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Adapt Presentations to Listeners
Advancement Weekly Article The best presentations are tailored to the audience, write communications experts.

Help Team Members Troubleshoot Conflicts: Four Steps
Advancement Weekly Article Managers often find themselves in the middle of situations that aren’t theirs to solve, write two workplace conflict experts.

Communication: The Glue That Holds Teams Together
Advancement Weekly Article Strong communication is the glue that holds towers of uncooked spaghetti together. Well, that and marshmallows.

The Neuroscience Behind Awkward Conversations
Advancement Weekly Article Understanding the brain processes behind anxiety can help professionals prevent nervousness and negativity, suggests a communications professional.

4 Steps to Boost Positivity (and Therefore, Productivity)
Advancement Weekly Article A cutthroat work environment just doesn’t pay off, write two happiness and workplace researchers.

The Promise and Risks of Gamification
Advancement Weekly Article Gamification is a potential boon for organizations—but it’s still a gamble, according to business experts.

5 Words to Avoid for More Effective Conversations
Advancement Weekly Article Everyday speech is packed with language that is disempowering, according to one professor and author. Making simple word swaps can reorient your interactions with team members—and with yourself.

4 Image Tools to Boost Your Content
Advancement Weekly Article Even content created by the best writers can fall flat without interesting visuals, writes one content specialist.

How Snapchat is Transcending Generations
Advancement Weekly Article Once mainly popular among millennials and teens, Snapchat has started gaining traction with older generations.

New Rules for Mobile Communication
Advancement Weekly Article Move over email. One communication expert argues that mobile texting is the next wave in inter-office communication.

The Case for User-Friendly Web Content
Advancement Weekly Article Quality website content improves your site’s search engine rankings—but the argument for thoughtful web information goes far beyond that, writes one marketing expert.

The Positive Influence of Negative Online Feedback
Advancement Weekly Article While some people contend that any publicity is good publicity, most organizations don't know how to deal with negative feedback, writes one workplace expert.

Pick Up the Phone After Making a Mistake
Advancement Weekly Article Everyone has a story to share about a mistake made in the past. The story is only worth telling, however, if you can show you learned something from that glaring error, writes one leadership expert.

The 4 Skills Every Communications Pro Needs
Advancement Weekly Article What's the best strategy to promote innovation and stay on track with existing goals? Get back to the basics, writes one expert.

Simple Speeches are Great Speeches
Advancement Weekly Article Steve Jobs' 2005 commencement address at Stanford University has been viewed more than 4 million times on YouTube. One Forbes staff writer notes that Jobs’ speech is a veritable clinic for all managers who have to speak before a crowded room.

PowerPoint Alternatives: What to Do When Your Presentations Put People to Sleep
Advancement Weekly Article A recent survey reveals that about one in five working adults would rather do taxes, go to the dentist or work on a Saturday than sit through a PowerPoint presentation. Sound familiar? A public speaking expert offers managers and other users of the ubiquitous software advice on how to jazz up presentations and keep audiences from wishing they were elsewhere.

Cope with Fear of Public Speaking
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders can take the stress out of a presentation by researching their audience prior to the event, says a communications specialist.

Public Speaking Tips for Shy Leaders
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Even introverted leaders can be confident public speakers, writes a communications expert.

Sound More Confident By Following Simple Advice
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Whether giving a speech or talking to colleagues, leaders can sound more confident by speaking slower and being more expressive with their hands, writes a communications expert.

Practice Alone Doesn’t Make Perfect for Speeches
Advancement Weekly Article Practicing a speech over and over again won’t necessarily make someone better at delivering it, writes a communications expert.

3 Tricks to Make Presentations More Memorable
Advancement Weekly Article What makes a presentation memorable isn’t the speaker’s jokes or clever opening story—it’s how the information is embedded in listeners’ minds, writes a psychology expert.

Gestures in Presentations: 8 Reminders
Advancement Weekly Article In a presentation, let your hands do plenty of “talking,” suggest several body language experts.

Why the Best Candidate Might Have an Imperfect Résumé
Advancement Weekly Article Imagine two qualified applicants apply for an open position. The first has a flawless résumé, but the second has job-hopped and went to a less prestigious school. Who’s the best choice?

A Guide to Boosting Your Team's Creativity
Advancement Weekly Article Creativity can be broken into measurable, trainable competencies, writes a behavioral researcher. To foster team creativity, managers should take these eight steps.

Tips to Boost Impromptu Speaking Skills
Advancement Weekly Article Leaders tend to overestimate their impromptu speaking skills, according to two researchers, but professionals can use several tactics to speak well off-the-cuff.

5 Presentation Tips to Impress Your Boss
Advancement Weekly Article Giving presentations to your boss requires planning and preparation---no matter how familiar you are with the subject. According to one public speaking expert, there are surefire ways to nail a presentation.

How to Make Impactful and Memorable Presentations
Advancement Weekly Article Can you remember the details of the last presentation you attended? If not, there's a chance that it lacked a strong and memorable message, writes one content strategist.

These Myths Ruin Your Presentations
Advancement Weekly Article The misconception that all you need is charisma could impact the effectiveness of your presentation, writes one communications expert.

Consider This When Rebuilding Your Website
Advancement Weekly Article When rebuilding your organization's website, is your first reaction terror or excitement? In either case, the task is huge—but it can be tamed, according to one digital marketing manager.

Beat Your Fear of Public Speaking
Advancement Weekly Article While you may be uncomfortable with public speaking, the skill is important to have—for both personal and professional reasons, writes one business expert.

4 Better Ways to Say Thanks
Advancement Weekly Article Every day there are several reasons that you, as a manager or an employee, should express your gratitude. Usually a succinct "thanks" will suffice, but according to one workplace expert, that might not be enough.

Speak with Passion, Not Emotion
Advancement Weekly Article Effective leaders are also effective communicators who are able to successfully combine the right amount of passion with emotion in their speeches, one leadership expert writes.

Why Office Gossip Isn't Actually Bad
Advancement Weekly Article No office is immune from gossip. But while many leaders may view office gossip as disruptive, it actually plays a valuable role in organizations, writes one leadership expert.

6 Tips to Improve Email Communication
Advancement Weekly Article Email is a major part of everyone's workday, but staff members are less likely to be attentive to emails that ramble and contain superfluous information, according to one technology expert.

Where to Look When Communications Break Down
Advancement Weekly Article When a staff member fails to provide feedback, managers should look at the system they have in place for answers, writes one management expert.

The Need for Strong Communication Skills During Conflict
Advancement Weekly Article Strong communication skills are a vital part of effective leadership, but many leaders see them as "soft skills" and not worth developing. This is problematic because weak communication skills can be at the root of many workplace issues, according to one workplace consultant.

Talking about Failure to Find Success
Advancement Weekly Article A recent movement in which nonprofits are transparent about their failures can actually be unproductive or even harmful, suggests one organizational learning expert.

Master the Art of PowerPoint
Advancement Weekly Article The right fonts, layout and photos can make a PowerPoint presentation better, writes a leadership coach.

Avoid Evasiveness when Public Speaking
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Public speakers can lose their command of a room by using hedging language like “I think,” “sort of” or “kind of,” writes a business school professor.

Give a Speech You Haven't Prepared For
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Anyone can learn how to give a memorable speech with practically no advance warning, writes a public speaking expert.

Techniques for Quelling Fear of Public Speaking
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article People can keep their nerves at bay before delivering a big speech by using the right relaxation tactics, says one public speaking coach.

Communicate More Effectively Online
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders need to adapt their communications skills for the digital era, writes an executive coach.

Presenters Should Engage Audience Members
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article To deliver an excellent presentation, leaders should interact with their audience by asking questions and responding to their answers, says a communications expert.

Avoid These Common Vocal Miscues
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article When preparing for a speech, leaders should focus not only on what they plan to say but also how they plan to say it, says a linguist.

How to Eliminate Filler Words in Public Speaking
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Presenters should avoid using filler words—such as “um, “uh” and “literally”—to make their speeches more powerful, says a communications specialist.

Watch Pronoun Usage in Speeches
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders should be careful how they use “I” and “we” in communications, says a business school professor.

Avoid Common Email Signature Mistakes
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article The signature at the bottom of an email is an often-overlooked opportunity for professionals to leave a positive and lasting impression, say communications experts.

Common Speaking Mistakes Professionals Make
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders should not only think about what they say in a professional setting but also how they say it, say communications specialists.

Avoid Common Mismanagement of Social Media Staff
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Senior leaders’ lack of understanding about social media can negatively impact their organization’s online presence and those who maintain it, says a communications practitioner.

Write More Effective Email Subjects
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers and their teams can improve productivity by using subject-line prefixes and abbreviations in email, says a communications expert.

Things to Avoid Saying during a Presentation
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article A speaker can lose an audience in the first minute of a presentation by saying something inappropriate, says a communications expert.

Fight Digital Fatigue
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders may not be able to take an extended break from email or social media, but they can adopt habits to prevent Internet burnout, say communications specialists.

Create a Social Media Policy
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders need to ensure their organization has a robust social media policy to protect its reputation, says an author.

Get Important People to Respond to Emails
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Emails that are concise and show clear purpose are more likely to receive responses, says a business professor.

Keeping Social Media Accounts Secure
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders should have a plan to keep their organization's accounts safe from hackers, says a communications expert.

Avoid Productivity-Destroying Email Habits
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers need to be aware of unhelpful email practices, says a leadership expert.

Overcome Fear of Public Speaking
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article A CASE author says that presenters should approach their speeches with a sense of relaxation—taking deep breaths before speaking and not allowing their muscles to get too tight.

Make Presentations Shorter and More Interactive
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article The era of the PowerPoint presentation is over, says one entrepreneur who notes that today’s audiences don’t respond to one-sided lectures.

Showing the Value of Marketing and Communication
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Marketing and communications professionals must prove their worth when working with academic and institutional leaders, says an advancement expert.

Lead During a Crisis
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article During an institutional crisis, leaders should maintain their composure around employees, say management pundits.

Prevent Presentation Problems
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article With careful preparation, leaders can avoid technology glitches at speaking engagements, say presentation experts.

Presenting to Senior Leaders
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers must be succinct when presenting ideas to higher-ranking leaders, who are often pressed for time, says a presentation expert.

Improve Your LinkedIn Experience
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders can get more from LinkedIn this year by making several resolutions, says a networking expert.

Avoid These Presentation Gaffes
Advancement Weekly Article A recent viral video spoofing a well-known lecture series demonstrates several public speaking faux pas, says a communications expert.

Ways to Lose Your Audience
Advancement Weekly Article It’s easier than ever for a public speaker to lose his or her audience, says an executive coach.

Rules of Conduct for the Conference Room
Advancement Weekly Article When managers prep for their next team meeting, they should consider not just what they’ll say but how they’ll say it, says a communications professional.

Make Presentations More Passionate
Advancement Weekly Article Communications experts say that an audience is more likely to care about a presenter and his remarks if they sense that he is passionate about the topic.

Tweets to Avoid
Advancement Weekly Article Three professors studying social media say there are certain types of tweets that leaders should avoid sending—no matter how tempted they are to send them.

What Comedians can Teach You about Public Speaking
Advancement Weekly Article A communications expert says leaders could learn a lesson from comedians who he believes are the “ultimate public speakers.”

The Best Time to Send Email
Advancement Weekly Article Emails sent between 6 and 7 a.m. are nearly three times more likely to be opened than emails sent at 4 p.m., according to a communications expert.

Great Visuals Make a Great Presentation
Advancement Weekly Article People respond better to visuals than the spoken word alone, say communications experts. Still, they warn that not all visuals enhance a presentation.

Calming Nerves before a Presentation
Advancement Weekly Article Is there anything that people can do when their nerves get the best of them during public speaking? A reporter from Inc. magazine recently interviewed a pair of communications experts for the answer.

Learn to Say Less during Presentations
Advancement Weekly Article If you had 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes to get your message across in a presentation, would you be able to do it?

Optimize Email Correspondences
Advancement Weekly Article Managers looking for quick ways to improve their own productivity as well as that of their employees should look no further than their inbox.

Presentations in the Social Media Age
Advancement Weekly Article Being a great speaker is never easy, writes a communications expert. But now, with audience members likely to have mobile devices in hand and real-time access to numerous social channels, he argues that the challenges have multiplied.

Proper Etiquette for Videoconferencing
Advancement Weekly Article Videoconferencing isn’t a combination of talking on the phone and meeting in person. It is its own thing, with its own set of rules, says a communications expert.

Setting a Sensible Smartphone Policy
Advancement Weekly Article Smartphones have become a standard employee accessory in many professions, but one management expert says managers need to do a better job of explaining to their employees why they have been given one.

The 'Fatal Five' to Avoid During Presentations
Advancement Weekly Article A few years back, nonprofit communications expert Andy Goodman wondered: "Why are so many of our colleagues—decent, well-educated, well-intentioned folks—so good at being boring?" After conducting research for a book on bad presentations and hearing the pet peeves of thousands in the field, he believes he knows why.

Clearing Up Presentation-Speak
Advancement Weekly Article Managers should never use the expression “Does that make sense?” during presentations, writes one public speaking expert who notes that it can have negative implications.

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