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Amazing Alumni Spaces
CURRENTS Article Whether it's historic or modern, intimate or enormous, a good alumni house enhances its university's culture and caters to alumni needs. It can be the backdrop of a memory-making wedding photo, the scenic start of a tour, a place to recharge school spirit, or a cozy nook for relaxing. Here are seven noteworthy alumni spaces that will impress you with their backstory, technology, collections, and character.

Our House
CURRENTS Article Alumni houses or centers are usually constructed to serve alumni first and foremost, but by also allowing access to students, other campus departments and offices, and the community at large, alumni associations can bring these buildings to life and cement relationships with different important constituents.

Do Drop In
CURRENTS Article An alumni center is a home and a gathering place for alumni, students, and the community. In this article, Kansas State University’s alumni director offers a behind-the-scenes look at how staff members manage the day-to-day requirements of maintaining a beautiful, multipurpose facility. To build and care for an alumni center, alumni directors and their staffs must assess the need for such a space on campus and in the community, work closely with association board members and the institution’s CEO, and get input from alumni. Once the center is built, alumni staff members must rely on adequate staffing and well-developed guidelines to manage and promote the center properly. Creating an endowment can help an alumni association pay for future repairs and enhancement projects.

Alumni Forever
CURRENTS Article In response to a growing group of alumni who want to be buried or inurned at their alma maters, several institutions are constructing cemeteries, columbaria, or memorial gardens where graduates can return to campus after death. For some of these schools, these projects represent a new revenue stream; for others, it’s just a way to allow alums to come home again.

The House that North Dakota State Built
CURRENTS Article The author recounts her involvement in creating a new alumni center for North Dakota State University. As project manager, she was involved in designing and raising funds for the center, gathering bids and selecting a contractor, and providing oversight through the process of construction, decorating, and landscaping. The story addresses center staffing and management and describes the facility's dedication ceremony.

Back to School
CURRENTS Article Retirement communities located near campuses offer such benefits as continuing education and intergenerational contact. Some campuses establish their own communities; others enter into formal or informal partnerships with developers. Tips for a successful project include these: 1) Analyze your motivations. 2) Make sure the community offers shopping, medical care, and other necessary features. 3) Plan on providing assisted living units and a nursing facility as well as independent living units. 4) Choose a site with close proximity to campus. 5) Establish institutional and financial support up front. 6) Consult with professionals in the senior housing industry. 7) Be committed to lifelong learning. A sidebar profiles retirement communities associated with University of Virginia, Iowa State University, and Appalachian State University.

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