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Alumni Dues
Good Question Does CASE have any resources or best practices on alumni association funding models?

The Loyal Treatment
CURRENTS Article Higher education can learn important lessons from corporate loyalty programs. So what are their secrets? And how can you cash in on them?

Dues or No Dues
CURRENTS Article Should your alumni association charge for its services? This article explores dues models at several institutions, including Sam Houston State University’s hybrid structure of charging dues but still delivering certain amenities to nonpaying members; the University of Virginia Alumni Association’s strict dues-paying program where members must pay the fee before receiving services, which is a plan that enjoys a large rate of participation; and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s dues-free model that includes a perks program.

That Entrepreneurial Spirit
CURRENTS Article Now that credit card affinity programs aren't as lucrative for alumni associations as they once were, many alumni associations are looking to diversify their mix of revenue sources.

Increasing the Harvest
CURRENTS Article In 2007 the University of Colorado Boulder Alumni Association eliminated dues and created "Forever Buffs," a new model of the alumni experience that welcomes all students and alumni into a 270,000-strong family with lifelong benefits. In place of dues is a one-time $70 fee all students pay upon matriculation that guarantees them a lifetime of alumni services and programming. The author describes how the funding switch was made and how "Forever Buffs" has changed the alumni association.

Dues Diligence
CURRENTS Article Some alumni associations have recently made news by eschewing their dues programs in favor of a nondues model. This article argues that it is important for administrators to carefully evaluate the importance and value of dues programs. Although the body of research on alumni association membership is limited, what exists suggests that membership dues programs provide value to their institutions beyond the income they generate for the alumni association.

Advancement Achievers
CURRENTS Article Profiles of selected 2002 Circle of Excellence winners

Drawing Alumni Closer
CURRENTS Article The University of Illinois Alumni Association has decided to end its 136-year-old dues program, which boasted more than 130,000 members. Now, all graduates are members of the alumni association at no cost, no strings attached.

Alumni Leaders Puzzle Over Funding as Revenue Dips
Article,  BriefCASE Article As affinity revenue starts to dip for some institutions and the dismal economy affects everyone, funding the alumni association has become an even greater puzzle.

New Program Initiatives: Arizona State University - Silver Award
Best Practice Arizona State University created a special program within the Alumni Association to engage faculty and staff who are also ASU alumni. The U Devils program was successfully launched with a series of events and activities and a membership campaign.

Dues and Don'ts
CURRENTS Article This article discusses industry perceptions of alumni association dues. Do they inhibit giving to the annual fund, or do they help highlight engaged alumni? Do dues-paying alumni associations end up spending too much time and money recruiting members? As with most vexing questions, the answer to these questions is: It depends.

Deal of a Lifetime
CURRENTS Article Revive a dormant membership program with ideas from the Cal Aggie Alumni Association of the University of California, Davis. The association staff found that detailed research, comprehensive marketing efforts, and solid member benefits can help alumni associations improve services and capture alumni attention.

Paying Your Dues
CURRENTS Article Shrinking campus budgets often lead to discussions about the value of alumni association membership dues programs. Do these programs bring in revenue and increase overall campus support--or do they create alumni confusion as well as competition for the annual fund? Alumni managers from a range of campuses weigh in on how they educate former students and find the right solutions for their campuses.

AdvanceWork: A Doggone Dilemma
CURRENTS Article Problem/Solution

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