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Time for a Buzzword Diet
CURRENTS Article Every industry has its jargon. Advancement professionals are known offenders, using not only the words listed above but also many more. Leverage and impact, anyone? To help decrease the jargon in your office, the Kentucky-based creative agency Cornett has gone super-meta with the Marketing Buzzword Jar—a playful creation designed to make professionals think about the language they use.

Three Minutes or Less
CURRENTS Article In 2016, for the second year in a row, the University of California challenged master's and doctoral students to sum up their years of research within three minutes. The Grad Slam is a systemwide competition drawing nearly 500 graduate students from the humanities to the hard sciences. Participants race a stopwatch to deliver the most interesting, easy-to-understand, and engaging talk.

Odds and Ends: Stage Sage
CURRENTS Article In his new book, TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking, Chris Anderson, head of TED Talks, offers advice on crafting a story and presenting yourself onstage.

Odds and Ends: Lighting a Communications Fire
CURRENTS Article Actor Alan Alda is using improvisational theater techniques to teach science and medical professionals how to discuss their work in a clear and relatable manner.

Plugging In
CURRENTS Article Good public relations starts with the face of your institution, but what if your institution's leader needs a face-lift?

Odds and Ends: Commence Operations
CURRENTS Article Judy Woodruff, veteran journalist and commencement speaker, shares her thoughts on how to deliver a memorable speech at graduation.

Manager's Portfolio: Secrets to Powerful Presentations
CURRENTS Article In this article, an experienced presenter gives tips for making your presentations memorable and even moving. Such talks start with practice, are delivered with passion, and end with the audience taking away a call to action.

Write-Minded: Other Voices, Other Rules
CURRENTS Article To write speeches, letters, and other material for your campus president, you have to capture the right tone. Walker offers eight tips on infusing your writing with the confident voice and broad perspective of a CEO.

Write-Minded: Speech Writing that Sings
CURRENTS Article These tips may help speechwriters produce speeches that match the voice and character of the people delivering them: 1) Listen carefully to the speaker's rhythmic flow to pick up on the person's individual quality. 2) Phrase the message to give it the shape and style typical of the speaker. 3) Find out who will be present and what they expect to hear. 4) Expect to be responsible for speaker satisfaction. 5) Rehearse the speech before turning it over to the speaker.

What Do They Expect?
CURRENTS Article Retired University of Richmond professor of communications Tarver outlines a six-step plan for making successful presentations to small groups.

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