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3 Tactics to Build Trust
Advancement Weekly Article Trust between organizations is key to making any collaborative partnership work, but it can take years to build. Can that trust-building process be accelerated? Two strategists weigh in.

Shared Interests
CURRENTS Article As shrinking budgets continue to put pressure on development offices, institutions are looking to expand public-private partnerships as a way to generate support. This article explores the benefits of P3s for institutions, businesses, and the surrounding community.

The Diversity Imperative
CURRENTS Article As the United States as well as college enrollment grow more diverse, advancement shops are challenged to improve outreach to alumni and donors of difference. Many colleges and universities are trying new approaches, such as meaningful engagement of minority communities and business groups in their areas or a rethinking of race-based affinity groups.

Strength in Numbers
CURRENTS Article This article looks at the challenges and benefits of working within a higher education consortium from a communications and marketing perspective by looking at the experiences of advancement professionals at several institutions that are consortium members.

Closing Remarks: Come Together Over Me
CURRENTS Article The author proposes that the 12 institutions affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church combine their fundraising efforts to create one endowment.

Natural Attraction
CURRENTS Article What can alumni relations professionals learn from their corporate cousins?

Leader of the Pack
CURRENTS Article This article looks at a few U.S. colleges and universities that have built retirement communities on their campuses. It remains to be seen if bequests or alumni donations will increase due to these communities, but at the very least retirees add a whole new element to campus life.

Competition Begets Collaboration
CURRENTS Article The “Solutions for Our Future” campaign is a national initiative to establish a dialogue about the critical role colleges and universities play in serving the public, solving pressing societal needs, and preparing people for our country’s future. This initiative is not the first of its kind, though. Similar outreach efforts/public awareness campaigns from groups of institutions exist at all levels. This article examines the Solutions campaign and several other collaborations and consortiums, and explores why these campaigns come together, how they work, and what the results have been.

AdvanceWork: Who's Minding the Children?
CURRENTS Article A community relations program at the University of Southern California trains neighborhood volunteers to keep an eye on children on their way to and from school.

In Advance: Flick or Flop?
CURRENTS Article Duke university staff offer tips for dealing with film production companies that may want to use your campus as a setting for their next movie.

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