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CASE members and staff share interviews, case studies and commentary on topics of interest to advancement professionals.

4 Image Tools to Boost Your Content
Advancement Weekly Article Even content created by the best writers can fall flat without interesting visuals, writes one content specialist.

How Snapchat is Transcending Generations
Advancement Weekly Article Once mainly popular among millennials and teens, Snapchat has started gaining traction with older generations.

Preconference Workshop: Developing Management Skills for Gift Officers
Conference Preconference Workshop: Developing Management Skills for Gift Officers

Social Media and Community
Conference Developed by leading practitioners, this immersion into the latest developments in social media offers real-world, ready to implement tactics for communications and engagement. The two-track structure provides introductory education for those who desire it and advanced content for those with more experience.

Preconference Workshop: Crafting a Social Media Strategy
Conference Is Twitter the right way to send your message? What about Facebook?This workshop will help you develop a strategy for choosing the right social media option for very specific communication purposes.

Preconference Workshop: Digital Campaign Planning
Conference Preconference Workshop: Digital Campaign Planning

An Emojional Connection
CURRENTS Article In 2017, school spirit is spelled out in emojis. As alumni's relationships with their alma maters go digital, institutions have started branding their own emoji keyboards. Emojis, GIFs, and stickers that come in keyboard packs are great for repping an institution on Facebook, Twitter, and via text messages. But having branded emojis doesn't mean spamming the internet with icons of your mascot making goofy faces. Institutions have to be strategic about their icon designs and rollout to get the most out of their media.

Preconference Workshop: Social on the Go!
Conference Preconference Workshop: Social on the Go!

GIFs that Keep on Giving
CURRENTS Article If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what's the value of a shareworthy GIF? On social platforms, visual assets can attract, inform, and connect with audiences while also driving engagement. People recall more information when a picture accompanies text, neuroscience research shows, and tweets with images receive more clicks, favorites, and retweets than posts without images, according to Buffer, a social media management company. Tweets that incorporate GIFs earn 25 times the number of views and three to five times the number of likes than those without them, says the video-hosting and analytics firm Wistia. Take a look at some ways institutions are using GIFS to connect with their audiences.

Catch the Conversation
CURRENTS Article Social listening involves searching the never-ending stream of online conversations for comments that relate to your brand. A social listening operation encompasses much more than Twitter, Facebook, and your institution's other social accounts. According to Sprout Social, 30 percent of tweets that mention a brand don't include its Twitter handle, and only 9 percent of tweets are directed at brands. Yet many institutions are not equipped to catch the conversation beyond what's happening on their own social channels. There's a much wider world of social conversation on blogs, discussion forums, and websites such as Reddit. Many campuses have invested in social media management tools such as Sprout Social because they recognize the importance of monitoring social conversations. But many institutions are typically grabbing just the low-hanging fruit.

Copy and Share Everything
CURRENTS Article Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary helps prospective students envision their place at the Kentucky institution; the University of Melbourne's advancement staff members create short, informal messages to prompt alumni recipients to update their contact information; and Miami University's Snapchat newsletter releases a Snapchat story filled with images of event fliers and details for activities happening on the Ohio campus each day.

Talking Shop: Social Strategist
CURRENTS Article To Nikki Sunstrum, director of social media at the University of Michigan, social media channels shouldn't be viewed as "shiny" but rather as strategic communications platforms. Since Sunstrum joined U-M in January 2014, the university has become a leader in using Snapchat to engage with prospective and current students as well as young alumni. "If you're not going to put the most valuable content in that space, it's a missed opportunity," she says. Sunstrum will chair the 2017 CASE Social Media and Community Conference, which will be held March 13–15 in Los Angeles.

How Listening on Social Can Increase Your Institutional Value
Article,  BriefCASE Article CASE has named four communications and marketing practitioners new to the field of educational advancement as this year's SimpsonScarborough Scholars.

Social Media Event Coverage: Survival Guide for Small Teams
Article,  BriefCASE Article Quality posts matter more than quantity, agreed participants in CASE’s most recent #casesmc Twitter chat.

VSE Report: CASE President Encouraged by Charitable Growth
Article,  BriefCASE Article Another record year of charitable giving, at $41 billion, will have “enormous impact” on U.S. colleges and universities, says CASE President and CEO Sue Cunningham.

Report: NGOs Rely on Online Tools to Engage Donors
Article,  BriefCASE Article An overwhelming majority of non-governmental organizations agree that social media is an effective tool for creating social change and growing organizations, according to the 2017 Global NGO Technology Report.

Alumni Appreciation on Social: 3 Tactics
Article,  BriefCASE Article When it comes to alumni engagement and ultimately donor stewardship, never underestimate the power of surprise swag.

5 Top Social Media Projects to Pull Off in 2017
Article,  BriefCASE Article 2016 may have been characterized by political upheavals, controversies and fake news. But amid the unrest, there's one truth on which we can all agree: people love Pokémon.

How Well Do You Know Your Alumni?
CURRENTS Article Schools and universities are harvesting information alumni self-report or using behavioral analytics—how people react to content—to drive communications, engagement, and fundraising strategies. Social media insights allow institutions to identify prospects and volunteers and better understand existing ones. Much of the innovation is coming from companies with proprietary software, such as EverTrue, Cerkl, IBM, and QuadWrangle, as many colleges and universities lack the bandwidth to constantly monitor social media. But monitor they must. One recent survey found that 72 percent of people who complain to a company via Twitter expect a reply—within the hour.

Paying to Play: Social Media in Advancement 2016
White Paper This paper reports on findings from the seventh survey of social media in advancement, which was conducted earlier this year by Huron and mStoner in partnership with CASE. Nearly 1,200 respondents at educational institutions worldwide provided feedback on their use of social media.

Copy And Share Everything
CURRENTS Article Ideas we love from institutions everywhere: University College Dublin's September 2015 Woodland Walkies event brought alumni and community members to campus for a day of guided walks, animal behavior talks, pet care tips from practitioners and students at UCD's School of Veterinary Medicine; Wake Forest University's June 2015 "52 Hours of Giving" annual fund campaign challenge spurred excitement with a limited edition deck of playing cards; and Imperial College London's October 2015 Imperial Apocalypse social media campaign encouraged students to submit scientific tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse.

CASE Advancement Internship Program Seeks Host Institutions
Article,  BriefCASE Article,  Report CASE is looking for institutions in North America to serve as host institutions as part of its recently launched advancement internship program.

Connect with Government Relations Professionals at the 2016 Higher Education Government Relations Conference
Article,  BriefCASE Article,  Report "What’s Next? Public Higher Education at a Crossroads" is the theme of the 2016 Higher Education Government Relations Conference, which takes place Nov. 30-Dec. 1 in St. Petersburg, Florida.

White Paper Reveals Institutions Pay to Boost Social Media Content
Article,  BriefCASE Article More schools, colleges and universities worldwide are turning to sponsored content on social media as a way to increase their visibility, according to a new white paper by CASE, Huron and mStoner Inc.

A Great Debate Takeaway: Empower Your Alumni
Article,  BriefCASE Article To capitalize on a big campus event, give your stakeholders the tools to showcase it.

When ‘Like’ Meets Loss
CURRENTS Article An institution's crisis communication plan should include social media. It's important to discuss how these platforms may be used before a situation occurs. Twitter, Facebook, and other channels should not, for instance, be the primary source of information, but they are useful for providing updates and spreading news, such as communicating whether the campus is safe and directing people to a university website to learn more about unfolding events. Brief messages like these assure people that more information is coming. They can also reassure friends and family members who do not receive the campus's emergency notifications.

Setting a Social Tone
CURRENTS Article To help members of Boston University's social media communicators' group envision the institution's tone on different social channels, BU's digital engagement associate started using emojis as a kind of visual shorthand. The icons helped jump-start conversations about content challenges and encouraged people to think creatively.

Boost Your Annual Giving Strategies This Fall
Article,  BriefCASE Article,  Report The key to annual giving isn't asking for money in a particular way. It's understanding why volunteers and donors do what they do, according to a CASE author and conference chair.

CASE Appoints Ron Mattocks to Newly Created COO Position
Article,  BriefCASE Article,  Report CASE has appointed Ron Mattocks, CASE's vice president of marketing, membership and external relations, to the newly created position of chief operating officer.

Leveraging Social Media to Build Relationships
Article,  Community College News Article Long gone are the days when institutions experimented with their presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

New Study Shows Digital and Social Media Use in Asia, Australia and Oceana
Article,  BriefCASE Article Non-governmental organizations worldwide are using digital tools and social media to reach donors, according to the 2016 Global NGO Online Technology Report. The report includes input from 2,780 NGO representatives from 133 countries and 355 donors in 27 countries.

Advance Work
CURRENTS Article CURRENTS April 2016 Advance Work stories: MIT students continue the tradition of a piano plunge during class drop day; a recent poll gives insight into why alumni don't give; Princeton University social media staff use a game to streghthen skills and teamwork; Lakefield College School boosts giving through an alumni challenge campaign; and at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, students place apples at the feet of a statute of Minerva for luck during finals.

Value of Social Media for Institutions Grows
Article,  BriefCASE Article A new survey indicates that social media continues to gain respect as an integral part of communications and marketing at educational institutions worldwide.

Flipping the Conversation on Yik Yak
CURRENTS Article Keele University used Yik Yak, a geo-social app popular among college students, to generate positive engagement between students and the university and raise awareness of the institution's social channels.

Does Your Institution Have a Social Media Transition Plan?
CURRENTS Article An institution's communications strategy should include social media management, but too often the protocols, processes, and permissions essential for overseeing social channels aren't well documented or communicated, particularly in smaller shops. During a staff turnover, such a lack of forethought can harm an institution's brand and reputation, compromise data security, and, in extreme cases, attract unwanted attention and headlines. With proper planning and governance, you can provide a smooth changing of the social guard, whether during planned departures, re-assignments, extended leaves, or, yes, even dismissals.

Snap Into Snapchat
CURRENTS Article Princeton University started a Snapchat account in April 2014 to share photos, text, and video in story form and to reach current and prospective students. Is the app right for your institution?

Social Media Prowess with a Small Team
Article,  Community College News Article Across the country, community colleges are experiencing the same priority struggle: how can a small staff with limited time include the ever-evolving world of social media as a part of a communications strategy?

Refining, Prioritizing, Expanding: Social Media and Advancement in 2015
White Paper This white paper reports on findings from the sixth survey of social media in advancement, conducted by CASE, Huron Education and mStoner. Nearly 1,000 CASE members provided feedback on their use of social media. Featured is advice on how to hold an effective giving day or crowdfunding campaign, including examples from CASE member institutions.

Snap Into It
CURRENTS Article Snapchat use among teens and traditional college-age students is exploding, and colleges and universities report that students have embraced their institution's use of the app. Should your institution be on Snapchat too? Here are some insights social media pros shared during a July 2015 #casesmc Twitter chat on Snapchat basics.

White Paper: Tips on Using Social Media for Fundraising Success
Article,  BriefCASE Article A recently released white paper on social media in advancement reports that institutions are increasingly using social media for fundraising.

Odds and Ends: When Tweets Attack
CURRENTS Article Journalist Jon Ronson's latest book explores why people shame others on social media and what happens to those whose lives get crushed online because of a clumsily worded joke or poorly expressed comment.

What’s the Idea?
CURRENTS Article A student advisory committee helps the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign assess ideas for planning and promoting online and in-person campus events.

Tweet Threads
CURRENTS Article One of Augustana College's oldest living alumni uses Twitter to receive a free "ugly holiday sweater" from the institution.

Social Media Policies
Sample Collection The Library maintains this collection of social media policy samples for all CASE members.

Four Strategies to Reframe Social Media ROI
Article,  BriefCASE Article For education institutions, today’s biggest question about social media is not whether they should measure return on investment, but how they can effectively and efficiently gather this information.

Office Space: Planning for Diversity
CURRENTS Article By thinking broadly about key dates, events, traditions, and themes, you can go beyond the diversity people see and incorporate what they don't see: diversity of geography, backgrounds, beliefs, experiences, abilities, accomplishments, opinions, ideas, interests, and thought. The content we produce should reflect the people who make our institutional communities what they are.

Resolve to Connect
CURRENTS Article How campus leaders can make time for Twitter

Social Media Vital to Advancement in Europe
Article,  BriefCASE Article Just as social media networks have become integral to educational advancement in North America, they are quickly engraining themselves in the profession across the Atlantic, says a co-chair of the upcoming CASE Europe Social Media and Community Conference.

Next-Generation Networking
CURRENTS Article A growing number of institutions are adopting Switchboard, an online bulleting board, as an alumni and student benefit. The site was created in 2012 by two Reed College alumni as a volunteer project: a way to connect the Oregon institution's alumni, students, faculty, and parents. Now it's a business. The model is also expanding to communities beyond universities, from women bicyclists to meat sellers.

Campus Presidents Put the "Social" in Social Media
Article,  BriefCASE Article Campus presidents who write their own Tweets and other social media messages encourage a more authentic connection with students, faculty and the campus community. That’s according to a number of participants in the recent CASE Twitter chat.

How Advancement Leaders Can Best Manage Their Time on Social Media
Podcast Mike Petroff, of Harvard University, discusses how much time to spend on channels like Facebook and Twitter. Also, learn some time-wasting behaviors to avoid.

Social Media Enters the Mainstream: Report on the Use of Social Media in Advancement 2014
White Paper This white paper reports on findings from the fifth survey of social media in advancement, conducted by CASE, Huron Education and mStoner. Nearly 2,000 respondents provided feedback on the tools they are using, how they use them, which are most successful, and how to measure return on investment. Special commentary provided on leaders and social media with three profiles of social CEOs.

Social Media Use Becoming Mainstream in Advancement
Article,  BriefCASE Article Social media use is becoming increasingly engrained in the work of alumni relations, communications, fundraising and marketing professionals at educational institutions, according to results cited in a new white paper.

Social Media Key in Crisis Communications
Article,  BriefCASE Article What is the role of social media in a campus emergency? Education communicators recently shared their insights in a CASE Twitter chat.

Buzzword Alert
CURRENTS Article "Instaception" is the act of taking an Instagram photo of other people taking Instagram photos, as attendees of the HighEdWeb 2012 conference did.

Office Space: Social Skills for Social Media
CURRENTS Article What and how we share online is an important life skill and an essential part of our personal and professional development—particularly as digital communication skills become a factor in how we're evaluated for jobs and other opportunities. Helping students, faculty, staff, and other constituents understand and develop their digital identities should be an institutional priority and a part of the educational experience. It should also be an important aspect of our work in advancement.

Social Standing
CURRENTS Article Highlights from the fifth annual CASE/Huron Education/mStoner social media survey of nearly 2,000 CASE members, conducted in January 2014

The Hashtag Heard ’Round the World
CURRENTS Article One of the most visible and successful examples of student activists advocating causes and issues on social media is #BBUM (Being Black at the University of Michigan), a Twitter campaign launched by U-M's Black Student Union in November 2013. In this article, CURRENTS interviews a communications vice president at U-M about the lessons that she and the institution learned.

Outlook: Develop Social Media Rules—and a Spine
CURRENTS Article Professors use social media too, and sometimes their posts can create controversy for their institutions, causing some colleges and universities to adopt policies to regulate the use of social media. But what should those policies look like?

How to Compete with Cats on Roombas: Crafting Content Your Audience Wants
Article,  BriefCASE Article There’s a lot of social content out there, but those who constantly keep their audience in mind—and find the fun angles to the important things they need to share—can successfully raise their institution’s social presence above the noise, says one conference session presenter.

Odds and Ends: Generational App-titudes
CURRENTS Article In this Q-and-A, author Katie Davis discusses her book, The App Generation: How Today's Youth Navigate Identity, Intimacy, and Imagination in a Digital World.

Engaging Race
CURRENTS Article Iowa's Drake University explains its strategy behind live-streaming the Beautiful Bulldog Contest, the much-anticipated kickoff for the Drake Relays, the institution's track and field competition.

Social Media’s Impact Continues to Grow: CASE/Huron Education/mStoner Survey
Article,  BriefCASE Article More educational institutions worldwide are using social media as a fundraising tool and to connect with alumni, students and parents, according to results from the latest CASE/Huron Education/mStoner social media survey.

Dropping Pearls
CURRENTS Article This short story provides information about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's social media campaign called "Harvey's Perls of Knowledge," which features UNL's Chancellor Harvey Perlman in 17 videos that target prospective and current students.

Connecting Communicators
CURRENTS Article How do on-campus communicators stay connected at large decentralized universities? Many are developing a communicators network. CURRENTS explores the makeup of these networks (Hint: Social media plays a role.) and how they enhance institutions’ communications and marketing efforts.

Seeing the Bigger Picture
CURRENTS Article As social media proliferate and grow in popularity, schools, colleges, and universities want to capture and capitalize on their audiences' real-time conversations across these channels. This short article explores how several institutions are using some of the newer sites.

Making Twitter Work for Small Communications Offices
Article,  Community College News Article Community colleges that effectively use Twitter build their brands, increase media coverage and establish trust with the public, says a communications expert.

Office Space: Growing Content Is Everyone’s Job
CURRENTS Article Creating engaging social media content isn't the job of just one person: Everyone has a part to play in that endeavor.

Social Media by the Numbers
CURRENTS Article Fifty-seven percent of all social media account holders followed at least one nonprofit in 2013, up from 43 percent in 2011.

Fifth Annual Social Media Survey to Launch in January
Article,  BriefCASE Article In partnership with Huron Education and mStoner, CASE will launch the fifth annual social media survey in early January 2014.

Avoid Common Mismanagement of Social Media Staff
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Senior leaders’ lack of understanding about social media can negatively impact their organization’s online presence and those who maintain it, says a communications practitioner.

#SocialMedia, Advancement, and Fundraising in Education
White Paper This white paper reports on findings from the fourth survey of social media in advancement, conducted by CASE, Huron Education and mStoner. The survey was taken by more than 1,000 CASE members. Featured are six case studies on the effective use of social media in fundraising.

LinkedIn to the Rescue
CURRENTS Article Alumni relations professionals share tips for using LinkedIn to provide graduates enhanced career services and opportunities to engage with their alma maters.

Odds and Ends: View Master
CURRENTS Article In this Q-and-A interview, Kevin Allocca, trends manager at YouTube, discusses the emerging art and science behind growing audiences for YouTube channels, the popularity of educational video content, the ability to track the impact of cultural trends, and misconceptions about what different generations are really watching on YouTube.

All in the Hamily
CURRENTS Article This feature article looks at how Hamilton College developed its own moderated social media platform, The Scroll, which relies heavily on user-generated content to engage its audiences in authentic, lively, and uncensored conversations that represent and embolden the New York institution's brand.

Create a Social Media Policy
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders need to ensure their organization has a robust social media policy to protect its reputation, says an author.

College, University Presidents Tweet, Blog More than Corporate Counterparts
Article,  BriefCASE Article College and university presidents are ahead of their corporate counterparts when it comes to social media use, according to a recent study.

One College’s Social Media Experiment
Article,  BriefCASE Article Your institution is on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn—and probably Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram. But what if those sites aren’t the right vehicle to highlight the voices and passions of your alumni, students and other stakeholders? You can do what New York’s Hamilton College did and create your own platform.

For Social Media Managers, Content is King
Article,  BriefCASE Article Communications professionals must know more than what social media platforms are best for reaching their target audiences. They also must know what to say to attract and maintain their attention, says a CASE faculty member.

Keeping Social Media Accounts Secure
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders should have a plan to keep their organization's accounts safe from hackers, says a communications expert.

The China Connection
CURRENTS Article This article explores how and why institutions are using Sina Weibo and other Chinese social media platforms to recruit prospective students and engage alumni.

Survey: Institutions Have Greater Strategic Focus on Social Media, Still Feel Staff are Stretched
Article,  BriefCASE Article Results of a new survey indicate that educational institutions are moving beyond just having a presence on social media to thinking more strategically about the value of each platform to their overarching communications strategy.

Using Digital Communications in Stewardship Activities
Podcast Hear what fundamentals UC-Davis' Angela Joens believes an institution should have in place before it uses the latest technology to steward donors and alumni. Also, hear why she believes donor relations offices should hire and mentor the next generation of advancement professionals.

Tackling Social Media
CURRENTS Article Communications consultant Chris Syme writes about the results of a recent social media training program she conducted for student athletes. She also discusses how college and university athletic departments are addressing the issue of social media training and provides examples from institutions that are guiding their student athletes in the responsible use of social media.

Trading Places
CURRENTS Article This article highlights a contest that Canada's York University began in 2012. A York undergraduate student won the right to switch places with the institution's president for a day while the president took on the student's classes and schedule for the day.

Office Space: Social Connection
CURRENTS Article In this column, a young social media coordinator discusses the mistaken notion that age should be a factor when it comes to working in social media and offers advice to people working in the field and the people who manage them.

Improve Your LinkedIn Experience
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders can get more from LinkedIn this year by making several resolutions, says a networking expert.

Odds and Ends: Talkin’ ’Bout Their Generations
CURRENTS Article Jane Buckingham, CEO of the market research and trend forecasting firm Trendera, discusses generational differences and how they relate to students belonging to Generations Y and V (her term for the latest generation because so much of their experience will happen virally). In this Q-and-A, Buckingham talks about marketing to these age groups, how institutions are doing communicating with them, and how to teach young people about using social media responsibly, among other issues.

What to Ponder Before You Pin
CURRENTS Article This article discusses the criteria that the social media staff at Marquette University developed to help them decide whether to devote time and resources to new social media platforms. It also looks at how Marquette University and advancement professionals at other institutions use social media channels such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Odds and Ends: Online Life Is a Virtual Cafe
CURRENTS Article In this Q-and-A with Jonah Peretti, CEO of BuzzFeed, he discusses virality, social readers, and how people portray themselves on social media, and likens how people use social media and the Internet to time spent in a Paris cafe.

Hail to the Tweeps
CURRENTS Article This article looks at how college and university presidents and chancellors are using social media channels, particularly Twitter, to communicate and engage with students, faculty, staff, parents, and the campus community.

Experts Share Social Media Best Practices for Independent Schools
Article,  BriefCASE Article Social media is a powerful way to strengthen and build relationships with parents, grandparents, students and even the local media, according to two presenters at a recent CASE webinar on social media at independent schools.

Social Media and Advancement: Insights from Three Years of Data
White Paper This white paper reports on findings from the third survey of social media in advancement, conducted in January and February 2012, by Slover-Linett Strategies, mStoner and CASE.

Study: Institutions Spending Less on Traditional Media, More on Social Media
Article,  BriefCASE Article Institutions are increasing funding for social media recruitment initiatives and decreasing spending on traditional media, such as print and radio ads, according to a new study.

Twitter Chat Participants Discuss Social Media and Fundraising
Article,  BriefCASE Article Creative campaign sites, donor thank-you videos and “crowdfunding” initiatives are just some of the ways in which institutional fundraisers are using online tools.

Key Takeaways from Social Media Seminar Highlighted on CASE Blog
Article,  BriefCASE Article Institutions using social media must make sure that people, not technology, are at the center of every post. That's according to speakers at a recent CASE Europe seminar on social media.

Track Everything Posted on Social Media
Article,  Community College News Article A skilled social media maven from an institutionally related foundation in Texas says college officials should measure the impact of everything they post on Facebook, Twitter and other similar networks.

How Permissive Are You?
CURRENTS Article Manage the permissions of your social media accounts through the website

Good Question Does CASE have resources that discuss best practices for designing infographics? What about examples of infographics created for advancement purposes?

Survey: Institutions Finding Success in Social Media Campaigns
Article,  BriefCASE Article Facebook is still the dominant social network used by institutions, although Twitter use is up significantly, and social networks are now being woven into broader institutional campaigns, according to a new survey.

Study: Twitter Use Highest Among African Americans, Smartphone Users
Article,  BriefCASE Article Twitter use has nearly doubled in the United States since 2010, and the proportion of online adults who use Twitter daily has quadrupled since then, according to a new study.

Getting LinkedIn with Lost Alumni
Article,  Community College News Article A Pennsylvania community college more than tripled its alumni mailing directory in less than two years using the social network LinkedIn.

Tweets to Avoid
Advancement Weekly Article Three professors studying social media say there are certain types of tweets that leaders should avoid sending—no matter how tempted they are to send them.

Outlook: Just Do It
CURRENTS Article Social media is a tool in an organization's communications arsenal, not the sole means of disseminating a message.

Report: Nonprofits Achieving Success with Social Media
Article,  BriefCASE Article Social networking continues to grow in importance for nonprofits with Facebook and Twitter extending their dominance among this group, according to a new social networking benchmark report.

Fast, Broad, and Frequent
CURRENTS Article Social media tools (now used in some form by 100 percent of all four-year universities in the United States as a way to reach students, according to a 2011 University of Massachusetts Dartmouth study) have become essential for university communication departments, and they take on even more importance during emergencies.

Odds and Ends: Device Daze
CURRENTS Article CURRENTS talks to MIT professor and author Sherry Turkle about the adverse effects of our digital dependence.

Measuring the Impact of Social Media
Podcast Listen to Patrick Powers from Webster University explain why measurements—such as the number of "likes" a Facebook page has—don't mean very much on their own without other statistics. Also, hear why he believes every institution should perform a regular analysis of the content being promoted via its social media outlets.

Crisis Communications Policies Overlook Social Media, Study Finds
Article,  BriefCASE Article While most educational institutions have crisis communications policies, many of those policies do not address the use of social media in a crisis, according to a new study.

Pinterest: Essential Engagement Tool or Just Another Social Network?
Article,  BriefCASE Article Traffic to Pinterest, an image-based social sharing site, has soared during the last several months, nearly keeping pace with the amount of buzz surrounding it. Many social media experts have already identified it as a potential game changer for online communications but is Pinterest relevant to higher education—and if so, how?

Using Social Media in a Crisis: Higher Education Results in partnership with CASE
Report This 2012 report explores the findings of an international study on the use of social media in crisis communications at institutions of higher education. It looks at the percentage of institutions with crisis communications plans, the number of reputation-threatening events institutions faced in the past year, the percentage of plans that address the use of social media, which social media tools institutions are using and more.

Using Social Media in a Crisis: Independent School Snapshot in partnership with CASE
Report This 2012 report looks at how independent primary and secondary schools are integrating social media tools into crisis communications planning. It looks at the percentage of schools with crisis communications plans, the number of reputation-threatening events schools faced in the past year, the percentage of plans that address the use of social media, which social media tools schools are using and more.

Independent Schools: Think Creatively, Strategically When Managing Social Media
Article,  BriefCASE Article Managing your institution’s social media channels can be a daunting task, especially if you’re at a smaller institution. But with the right mindset and tools, communicators can not only manage social networks but also increase interaction, according to one presenter at a recent seminar on effective website and social media management.

Plus One More?
CURRENTS Article This article looks at Google's latest foray into social networking, Google+, a tool that debuted in summer 2011. Higher education social media and communications professionals discuss the potential of the new tool and its uses and implications for higher education institutions, particularly in terms of its brand pages, which were released in early November 2011.

Social Media and Marketing: What's in Store for 2012?
Article,  BriefCASE Article It's the end of 2011, which means it's time for predictions for the upcoming year. Marketing and social media experts foresee interesting developments for 2012, both for professionals and users.

Prepare to Engage
CURRENTS Article This article discusses the importance of focusing on building community and creating a two-way social media conversation with your institution's constituents. Experts advise that institutions using social media should be less concerned with the tools they're using and more concerned with whether and how they're engaging their alumni, students, and other constituencies. In addition, rather than jumping into using several tools, it's more important to first use a tool well before moving on to add another tool. The article also discusses some of the findings from the 2011 CASE/mStoner/Slover Linett social media survey.

K-12 Parents Prefer Email, Website Communication to Social Networks
Article,  BriefCASE Article Parents of elementary- and secondary-school-age children prefer to be contacted by schools via email—but they give low priority to social media, according to a new survey.

Study: Mobile Social Networking, Tumblr on the Rise in 2011
Article,  BriefCASE Article Do you use your phone to get your Facebook fix? If so, you’re part of a growing number of social networkers, according to a new global study on the social media landscape.

Odds and Ends: Eyes on the Hill
CURRENTS Article In this interview, Brian Lamb, the founder and CEO of the cable public affairs television network C-SPAN, discusses the renaming of Purdue University's college of communication after him, why he doesn't use social media, and why he prefers nonfiction over fiction.

Study: Social Media Use—and Strategy—on the Rise in Higher Education
Article,  BriefCASE Article A new study reveals that during the past academic year, 100 percent of surveyed colleges and universities reported using social media—and thinking about the strategy behind it.

Social Media Use in Public Relations Growing, but Gaps Remain
Article,  BriefCASE Article Twitter usage among communications professionals has jumped from 39 percent in 2009 to 76 percent in 2011-but their audience is still only using Twitter 39 percent of the time. That's one of the findings from "Social Media Reality Check 2.0," a study of social media and public relations released June 7.

Study Finds Racial, Generational Differences in Online Cause Engagement
Article,  BriefCASE Article African-Americans and Hispanics are significantly more likely than Caucasians to believe that they can help support a cause or social issue through online social networks. And while younger Americans are also more likely to use social media to support causes, more than 40 percent still get information about causes through family, friends and television.

Five Tips for Using Twitter in Higher Education
Article,  BriefCASE Article Twitter is neither a popularity contest nor “Facebook Lite”—and when it’s used well, it can be a powerful communications tool. That’s according to the author of a new white paper published by Fathom Online Marketing on using Twitter in higher education.

These Gowns Are Made for Walking
CURRENTS Article This article discusses Brigham Young University's "Walk" campaign, the centerpiece of which was a lighthearted yet sentimental YouTube video designed to encourage students to participate in commencement.

Survey: More Institutions Developing Social Media Policies
Article,  BriefCASE Article More schools, colleges and universities are developing policies to guide their use of social media, but few are measuring how social media impacts institutional goals, according to the results of a study on the use of social media in advancement.

Is LinkedIn Useful for Institutions? Advancement Colleagues Weigh In
Article,  BriefCASE Article When LinkedIn member Jay Frost asked the CASE group, "Do you think LinkedIn is good for colleges and universities? And [if so], can it be used for fundraising?" he got 20 responses from fellow group members. Their input and experience provide a brief sketch of how institutions are using social networks like LinkedIn for students and alumni.

Worldwide Connections
CURRENTS Article A chart shows social networking usage data by country.

Outlook: New Directions
CURRENTS Article As education and advancement leaders are exhorted to be more open, they fret about letting go of control. What leaders need to accept to succeed in today's social media landscape is that they are no longer in control (and probably never really were to the degree they thought).

Independent Schools: Balance Risks, Rewards in Social Media
Article,  BriefCASE Article Independent schools are finding that social media presents both unprecedented opportunities and unforeseen side effects, according to a new white paper.

What Not to App: Ineffective Facebook Marketing Tactics
Article,  BriefCASE Article While it’s important to have a Facebook page that is welcoming, promotes good content and is free of spam, marketers should generally steer clear of using the social networking tool for promotions and other marketing. That’s according to one Internet infrastructure expert who says many marketing tactics just don’t work on Facebook.

Follow CASE on Twitter at @CASEAdvance
Article,  BriefCASE Article CASE recently launched a Twitter account so that members using the microblogging site can keep up with CASE and the latest in advancement news. You can follow CASE @CASEAdvance.

Internet Use Encourages Offline Participation
Article,  BriefCASE Article Internet users may once have been stereotyped as antisocial basement-dwellers, but a recent study has shown that the opposite is now true: Pew's Internet and American Life project found that three-quarters of all U.S. adults are active in some kind of voluntary group or organization, and Internet users are more likely than others to be active.

Homing in on Hits
CURRENTS Article A flash mob at The Ohio State University's student union that went viral got a campus communicator thinking about what makes some videos popular, which has led to some experimenting and strategizing to develop ideas that elicit what may be the key: authentic, happy reactions.

Experts Predict Top Social Media Trends for 2011
Article,  BriefCASE Article Those of you who just got the hang of tweeting can breathe a sigh of relief: This year’s social media trends aren’t expected to include a new social network to learn. Instead, experts predict more organization and efficiency in online communications as well as a heightened awareness of privacy violation and other unintended side effects of social media use.

Top 10 Global Markets for Twitter
CURRENTS Article A bar chart showing the top 10 global markets for Twitter.

Location, Location, Location
CURRENTS Article This article discusses several location-based social networking services (also known as geosocial networking), including Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt, Whrrl, and Facebook Places, and provides information about how some institutions are experimenting with them to connect and engage with campus constituencies.

Map Shows Global Social Network Presence, Growth of Facebook
Article,  BriefCASE Article Are you convinced that Facebook has taken over the world? You're not far off, according to new findings about the social media site.

Succeeding with Social Media: Lessons from the First Survey of Social Media in Advancement
White Paper All institutions are struggling to engage with their constituents using social media tools. But how are they doing? This white paper reports on the results of a survey on the use of social media across the advancement disciplines, looking at platforms, staffing structures, barriers and perceptions of success. The 2010 survey was conducted by mStoner, Slover-Linett Strategies and CASE.

Social Experiments
CURRENTS Article This article presents results from CASE's first social media survey. Nearly 1,000 advancement professionals responded to the survey, which asked them, for example, who managed social media activities in their office, how successful were their social media efforts, which platforms did they use the most, which barriers to social media success were most common, and much more.

Rising Above
CURRENTS Article This article highlights eight of the 2010 Circle of Excellence Award winners. Each year the awards recognize the best programs and products in advancement services, alumni relations, communications, marketing, and fundraising.

Social Media Policy Resource Guide for Higher Ed
Mike Petroff on .eduGuru
Article This succinct post links to a number of college and university social media policies and summarizes their most common messages. Additional resources include guidance for responding to negative comments or posts, a PolicyTool for Social Media that helps users create a policy, and a presentation called "10 Signs You Shouldn’t Be Doing Social Media."

Strategic Social Networks Can Enhance Community, Provide Unique Value
Article,  BriefCASE Article Social networks expand the concept of what it means to be human. They can create interactive, personal and meaningful relationships with prospective students, their parents and alumni. That's according to Greg Carroll, vice president for marketing communications at Stetson University and a speaker at a recent CASE conference.

Office Space: A New Breed
CURRENTS Article The role of the social media community manager is not just about technology or updating content. It is about engaging various constituencies in thoughtful, strategic ways.

Sizing Up Social Media
CURRENTS Article As institutions increasingly engage in social media, it’s important to understand what effect these efforts are having on your different constituencies. Jerold Pearson, of the firm eAdvancement and director of market research for the Stanford Alumni Association, looks at the findings of a survey about the social media usage of Stanford alumni as well as surveys of how alumni of other institutions use social networks, particularly Facebook and LinkedIn.

Following the Threads
CURRENTS Article In early 2009, Oregon State University halted all of its print publications and focused its communication and marketing resources online by diving into social media. While Oregon State’s "Powered by Orange" is among the most respected social media campaigns in higher education, it is also an anomaly. Most institutions enter into social media by dipping one toe in the water. This article discusses how different institutions have approached various social media platforms; such as Facebook and Twitter, the role that campus leadership plays in their success; and the financial investment and staffing adjustments involved in these efforts.

PR, Marketing Claim Ownership of Social Media
Article,  BriefCASE Article A new survey reveals that growth in the use of social media is driving a move toward integrating public relations and marketing functions but that “turf battles” between the two still exist.

Fundraising One of Top Reasons for Nonprofits' Online Presence
Article,  BriefCASE Article Marketing is still the primary reason most nonprofits have a presence on social networks although fundraising is gaining in popularity, according to an annual survey.

Bird on a Wire
CURRENTS Article New social media platforms are emerging, but how do you know what is best for your institution? Author Brad Ward examines the landscape of Twitter in higher education and looks at its positives and negatives.

Virtually Yours
CURRENTS Article Technology is providing alumni relations professionals with a new way to organize events and engage more alumni, but it also offers us the opportunity to look at our field through a new lens. For example, using webcams and digital recorders, brick-and-mortar events can be retooled to reach more than just those people who attend. Alumni leaders now have the ability to engage their entire database worldwide without being limited to a particular venue, region, or timeframe.

Virtualmente suyo
CURRENTS Article La tecnología ofrece a los profesionales de la vinculación con exalumnos un nuevo prisma para ver los eventos. Es el fin de una era en las relaciones con los exalumnos. Las evidencias están a la vista, y la mayoría de nosotros no las hemos visto o no estamos dispuestos a aceptarlas. Para muchas asociaciones de exalumnos, la asistencia y la participación en eventos y programas siguen disminuyendo mientras los costos que conllevan siguen aumentando. Los sitios de redes sociales, y otras herramientas web 2.0 ofrecen nuevas formas de comunicarse con los egresados, sin mencionar que son nuevas formas para que éstos se comuniquen entre sí sin la participación de las asociaciones de exalumnos.

Tips for Managing Your Personal and Professional Networks Online
Article,  BriefCASE Article Should you friend your boss on Facebook? Can you tweet about your "Survivor" obsession? Just how funny can you be when you are the voice of your institution? Attendees at the Social Media and Community conference in Chicago last week grappled with these sorts of questions as they weighed how best to manage their personal and professional networks online.

Experts: Planned Approach to Social Media is Key to Success
Article,  BriefCASE Article Social media is all the rage but leading experts at a recent CASE conference say communications professionals must address five key questions before they start tweeting, blogging and posting content on behalf of their institutions.

More Institutions Go Online to Reach Students
Article,  BriefCASE Article More colleges and universities are using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools to recruit and connect with prospective students.

Survey Finds Most U.S. Journalists Use Social Media for Story Research
Article,  BriefCASE Article A recent survey of magazine, Web site and newspaper editors and reporters reveals that a large majority of working journalists now depend on social media such as blogs, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for background research in writing stories.

Recetas para Alcanzar el Éxito
CURRENTS Article Las redes sociales están cambiando la forma como interactúan las instituciones con los estudiantes, los profesores, los ex alumnos y los donadores. Debido a su tamaño, las escuelas independientes se encuentran, a menudo, a la vanguardia de la tecnología. Descubra cómo se comunican de forma más eficiente las escuelas a través de las redes sociales.

Recipes for Success
CURRENTS Article Social media is changing the way institutions interact with students, faculty, alumni, and donors. Because of their size, many times independent schools are on the bleeding edge of technology. Find out how schools are communicating more efficiently through social media.

Advance Work: Talking Through Twitter
CURRENTS Article Though Twitter is becoming more mainstream, university and college faculty are still slow to adopt this new media tool.

The Sea of Social Media
CURRENTS Article As social media grows in use, institutions need to look closely at how they are using these new tools in communications and marketing. Some institutions are charting a course by using different mediums to meet its strategic goals.

Top 100 Colleges on Twitter
Report This study examined Twitter accounts affiliated with university administrations at the top 100 institutions in the U.S. News & World Report's 2010 Best Colleges. Data collection took place during September 2009 from, with additional statistics calculated using TweetStats. Note: The study did not analyze data from unofficial student groups, fans of sports teams, or the personal accounts of professors, students, and university employees.

Social Media Measurement 101: A Seven-Step Plan to Set Up (and Benefit from) a Simple Social Measurement Program
Karine Joly for University Business magazine
Article This article from the October 2009 issue of University Business outlines a process for measuring the impact of social media initiatives. A sidebar called "What can be measured?" looks at metrics available from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Operation Reputation
CURRENTS Article In today's world of social media, users can post their own thoughts, comments, and content, and readers can take it as fact. So how do institutions navigate the networks and find fact rather than fiction? Take a look at how you can police the posts and still maintain credibility.

Older Adults Take to Social Networking Sites
Article,  BriefCASE Article New research from U.K. media regulator Ofcom indicates that teenagers and young adults are spending less time on social networking sites even as their parents, teachers and other older adults are increasingly using the sites.

Speaker: Institutions Make News through "Crowdsourcing"
Article,  BriefCASE Article Web 2.0 tools have allowed the news media to “crowdsource” news by supplementing and integrating the work of journalists with photos, videos and commentary submitted by the public.

Know the Six Common Myths of Social Media
Article,  BriefCASE Article Embrace social media but don’t get too caught up in the technology.

Translating Online Engagement into Giving
Article,  BriefCASE Article Cross-platform tactics, localized messages and constant testing and tracking are among the most effective strategies for building online engagement that translates into online giving.

Advance Work: All a Twitter
CURRENTS Article A recent look at college and university Twitter accounts reveals that many institutions are not exactly "tweeting" up a storm.

Nonprofits Turn to Facebook for Marketing, Some Fundraising
Article,  BriefCASE Article Marketing is the top reason most nonprofits have a presence on Facebook or some other social network, although a small number also use the tool for fundraising, according to a new survey.

Efficient Use of Twitter, Facebook Can Help K-12 Schools Strengthen Outreach
Article,  BriefCASE Article Independent schools that haven’t jumped on the social networking bandwagon need to get on board.

Advance Work: Work with What You’ve Got
CURRENTS Article Live video of a robin's nest with eggs drew an unexpected following for Duke University's Web site and underscored the power of social networking.

Social Networking Becomes a Daily Habit with College Students
Article,  BriefCASE Article Daily activity on online social networks among U.S. college students is on the rise, according to an Educause study.

Advance Work: Facebook or Bust
CURRENTS Article A survey of 18- to 24-year-olds found that lack of access to Facebook or YouTube at work would cause some to quit.

Advance Work: YouTube to the Rescue
CURRENTS Article When California State University, Fresno, wanted to take the focus off some questionable student content on YouTube, officials decided to use the online video site to the university's advantage.

Advance Work: Get a Life
CURRENTS Article Case Western Reserve University allows prospective students to tour the campus from the comfort of their bedrooms via Second Life.

Advance Work: Virtual Security Blanket
CURRENTS Article Eckerd College launched an online community to help incoming students get to know each other--and the college--before they arrive on campus. Eckerd was looking for an inexpensive way to reach out to admitted students and reduce the number who send in a deposit but don’t end up attending the institution.

Talking Points: Pick and Choose
CURRENTS Article RSS, which stands for really simple syndication or rich site summary, is a new tool used to collect news feeds from various Web sites through software called a news reader or news aggregator. This article gives an overview of the technology--how it works, why it's important--and its implications for marketing and education. It also includes examples from campuses already using RSS.

AdvanceWork: New Year's Listserv Resolutions
CURRENTS Article Listservs, or free online discussions lists, can be both a blessing and a curse.

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