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Donor Relations/Customer Service: University of California, Berkeley - Gold Medal
Best Practice Endowment financial reporting in the decentralized fundraising environment at the University of California, Berkeley, led to several business problems. The solution had three principal components: 1) the development of business practices for maintaining linkages between funds and people and for recording opt-out situations, 2) the formation of a multi-disciplinary team to develop a data model that would bring disparate data into one place, and 3) the decision to outsource the preparation and mailing of reports to a vendor with variable printing capabilities. It also had an overarching "mass-customization" philosophy that relied on using technology to tackle the issue of scale.

Donor Relations/Customer Service: Oakland University - Bronze Medal
Best Practice The goals and objectives of "The One Stop Endowment Shop" are to decrease the time necessary to obtain information on endowments and named funds, along with housing the data centrally so the entire university can take advantage of it for business purposes. The reporting tool was created to be user-friendly for the end-user who may not know much about creating reports or about relational databases.

Donor Relations/Customer Service: St. Edwards University - Bronze Medal
Best Practice An embodiment of university-wide collaboration, St. Edward’s Office of University Advancement’s Activity Reports contain meaningful financial and anecdotal information that is gleaned from a variety of sources. The Activity Reports are an important stewardship tool that provides donors with a comprehensive understanding of how their financial support specifically and positively impacts the entire St. Edward’s community.

Gift/Bio Administration, Compliance, and Ethics: University of Colorado Foundation - Bronze Medal
Best Practice The University of Colorado implemented electronic desktop deposit and electronic transmittal logging for staff processing gifts at multiple campuses and the foundation. The project resulted in improved donor satisfaction, increased operational efficiency and improved audit controls.

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