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Take Initiative, but Don’t Become the Office Doormat
Advancement Weekly Article It's great to be the colleague your peers count on to be super prepared and responsible, but take that too far and you'll find yourself doing everybody's work for them, plus your own.

Boss Being Unfair? Too Much Work May Be the Culprit
Advancement Weekly Article Study after study shows that treating employees fairly pays big dividends-in performance, commitment to the workplace and collegial office relations.

Managing Workplace Drama
Advancement Weekly Article Avoiding drama in our work can make a situation worse, according to one author.

4 Ways to Become a More Productive Learner
Advancement Weekly Article If it feels like you’re being asked to process ever more information but find yourself retaining less and less of it, you’re not wrong.

Be a Better Brainstormer
Advancement Weekly Article Brainstorming seems straightforward, but it’s actually tough to do well. Here’s how to lead more effective brainstorming sessions.

Maximize Your Meetings
Advancement Weekly Article Try these three strategies to adjust meetings for maximum effectiveness and cut down on stress and frustration.

Avoid These Four Types of Apologies
Advancement Weekly Article Recognize when you are wrong and don’t compound mistakes by flubbing an apology.

Elevate Your Team's Hard Work
Advancement Weekly Article If you make the effort to promote your team’s work, you’ll receive well-deserved recognition.

To Innovate, Swap Out These 4 Leadership Mantras
Advancement Weekly Article Want to foster innovation at your organization? Start with the way you lead: new ideas can’t arise from old patterns.

Don’t Regret Those Bad Decisions
Advancement Weekly Article Follow these five tips to manage decision-making doubts.

The Brainstorming Trap
Advancement Weekly Article If you want to get the most out of brainstorming, make sure you’re aware of the limits of the process.

Identify Your Team Members’ Superpowers
Advancement Weekly Article Career and leadership gurus preach the value of playing to our strengths. But that’s easier said than done given that we often undervalue what we do well, according to one executive coach.

Avoid These 5 Speaking Sins
Advancement Weekly Article Drop bad vocal habits and become a better speaker, advises one speech expert.

Stop Procrastinating
Advancement Weekly Article Follow these seven tactics to keep yourself working and avoid procrastination.

Break the Rules and Be a Better Leader
Advancement Weekly Article Good leaders should be rebellious in their workplace, according to one behavioral scientist.

Manage Your Micromanager
Advancement Weekly Article If your manager is overly involved in your day-to-day work, her presence might be hurting your productivity.

Need to Apologize? Here’s How
Advancement Weekly Article Apologies can go from good to bad in the blink of an eye.

Trade These Clichés for Credibility
Advancement Weekly Article As a manager, all eyes are on you. Be direct and careful with your words.

Make Presentation Magic with these Tips
Advancement Weekly Article When you’re giving a presentation, you have one mission: to captivate your audience.

You Can Use This Word, But…
Advancement Weekly Article Removing this one word from your vocabulary can make work interactions more positive, writes one communications expert.

How to Work Smarter Without Working All Night
Advancement Weekly Article If you find yourself attached to your work after hours with the expectation you'll reach success faster, it might be time for a reality check.

Build Stronger Ties with Your Team: 5 Key Mantras
Advancement Weekly Article A positive culture matters in the workplace—so why do so many teams still struggle to build positive, collegial environments?

It’s OK to Be Addicted to Your Work
Advancement Weekly Article With careful management, the positive aspects of being a “workaholic” can outweigh the negatives.

Tough-Love Advice for Success
Advancement Weekly Article There are some habits you have to break if you want to succeed at work.

Don’t Let Change Take You by Surprise
Advancement Weekly Article Organizational change can throw leaders and their team off their game.

Embrace Minimalism
Advancement Weekly Article Accept the mantra, “less is more,” and bring focus to your professional life.

Lead a New Team Successfully
Advancement Weekly Article Managing a new team is daunting, but leaders should view it as an opportunity to sharpen their interpersonal skills.

Succeed When Understaffed
Advancement Weekly Article A clear leadership strategy is key to handling staffing shortages.

A Good Leader Listens
Advancement Weekly Article It can be hard work, but successful leaders need to listen, writes one expert.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
Advancement Weekly Article You can learn a lot about yourself when you welcome uncertainty with open arms.

Great Leaders Take the Heat
Advancement Weekly Article Leaders can inspire their team to do great work by doing this.

If You’re Busy, Say No
Advancement Weekly Article You can still be a team player, even when you have to say no.

Success Requires Trust
Advancement Weekly Article As a leader, your most important responsibility is building trust.

Start With Kindness
Advancement Weekly Article To be a better leader, focus on being a better person.

Lead a Diverse Team
Advancement Weekly Article Today's workplace is more diverse than ever, requiring managers to develop new skill sets to be successful leaders.

Take Responsibility When You Misstep
Advancement Weekly Article Leaders make apologies, not excuses.

Sharpen Your Decision Making
Advancement Weekly Article Making big decisions doesn’t have to be challenging.

Maximize Innovation at Work
Advancement Weekly Article If creativity in the workplace seems hard to find, try shifting your perspective.

Failure Is a Part of Success
Advancement Weekly Article Recovering from failure can be difficult, but you don't have to do it alone.

The Best Leaders Are Humble
Advancement Weekly Article Humility is an essential characteristic in successful leaders.

Set Your Sights High
Advancement Weekly Article A visionary outlook can help leaders find success.

Managing vs. Leading
Advancement Weekly Article Are you managing your team or leading them?

Lead with Confidence
Advancement Weekly Article The key to getting your point across clearly is confidence.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Advancement Weekly Article The ability to understand emotions is an essential component of quality leadership.

A Lesson in Office Ergonomics
Advancement Weekly Article Some simple adjustments to your posture can make a long day seated at your desk more comfortable, according to one author.

The Power of Praise
Advancement Weekly Article In the workplace, a little recognition goes a long way, writes one CEO.

Motivation in 10 Seconds
Advancement Weekly Article The key to beating procrastination is strategy.

The Key to Effective Management
Advancement Weekly Article To lead your team effectively, ask yourself one important question.

Enhance Your Leadership Skills
Advancement Weekly Article It’s not uncommon for leaders to find themselves stuck in a rut from time to time.

Give the Gift of Time
Advancement Weekly Article Are you giving your employees what they really want?

Sharpen Your Focus
Advancement Weekly Article In the digital age of information surplus, leaders are more overwhelmed than ever, writes one expert.

Lead With Heart
Advancement Weekly Article The best leaders aren’t afraid to be genuine and vulnerable.

The Source of Workplace Conflicts
Advancement Weekly Article Conflict can have an intense impact on the workplace environment, so it’s in your team’s best interest to address it head on, according to one expert.

Leaders Should Listen and Learn
Advancement Weekly Article If you want to improve your leadership skills, you must accept constructive criticism, according to one expert.

Lead With Trust
Advancement Weekly Article Are you looking to improve your leadership skills? Focus on relationships, says one business expert.

Motivation: Making Things Happen
Advancement Weekly Article How are you motivating your employees? According to one expert, the key to sparking team productivity is having an energetic leader.

Set Boundaries in the Workplace
Advancement Weekly Article Are your coworkers affecting your productivity? The solution is in your hands, suggests one workplace expert.

5 Ways You May Be Hurting Your Team
Advancement Weekly Article In times of pressure, it can be difficult to keep your stress from affecting your employees.

Solve Conflict the Right Way
Advancement Weekly Article Conflict in the workplace may be stressful, but it is necessary for growth and progress, writes one workplace expert.

Mistakes: Proof that You Are Trying
Advancement Weekly Article The obsession with perfection leaves little room for improvement, according to one expert.

Embrace Feedback
Advancement Weekly Article Criticism can be tough to hear, but it’s vital to your professional development, according to one career expert.

Strategy Is Only as Strong as Its Implementation
Advancement Weekly Article It is one thing to create a strong business strategy, and another to successfully execute it, according to one CEO.

Working Hard or Hardly Working?
Advancement Weekly Article Dealing with an unproductive coworker is irritating, especially if you’re the one picking up the slack.

Too Much of a Good Thing
Advancement Weekly Article Overusing your strengths can undermine your leadership efforts, writes one executive coach.

Turn Uncertainty into Proactivity
Advancement Weekly Article Growth is the cornerstone of success, and embracing the ever-changing nature of your industry can give your organization a leg up on competition, according to one CEO.

Perfection: The Enemy of Good
Advancement Weekly Article Is perfectionism simply lofty ambition or is it self-destructive behavior?

Don’t Take It Personally
Advancement Weekly Article When you assume you’re to blame for someone’s behavior, you create unnecessary conflict in the workplace, according to one career expert.

Rethink the Performance Review
Advancement Weekly Article It’s time to switch from a one-time, end-of-year performance review to more frequent check-in conversations, according to leadership experts.

Avoid Office Drama
Advancement Weekly Article No office is immune from gossip and drama, but that doesn't mean you have to participate in it.

Be Productive
Advancement Weekly Article Are you having trouble managing your time? Don't work more—work smarter, suggests one career coach.

Leading Your Leader
Advancement Weekly Article It's tempting to complain about a bad boss, but you have more power to offer constructive criticism than you think, suggests one leadership expert.

Don’t Let Your Email Stress You Out
Advancement Weekly Article It's time to embrace emails as an essential part of our work communication, according to one workplace expert.

How to Talk to a Stressed-out Coworker
Advancement Weekly Article When deadlines loom and the office is tense, you may find that coworkers respond to the simplest requests with frustration and frenzy. Here’s some advice for communicating when your office colleagues are stressed.

What Happens When Employees Resist Feedback
Advancement Weekly Article Help your employees better accept feedback by disarming the situation, writes one leadership expert.

5 Easy Ways to Success
Advancement Weekly Article Everyone wants to be successful, and getting there is easier than you think, according to one business expert.

Before You Say Yes, Ask Yourself These Questions
Advancement Weekly Article New opportunities can be exciting—but should you always agree to take on that new project or promotion? Before you do, you should ask yourself a few questions, writes one workplace expert.

6 Ways to De-stress at Work
Advancement Weekly Article Stress at work is normal, but too much of it can lead to burnout. That's why it's important to learn these easy ways to beat back stress, writes one business author.

Why Sometimes You Need to Fail
Advancement Weekly Article The key to being your most productive self is to fail at some tasks, according to one best-selling author.

Save Yourself Time with Just One Question
Advancement Weekly Article Do you constantly receive emails asking if you have time to hop on a call or meet? Manage those requests by asking first what the person needs from you.

Sleep Better, Not More
Advancement Weekly Article Most of us don’t get as much sleep as we should, but at least we can make sure we’re sleeping well, writes one entrepreneur.

End Delegation Hesitation
Advancement Weekly Article When determining which tasks to delegate, you should look at six characteristics in particular, says one career and business strategist.

5 Tricks to Manage Your Perfectionism
Advancement Weekly Article We can all agree that it’s important to strive to do your best work, but sometimes a desire to do a good job can morph into excessive perfectionism.

You Should Probably Stop Saying “To Be Honest”
Advancement Weekly Article “To be honest” is a classic phrase, but you’re probably using it more than you should, says one communications expert.

4 Ways to Be a Leader at Work
Advancement Weekly Article No matter what your title, you should put in the effort to hone your leadership skills, says one career expert.

When to Actually Send Your Emails
Advancement Weekly Article There’s one specific time of day when people are most likely to read your emails, according to research.

Learning Charisma
Advancement Weekly Article While you might think charisma is something you’re born with—or without—research shows that it’s actually a learnable skill.

Tell Someone No Without Saying It
Advancement Weekly Article Saying “yes” all the time can stretch you thin, hurt your productivity and even give you a reputation as a doormat.

4 Times You Shouldn’t Apologize
Advancement Weekly Article Apologizing more than you need to erodes other people's confidence in you, says one communications expert.

Become a Well-Rounded Leader
Advancement Weekly Article To become a good leader, your work goals should include building a complementary set of strengths, according to one CEO.

The 5 Best Ways to Form Positive Habits
Advancement Weekly Article It's an unfortunate truth that falling into bad habits can be easy, but forming good ones is hard.

Surviving Setbacks
Advancement Weekly Article Learn how to recover from workplace challenges with tips from the staff of one leading investment company.

What Makes A Good Team?
Advancement Weekly Article Kindness, not intelligence, is the most important ingredient for a work group's success, according to one study.

Fear Should Inform, Not Define, Your Decision-Making
Advancement Weekly Article Tired of goal-setting? Try "fear-setting," says one reporter in an article for Business Insider.

Don't Bring Your Work Home
Advancement Weekly Article In today's hyper-connected world, it can be hard to truly unplug. Here’s how to do it, according to one work expert.

The Art of the Stay Interview
Advancement Weekly Article Stay interviews are the new exit interviews, according to one leadership expert.

Success Requires Innovation and Stability
Advancement Weekly Article The general public wants trusted, ethical and accountable leaders, but this doesn’t mean leaders shouldn’t take risks, writes one leadership expert.

Is Your Brain Overloaded?
Advancement Weekly Article Every work day is full of emails, meetings and constantly keeping up with news and projects. This can be overwhelming, but there are ways to manage your busy day, according to one business executive.

Nurture Your Network
Advancement Weekly Article Meeting someone new is just the first step when it comes to making effective connections.

How to Write an Email When You’re Angry
Advancement Weekly Article Learn how to write more level-headed emails when you’re angry, advises one author.

Are You an Advancement VP of a Different Stripe?
CURRENTS Article Even if alumni relations professionals are leaders in their field, they often hit roadblocks on the path to the advancement vice presidency. Despite these candidates’ qualifications, search committees rarely gamble on someone lacking fundraising experience. Learn how exceptional leaders in alumni relations can prove their philanthropic prowess and become executive leaders of an advancement team.

Prove Your Creative Worth
Advancement Weekly Article Eighty-two percent of leaders believe there is a strong connection between creativity and business results, according to a study by Adobe and Forrester Consulting.

How to Criticize Effectively
Advancement Weekly Article Although sharing opinions and criticism can be tricky, the ability to give relevant feedback is vital in the workplace, according to one communications expert.

Are You Limiting Your Potential?
Advancement Weekly Article Sometimes we face tasks that we feel are too complicated or out of our reach to solve, but this is the wrong way to think, according to one business expert.

How to Build Connections and Keep Conversations Going
Advancement Weekly Article Starting conversations and keeping them going can be difficult, but fortunately, there are simple ways you can make it easier.

Why Generosity is the Key to Success
Advancement Weekly Article There are ways to find fulfillment at work, even on the days you feel like quitting.

You’re Overstressed
Advancement Weekly Article Do you have trouble focusing? Are you skipping happy hour and avoiding social events? Losing sleep? You may be overstressed.

Learn to Love Your Job
Advancement Weekly Article There are ways to find fulfillment at work, even on the days you feel like quitting.

Leadership in Development
Conference Join your peers to explore best practice in management designed for development professionals with management responsibilities. Get a better understanding of your competencies as a leader and manager, hone mission-critical skills and gain new strategies that will work in your advancement shop.

How Do You Problem Solve?
Advancement Weekly Article Having trouble solving a problem at work? It may not be yours to solve, writes one leadership expert.

Own Your Authority
Advancement Weekly Article How can you take or gain authority if you don’t have it already? Whether you’re a leader or an aspiring one, these subtle tips can help you exude the authority you need to lead.

Phrases that Pump Up Your Team
Advancement Weekly Article There are six easy phrases that leaders can use to improve their employees’ performance, writes one leadership expert.

The Power of Being a Vulnerable Leader
Advancement Weekly Article Vulnerability is an effective though often overlooked tool that leaders can use to make connections with and motivate employees, according to one leadership expert.

Are You Really Showing Appreciation?
Advancement Weekly Article Sometimes, saying “thank you” just isn’t enough, writes one workplace expert.

When to Trust Your Instinct (And When Not To)
Advancement Weekly Article Most leaders don't know when to trust or ignore their gut instinct when making decisions, according to one leadership expert.

Why Leaders Should Ask More Questions
Advancement Weekly Article Are you the leader with all the answers or the leader who asks your team lots of questions?

Is the Era of the Strong-Willed Manager Over?
Advancement Weekly Article There is a fine line between being confident and arrogant, according to one leadership expert.

The Problem with an Open-Door Policy
Advancement Weekly Article The phrase "My door is always open" can sound more like "Come meet me on my turf." Here are better ways leaders can demonstrate their accessibility.

Leadership Advice from a Seasoned Pro
Advancement Weekly Article Mike Ettling has a pretty simple recipe for success: focus.

Keeping Your Leadership Beat Steady
Advancement Weekly Article Good leaders know that success comes not only from talent, but from finding joy in a lifetime of practice.

The Caring Leader
Advancement Weekly Article Are you known as a tough-as-nails leader? It might be time to introduce a more caring attitude into your repertoire.

Leading in an Elite Organization
Advancement Weekly Article Being a leader in a high-status organization comes with many benefits. But wise leaders understand the trade-offs that accompany the benefits and learn how to negotiate the high-stress culture of an elite organization.

Keep Your Leadership in Tune with this Advice
Advancement Weekly Article Leaders who assume their employees work in harmony shouldn’t be surprised when they fall out of sync, writes one leadership expert.

6 Short Phrases Good Leaders Say
Advancement Weekly Article Demonstrate strong leadership with these few simple sentences.

Agree to Disagree
Advancement Weekly Article Good employers can find value in disagreement and unpredictability.

4 Books that Can Change Your Leadership
Advancement Weekly Article Your next leadership epiphany could come from the pages of an unsuspecting book..

Personality Wins Out Over Smarts
Advancement Weekly Article Sometimes being smart isn’t the only way to succeed, according to one workplace expert.

A Little Humiliation Can Go a Long Way
Advancement Weekly Article People who learn from being humiliated become better leaders, according to one leadership expert.

Leadership Based on Serving Others
Advancement Weekly Article To many, the ideas of servanthood and leadership are generally reciprocal. But according to one leadership expert combining the two could revolutionize your organization.

Leading Requires Learning
Advancement Weekly Article Every leadership challenge presents a valuable opportunity to learn, writes one leadership expert.

Behind Every Strong Leader is a Strong Community
Advancement Weekly Article Big goals are not usually achieved by lone wolves. Leaders need communities of support to succeed, according to one leadership expert.

How to Maximize Communication When Leading Remotely
Advancement Weekly Article Being an effective leader requires good communication skills. This is especially true when leading remotely, writes one communication expert.

4 Conversations Every Leader Needs to Have
Advancement Weekly Article Leaders have more impact on their workplace environment than they may realize, according to one management expert.

Here's How to Avoid Playing Favorites
Advancement Weekly Article Working as a team under one manager can bring up complaints of favoritism. Chances are you’ve been on one end of obvious favoritism at some point in your professional life, writes one leadership expert.

Leadership Advice from Amazon’s Founder Jeff Bezos
Advancement Weekly Article The principles that leaders expect their employees to uphold are integral to the success of their organizations, according to founder Jeff Bezos.

MGOs See More Pressure and Less Time According to Report
Article,  BriefCASE Article Major gift and planned giving officers feel pressure from and frustration with the time they have available for solicitation, according to a recent survey.

The New Rules of Digital Engagement for Leaders
Article,  BriefCASE Article The same things that have always made a leader still apply—they just look very different, says a digital expert and CASE Summit for Leaders in Advancement speaker.

How University Leaders Can Really Address Discrimination
Article,  BriefCASE Article Leaders who are serious about promoting diversity and equality in their organizations must commit more than just words to their cause, argues one author and professor of psychology.

Why We Need Both Reason and Emotion to Make Good Decisions
Advancement Weekly Article “Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment.” It’s an oft-repeated refrain in decision making. But emotions are a key factor in making good, rational choices, according to two researchers.

Leadership Lessons from Harry Potter
Advancement Weekly Article Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know the final installment of the Harry Potter series hit the big screen earlier this month. If you take in this fantasy flick, pay attention not only to the boy wizard’s heroics but also his leadership style. Some management gurus say you just might learn something.

Lead Yourself to Lead Others
Advancement Weekly Article Managers are used to leading others and telling them what to do. But, to truly succeed, they should focus on personal leadership. That’s according to one expert at last week’s CASE Summer Institute in Communications and Marketing.

Don't Believe These 5 Leadership Myths
Advancement Weekly Article There's no shortage of guidance and tips for new leaders, but managers should take the advice they hear with a grain of salt, writes one leadership expert.

The Easiest Way to be a Better Leader
Advancement Weekly Article Many managers who want to improve their leadership skills look at coaching sessions and training programs. But the easiest way to become a better leader is as simple as stepping away from your desk, writes one leadership expert.

3 Dangerous Roles for Leaders
Advancement Weekly Article Leaders can find themselves in a risky position when facing conflict in their office. If trying to solve a problem, leaders should be conscious of their role in the situation and act in a way that propels their team forward, writes one leadership expert.

Kick These Habits for Success
Advancement Weekly Article Leaders have good habits that inform their leadership style but they can also have bad habits that drive their team crazy. Kicking those bad habits to the curb can vastly improve a leader's management style, according to one leadership expert.

Moral Quandaries: The 1 Question to Ask Yourself
Advancement Weekly Article Serious workplace challenges usually aren't black and white; tools and techniques won't provide all the answers. Leaders have to use judgment and make hard choices, writes an ethics professor. Here's what to remember about making tough decisions.

Successful Leaders Know How to Listen
Advancement Weekly Article It takes practice and patience to become a good listener but leaders who master the skill are "miles ahead of others no matter what their education, IQ or position," writes one leadership expert.

Are You Driving Your Team Crazy?
Advancement Weekly Article Successful leaders are not without their management quirks but annoying or bad habits can bring down staff morale, writes one leadership expert.

Managers: Know What Your Employees Want
Advancement Weekly Article If your leadership seems to be bringing success to your organization but there is low productivity and high turnover, your leadership may not be as effective as you think. If you don't know what your employees want, your leadership is suffering, writes one nonprofit leadership expert.

Communicate Your Intention, Again and Again
Advancement Weekly Article Effective communication doesn't begin and end with a quick email. If you want your employees to really understand your message and, better yet, act on it, you must reiterate your intention, according to one communication expert.

Focus on Your Employees' Positive Qualities
Advancement Weekly Article Focusing on the positive characteristics of your employees will open the door to success for your team, according to one management expert.

Development for Academic Leaders 2018
Conference Do you need to raise additional funds for your projects? Then this one-day event is for you. Attend this development seminar to find out what you can and should expect from your development office, how you can measure success and how the cycle of development works.

Be Creative and Be a Better Leader
Advancement Weekly Article Creativity is often overlooked as a key leadership quality but creative leaders can be the key to business success, writes one entrepreneurial expert.

Why Change Management Fails
Advancement Weekly Article Successful organizations are normally resistant to change. Why? It's because the reasons behind change are not always communicated with staff properly, one leadership expert suggests.

How to be a Confident, Not Arrogant Leader
Advancement Weekly Article Leaders can sabotage themselves and their organization when they project arrogance instead of confidence. Successful leaders are grounded and humble in their relationships with their employees, writes one leadership expert.

Management is Not "One Size Fits All"
Advancement Weekly Article Managers tend to manage their employees in the way they would want to be managed. Instead, supervisors should focus on managing their employees as individuals, one leadership expert writes.

4 Ways Curiosity Makes You a Better Leader
Advancement Weekly Article Integrity, decision making and trust are seen as ideal leadership qualities. However, having a healthy dose of curiosity also serves leaders well, says one workplace expert.

Deciding When, and When Not, to Delegate
Advancement Weekly Article Knowing when and when not to delegate is a tough skill for managers to master, but it’s one that is critical for personal success, according to one learning expert.

Make Progress on Goals with 3 Steps
Advancement Weekly Article Every leader wishes for more time to get tasks done. But they must accept the truth: there is never going to be enough time unless they create it, writes one leadership expert.

Treat Employees the Same as Customers
Advancement Weekly Article Leaders know that highly motivated employees are integral to the success of an organization. But motivating employees doesn't happen naturally, writes one human resources expert.

How to Deal with an Upset Employee
Advancement Weekly Article When dealing with employees who are emotionally upset, leaders should take an empathetic approach to help them get back on track, writes one motivational expert.

Surprising Stress Factors for Leaders and Managers
Advancement Weekly Article While senior leaders may have higher incomes and more autonomy in the workplace, they are also more stressed and less happy, according to data collected by behavioral experts.

What One Skill a Leader Needs to Succeed
Advancement Weekly Article Managers who are able to align the strengths of their employees with positions within the company are more effective leaders, according to one leadership expert. This engagement of employees is called strength-based management and should be at the foundation of nonprofit leadership.

How to Keep Goals in Focus
Advancement Weekly Article Teams are most productive when they keep their goals front and center. But it isn't always easy for leaders to help their team maintain that focus, suggests one leadership expert. In fact, if leaders want to keep their team on track, they must remind them of their goal often, even at the beginning of every meeting, writes leadership expert Wayne Turmel for Management Issues.

3 Tips for Leading with Questions
Advancement Weekly Article It's important for leaders to question decisions and actions, even if they have been in a leadership position for years, according to one management expert who adds that "leading with questions" can provide valuable insight that will help make effective decisions.

"Getting to No" to Achieve Success
Advancement Weekly Article Managers who find themselves saying "yes" to every request and assignment could be setting themselves up for failure, writes one management consultant.

Holding People Accountable, the Right Way
Advancement Weekly Article When leaders are disappointed with project outcomes, a misunderstanding of accountability with their team could be the problem, writes one leadership expert.

Why Leaders Should Sharpen Their Storytelling Skills
Advancement Weekly Article Storytelling is a key buzzword in the arenas of branding, public relations and marketing. But stories can strengthen teams working in a variety of fields. Great leaders show—not just tell—their colleagues where they're heading, why it matters and how to be successful, writes an author and strategist.

Can Anyone Be a Great Manager?
Advancement Weekly Article Many leaders at the top of organizations employ the Peter Principle of management: they give management roles to the best performers in the positions below. But is that the best way to manage a team and is effective leadership a skill that can be taught? Two management professors weigh in.

5 Steps to Set Smarter Goals
Advancement Weekly Article Every healthy organization likely has a long list of ideas, strategies and initiatives to try or pilot. But how can a leader decide which priorities to pursue?

The Personality Paradox of Leadership
Advancement Weekly Article What's the difference between a great leader and a bad one? The confidence to be humble, writes an author.

Empathy: A Soft Skill That’s Hard Work
Advancement Weekly Article Empathy is essential to leading healthy teams and organizations, but failing to recognize its limits can be dangerous, writes one researcher.

Leading in Unfamiliar Territory
Advancement Weekly Article One key to managing a team of individuals with diverse, specialized skills: don’t pretend that you can do their jobs, writes a management expert.

Inspire Your Team—Not with Charisma, but Decision-Making
Advancement Weekly Article Most leaders believe that to inspire others, they must exude uncommon charisma. But there is a simpler way, according to a business expert, to inspire change: making decisions.

5 Risky Workplace Biases—and How to Mitigate Them
Advancement Weekly Article To make effective decisions, leaders and team members must confront their biases, write two neuroscience experts.

So You Want to Be the VP?
CURRENTS Article Search firm executive Dennis Barden shares what institutions want—and need—and how aspirants can prepare to be the vice president of advancement.

Putting Success in Succession Planning
CURRENTS Article Michael Eicher, senior vice president of advancement at The Ohio State University, has a strong track record of cultivating advancement, fundraising, and communications vice presidents and vice chancellors. He talks to CURRENTS about succession planning.

Borrow This Move from Santa: Have a Nice List
Advancement Weekly Article Take a leaf from Santa Claus’s playbook this season and celebrate your team’s work, write two leadership experts.

5 Tips to Stay Cool Under Pressure
Advancement Weekly Article There’s a difference between being excited and excitable, writes a career strategist. Understanding that is the key to keeping calm in times of stress.

Redefine Authentic Leadership
Advancement Weekly Article Authentic leadership has emerged during the last decade as a key management principle—but is it just an excuse to be rigid or insensitive?

Take This Simple Step to Be a Great Manager
Advancement Weekly Article Consistently celebrating employees’ accomplishments is the easiest step a manager can take to engage team members, according to a researcher.

Tips to Boost Team Members' Confidence
Advancement Weekly Article The best leaders work to bolster their team members' confidence, says a business expert.

Tips to Become Your Own Best Advocate
Advancement Weekly Article Most seasoned managers are comfortable handling formal negotiations at work but are uncomfortable negotiating on their own behalf, according to one expert on negotiation and leadership.

Empower Staff to be Problem Solvers
Advancement Weekly Article Preparing a company or business group to run on “autopilot” during the leader’s absence is a goal that can be achieved, says one creative leader and entrepreneur.

Why Giving Advice Doesn't Work
Advancement Weekly Article There's a difference between constructive criticism and advice—and advice can confuse colleagues and make them feel defensive, says a business expert.

Is Being Boring the Secret to Management?
Advancement Weekly Article Many teams choose supervisors based on bold vision or confidence—but the best managers are actually boring, according to a business psychology expert.

Improve Problem-Solving Skills
Advancement Weekly Article Managers can become better problem-solvers by asking lots of questions, writes a management consultant.

Respond with Compassion When Employees Make Mistakes
Advancement Weekly Article When employees are not performing well or make a mistake, managers should show them compassion instead of reprimanding them, writes a research psychologist.

Engage Workers by Showing Them Respect
Advancement Weekly Article Showing respect for employees enhances a leader’s influence and performance, writes a business school professor.

Maintain Leadership Perspective to Achieve Success
Advancement Weekly Article Leaders who celebrate their achievements while maintaining a sense of humility are more likely to succeed, writes a management expert.

Communicate Leadership Values to Team
Advancement Weekly Article Managers should make “leadership promises” to themselves and their employees which clearly outline core values and expectations, writes a management consultant.

Learn to Coach Teleworkers
Advancement Weekly Article Leaders have to establish trust with remote workers to effectively manage and motivate them, writes a business school professor.

Being a "Good Enough" Manager
Advancement Weekly Article Nobody’s perfect, so why try to be? The author of a new leadership book writes that managers should strive to be simply “good enough.”

The Characteristics of an Inspiring Leader
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article The best managers inspire their employees by showing empathy, grit and decisiveness, writes a leadership authority.

Boost Employee Engagement
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Supervisors can keep employees engaged at work by listening to their ideas, checking in with them regularly and recognizing their good work, writes a leadership authority.

Convey Leadership Credibility
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders can establish credibility with their employees by being respectful, honest and loyal, writes a leadership expert.

Match Decision-Making Style to Challenge
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers don’t always have to make decisions by seeking input from all of their team members, writes a management expert.

How to Make a Positive Impact at Work
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders who invest time in relationships and helping others better influence their teams and organizations, writes a management consultant.

Avoid These Common Delegation Mistakes
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Many managers are poor delegators because they fail to adequately define what a successfully completed project looks like, writes a leadership development specialist.

How First-Time Managers Should Learn to Lead
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article New bosses can become better leaders by learning who on their team is responsible for what tasks, writes a management specialist.

How Leaders can Display Professionalism
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers need to do more than just excel at their jobs to be considered a professional, writes a business school professor.

Be a Leader Worth Following
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article The best leaders are easy to follow, writes a business school professor.

Successful Managers Help Others Lead
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article The best leaders prepare their workers to operate and make decisions for themselves, writes an executive coach.

Avoid Behaviors that Impair Judgment
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Laziness and indecisiveness are some of the habits that lead to poor decision making, according to a new study of leaders.

Successful Leaders Should Think Like Janitors
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Senior leaders should take leadership cues from their building’s janitors, writes a leadership specialist.

New Leadership: Meet CASE’s 9th President
CURRENTS Article Sue Cunningham will take the helm at CASE on March 9, 2015.

Odds and Ends: Investigating Inventiveness
CURRENTS Article Walter Isaacson on technology—and why smartphones won’t make us zombies

Avoid These Career-Stifling Behaviors
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers who communicate poorly are likely sabotaging their career, say leadership coaches.

Common Mistakes New Managers Make
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers shouldn’t try to be best friends with their employees or indiscriminately use their newly acquired power, writes a leadership expert.

How to Own Up to Failure
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article When leaders slip up, they should take responsibility for their mistakes and avoid excuses, writes a management consultant.

How to Navigate a Stretch Assignment
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers who take on new responsibilities should be open to advice from their colleagues, writes a management expert.

Don’t Delegate These Important Tasks
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers should never delegate certain tasks, writes a leadership expert.

Leadership Behaviors to Avoid During a Crisis
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders should try to consult colleagues at all levels within the organization—not just senior managers—when looking for a solution to a crisis, writes a management consultant.

Vulnerable Behavior Can Be a Strength
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Smart leaders aren’t afraid to show some vulnerability, writes a leadership consultant.

Learn What Decisions to Yield to Others
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Executives should choose which work tasks matter most to them and cede control of nearly everything else to managers they trust, writes a leadership specialist.

Key Leadership Habits to Avoid
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Recently released research identifies several factors that cause well-meaning leaders to make poor decisions.

Think Twice Before Killing an Idea
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers who say no to nearly every project and idea stifle their employees’ creative potential, writes a management strategist.

Improve CEO-CDO Relationships
Article,  Community College News Article To champion fundraising efforts on their campuses, community college presidents should have as strong a working relationship with their foundation director as they do with their provost, says one institutional leader.

In Praise of Imperfection
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders who don’t make mistakes aren’t helping themselves or their employees grow and learn, writes a professional development expert.

Find Happy Medium in Management Style
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Bosses should avoid extremes in behavior—such as being too friendly with or critical of their workers—writes a management specialist.

Don't Get Stuck in a Leadership Rut
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers can be more decisive in their decision-making by avoiding common leadership traps, writes a management consultant.

Creating Cultures of Leadership
Article,  Community College News Article Drew Dudley, leadership educator and keynote speaker at the upcoming CASE Conference for Community College Advancement, says that many advancement practitioners aren’t completely comfortable calling themselves leaders. He wants to remedy that anxiety.

What Managers Should Learn from Coaches
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article To get the best out of their teams, managers should act more like career coaches, writes an executive coach.

Ways Leaders Lose Integrity
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Credibility is hard for a leader to establish but easy to lose, writes a management consultant.

Leaders Should Embrace Humility
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Employees who observe selfless behavior from their managers report being more innovative, according to new research.

Big Marketers on Campus
CURRENTS Article A growing cadre of high-level marketing professionals is moving from the private sector to higher education. Many of these recent arrivals are assuming new cabinet-level positions, reflecting not only the growing acceptance of marketing in higher education but a rising emphasis on sophisticated market research as institutions strive to differentiate themselves in a tough environment—and at a time when the cost and the value of a college degree face unprecedented scrutiny.

Odds and Ends: Leading Lady
CURRENTS Article In this interview, Dawn Dekle, president of the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani, discusses the challenges of being the first woman to lead an Iraqi university.

All Leaders Should Live by a Code
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders who develop and hold themselves to a code of conduct are better role models for their staff, writes a management consultant.

How to Manage Non-Direct Reports
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers should communicate clearly when assigning work to someone who doesn’t report directly to them, says a leadership expert.

Learn from Deficient Leaders
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article New managers should avoid the behavior of difficult bosses, says a management expert.

Self-Awareness is Key for Leadership Growth
Article,  BriefCASE Article Advancement leaders who better understand their own personalities are more effective in their jobs, says an expert in organizational behavior and a plenary speaker at this summer’s CASE Europe Annual Conference.

Managing across a Generation Gap
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Younger bosses who manage older employees should avoid making age a factor in their leadership, says a management adviser.

Promotions Should Change Managers
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers who are promoted to more senior roles need to adjust their management style to cope with the new challenges, says one leadership authority.

Leadership Lessons from Olympians
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Olympic athletes achieve their goals by learning to focus, relax and have confidence in their abilities, says a management expert, who recommends all leaders follow suit to achieve success.

Simple Steps to Better Leadership
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers who make minor adjustments in their behavior can improve their performance and that of their teams, says a management authority.

Ego-Driven Leadership is becoming Obsolete
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Executives of the future need to build strong teams and share leadership, says a management consultant.

Taking Over from an Ineffectual Team Leader
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers who take over an existing team from an underperforming leader must be prepared to remedy any lingering conflict and stress, says an organizational psychologist.

Salvage a Troubled Project
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article A manager can save a floundering work project by acting at the first sign of trouble, says a project management expert.

Learn to Delegate
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article New managers can master the art of delegation by following a few simple steps, says a nonprofit leadership specialist.

Less is More for Leaders
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers should exercise more restraint in their leadership to ensure they focus on the work that matters most to their organizations, says a management expert.

Overcome Leadership Isolation
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Executives are often surrounded by an inner circle of individuals who shield them from critical news and opinions, says a leadership consultant.

Simple Solutions aren't Always Best
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Not every work problem has a simple solution, says a leadership consultant.

Ready a New Manager's Survival Kit
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article New leaders should ensure they have the skills to survive the transition from team member to manager, says a leadership consultant.

Odds and Ends: At the Head of the Table
CURRENTS Article In this Q-and-A with Patty Stonesifer, the new CEO of Martha's Table in Washington, D.C., talks about how volunteerism was part of her upbringing and how she's bringing the business practices she honed at Microsoft and the Gates Foundation to fight poverty and hunger in the nation's capital.

Office Space: Steering a Multigenerational Team to Success
CURRENTS Article Leadership experts say today's workforce is more generationally diverse than ever before. Managers must balance changing workplace expectations with employees shaped by very different experiences and perspectives. This article discusses strategies for managing a multigenerational office.

Overbearing Leaders Hurt Employee Performance
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Aggressive bosses may be hindering their team’s success, according to a study.

Be Self-Confident as a New Leader
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article People promoted to advancement leadership positions should act and lead as if they’ve had a senior position before, says a CASE faculty member.

The Best Leaders are Tough and Nice
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers who are both strong and congenial engage their employees most, according to research.

Leading Amid Uncertainty
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article The best leaders are able to survive and thrive in times of uncertainty by looking for opportunities, says a management consultant.

How to Manage Someone You Don't Like
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders should make sure that they manage all employees fairly, including those who they may not like personally, say two researchers.

Succeed as a First-Time Boss
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article New managers must cultivate new skills to be a successful leader, says a management expert.

Don't Lead with Too Much Optimism
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Managers with an overly optimistic outlook on a project may be thwarting their team’s successful completion of it, says a leadership consultant.

Patience is a Leadership Virtue
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Patient leaders are seen by their employees as more compassionate and open-minded, says a management expert.

Leader, Know Thyself
Article,  Community College News Article By understanding their personal leadership characteristics, community college advancement professionals can improve their work performance, says a talent management expert.

Leadership Lessons from the Boxing Ring
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article A manager who took up boxing says he has learned a number of leadership lessons that readily apply in the boardroom.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Overconfidence
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Confidence is an essential leadership trait. But leaders should avoid being overconfident as this can get them and their institutions into trouble, says a business professor.

Nighttime Rituals for a Better Tomorrow
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders who want to be their best at work in the morning must prepare the night before, says an executive coach.

Lead like Socrates
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article To become better leaders, managers should mimic the ancient Greek philosopher and ask better questions of themselves and their colleagues, says a communications professional.

Humility is an Important Leadership Skill
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders should be diplomatic about how they assert their authority, says the former chief executive of technology giant Honeywell.

Don't Hide Your Mistakes
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Successful leaders make sure that everyone knows when they make a mistake, says Dick Costolo, chief executive of Twitter.

Leading Other Leaders
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article When leading a group of colleagues who are also leaders—such as a board or administrative team—managers must maximize the group’s strengths without yielding control, says an entrepreneur.

Overcome the Pressures of Leadership
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article The way managers respond to pressure reveals the strength of their character and conviction, says a leadership advisor.

Bad Language Reflects Bad Leadership
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Leaders who use curse words are projecting their inability to handle difficult situations, say management professionals.

Lead with Grace
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Some managers focus so much on showing assertiveness and strength that they forget to be gracious, says an entrepreneur.

How to Manage a Team of Former Peers
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Transitioning from peer to boss needn't be awkward, says a leadership expert.

How to be a More Assertive Leader
Advancement Weekly Article,  Article Assertiveness is an essential management skill that can be learned, says a career coach.

What Leaders Should Do Before the End of the Year
Advancement Weekly Article The best leaders know how to ensure their employees are happy and motivated for the new year, says an executive coach.

Don’t Pretend You’re All-Powerful
Advancement Weekly Article Leaders should have the courage to admit that some things are simply beyond their control, says an executive coach.

Bosses should be Both Managers and Leaders
Advancement Weekly Article Successful managers know how to lead and manage, says a workforce expert.

How to Build Trust with Employees
Advancement Weekly Article Managers must reveal their professional motives and personal values to build trust with their employees, say two leadership experts.

Why Too Much Positive Thinking can be a Weakness
Advancement Weekly Article New research indicates that leaders with an overly positive management style can put their organizations at risk.

Leadership Lessons from the Peace Corps
Advancement Weekly Article A manager who spent three years in Zambia with the Peace Corps says the experience taught him how to be a well-rounded leader.

The Achilles' Heels of Great Leaders
Advancement Weekly Article A few positive behaviors that managers pick up on their rise to the top may eventually turn into liabilities, says a leadership expert.

Lead Like an Olympian
Advancement Weekly Article The Olympic games offer many lessons for managers looking to strengthen their skill sets, says one long-time observer of the games.

Good Managers Know How to Do Less
Advancement Weekly Article Leaders who want to be more productive should stop micromanaging their employees and trust them, says a management researcher.

Leadership Lessons from Queen Elizabeth II
Advancement Weekly Article Following all of the recent pageantry surrounding the Diamond Jubilee, an executive coach says there are some applicable lessons that leaders can learn from Queen Elizabeth II.

Boost Your Mental Toughness
Advancement Weekly Article An executive coach says that having the right mentalattitude will lead to better leadership decisions.

Career Tips from the Bard
Advancement Weekly Article William Shakespeare’s plays are full of ideal role models for modern-day leaders in the workplace, writes one leadership expert.

The Dangers of Being Too Smart
Advancement Weekly Article A leadership guru says that know-it-all managers can anger colleagues and slow down the progress of their organizations.

Leadership Lessons from Yoga
Advancement Weekly Article An executive coach says that, in addition to its physical and mental health benefits, yoga can help managers learn certain leadership lessons.

What Makes Chief Advancement Officers Tick?
Article,  BriefCASE Article Self-awareness is one of 14 competencies that successful chief advancement officers have in common, according to two fundraising experts who will share their research findings in an upcoming CASE Online Speaker Series.

Assertiveness is Key to Leadership
Advancement Weekly Article Leaders should be more assertive, according to one management expert, who believes assertiveness magnifies other leadership strenghts.

Volunteering Helps Develop Leadership Skills
Advancement Weekly Article One of the best ways to learn to become a leader is by making a commitment to a cause through volunteer service, writes a leadership expert.

Office Space: Stepping into a Leadership Role
CURRENTS Article Laurie Houck is new to her job as a vice president for development and alumni relations and reflects on what is most important in the first 100 days of a new job.

Leaders Should be Global Citizens
Advancement Weekly Article Given how interconnected and international the workforce has become, it is increasingly important for organizational leaders to be global citizens and understand the importance of cultural nuances, write two management experts.

Tips for Personal Leadership Development
Advancement Weekly Article To be a great leader, you must be a continual learner, writes one management guru.

Why Great Leaders Should be like Philosophers
Advancement Weekly Article It is important for managers to have a leadership philosophy that guides all of their actions, says one management expert, who adds that these leaders can put that philosophy into practice in a few simple steps.

Being the Most Memorable Person in the Room
Advancement Weekly Article By truly embodying a few simple principles, leaders can have an incalculable impact on the people around them, writes one management expert.

Communication Runs Through It
CURRENTS Article In this article, Tom S. Landrum, the senior vice president for external affairs at The University of Georgia, traces his career path in advancement from his first job in public relations more than 35 years ago to his appointment to the top advancement job in 2008 and discusses how his background in communications has affected his views on how development, alumni relations, and communications work together.

Good Leaders are like Meteorologists
Advancement Weekly Article We rely on the expertise of meteorologists to tell us everything about the weather—from whether we’ll need an umbrella tomorrow to how much we can expect to perspire on the weekend. One management blogger says many employees look to their organizational leaders for similar foresight.

Why Leaders Need a Sense of Humor
Advancement Weekly Article Humor and humility appear to go hand in hand, says a management guru who believes these attributes help self-confident leaders keep their feet on the ground and their egos in check.

When to Reveal Your Decision-Making Process
Advancement Weekly Article Sometimes it pays to show the hard work and drama that went into making a management decision while at other times it may be better to simply make a pronouncement. How should you determine which to do?

How to Get out of a Leadership Rut
Advancement Weekly Article Some managers can get comfortable playing things safely and stop investing in their own personal growth and development. They, essentially, become a leader in title only. Sound familiar?

Managing Up
CURRENTS Article When institutional leaders lay out unrealistic fundraising expectations, it helps to educate them about the unique fundraising needs and approaches of your institution.

Maintaining Your Cool as a Manager
Advancement Weekly Article Managers are constantly being watched by their employees, and so it behooves them to keep their cool, especially when the going gets tough.

Charisma is a Teachable Trait
Advancement Weekly Article Charisma is a valuable though sometimes elusive quality in leadership. It’s commonly thought that this trait is something you either have or you don’t. But a new study suggests that the trait is not as intangible as once thought and can be taught.

Characteristics of Ineffective Leaders
Advancement Weekly Article Many organizations suffer from a recognition problem, according to one management guru—they can’t recognize good leaders from bad ones.

Odds and Ends: Breaking Through
CURRENTS Article In this interview with Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. military's first black female combat pilot, she discusses her experience with creating a culture of teamwork and mutual respect, the challenges of keeping people who work for large organizations engaged, and how higher education can help veterans as well as be helped by their experience.

Tied but Not Bound
CURRENTS Article Alumni leaders who have worked for their alma mater and another institution (or two) offer insight on both experiences.

The Likability of Managers
Advancement Weekly Article Do leaders have to be liked by their subordinates to be effective? A study suggests that managers should strive for a happy medium when it comes to being assertive in the workplace.

Leadership is like Riding a Bike
Advancement Weekly Article There’s more to competitive cycling than meets the eye. And one leadership expert says there’s plenty managers can learn from those who compete in endurance races like the Tour de France.

The Leadership Ladder
CURRENTS Article How will you acquire the skills necessary to be a leader in our profession or a leader on your current team? An alumni relations leader reflects on the experiences that prepared her for leadership.

Taking Advice from Colleagues
Advancement Weekly Article A new study reports that managers in powerful positions tend to dismiss others' advice when making decisions. The researchers warn that they do so to their own detriment.

Looking and Acting Like a Leader
Advancement Weekly Article Effective managers talk the talk and walk the walk. They give off an aura of leadership. But gaining this skill doesn’t have to be easier said than done.

Outlook: New Directions
CURRENTS Article As education and advancement leaders are exhorted to be more open, they fret about letting go of control. What leaders need to accept to succeed in today's social media landscape is that they are no longer in control (and probably never really were to the degree they thought).

Odds and Ends: Father Time
CURRENTS Article The author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People discusses time management, leadership, and leaving a legacy.

Office Space: A-Maze-ing Grace
CURRENTS Article Although team-building activities might not be for everyone, they can cement relationships across advancement in new ways.

Career Path: The Perfect Fit
CURRENTS Article Sometimes a person outside of the field can make the best leader. That's what happened when a marketing professional became the head of the foundation of a large community college system.

Manager's Portfolio: Making a Management Transition
CURRENTS Article Even when you have management experience, you face new staff, a new campus culture, and new challenges when you move to a different institution. This article by an advancement professional in that situation shares his plan and offers some practical tips.

Career Path: Follow and Leader
CURRENTS Article The author took a sabbatical to raise money for a project close to her heart and learned some important lessons about how to be a good manager.

Manager's Portfolio: Leading by Questioning and Listening
CURRENTS Article Strategic questions can uncover need-to-know information for team motivation and performance

Managers Portfolio: I'm All Ears
CURRENTS Article Listening leadership means to guide yourself and others to positive results by enhanced sensing, interpreting, evaluating, storing, and responding to messages. Unfortunately, great listening is a rare management skill. To build a solid foundation for listening success, advancement managers should understand that listening is a primary communication activity; it’s an innate, learned, and improvable behavior; and that responsible and active listeners are productive listeners. Further, listening leaders constantly strive to improve their skills.

Manager's Portfolio: Hat Tricks
CURRENTS Article Successful chief advancement officers must play numerous campus roles--everything from motivator and manager to pace-setter and major gifts officer. The article identifies the seven characteristics these top professionals need to manage institution CEOs, board members, staff members across campus, and the internal advancement team.

Overarching Concerns
CURRENTS Article Just as the nature of higher education is changing, so too is the campus presidency. As advancement officers increasingly work closely with campus CEOs, they should be well informed about the demands and new challenges they face.

Manager's Portfolio: Up Where We Belong
CURRENTS Article Leadership with personality, panache, and--most important--confidence sets the tone for the campus workplace. Determine your management style with a revealing look at the characteristics of insecure bosses and top-flight professionals.

Closing Remarks: Lead Story
CURRENTS Article Campus leaders are the chief storytellers of their institutions. Telling stories—communicating core messages—helps them build trust, maintain integrity, model productive behavior, and set a tone for their campuses. To do so, they must ensure they’re heard amid the din of other communications, practice self-disclosure so others will be open with them, and maintain balance in their roles so their stories and messages convey a broad range of perspectives.

Closing Remarks: Looking for Leaders
CURRENTS Article Even though responsibility for creating an ethical advancement program starts at the top, too many senior leaders are silent about the importance of doing the right thing. This Closing Remarks column spells out basic principles to raise standards and create ethical organizations. The article is of interest to chief advancement officers as well as managers of alumni relations, development, marketing and communications, and advancement services.

AdvanceWork: Leadership Lessons
CURRENTS Article More guiding principles for advancement officers

AdvanceWork: Leadership Lessons
CURRENTS Article What are the secrets of your success as an advancement leader?

AdvanceWork: Essential Elements of Leadership
CURRENTS Article Sage advice for chief advancement officers

Closing Remarks: Leading the Way
CURRENTS Article The Internet is rapidly becoming a dominant medium, and -- as with past revolutions in mass communication -- leaders must develop a corresponding new set of social and organizational skills. These include: 1) an intuitive understanding of the new economy; 2) an ability to manage team processes rather than implement hierarchies; 3) skill in managing relationships; 4) a passion for their product or service; 5) marketing expertise; 6) comfort with technology; 7) a respect for failure.

AdvanceWork: Lead the Follower
CURRENTS Article One mark of a great leader is a willingness to help his or her staffers become exceptional followers, says consultant Robert A. Sevier of Stamats Communications.

Manager's Portfolio: Creating a Leader Culture
CURRENTS Article Beck describes a nonprofit management model suited to volunteer-powered groups such as alumni associations and foundation boards. She explains how organizations can create a collaborative culture based on four factors: participation, communication, direction, and recognition. Organizations can use the model in exercises to analyze the role of leadership and examine institutional culture.

Manager's Portfolio: The Leadership Paradox
CURRENTS Article Institutions want great leaders, but for leaders to be successful, their staff members must be good followers. Sevier lists four key responsibilities of exceptional followers: 1) Speak up when you feel the leader is making a mistake, but do so privately and professionally. 2) Support the leader's final decision. 3) Encourage the leader. 4) Defend the leader, and avoid engaging in public criticism.

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