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Strategic Partnerships and Student Advancement Organizations
Podcast The University of Chicago’s Lori Hurvitz talks about how to create strategic partnerships between a student advancement organization and other divisions on campus—from dining to Greek life—to educate students about the importance of philanthropy.

Advancement Talk: Engaging Students at Non-Traditional Institutions
Podcast Darren Swaine of Bowie State University talks about ways to engage students at non-traditional schools.

Diversifying Volunteer Boards
Podcast James H. Moore Jr., from The University of Arizona Foundation, discusses the why it is important for volunteer boards to reflect the diversity of their institution. He also shares a few examples of how advancement professionals can recruit and engage volunteer board members from diverse backgrounds.

How Advancement Professionals Can Work with Other Cultures
Podcast Aamir Anwar, of Carnegie Mellon University, discusses how educational philanthropy is viewed differently around the world. He also talks about how advancement professionals can become more culturally competent and responsive in their work.

How Alumni Relations Professionals Can Work with Academics
Podcast Kathryn Chedgzoy of the University of Birmingham discusses what alumni practitioners should know about academics before reaching out to them. Also, learn some ideas for involving academics in alumni relations efforts.

Starting a Student Alumni Society
Podcast Geoffrey Seber from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute discusses the benefits of starting a student alumni society. Also, Seber shares some of the lessons he's learned advising these groups.

Engaging Parents in an Institution's Overall Advancement Program
Podcast Alejandra Naranjo from The American School Foundation discusses some practical ways that advancement professionals can engage parents. Also, learn what special training and guidance parent volunteers should receive.

Effective Strategies to Engage Student and Young Alumni Volunteers
Podcast Allison Dykes from Emory University discusses how to find the right students and young alumni to develop into volunteers. Also, discover what roles are best fit for young volunteers.

Successfully Marrying Career Services and Alumni Relations
Podcast Hear Jennifer Duncan from the Texas Exes talk about why the demand for alumni career services is increasing and what institutions can do about. Also, learn what to consider before deciding whether to charge fees for these services.

Maximizing Alumni Relations in a Major Campaign
Podcast Hear Donna Arbide from the University of Miami talk about what campaign goals alumni relations offices should set and how they should be measured. Also, hear her discuss how playing a key role in a major campaign can bolster the position of the alumni relations office within advancement.

Emerging Fundraising Opportunities in Asia
Podcast Hear Marc Weinstein from McGill University explain why it takes a substantial commitment for a western institution to successfully enter and stay in the Asia-Pacific market. Also, hear his advice on how to make personal connections with potential donors in the region.

Setting Up an Alumni-Student Mentoring Program
Podcast Hear Monica Spencer from the University of Evansville explain why a mentoring program builds positive connections between alumni, students and their alma mater. Also, listen to how she ensures that both mentors and mentees are getting the most out of their relationships.

Engaging Young Alumni
Podcast Hear Scott M. Mory from the University of Southern California discuss common characteristics of alumni born in 1982 and after—often referred to as the Millennial generation—and how alumni relations professionals can use this knowledge to better engage them.

Managing Volunteers
Podcast Listen to Molly Peoples from the University of Cambridge explain why working with volunteers can benefit your institution and "restore your faith in humanity." Also, catch her advice on how to manage volunteers who "push the limits."

International Alumni Relations Programs
Podcast Gretchen Dobson from Tufts University discusses how to launch of an international alumni relations program. She is the author of the CASE book, Being Global: Making the Case for International Alumni Relations.

Special Report: What Impact Does the New Credit Card Legislation have on Your Affinity Card Agreements?
Impact Alumni blog
Podcast In this May 4, 2010 podcast, CASE Director of Government Relations and Institutionally Related Foundations Brian Flahaven discusses the impact of the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 on affinity card agreements in the United States.

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