shared with its community, according to one advancement leader whose institution was recently honored by CASE.

District Makes Employee Engagement Fun–and Successful
Article,  Community College News Article The key to successful employee engagement–at least for a community college district in California–apparently starts with conga lines.

Investments in Planned Giving Prove Worth
Article,  Community College News Article Advancement leaders at community colleges recently honored by CASE credit large bequests with their institution's fundraising success—and encourage others to focus more on planned giving.

Industry Connections 'Goldmines for Fundraising'
Article,  Community College News Article A community college known for its hospitality program is forging new partnerships with local business leaders by inviting them to participate in an industry-specific advisory committee.

Show Return on Investment of Major Gift Fundraising
Article,  Community College News Article By refocusing her fundraising efforts on major gifts, a community college foundation director helped solicit the largest gift in the history of her institution and helped it quickly surpass the goal of its latest campaign.

Integrate Alumni into Giving Plans
Article,  Community College News Article Community college advancement leaders should incorporate alumni into their institution’s long-term fundraising plans, says one foundation director.

Free Tuition or Not, a Fundraiser's Job Remains the Same
Article,  Community College News Article Even if students could attend community college for free—as President Obama proposed last month— chief fundraisers at two institutions whose students already benefit from local free-tuition programs say their jobs wouldn’t change significantly.

Plan Today for Success Tomorrow
Article,  Community College News Article Every community college advancement office needs a cohesive annual fundraising plan, says one foundation director.

Garnering Large Gifts Takes a Commitment
Article,  Community College News Article Community college advancement practitioners should spend less time on low-return efforts like golf tournaments and more time on developing a high-yielding major gifts program, says a fundraising leader.

Adopt a Donor-Centered Approach to Leadership
Article,  Community College News Article Community college fundraisers shouldn’t shy away from cultivating major gifts, says a keynote speaker at the upcoming CASE Conference for Community College Advancement.

CEO Support Key to Award-Winning Fundraising
Article,  Community College News Article Advancement leaders at community colleges recently honored by CASE credit strong presidential support of their work for improvements in their institution’s fundraising.

Start Major Gift Fundraising
Article,  Community College News Article Community college fundraisers thinking about launching a major giving effort should first establish a robust annual giving campaign, say a pair of foundation directors.

A Model Public-Private Partnership
Article,  Community College News Article A community college situated in a major petroleum and natural gas production region is partnering with local industry to improve economic and workforce development and grow new sources of support for the college.

Putting the Spotlight on Philanthropy
Article,  Community College News Article Students, faculty and staff at an Ohio community college plan to celebrate Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day by raising money to provide emergency assistance to students who might otherwise have to drop out for financial reasons.

Jump-Start Employee Giving
Article,  Community College News Article By highlighting the impact scholarships make on students’ lives, a Wisconsin technical college increased employee-giving participation from 34 percent to 92 percent in one year.

Motivating Students to Fill the Funding Gap
Article,  Community College News Article Community colleges can grow student giving by educating students that tuition doesn't cover the actual cost of attendance, says an advancement leader.

Make the Most of Your First Donor Visit
Article,  Community College News Article Fundraisers needn’t wait 18 to 24 months before asking a potential donor for a gift, says a community college chief development officer.

Students Learn Importance of Philanthropy
Article,  Community College News Article On Feb. 28, three community colleges participated in Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day, a celebration among more than 120 institutions worldwide spotlighting the importance of private giving to education.

Benchmarking Tools Within Reach
Article,  Community College News Article Community colleges looking for a method to track their fundraising efforts in comparison to their peers should look no further than the Voluntary Support of Education survey, says one advancement leader.

Community Colleges Join Forces in Statewide Fundraiser
Article,  Community College News Article Maryland’s 16 community colleges collaborated in a 24-hour online fundraising blitz last month and raised more than $62,000 for scholarships, programs, facilities and other local projects.

Motivating a Fundraising Board
Article,  Community College News Article Advancement officials who liaise with fundraising boards need to take more personal responsibility for their members’ engagement with donor cultivation, says a CASE faculty member.

Keeping a Campaign Short and Sweet
Article,  Community College News Article In just six weeks last year, the Foundation for Santa Barbara City College raised $700,000 and grew its donor base by 35 percent.

Three Paths to Fundraising Success
Article,  Community College News Article There’s more than one way for a community college to significantly improve its overall fundraising performance. Just ask three award-winning institutions from Kentucky, New York and Virginia.

Advancement Research Tools Available at Your Fingertips
Article,  Community College News Article Benchmarking data and research about community college advancement programs are plentiful—if you know where to look.

Students Dial Up Donations
Article,  Community College News Article Involving students in phonathons is a great way to generate excitement on campus and drum up community support for an annual fund, says a development officer at a Michigan community college, who adds that most students say they love the work and are happy to help.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table
Article,  Community College News Article Nearly one in 10 gifts to educational institutions is eligible for a matching gift from employers of individual donors. It’s time more community colleges took advantage of these opportunities, say a group of matching gifts experts.

Turning Community College Alumni into Donors
Article,  Community College News Article The advancement staff at the Community College of Baltimore County in Maryland—where alumni donations increased 89 percent in one year—has discovered practices that turn alumni into donors.

Community College and Business Partnerships Take Root
Article,  Community College News Article During last month’s State of the Union address, President Barack Obama spoke of a partnership between Siemens AG and Central Piedmont Community College in North Carolina that helped an out-of-work mechanic enroll in training and earn a high-paying job at the company. The president applauded the effort and called on more two-year institutions and private businesses around the country to engage in similar job-creating partnerships.

Revealing the Community College Alumni Donor
Article,  Community College News Article Using predictive models, four-year institutions develop profiles of alumni donors so that they can target efforts to those alumni most likely to give. Community colleges, however, have been unable to benefit from such tactics because a profile of their alumni donors did not exist. Now, thanks to groundbreaking research, some characteristics of community college alumni donors have been revealed—and are sure to provide new direction for two-year college administrators, fundraisers and alumni professionals.

Fundraising 101
Article,  Community College News Article Community colleges looking to spark a culture of advancement on their campuses need look no further than the classroom. Several two-year institutions have reaped the benefits of teaching their students, faculty and staff the ins and outs of fundraising

Learn to Run a Successful Volunteer Annual Fund Blitz
Article,  Community College News Article Last spring, the two-person advancement staff at Los Rios Community College District mobilized volunteers for an annual fund campaign that raised more than $40,000 in two weeks. In October 2011, officials behind the campaign will host a webinar on how to launch a similar campaign with limited staff and resources.

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