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Good Question My institution would like to develop guidelines for naming opportunities. Does CASE have any samples of written policies?

How Do You Turn a Car Into a Chair?
CURRENTS Article An anonymous alumnus of the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology auctioned off his 2015 McLaren P1—one of the world's fastest cars, which can reach speeds of 200 mph—for $2.39 million, a world-record for that model.

CURRENTS Article Advice on removing a donor name from a building; and why a deck of cards helps one development pro stay focused on making the impossible possible.

Grand Gold Rush
CURRENTS Article Inspired design, storytelling, ingenuity, humor, and brevity were hallmarks of this year's CASE Circle of Excellence Awards Grand Gold winners, the highest prize bestowed by the program. Whether attracting international applicants with an ambitious contest, sharing advice through campus fun facts and pride points, demonstrating that campus quirks will garner attention and gifts, or redesigning a magazine in a way that makes class notes inviting and (gasp!) readable, institutions relied on research, knowledge, and creative skill to push boundaries and deliver inspired work—much of it produced in-house.

Dead Serious Campaign
CURRENTS Article Famous U.K. crime writers are involved in a series of fundraisers and publicity events for the University of Dundee's "Million for a Morgue" campaign.

The Naming Opportunities Plan and Donor Stewardship
Academic Impressions
Article In this August 2012 article, Vincent Duckworth provides insight into why a naming opportunities plan should be a critical part of an overall stewardship effort and one of four pieces to have in place before launching a campaign. Two articles linked from the bottom of the page, "Crafting a Naming Opportunities Plan" and "Naming Opportunities for Athletics: 4 Tips," provide additional information.

Name That Office
CURRENTS Article DePaul University's music faculty have the opportunity to name an office in their new building.

The Naming Game
CURRENTS Article The practice of naming gifts is commonplace at most educational institutions today, but naming opportunities and policies vary considerably from institution to institution. This article examines the ins and outs of naming gifts, including how development professionals can determine price points and what elements a naming agreement should include.

Naming Policies & Opportunities
Sample Collection The Library maintains this collection of links to naming policies and opportunities posted on school, college and university websites. Members who need help pricing opportunities can use the collection to review named gift amounts at a variety of institutions.

A Lot of Creativity
CURRENTS Article To help potential donors visualize a new building, the Tuality/Oregon Health & Science Center had a blueprint drawn on the parking lot where the building was to go up. Standing signs labeled the rooms that already had benefactors, and "Your Name Here" signs informed the crowd about opportunities to make significant gifts.

Advance Work: A New Level of the Name Game
CURRENTS Article When Tri-State University in Indiana wanted to change its name, it honored the Trine family in doing so. The institution is now Trine University.

Advance Work: Feeling Flush
CURRENTS Article When the ATLAS Institute opened at the University of Colorado at Boulder campus, there were plenty of naming opportunities available. One local venture capitalist had a slightly unorthodox venue in mind for his name.

Ethics Case Study: The Beneficent Bigot
CURRENTS Article This is part of CURRENTS yearlong series of ethics case studies that present scenarios that raise ethical questions and responses from advancement professionals who offer their insights and opinion. This case study features a conflict about whether an institution should keep money from a longtime major donor whose views on race have cast the campus in a negative light.

A Question of Ethics
CURRENTS Article As part of its year of ethics, CASE supports and promotes ethical standards for the advancement profession. This article presents a typical fundraising scenario, followed by responses from several members of the CASE Commission on Philanthropy.

AdvanceWork: How Do You Spell Relief?
CURRENTS Article Philanthropist Michael Zinman had a dream, albeit a quirky one: He wanted to fund a restroom renovation. When University of Pennsylvania officials decided to renovate the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center, the library’s director of development and external affairs suspected Zinman, a former Penn donor, might be willing to support it. This article describes Zinman’s unusual gift to the project and his efforts to promote it. It also should remind development officers that, when it comes to soliciting gifts, it pays to keep an open mind (and a sense of humor).

Name Dropping
CURRENTS Article Naming opportunities can create problems under many circumstances: when the donor becomes infamous, the donor can't fulfill the pledge, or the named structure is renovated or torn down. To deal with naming concerns, campuses develop un-naming policies, consider short-term naming opportunities, or handle the issues on a case-by-case basis. This article is of interest to fund raisers and advancement services professionals who handle major gifts, campaigns, and gift policies.

AdvanceWork: Feelin' HOT! HOT! HOT!
CURRENTS Article New Mexico State hopes its pepper varieties will fetch a nice price.


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