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A Changing Climate
CURRENTS Article Two dozen institutions in the U.S. and abroad have committed to divest from fossil fuels, and the numbers are likely to grow as the activism spreads. Still, many advancement offices are concerned that what is good for the planet may not be so great for their institution's endowment.

Coffee Connection
CURRENTS Article This brief article looks at the business, environmental, and educational collaboration that has stemmed from a Widener University professor being introduced to an entrepreneurial alumnus at a university event.

Class Consciousness
CURRENTS Article Colby College offers an orientation focused on local and sustainable foods.

Sunny Sums
CURRENTS Article Friends, parents, and alumni of Sidwell Friends School purchased "solar bonds" that financed the installation of solar panels on the roof of a gym. They receive a modest 3 percent return over 10 years, at which point they will donate the panels to the school.

Talking Points: Speaking to Values
CURRENTS Article Independent schools are wise to publicize new programs that might philanthropically engage their constituents.

Outlook: The Sustainability Decade
CURRENTS Article The executive director of the Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education assesses where the movement is and how far he expects it to go in the coming decade.

Odds & Ends: Natural Leader
CURRENTS Article In a short interview, Burt's Bees CEO John Replogle discusses sustainability and philanthropy.

Advance Work: Being Cool Is Totally Hot
CURRENTS Article The Sierra Club recently published the results of their annual survey that ranks which U.S. colleges and universities make the least impact on global warming and other areas of environmental concern.

Advance Work: Empowering Online Education
CURRENTS Article The Bismarck State College Foundation in North Dakota has been instrumental in gaining funding to make the college a leader in energy education.

Talking Points: True Colors
CURRENTS Article Campus sustainability is a hot topic. However, as more institutions claim the green mantle, skepticism is also increasing. This column suggests ways to ensure that your institution's sustainability initiatives are viewed as long-term commitments and not "greenwashing."

Advance Work: Donating Energy
CURRENTS Article Oregon State University gym rats are helping to keep the lights on. OSU has outfitted 22 elliptical exercise machines with technology that allows the university to harvest the energy produced during their use.

It's Not Easy Being Green
CURRENTS Article Every institution is now examining whether it is "green enough" to proclaim its environmental stand. This article looks at the cost of being a sustainable university and whether having the distinction of being green is worthwhile.

More Green Beans
CURRENTS Article Find more resources for any university or college that is considering calling itself "sustainable."

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