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A Sporting Chance
CURRENTS Article The college athletics system needs reform, says Vanderbilt University’s chancellor, beginning with reconnecting athletics and institution mission. Building on recent reforms at Vanderbilt, Gordon Gee identifies five steps for improvement, from connecting graduation rates and conference revenue to requiring all students to meet basic academic requirements.

Good Sports
CURRENTS Article During basketball games at George Mason University in Virginia, head coach Dave Paulsen is joined on the bench by four assistant coaches and one engineering professor. Or, maybe, an economics professor. It's part of his Sideline Coaching program, which allows faculty and staff to join the team for two days.

Athletics Fundraising
Good Question Do you have best practices or case studies on fundraising for athletics?

Odds and Ends: Having a Ball
CURRENTS Article ESPN broadcaster Jay Bilas is one of the best analysts in college basketball—and one of the most vocal critics of the NCAA's amateurism model.

Respect Between Rivals
CURRENTS Article In the days leading up to their 100th football matchup in November 2015, Gilman and McDonogh schools in Maryland put their rivalries aside to help the Baltimore area through service projects.

Running the Place
CURRENTS Article Since September 2014, the University of Oregon has offered a 3.7-mile running tour that gives prospective students a runner's perspective of campus and the city of Eugene. The tour concludes with a victory lap around OU's Hayward Field, site of the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials.

It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s a … Superhero Mascot Trend!
CURRENTS Article In revamping their mascots, universities are turning more toward Marvel comic books than Sesame Street for inspiration.

Goal Keepers
CURRENTS Article A new NCAA resource helps former student athletes score great careers.

En-dam-ored with Each Other
CURRENTS Article Last fall, Ohio's Bluffton University unveiled a female mascot, Jenny Beaver, as partner to existing mascot J. Denny Beaver. Jenny's arrival adds Bluffton to the list of institutions such as Bowling Green State University and Florida State University with both male and female mascots.

Outlook: The Real March Madness
CURRENTS Article Will we ever reform intercollegiate sports? The Drake Group, a coalition of academics, former athletic administrators, and athletes working to minimize the corrosive influences of college sports on academic integrity, says that it may take an act of the U.S. Congress. Such federal legislation will draw a clear line between college and professional sports, create a structure that's more equitable to students, and refocus attention on institutional missions—educating students.

Holy Hoops
CURRENTS Article The Association of Jesuit Colleges and University's Jesuit Basketball Spotlight program raises awareness about these institutions' shared mission and athletic success.

The Cinderella Effect
CURRENTS Article This article examines the effect a school's athletic success has on the institution's advancement efforts.

What Winter Doldrums?
CURRENTS Article Franklin Pierce University finds a sporting way to keep students busy during the long, cold winter.

Talking Points: The Real Costs of College Sports
CURRENTS Article Expenses for college athletics are rising three to four times as quickly as overall educational costs. The co-chairmen of the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics discuss the current imbalance and provide recommendations for how institutions can ensure that athletics operate within the institution's educational mission.

Outlook: Sports for All
CURRENTS Article The author, a former college and professional basketball player and an expert on athletics, makes the case that the U.S. system of sports is elitist and does not serve the health interests of society as a whole.

Odds and Ends: Awesome, Baby!
CURRENTS Article In a quick Q&A interview, Dick Vitale, ESPN's voice of college basketball, talks about his beginnings in education, his passion for the game, and his devotion to philanthropy.

Good Sports
CURRENTS Article The reputations of intercollegiate athletics and education institutions have been marred by destructive sports spectators who dismantle goal posts, damage fields, and riot in community streets. Some campuses, alumni associations, and athletics conferences have banded together to clean up intercollegiate athletics’ act.

Team Spirit
CURRENTS Article Ignoring the inherent relationship between athletics and communications offices is a mistake. This article (a sidebar to "A Delicate Balance: Athletics and Campus Identity") offers strategies for managing messages in different reporting structures.

A Delicate Balance: Athletics and Campus Identity
CURRENTS Article Intercollegiate athletics presents both opportunities and pitfalls for college and university communicators. Recent controversies are forcing communicators and administrators to take a close look at the complexities and the impact of athletics on their campuses to determine the best way to manage institution messages.

AdvanceWork: Attention, Sports Fans
CURRENTS Article eBay's "Stay True to Your School" campaign allows college sports enthusiasts to bid on memorabilia and unique football-related experiences. A related contest will award a scholarship to a campus whose items generate the greatest sales.

Talking Points: The Ball Is in Play
CURRENTS Article This Talking Points column reviews Title IX, the landmark legislation mandating equitable treatment of men and women at American educational institutions that receive federal funds. The article summarizes the original mandate and its effect on college sports, efforts from 1995 to strengthen enforcement and from 2002 to ameliorate Title IX’s effects on men’s teams, and areas of ongoing controversy and how advancement can respond. This column is of interest to managers of alumni, development, and communications programs and chief advancement officers.

Talking Points: Know the Score
CURRENTS Article Even equity pros can use some coaching on Title IX compliance in collegiate athletics

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