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5 Ways to Nurture New Talent
CURRENTS Article Despite a growing need for fundraisers, recruiters are struggling to find talent. Degree programs in advancement remain rare (although notable ones include the U.K.'s University of Chichester's charity development degree and the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University), and the field is frequently misunderstood. "Advancement, especially development, is often viewed as a sales profession," says Zachary Smith, a senior partner and deputy managing director at the recruiting firm Witt/Kieffer. "Most people only see advancement professionals schmoozing donors at coffees, lunches, dinners, and events. They don't see the work that takes place in between." So how can institutions attract talented graduates to the field—and how can they keep them there? Read on for ways to grow and retain your team's newest advancement professionals.

Office Space: Grow Your Own Communications Talent
CURRENTS Article Duke ProComm, a professional development program for communicators at Duke University in North Carolina, trains communicators with varying levels of expertise and at different stages of their career. Many entry-level communicators arrive with a specific skill set, but in today's environment you need to know how to tell a story using text, images, audio, and video, and you must promote your work on a variety of platforms and channels. The ProComm program helps communicators enhance their skills, find mentors, and prepare for future communication opportunities.

Putting Success in Succession Planning
CURRENTS Article Michael Eicher, senior vice president of advancement at The Ohio State University, has a strong track record of cultivating advancement, fundraising, and communications vice presidents and vice chancellors. He talks to CURRENTS about succession planning.

Outlook: Producing High Performers
CURRENTS Article Using donors to train gift officers is just one way development shops should be rethinking talent management, including recruitment. Too often vice presidents are attracted to fundraisers who have secured a mega-gift, even if the gift was years in the making and cultivated by predecessors. VPs think top performers are a canned product that can be easily found and recruited at high salaries.They'd be better off building their own superstars by hiring passionate, driven fundraisers who understand the process and pace of fundraising.

Why Mentoring Matters at Each Career Stage
Advancement Weekly Article Mentors can put early-career professionals on the right track, but the search for mentors shouldn’t end mid-career. These guiding partnerships, according to a mentoring expert, can play a vital role in every career stage.

CURRENTS Article A 25-year-old assistant director of alumni relations shares the lessons learned during her first year at Williston Northampton School.

Lead Like a Mentor
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers who see themselves as mentors are more likely to have engaged, happy and productive employees, writes a management consultant.

Reasons Senior Leaders Need Mentoring
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article New executives should have mentors to further their professional growth, writes a leadership specialist.

Office Space: Social Skills for Social Media
CURRENTS Article What and how we share online is an important life skill and an essential part of our personal and professional development—particularly as digital communication skills become a factor in how we're evaluated for jobs and other opportunities. Helping students, faculty, staff, and other constituents understand and develop their digital identities should be an institutional priority and a part of the educational experience. It should also be an important aspect of our work in advancement.

Mistakes to Avoid when Finding a Mentor
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article A leader can improve his or her career by finding the right mentor, say executive coaches.

The Student Becomes the Teacher
CURRENTS Article San Francisco University High School's 5-year-old teaching fellowship program is an alumni perk that allows graduates to explore a career as an independent school educator.

What Makes a Strong Internship Program
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article The best internships offer valuable networking opportunities and practical work experience, says a management expert.

Habits of Effective Mentors
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Mentors can strengthen their relationships with their mentees by talking about their own struggles, say researchers.

Be an Inspiring Mentor
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Serving as a mentor is an honor but the role comes with great responsibility, says an entrepreneur.

CURRENTS Article This article explores the different ways that institutions large and small do student-alumni mentoring programs and the benefits that the students, alumni, institutions, and represented fields reap.

Follow These Essential LinkedIn Etiquette Rules
Advancement Weekly Article To avoid LinkedIn faux pas, “tailor your message, customize your posts and nurture relationships with people you know,” says one social media maven.

Be More than Your Title at Conferences
Advancement Weekly Article It’s important to represent more than your job title at conferences, says a leadership expert.

What to Consider before Becoming a Mentor
Advancement Weekly Article It can be rewarding to be a mentor. Still, managers can’t take every young upstart under their wings. They must be discerning for the relationship to prove successful.

Office Space: Mentoring Matters
CURRENTS Article In this article, Raina Lenney discusses the role a mentor can play in your career, what a person should consider when looking for a mentor, how to go about looking for a mentor, and how having mentors has been a benefit to her personally and professionally.

Office Space: Everyone On Board
CURRENTS Article Creating a process for new employees to feel connected to the school can be integral to their success.

Talent Sprouts
CURRENTS Article Development offices across the world are in need of more suitable candidates. Students are a convenient resource just waiting to be tapped.

Career Path: One for All and All for One
CURRENTS Article Ask professionals in almost any industry, and many will say they couldn’t have gotten where they are without the steadying hand and experienced wisdom of a mentor. This column explores the power of the mentor-protégé relationship and how mentoring changes us--both personally and professionally.

AdvanceWork: New Recruits
CURRENTS Article Students can’t pursue a degree in advancement, so how can campuses recruit them to the profession? Practitioners suggest institutions develop formal advancement internship programs or hire student workers. A third option is CASE’s Association of Student Advancement Programs, which provides networking and leadership development opportunities to promote student involvement in education advancement.

Manager's Portfolio: My Own Worst Nightmare
CURRENTS Article A college foundation executive concludes that mentoring is a boss's most important responsibility after reflecting on her early work experiences and realizing she resembles a former supervisor who didn't give credence to staff members' ideas or value their enthusiasm.

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