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Listen Up
CURRENTS Article Longwood University's Day After Graduation podcast, launched in February 2017, gets real with advice for navigating life after commencement. Alumni recall their own experiences during those first few years after leaving the Virginia institution.

GIFs that Keep on Giving
CURRENTS Article If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what's the value of a shareworthy GIF? On social platforms, visual assets can attract, inform, and connect with audiences while also driving engagement. People recall more information when a picture accompanies text, neuroscience research shows, and tweets with images receive more clicks, favorites, and retweets than posts without images, according to Buffer, a social media management company. Tweets that incorporate GIFs earn 25 times the number of views and three to five times the number of likes than those without them, says the video-hosting and analytics firm Wistia. Take a look at some ways institutions are using GIFS to connect with their audiences.

Copy and Share Everything
CURRENTS Article Lawrence University aims to entice potential applicants is with a 10-page square mailer, which gives students a taste of life at the Wisconsin institution as well as an idea of what life might look like after graduation; a charming and authoritative third-grader leads "Today's Lesson: The Pennfield Fund," a five-minute video set up as a class about the importance of the Rhode Island independent school's annual fund; and during Alumni Weekend 2015, Imperial College London reveled in its graduates' proclivity for pranks.

Grand Gold Rush
CURRENTS Article Inspired design, storytelling, ingenuity, humor, and brevity were hallmarks of this year's CASE Circle of Excellence Awards Grand Gold winners, the highest prize bestowed by the program. Whether attracting international applicants with an ambitious contest, sharing advice through campus fun facts and pride points, demonstrating that campus quirks will garner attention and gifts, or redesigning a magazine in a way that makes class notes inviting and (gasp!) readable, institutions relied on research, knowledge, and creative skill to push boundaries and deliver inspired work—much of it produced in-house.

Multimedia Workshop
Conference Regardless of the size of your shop or the extent of your experience, audio and video content should be an integral part of your communications plan. This workshop will get you started or move you to the next level.

A Star Graduates
CURRENTS Article Alyssa Levenberg isn't just a student at the State University of New York at Oswego: She's a video star. As the producer, editor, and host of the popular campus series Alyssa Explains It All, this video blogger—or vlogger—chats about navigating college life, covering topics such as interacting with roommates and professors to coping with dining hall food and stress. Her 50-plus episodes, primarily geared toward prospective and incoming students, have racked up more than 40,000 views on YouTube alone. CURRENTS spoke with Levenberg, who will graduate in May 2016, and Tim Nekritz, associate director of communications and marketing and director of digital communications at SUNY Oswego. They talked about what they've learned from producing the series—and how it all started in 2012 with a tweet from the then-freshman offering to make videos.

2015 Circle of Excellence Grand Gold Winners
CURRENTS Article Emotion and connection were major themes among 2015's CASE Circle of Excellence Awards Grand Gold winners. Whether communicating about a deadly virus, cultivating entrepreneurs, engaging alumni with advanced degrees, or sharing the inspiring story of a college student whose life was cut short by illness, institutions dug deeply into their creative toolboxes-though not necessarily into their budgets. They also had fun courting prospective students and welcoming new admits to the family.

Live from Campus
CURRENTS Article Video drives engagement and can help institutions reach key populations. Colleges and universities are using Google Hang­outs, which can be archived on their YouTube channels, to broadcast everything from Q&A sessions for prospective students to discussions of newsworthy issues that highlight faculty members' expertise.

Examples, Lessons from Multimedia Workshop
Article,  BriefCASE Article Audio and video content should be an integral part of an institution’s communications plan, say faculty members from last month’s CASE Multimedia Workshop.

Been There, Done That, Made the Video
CURRENTS Article A marketing and communications professional at an independent school details his learning curve and growing pains as he implemented a multimedia plan.

Glass on Campus
CURRENTS Article Yeshiva University's president is wearing Google Glass as part of an experiment to share the campus CEO's perspective in a new way.

2014 Circle of Excellence Award Winners: Video
Sample Collection Award winning 2014 Circle of Excellence videos from all five video categories.

Engaging Race
CURRENTS Article Iowa's Drake University explains its strategy behind live-streaming the Beautiful Bulldog Contest, the much-anticipated kickoff for the Drake Relays, the institution's track and field competition.

Content Marketing in Focus
CURRENTS Article This article clears up the confusion about content marketing and explains how it works versus traditional advertising. Oregon State University integrated video content marketing into its recent “Powered by Orange” campaign, and the university’s web communications director explains that it’s possible to create effective content marketing in house, but it’s not simple or cheap—two common misconceptions.

Go Viral
CURRENTS Article Zookeepers post a YouTube video of a baby panda sneezing, and it goes viral. But what does “going viral” mean, and how can educational institutions produce viral content? Griffith University recently conducted a survey on viral marketing and communications practices in higher education that addresses those questions. One of the study’s administrators highlights results from the survey, clears up misconceptions about viral content, and offers tips on how institutions can create compelling content.

Office Space: Connecting Past, Present, and Future
CURRENTS Article As library archives have gone digital in recent years, many institutional treasures are now publicly accessible online, making them a place alumni can visit anytime, anywhere to recollect and reconnect. The material inside also offers new opportunities for engaging your institution's audiences—and it can even make your job as an advancement professional a little bit easier.

Rescuing the Annual Fund from the Ho-Hum
CURRENTS Article The typical annual fund message about closing the budget gap is boring and confusing. So the Powhatan School injected some creativity, in the form of playfully kitschy videos, into explaining why the fund is important.

Odds and Ends: View Master
CURRENTS Article In this Q-and-A interview, Kevin Allocca, trends manager at YouTube, discusses the emerging art and science behind growing audiences for YouTube channels, the popularity of educational video content, the ability to track the impact of cultural trends, and misconceptions about what different generations are really watching on YouTube.

Building Community Five Minutes at a Time
CURRENTS Article Students, alumni, faculty, even parents, at Viewpoint School in California come together at lunch a few times each year to present TED-style talks—known as 5Ups—with the goal of inspiring, igniting, and informing the community. The talks, which are recorded and made available on the school's YouTube channel, are intended to demonstrate Viewpoint's values, vision, and commitment to lifelong learning.

Trading Places
CURRENTS Article This article highlights a contest that Canada's York University began in 2012. A York undergraduate student won the right to switch places with the institution's president for a day while the president took on the student's classes and schedule for the day.

Stewardship Videos
Sample Collection The Library compiled this collection of stewardship videos that were created to thank donors. The collection includes videos from independent schools, colleges and universities, including community colleges.

Say What?
CURRENTS Article Middlebury alumni and students have recorded memories, or Murmurs, to engage alumni and prospective students.

Copyright & Licensing for Images and Multimedia
Good Question Does CASE have information about copyright and licensing for multimedia? Where can we obtain inexpensive or free music and images to use on our website and in social media?

Did You See That?
CURRENTS Article Part art and part science, a good video can be an incredibly powerful tool to connect with your audiences.

Multimedia Tools Within Reach of Small Shops
Article,  BriefCASE Article With a little ingenuity and careful planning, communications and marketing professionals at small shops can make the most of today’s multimedia storytelling tools and still stay within their tight budgets, say two CASE faculty members.

Crème de la Crème
CURRENTS Article In 2011, 268 bronze, silver, gold, and grand gold Circle of Excellence awards went to 171 colleges, universities, independent schools, and nonprofit organizations worldwide. Eight of those grand gold and gold award winners are profiled here.

Virtual History
CURRENTS Article This brief article discusses the University of Massachusetts at Amherst's Digital UMass project, which has digitized documents, papers, other materials, and more than 13,000 photos that trace the history of the college and placed them online for the public and researchers to access and explore.

Holiday Hijinks
CURRENTS Article During the holiday season of 2009, marketing staff at the University of North Carolina used UNC School of Medicine faculty to create a humorous video in which psychology experts discussed the cantankerous nature of Dr. Suess' the Grinch. The video led to many hits on YouTube and was picked up by several news outlets.

The Sea of Social Media
CURRENTS Article As social media grows in use, institutions need to look closely at how they are using these new tools in communications and marketing. Some institutions are charting a course by using different mediums to meet its strategic goals.

Advance Work: Podcast Pushers
CURRENTS Article The use of podcasts is steadily growing, according to a May 2008 survey, and higher education is helping this growth.

General Information Features: Millbrook School - Gold Award
Best Practice The documentary film "Down School Road: Millbrook at 75" was produced in honor of Millbrook School's 75th Anniversary, celebrated during Alumni Weekend in June 2007. After its initial screening during that weekend, it was sent to all constituents as a memento of the occasion.

Creative Use of Technology and New Media: Princeton University - Silver Award
Best Practice UChannel is an online collection of public affairs lectures, panels and events from academic institutions all over the world – to view, listen to, stream or download. Content is recorded and contributed by universities; distributed via UChannel to multiple audiences; and made available to the public for free. The goal is to enrich the public dialog with direct input from academics, researchers and practitioners who are focused on solving the problems of the world.

Creative Use of Technology and New Media: University of Alabama at Birmingham - Silver Award
Best Practice As the International Polar Year began in March 2007, leading marine researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham headed to Antarctica and invited the world to join them through an innovative Web site. The researchers contributed to blogs, posted pictures and responded to questions from the public and others. The resulting resource goes beyond the traditional media release and reaches out to everyone interested in Antarctica, the environment, education, diving, etc.

Creative Use of Technology and New Media: University of Calgary - Silver Award
Best Practice Connecting with students on their turf has been the primary goal of a two-pronged University of Calgary e-communications project that combines desktop widgets with large-screen LCD monitors. The U-Now widget and U-Now electronic billboards were designed to complement and "feed" each other, providing a new vehicle to reach out to students in the places they congregate and on their laptops.

Creative Use of Technology and New Media: Virginia Tech - Silver Award
Best Practice After a day like no other, Virginia Tech needed a way to communicate with millions of people who joined the community to mourn the victims of the tragic shooting on April 16, 2007. One of the institution's objectives in developing web content related to that day was to think in terms of multimedia and Web 2.0; content came to include photo galleries, podcasts, live streaming of Convocation, a live webcam at the Candlelight Vigil on April 17, and a condolences/prayers site created on the fly.

Creative Use of Technology and New Media: SAIT Polytechnic - Bronze Award
Best Practice When SAITVIEW arrived on campus in spring 2007, heads began to turn upwards. Digital information screens mounted from the ceiling in 17 locations captured the attention of three key audiences: students, staff and supporters/visitors. A new tool in the college's communications program, SAITVIEW offered the latest campus news in 15-second billboard bites, conveying breaking news and internal marketing information via an easy-to-access and engaging medium in strategically located gathering spots.

Advance Work: Work with What You’ve Got
CURRENTS Article Live video of a robin's nest with eggs drew an unexpected following for Duke University's Web site and underscored the power of social networking.

Technology Innovations: Virginia Tech - Silver Medal
Best Practice In February 2006, Virginia Tech launched a new branding initiative called "Invent the Future." Among other things, the launch consisted of a new logo, viewbook, television and newspaper ads, and a revised Web page. One of the brand drivers, technological leadership, led to the creation of regular podcasts for the new home page. Podcasts from several ongoing series, special programming and a pod tour were made available.

Technology Innovations: University of Wisconsin, Green Bay - Gold Medal
Best Practice Stuff2Do is a video blog for student life events at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. It includes a wiki for viewers to submit events and ideas for the show, a Google map mashup so viewers can see who else is watching, and a photo contest where viewers submit photos of events they attended. It's an ever-evolving project that seeks to engage students.

Advance Work: The Future's in the Palm of Their Hands
CURRENTS Article To show that it understands how today's students like to get their news and information, Fitchburg State College is using podcast technology to send its acceptance letters. But mom and dad can still expect to receive the old-fashioned paper version in the mail.

Talking Points: Pod on the Quad
CURRENTS Article As campuses continue to explore ways to communicate with constituents, many are embracing new technologies such as podcasting. Podcasting allows users to download various types of audio content, including newscasts, speeches, and more to their computers and MP3 players so they can listen to it whenever they want. Many mainstream media outlets offer podcasts, and their uses for campuses are plentiful. This article explains what podcasting is, why it's useful, and how to use it. It also offers an inside look at how the University of Florida News Bureau is already putting this technology to good use and how it plans to use it in the future.

Advance Work: Up Close and Personal
CURRENTS Article A new video magazine is bringing the University of Texas football program into the homes of alumni and fans. The Texas V-Mag delivers full-screen, broadcast-quality video stories to paid subscribers.

Tech Support: You Ought to Be in Pictures
CURRENTS Article Video news releases can have benefits well beyond media coverage. Massachusetts Institute of Technology prepares video news releases that each consist of a brief story plus extra footage that journalists can use as they like. In addition to generating extensive broadcast coverage, the tapes have proved valuable both on and off campus for uses such as Web sites, faculty grant applications, conference presentations, museum exhibits, high school classes, and more.

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