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Student Alumni Initiatives: Chapman University - Silver Award
Best Practice The Chapman Ambassadors Program was formed in 2000 to assist with a few events but languished in the absence of a committed leader. During spring 2005, the program was restructured and redesigned. After three years of incremental membership growth, the program has achieved the planned maximum of 30 members and become a successful student group.

Alumni Programs: Upper Canada College - Silver Medal
Best Practice Upper Canada College's Common Ties Mentorship Program facilitates relationships between students, alumni and members of the community to help individuals excel educationally, professionally and personally. The program offers three distinct services to the UCC community: an Alumni Career Mentorship Program, an IB University Mentorship Program and Common Ties Events.

Collaborative Programs: Florida International University - Bronze Medal
Best Practice Sponsored by the Florida International University Alumni Association and the university bookstore, FIU's bi-annual Commencement Grad Send-Off provides the graduating class an opportunity to finalize all commencement needs in one stop. Sales of "Grad Packs," which included an annual membership in the FIU Alumni Association, resulted in 2,889 new members. Thus, 50 percent of the graduating class became dues paying members of the alumni association at the event.

Student Alumni Initiatives: University of Missouri/ Mizzou Alumni - Silver Medal
Best Practice The University of Missouri was created in 1839 by an act passed by the state general assembly. In the spirit of service modeled by the founding families in 1839, Mizzou ’39 was created in fall 2004 as a way to recognize the 39 most outstanding seniors for their academic achievement, leadership and service to the campus and community. The Mizzou Alumni Association Student Board manages the Mizzou '39 program.

Technology Applications: University of North Carolina General Alumni Association - Bronze Medal
Best Practice In August 2006, the University of North Carolina General Alumni Association's Student Membership Program implemented a cost-effective scanner system that reads student IDs to better track event attendance and facilitate follow-up e-mail surveys.

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