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Working with Corporate Foundations
CURRENTS Article Corporations often don't understand why academia isn't more nimble. Here's what corporations and their foundations expect of universities: aligned priorities, streamlined communication, clear directions and deliverables, an infrastructure for ongoing engagement, and robust data management.

Strengthening the Relationship Between an Institution's Chief Executive and Chief Development Officer
Podcast William Scroggins and William Lambert from Mt. San Antonio College discuss how often a chief executive and chief development officer should interact. Also, learn how they should handle donor meetings together.

Leaders Have a Lot to "Unlearn"
Article,  Community College News Article Community college leaders need to adapt to the changing advancement and educational landscape for their institutions to thrive, says a keynote speaker at the upcoming CASE Conference for Community College Advancement.

Advice for New Chief Fundraisers
Article,  Community College News Article To achieve fundraising success, chief development officers need to establish a good working relationship with their college president, says a CASE presenter.

Stick the Landing
CURRENTS Article As it grows in stature and expectation, the vice president of development or advancement position entails more than fundraising. The vice president has to be an effective partner to the president, has to spend more time with trustees, and has to be skilled at governance issues and diplomacy. This story explores how the chief development officer position has evolved and what it takes to be a development vice president or assistant vice president these days.

Academic Aspirations
CURRENTS Article Why does a chief advancement officer need an advanced degree? Having a firm foundation in the academy enables the CAO to better understand and articulate the needs of the institution and earns credibility with the faculty, writes Linda Durant of Widener University.

Mind the Gap
CURRENTS Article If good communication is the key to a successful relationship, it might be time for chief fundraisers and their institutional CEOs to consider couples counseling.

Surveys of Campus Leaders and Chief Fundraisers
Report How do campus leaders and chief fundraisers view their roles in the fundraising process? Where are their perspectives aligned, where do they differ and what can they do to work together most effectively to raise private support on behalf of their institution? Campus CEOs and chief development officers can start the conversation by downloading and completing these surveys. They can compare results, identify areas where their perceptions align and diverge, explore opportunities for improvement and grow understanding of each other's role.

Community College CEO/Chief Development Officer Survey Report
Report Do community college presidents believe they're getting adequate support from chief fundraisers? Do fundraisers believe that their CEOs understand their roles in fundraising success? In summer 2012, CASE conducted parallel surveys of community college CEOs and chief development officers to gather their perspectives on their roles and relationship. The surveys and a presentation of the findings are included.

Advice for New Chief Fundraisers
Article,  Community College News Article Two community college chief fundraisers say colleagues who are new to leadership roles in fundraising should engage academic and board leaders in the advancement process, so that they have institutional allies in their work efforts.

How Presidents and Development Directors Work Together
Article,  Community College News Article Mutual respect and common understanding are essential to productive relationships between chief executives and chief advancement officers at community colleges, says one such duo from a two-year institution in New York.

Independent School Head/Chief Development Officer Survey Report
Report Do school heads believe they're getting adequate support from chief fundraisers? Do fundraisers believe that their school heads understand their roles in fundraising success? In fall 2011, CASE conducted parallel surveys of independent school heads and chief development officers to gather their perspectives on their roles and relationship. The surveys and a presentation of the findings are included.

Sticking Together
CURRENTS Article The partnership between the chief development officer and the chief executive officer is one of the most important relationships at any educational institution. This article discusses the benefits of building a strong CDO-CEO bond, and the challenges that may arise in the process. Communicating openly, valuing the skills that each brings to the table, and devoting time and resources into making their collaboration work are all vital to strengthening the relationship.

As the World Turns
CURRENTS Article Development is a relatively recent activity in European independent schools, which have unique cultural and historical challenges regarding fundraising. This article describes what the challenges are and how several schools abroad are overcoming them. One important strategy is having a strong development team made up of the head of school, the board chair, and the development director. Each has a specific and critical role to play.

Sweeping Clean
CURRENTS Article The arrival of a new campus chief executive officer often means the departure of the current chief advancement officer, but both parties—and the institution—benefit when the two develop a good working relationship. The author provides advice to both CAOs and CEOs for making the transition go as smoothly as possible.

It's a Matter of Trust
CURRENTS Article The working relationship between the president and the chief advancement officer is one of the closest on campus. A CEO and CAO must develop together a shared, behind-the-scenes perspective to enjoy each other's company and the tasks they undertake together. The keys to a successful working relationship are respect, trust, and a common understanding.

Managers Portfolio: What Great CAOs Are Made of
CURRENTS Article A survey of campus CEOs reveals the skills that they consider essential in a successful chief advancement officer. The survey also finds that most CAOs come from the ranks of development, and that women and minorities are underrepresented at the top of the advancement ladder.

In Advance: The Public Perspective
CURRENTS Article James Erickson interviewed chief executive officers of 37 public institutions that had been successful in their fund-raising efforts in 1995-1996 as noted by the Council for Aid to Education. Erickson, vice chancellor for university advancement at the University of California at Riverside, found that involvement of the CEO played a key role in the success of theses campaigns. His findings show that: 1) these CEOs devote significant time to fund raising; 2) they are involved in solicitation; 3) they keep their board of trustees informed and seek their support and advice; 4) chief development staff report directly to their CEOs; 5) these institutions seek support from a variety of sources; and 6) support for scholarships and fellowships is a top priority.

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