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Gift Agreements & Donor Intent

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Gift Agreements
Sample Collection The Library maintains this collection of gift agreements for a variety of types of gifts.

CURRENTS Article Advice on removing a donor name from a building; and why a deck of cards helps one development pro stay focused on making the impossible possible.

Breaking Up with a Prospect
CURRENTS Article Dating tips can help fundraisers learn why, when, and how to break up with a hot prospect who has turned into a cold fish. Here are some practical steps for managing the relationship, from the infatuation stage to "where is this going?" based on my 30-plus years of fundraising and 15-plus years of dating experience.

How to Ensure Gifts are Spent According to Donors' Wishes
Podcast Jaime Porter from Jefferson University and Hospitals talks about why she believes donor relations professionals should be responsible for gift monitoring Also, learn about how to audit gift spending.

Outlook: A Matter of Trust
CURRENTS Article Stewardship is the entirety of what we do to demonstrate that our institutions are worthy of a donor's trust, a trust in our ability to make a difference in a life and society.

Fundraising Fundamentals, Section 10.4
Article This section of Fundraising Fundamentals on gift agreements explains the reasons for having an agreement, when one should be considered and elements to include.

A Battle of Wills
CURRENTS Article When donors--particularly big donors--come forward with a gift, it's in everyone's best interest to document the terms that come along with it. Recent high-profile donor-intent legal battles are prompting some college and university officials to reexamine their policies and procedures.

Protecting Donor Anonymity
CURRENTS Article When donors make anonymous gifts, they often wish to protect more than their name. They want to protect their privacy. But sometimes a donor's right to privacy is in conflict with state public disclosure laws. In this article for major gift officers and other development professionals, an attorney and director of planned giving tells how to work with professional advisors and donors' counsel to ensure anonymity and save the gift from being withdrawn because of privacy concerns.

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