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CURRENTS Article Advice on handling donor information learned during a previous position, and members share what app changed their life.

Odds and Ends: Jersey Jazz Meets Abbey Road
CURRENTS Article In May 2014, Paul McCartney proposed that band leader John Pizzarelli translate his post-Beatles songs into a jazz album, culminating in the recently released Midnight McCartney, which will become part of Pizzarelli's repertoire as he performs on college campuses and teaches master classes.

Following Expense Report Etiquette
Advancement Weekly Article How people handle their expenses during business trips says a lot about them as employees, says a management guru.

On the Road Again
CURRENTS Article Should you stay at a prospective donor's home? Should you accept the luxury upgrade when the rental car company offers it? Veteran fundraisers answer these questions and more while sharing their tips from getting to Donor A to Donor B with one's sanity intact.

Advance Work: Wing Tips
CURRENTS Article Advancement officers often rely on planes, trains, and automobiles to get the job done. This piece offers some travel tips from four of the profession’s biggest road warriors.

Advance Work: Better to Give Than Receive
CURRENTS Article Avoid international gift-giving gaffes with these tips from Lilya Wagner of Counterpart International.

Road Warriors
CURRENTS Article This article about GPS (geographic positioning systems)is for advancement professionals who travel to meet with prospects and donors. GPS technology makes travel easier by creating maps with the shortest driving route, and it locates hotels, restaurants, and other travel-related locations. Advancement travelers also can use GPS to facilitate management of their database of names and addresses. Some systems can produce maps with pinpoints where donors or prospects live, with access through the pinpoint to relevant underlying data on those people. The author discusses how to use the technology and reviews several products on the market.

Tech Support: Become a Portable Powerhouse
CURRENTS Article When advancement officers travel for work, they need to remain connected and productive. The article provides seven steps for building an effective laptop computer system.

AdvanceWork: On the Road Again?
CURRENTS Article Follow these tips from Working Woman magazine to help contain your lodging expenses.

AdvanceWork: Road Rules
CURRENTS Article An alumni affairs director shares travel tips gained during his first 10 months on the job.

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