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Access and Allies
CURRENTS Article While universities in Scotland—and around the world—are eager to take advantage of these kinds of missions, they are often hampered by limited resources and can struggle to draw enough alumni to North American events to make the planning and effort worthwhile. These institutions have discovered that joining forces—with each other, the government, and private organizations—is the key to building a more effective international alumni engagement program.

How Partnerships Can Stretch Global Alumni Reach
Article,  BriefCASE Article Universities face plenty of challenges in engaging their international alumni-from locating alumni to drawing them to events and building a community.

A Global Mindset
CURRENTS Article More international schools are recognizing the importance of alumni relations, communications, and fundraising. CASE's Fundraising in International Schools Report 2016 found that 82 percent of the international schools surveyed had a fundraising or development office. The marketplace is changing. Once a bastion for expats whose tuition was paid by corporations, international schools now attract middle-class families in developing and emerging economies. The schools can help launch their children into universities around the world, and having 40 to 60 different nations represented in international school classrooms isn't unusual. Some schools have up to 90—and such diversity means advancement has to be extra diligent and creative. Whether they are American, Singaporean, or German, parents often face a steep learning curve before they become willing to give.

Should You Establish an Advancement Office Overseas?
CURRENTS Article Institutions that have opened an advancement office overseas report intangible benefits, while others find it more economical to rack up frequent flier miles. Others do a combination of both. Here's how four institutions found success.

The Asian Equation
CURRENTS Article Cultural awareness is becoming more and more relevant to alumni relations and development as the fields grow and evolve. The realization that what works in the U.S. may not work elsewhere is a modest yet crucial srtarting point in formulating an international engagement strategy.

Making Campus More Culturally Sensitive
Article,  BriefCASE Article Advancement professionals should help improve cultural literacy on their campuses, says a director of international alumni relations.

How Advancement Professionals Can Work with Other Cultures
Podcast Aamir Anwar, of Carnegie Mellon University, discusses how educational philanthropy is viewed differently around the world. He also talks about how advancement professionals can become more culturally competent and responsive in their work.

Foreign Service
CURRENTS Article Are you looking for new ways to involve your international alumni in the life of your institution? CURRENTS examines the specifics of engagement initiatives at the University of Toronto, the University of Queensland, and London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, among others, and offers recommendations that other institutions can implement.

Resolve to Go Global
CURRENTS Article Alumni relations professionals still struggle to serve graduates abroad in meaningful ways. Gretchen Dobson, author of Being Global: Making the Case for International Alumni Relations, encourages leaders to start a new year—and a new century of alumni relations—with these five steps.

More Institutions Engaging International Alumni
Article,  BriefCASE Article More universities are engaging their international alumni to support campus and curriculum efforts worldwide, according to a report.

Engaging International Alumni Critical for UK Business Schools, Universities
Article,  BriefCASE Article European business schools and universities that wish to compete globally must have a strategy to "actively and genuinely" engage with their international alumni, writes one alumni relations expert in a recent Financial Times article.

Strategic Affinity: Engaging International Alumni to Support Internationalisation, a UK Case Study Approach
Nicholas J. Miller for Higher Education Academy
Report This report, which builds on earlier work, highlights the latest trends in internationalization and international alumni relations in the UK and proposes a conceptual framework for developing synergies between them. Studies are presented under three headings, and recommendations are drawn from each. These recommendations inform the final commentary, which offers a number of strategic principles for maximizing the contributions of international alumni to internationalization.

Find the Right Fit
CURRENTS Article Many institutions adopt a one-size-fits-all strategy for engaging international alumni, but what works for graduates in Germany may not work for alumni living in New York City. Alumni relations strategies must reflect the needs and cultural environments of graduates who live in different countries. The ESADE Alumni International team shares its successful model for governing international chapters that achieves this important balance.

Office Space: Foreign exchange
CURRENTS Article In this article, Sue Rees, head of alumni relations at City University London, discusses what she learned during her opportunity to observe and work with alumni associations at six U.S. institutions and compares and contrasts the differences between alumni organization efforts in the United States and the U.K., which she concludes is mainly a difference in scale and scope.

Emerging Fundraising Opportunities in Asia
Podcast Hear Marc Weinstein from McGill University explain why it takes a substantial commitment for a western institution to successfully enter and stay in the Asia-Pacific market. Also, hear his advice on how to make personal connections with potential donors in the region.

Managing Volunteers
Podcast Listen to Molly Peoples from the University of Cambridge explain why working with volunteers can benefit your institution and "restore your faith in humanity." Also, catch her advice on how to manage volunteers who "push the limits."

International Alumni Relations
Good Question Does CASE have any materials on international alumni chapters, common issues among schools with international alumni programs, or related topics?

International Alumni Relations Programs
Sample Collection The Library maintains this collection of documents used to organize and engage international alumni. Samples include international alumni officer job descriptions; handbooks and guides; international group constitutions and bylaws; data protection agreements; activity, event and program forms and ideas; newsletters and more.

International Alumni Relations Programs
Podcast Gretchen Dobson from Tufts University discusses how to launch of an international alumni relations program. She is the author of the CASE book, Being Global: Making the Case for International Alumni Relations.

Experts Share Advice on Adding Value to International Alumni Networks
Article,  BriefCASE Article Alumni teams at Cambridge Judge Business School, Queensland University of Technology and the Chinese University of Hong Kong share a common genius: with limited resources and staff, they have boosted international alumni involvement, engaged students with their alumni program and expanded the reputation of their institutions. Colleagues at these institutions discussed their successful initiatives at the recent CASE Asia-Pacific conference.

Global Greetings
CURRENTS Article This article discusses Mount Holyoke College's efforts to involve its international alumnae and other audiences to make the inauguration of its 18th president a global event. The communications team leveraged the Web and social media, in addition to traditional communications tactics and tools, to reach out to its constituents. The article also discusses how the team measured and followed up on its efforts, from thanking staff to increasing its use of video to communicate with alumnae and other audiences.

Tending the Flock
CURRENTS Article Is international alumni relations worth the effort? Or should you focus your time on alumni who are closer to home and easier to reach? This article suggests items to ponder in making this decision and tips for implementing an international alumni program.

The Power of Two
CURRENTS Article BI Norwegian School of Management publishes two alumni magazine, one in Norwegian and the other in English. The English-language magazine has helped keep international alumni engaged.

Long-Distance Connection
CURRENTS Article Transient populations, cultural diversity, language barriers, competing loyalties, and geographic separation are just some of the challenges international schools face in communicating with their alumni. This article explores how international school alumni programs can develop a sense of community with far-flung alumni.

Office Space: Foreign Affairs
CURRENTS Article As more institutions expand operations abroad, setting up satellite offices in various countries that have high concentrations of alumni makes sense.

Continental Drift
CURRENTS Article Educational institutions are entering new education markets and recruiting students from abroad at a quickening pace. Now, of necessity, they are turning their attention to international advancement and how best to engage alumni, friends, governments, foundations, and other entities beyond their borders.

Through Space and Time
CURRENTS Article The status quo for international alumni has been to let them form a chapter and leave it at that. In an effort to tap their development potential, recruit more foreign students, and enhance their global reputation, the institutions highlighted in this article are taking international alumni engagement to another level.

Imperial College London: Silver Award
Best Practice The Imperial College International Ambassador Scheme was launched in September 2006 to enhance the way the College engages alumni who live outside the UK. The scheme gives international alumni exposure to senior members of the College administration and faculty, enhances services for overseas alumni, provides College updates from those who experience and influence college life, enables established international alumni groups to use Ambassador events to gain new active members, helps inactive groups to revive activities, and enables senior staff members to actively contribute to relationship building with alumni.

Running an International Alumni Program: Strategic Approach Works Best
Article,  BriefCASE Article Outreach to international alumni can be done cost-effectively and bring big returns if approached strategically.

Postcard from Beijing
CURRENTS Article A look at U.S. and Australian universities that organized alumni events for the Beijing Olympic Games.

Advance Work: Distance, Shmistance
CURRENTS Article An alumni group that started as a grassroots effort in North America has grown into a successful endeavor for the University of Sydney, half a world away.

Advance Work: The Eagle Has Landed
CURRENTS Article An international independent school has come up with an easy and relevant way to keep its alumni engaged. It involves a stuffed eagle, some pictures, and a blog.

Alumni Relations Programs: Tufts University - Gold Medal
Best Practice On Oct. 19, 2006, Tufts University Alumni Association invited all regional chapters to participate in Tufts World Day, a series of orchestrated events around the world that celebrated the university's networks of alumni, parents, students, and friends. Tufts World Day promoted a connectedness among alumni and back to alma mater just two weeks before the public launch of "Beyond Boundaries: The Campaign for Tufts."

Advance Work: Something in Common
CURRENTS Article Smaller institutions sometimes need to think about economies of scale when planning alumni events. A group of European independent schools did just that and pulled off a successful joint reunion in New York.

Advance Work: International Connection
CURRENTS Article The University of California is connecting students studying abroad with UC alumni living in the same city. Alumni feel more connected to their alma maters and the students have someone to help them get their bearings--a win-win situation.

Advance Work: International Incident
CURRENTS Article To cut costs, Carleton University stopped mailing its magazine to its 1,800 alumni living outside North America. The results were devastating, and the university made a concerted effort to win back its international alumni.

One Craft, Different Cultures
CURRENTS Article More alumni directors outside North America are reaching out to their alumni audiences to encourage lifelong relationships with alma mater. However, these alumni directors face unique challenges. In Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Australia, school and university alumni often don’t have the tradition of giving to alma mater that’s a given in the United States and Canada. The institutions might not have maintained close ties with alumni, and poor record keeping can hinder relationship-building efforts. Some institutions' goals for alumni relations include encouraging continuing education and career networking by alumni as well as fund raising. Campus alumni offices also can become resources for groups of alumni who are more connected to each other than to the institution.

Sending Signals
CURRENTS Article The popular distance learning approach of Britain’s campus-less Open University has generated a global presence and an international alumni base, as well as an atypical advancement operation. The fledgling alumni office seeks to involve alumni volunteers in multiple ways suited to OU’s character, such as student recruitment and mentoring. The development operation maintains a strong emphasis on business development while building programs in annual giving and planned giving.

All Roads Lead Back to Alma Mater
CURRENTS Article Five case studies show how institutions are linking international alumni to their alma maters. Examples include: 1) University of Wisconsin, Madison, with alumni in Bangkok; 2) Stanford University, with alumni in Paris; 3) University College Cork, Ireland, with alumni in New York; 4) Phillips Academy, with alumni in London; 5) University of Toronto, with alumni in Hong Kong. A sidebar provides tips for keeping in touch with alumni abroad.

Manager's Portfolio: Advancement Away from Home
CURRENTS Article Frankle, alumni and development director at the University of Toronto, describes how her staff established a Hong Kong office. The remote office carries out such tasks as coordinating visits for institutional leaders, planning events for the large Hong Kong alumni base, supervising volunteers, maintaining alumni records, recruiting students, and conducting prospect research. Frankle recommends that institutions considering opening overseas offices should: 1) hire people with local and institutional knowledge; 2) make sure they know the language; 3) bring staffers home for training annually; and 4) evaluate them fairly.

Tech Support: High-Tech Ties that Bind
CURRENTS Article In addition to e-mail and campus Web sites, the Internet offers special advantages for reaching out to international alumni. The article describes ways to use Internet telephone programs, streaming audio and video, freeware, and live chat to increase contact with alumni globally.

World-Class Annual Funds
CURRENTS Article Wondering how you might broaden your annual fund campaign to include prospects outside the United States? Consider these tips: 1) target those countries where your alumni are most concentrated; 2) follow your campus’ strengths by targeting countries where faculty already possess expertise; and 3) focus on building ties with parents. How can you keep overseas prospects connected to your institution? Consider establishing an alumni association just for alumni in a particular part of the world, and encourage volunteers with overseas connections to get involved. When communicating about the importance of philanthropy, remember that approaches to natives of other countries and U.S. expatriates need to be different. When wondering if you should use English in all correspondence, use English if you teach in English.

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