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Talking Points: A Sober Assessment
CURRENTS Article In August 2008, a group of college and university presidents from around the United States issued a statement: “It’s time to rethink the drinking age.” By year-end, some 135 chief executives had signed on to what has become the “Amethyst Initiative.”

Talking Points: Battle of the Binge
CURRENTS Article When the Harvard School of Public Health published its landmark College Alcohol Study in 1993, it found that 44 percent of students surveyed were binge drinkers. Subsequent surveys revealed that binge-drinking rates remained the same for 10 years, suggesting that new strategies were needed to combat alcohol abuse on campus, and in 1996, the "A Matter of Degree" program was developed. This article gives a brief overview of the AMOD program and an evaluation of its findings.

Kicking the Habit
CURRENTS Article Many institutions are involving alumni in changing a campus's alcohol culture. In light of high rates of alcohol abuse among students, alumni magazines are covering the problem; campuses are devising diplomatic strategies to encourage change; and alumni associations are setting sober examples, including devising policies on alcohol sponsorships.

Talking Points: A Closer Watch
CURRENTS Article In response to cases of binge drinking that led to student injury or death, parents, policy-makers, and the public have started demanding that campus administrators assert stronger control over students. New policies, reminiscent of rules common through the mid-1960s, have caused a stir on many campuses. As an alternative to or in conjunction with reinforcing policies governing student behavior, several institutions are developing "learning communities" that emphasize faculty involvement with students outside the classroom.

Talking Points: A New Attitude
CURRENTS Article Alcohol-awareness workshops and pamphlets don't do enough to curb high-risk consumption.

In Advance: Pour Choices
CURRENTS Article After a series of highly-publicized incidents of accidents related to student alcohol use, campus administrators (including alumni directors) are looking for ways to battle binge drinking on campuses. Ann Groves Lloyd, senior director of campus outreach at the University of Wisconsin, Madison is writing her doctoral dissertation on how alumni influence the campus drinking culture.

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