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General Information Features: Millbrook School - Gold Award
Best Practice The documentary film "Down School Road: Millbrook at 75" was produced in honor of Millbrook School's 75th Anniversary, celebrated during Alumni Weekend in June 2007. After its initial screening during that weekend, it was sent to all constituents as a memento of the occasion.

Creative Use of Technology and New Media: Princeton University - Silver Award
Best Practice UChannel is an online collection of public affairs lectures, panels and events from academic institutions all over the world – to view, listen to, stream or download. Content is recorded and contributed by universities; distributed via UChannel to multiple audiences; and made available to the public for free. The goal is to enrich the public dialog with direct input from academics, researchers and practitioners who are focused on solving the problems of the world.

Creative Use of Technology and New Media: University of Alabama at Birmingham - Silver Award
Best Practice As the International Polar Year began in March 2007, leading marine researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham headed to Antarctica and invited the world to join them through an innovative Web site. The researchers contributed to blogs, posted pictures and responded to questions from the public and others. The resulting resource goes beyond the traditional media release and reaches out to everyone interested in Antarctica, the environment, education, diving, etc.

Creative Use of Technology and New Media: University of Calgary - Silver Award
Best Practice Connecting with students on their turf has been the primary goal of a two-pronged University of Calgary e-communications project that combines desktop widgets with large-screen LCD monitors. The U-Now widget and U-Now electronic billboards were designed to complement and "feed" each other, providing a new vehicle to reach out to students in the places they congregate and on their laptops.

Creative Use of Technology and New Media: Virginia Tech - Silver Award
Best Practice After a day like no other, Virginia Tech needed a way to communicate with millions of people who joined the community to mourn the victims of the tragic shooting on April 16, 2007. One of the institution's objectives in developing web content related to that day was to think in terms of multimedia and Web 2.0; content came to include photo galleries, podcasts, live streaming of Convocation, a live webcam at the Candlelight Vigil on April 17, and a condolences/prayers site created on the fly.

Creative Use of Technology and New Media: SAIT Polytechnic - Bronze Award
Best Practice When SAITVIEW arrived on campus in spring 2007, heads began to turn upwards. Digital information screens mounted from the ceiling in 17 locations captured the attention of three key audiences: students, staff and supporters/visitors. A new tool in the college's communications program, SAITVIEW offered the latest campus news in 15-second billboard bites, conveying breaking news and internal marketing information via an easy-to-access and engaging medium in strategically located gathering spots.

Technology Innovations: University of Chicago - Bronze Medal
Best Practice Three times a week since January 2004, the University of Chicago Magazine’s Web log, UChiBLOGo, has reported on campus news, events, and sights that might not otherwise get printed in the magazine’s bimonthly pages. With stories and photos covering breaking news, activities, lectures, protests, and exhibits, UChiBLOGo gives readers a taste of daily life on campus. Despite the faster deadline, blog stories go through about three editing rounds, keeping standards on par with the magazine.

Technology Innovations: Virginia Tech - Silver Medal
Best Practice In February 2006, Virginia Tech launched a new branding initiative called "Invent the Future." Among other things, the launch consisted of a new logo, viewbook, television and newspaper ads, and a revised Web page. One of the brand drivers, technological leadership, led to the creation of regular podcasts for the new home page. Podcasts from several ongoing series, special programming and a pod tour were made available.

Technology Innovations: University of Wisconsin, Green Bay - Gold Medal
Best Practice Stuff2Do is a video blog for student life events at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. It includes a wiki for viewers to submit events and ideas for the show, a Google map mashup so viewers can see who else is watching, and a photo contest where viewers submit photos of events they attended. It's an ever-evolving project that seeks to engage students.

Complete Institutional Web Sites: Virginia Tech - Bronze Medal
Best Practice In fall 2005, Virginia Tech initiated a Web redevelopment project to coincide with its new "Invent the Future" branding initiative. The offices of University Relations and IT partnered on the project, which was led by a newly established Web Communications group within University Relations.

Individual Sub-Web Sites: University of Colorado at Boulder - Silver Medal
Best Practice In June 2006, the University of Colorado at Boulder Web Communications staff launched a Web site for the Beza Mahafaly Lemur Biology Project. Featuring the work of client and lemur expert Dr. Michelle Sauther, the educational and research site was designed for a wide variety of audiences, from academic researchers to K-12 students.

Complete Institutional Web Sites: McGill University - Silver Medal
Best Practice The redesign of (launched August 23, 2006) was undertaken with the objective of providing users (students, teachers, staff and the public) with a bilingual site in English and French that is easier to navigate, employs a more pleasing design, allows easier access to more information, and delivers stronger consistent McGill branding.

Individual Sub-Web Sites: National University - Silver Medal
Best Practice The National University Institute for Wellness and Peak Performance's San Diego 6 site promoted a healthy lifestyle for children. A complement to the San Diego 6 children's TV show, the site offered podcasts, recipes, exercise information, health news and video games. The playful-by-design site featured six students ages 9-12 and a young mentor as they explored various health topics of interest to young people. It stressed the positive values of being outdoors, eating right and exercising.

Individual Sub-Web Sites: University at Buffalo/SUNY - Bronze Medal
Best Practice The University at Buffalo/SUNY created a Web site to announce and mark a historic three-day campus visit by the 14th Dalai Lama.

Complete Institutional Web Sites: Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) - Silver Medal
Best Practice As the truest front door to campus, the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Web site is a key means of furthering the institution’s communications goals, including the brand. IUPUI's new site does this in new and engaging ways, while enhancing usability, accessibility, and the level of information available on the site.

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