The Chief Executive Leadership Award

The Chief Executive Leadership Award recognizes CASE member institutional heads, presidents, chancellors, system heads or other campus chief executive officers for outstanding efforts in promoting and supporting education and institutional advancement.

Nominees for this award must demonstrate the ability to:

  • Actively support advancement,
  • Create a vision and inspire others,
  • Establish a positive image for his or her institution while leading it to higher levels of success,
  • Increase his or her institution's stature in the community and
  • Encourage innovation and risk-taking among employees.

Nomination and Selection Process

Nomination deadline

Contact your District chair, CASE Europe or CASE Asia-Pacific for additional details on your region.

Nomination instructions

In order to be considered, all nominations must be submitted online. Do not send supporting materials, such as pictures or news and magazine clippings, with your nomination. Each nomination must include the following:

  • A nominating letter describing the nominee's qualifications, including information describing the individual's efforts to promote and support education, demonstrate support of the advancement profession, create a vision and inspire others and establish a positive image for the institution. Ideally, a nominating letter should be no longer than three pages.
  • Nominee's professional or related vita.
  • Three supporting letters endorsing the nomination. Ideally, a supporting letter should be no longer than two pages.

Examples of letters from previous winners


Individual districts, CASE Europe and CASE Asia-Pacific each appoints a committee to review nominations and select an annual winner for its region.

Selection process

Individual districts, CASE Europe and CASE Asia-Pacific each has its own process for reviewing nominations and choosing a winner.


Individual districts, CASE Europe and CASE Asia-Pacific each has its own process and timetable for notification.

Award presentation

District Chief Executive Leadership Awards are presented at annual district conferences. CASE Europe and CASE Asia-Pacific present their awards at a time and place designated by each region.

2017-2018 Chief Executive Leadership Award Winners

District I: Kerry Healey, president, Babson College
District II: R. Barbara Gitenstein, president,The College of New Jersey
District III: Elizabeth E. Kiss, president, Agnes Scott College
District IV: Natalie Harder, chancellor, South Louisiana Community College
District V: Daniel J. Bradley, president, Indiana State University
District VI: Michael Ash, president, Southeastern Community College
District VII: Len Jessup, president, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
District VIII: Stephen Sundborg, president, Seattle University
CASE Asia-Pacific: Professor Margaret Gardner, president and vice-chancellor, Monash University, Australia
CASE Europe: Michael Arthur, president & provost, University College London

2016 Chief Executive Leadership Award Winners

District I: Zora Pantic, president, Wentworth Institute of Technology
District II: No Winner
District III: Lieutenant General John W. Rosa, president, The Citadel
District IV E. Joseph Savoie CEO Award: Renu Khator, president, University of Houston
District V: Douglas N. Hastad, president, Carroll College
District VI: John E. Christensen, chancellor, University of Nebraska, Omaha
District VII: Randy Bertin, vice president, university relations, University of Redlands
District VIII: Mary F. T. Spilde, president, Lane Community College
CASE Asia-Pacific: Peter Coaldrake, vice-chancellor, Queensland University of Technology
CASE Europe: Tuula Teeri, president, Aalto University

2015 Chief Executive Leadership Award Winners

District I: Gena Glickman, president, Manchester Community College
District II: Stephen J. Friedman, president,Pace University
District III: Ann McGee, president, Seminole State College
District IV E. Joseph Savoie CEO Award: Janet Cunningham, president, Northwestern Oklahoma State University
District V: Thomas Kunkel, president,St. Norbert College
District VI: Dr. Donald M. Claycomb, president, State Technical College of Missouri
District VII: Alexander Gonzalez, president,California State University, Sacramento
District VIII: Dr. Vianne Timmons, president,University of Regina
CASE Asia-Pacific: Tan Chorh Chuan, vice-chancellor and president, National University of Singapore
CASE Europe: Tuula Teeri, President, Aalto University, Finland

2014 Chief Executive Leadership Award Winners

District I: Robert A. Brown, president, Boston University
District II: Ann Buller, president & CEO, Centennial College
District III: Lee Gardner Royce, president, Mississippi College
District IV E. Joseph Savoie CEO Award: Thomas K. McKeon, president, Tulsa Community College
District V: Jo Young Switzer, Manchester University
District VI: David L. Chicoine, president, South Dakota State University
District VII: No award given
District VIII: Wim Wiewel, president, Portland State University 
CASE Asia-Pacific: Lap-Chee Tsui, vice-chancellor and president, University of Hong Kong
CASE Europe: Dame Shirley Pearce, former vice chancellor, Loughborough University

2013 Chief Executive Leadership Award Winners

District I: Heather Munroe-Blum, principal and vice chancellor, McGill University
District II: T. Alan Hurwitz, president, Gallaudet University
District III: Michael F. Adams, president, University of Georgia
District IV E. Joseph Savoie CEO Award: Steven G. Gamble, president, Eastern New Mexico University
District V: Dale T. Knobel, president, Denison University
District VI: Kirk H. Schulz, president, Kansas State University
District VII: Robert J. Birgeneau, chancellor, University of California, Berkeley
District VIII: Edward J. Ray, president, Oregon State University
CASE Asia-Pacific: Glyn Davis, vice-chancellor and principal, University of Melbourne
CASE Europe: Sir Dominic Cadbury, chancellor, University of Birmingham

2012 Chief Executive Leadership Award Winners

District I: Martin T. Meehan, chancellor, University of Massachusetts Lowell
District II: Steven M. Altschuler, president and CEO, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
District III: Lee T. Todd Jr., president, University of Kentucky
District IV E. Joseph Savoie CEO Award: Victor J. Boschini Jr., chancellor, Texas Christian University
District V: Al Bowman, president, Illinois State University
District VI: Richard F. Celeste, past president, Colorado College; Gregory Geoffroy, president, Iowa State University
District VIII: Indira V. Samarasekera, president and vice chancellor, University of Alberta
CASE Asia-Pacific: Julian Whiteley, head of college, United World College of South East Asia
CASE Europe: Major General Xavier Michel, former president, Ecole Polytechnique

2011 Chief Executive Leadership Award Winners

District I: Mary K. Grant, president, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
District II: James T. Harris III, president, Widener University
District III: Jack Hawkins, chancellor, Troy University
District IV E. Joseph Savoie CEO Award: Ricardo Romo, president, University of Texas at San Antonio
District V: Matthew Allen Derr, interim president, Antioch College
District VI: David L. Sallee, president, William Jewell College; David Maxwell, president, Drake University
District VII: Daniel Y. Habuki, president, Soka University of America
District VIII: Mary Cullinan, president, Southern Oregon University
CASE Asia-Pacific: Paul Johnson, vice chancellor, La Trobe University
CASE Europe: Professor Sir Richard Trainor KBE, principal, King's College London

2010 Chief Executive Leadership Award Winners

District I:Bruce Shaw, director, Shady Hill School
District II: Shirley Ann Jackson, president, Rensselaer Polytechnic Instittute
District III: Donald R. Eastman III, president, Eckerd College
District IV E. Joseph Savoie Chief Executive Leadership Award: James E. Cofer Sr., president, University of Louisiana at Monroe
District V: David Sweet, president, Youngstown State University
District VI: John F. Carney III, chancellor, Missouri University of Science and Technology
District VII: James K. Scott, president, Punahou School
District VIII: Preston Pulliams, district president, Portland Community College
CASE Europe Leadership Award: Brett Wigdortz, CEO, Teach First
CASE Asia-Pacific: Theodore S. Faunce, headmaster, Chinese International School

2009 Chief Executive Leadership Award Winners

District I: Sister Joan Magnetti, headmistress, Convent of the Sacred Heart
District II: Stuart Rabinowitz, president, Hofstra University
District III: Charles W. Steger, president, Virginia Tech
District IV E. Joseph Savoie Chief Executive Leadership Award: James M. Simmons, president, Lamar University
District V: Robert A. Wild, president, Marquette University
District VI: Edward H. Hammond, president, Fort Hayes State University; Dean L. Hubbard, president, Missouri State University
District VII: Laura E. Skandera Trombley, president, Pitzer College
District VIII: Harold Dengerink, chancellor, Washington State University
CASE Europe Leadership Award: Sir Timothy O'Shea, principal and vice chancellor, University of Edinburgh
CASE Asia-Pacific: Paul Thomas, vice chancellor, University of the Sunshine Coast

2008 Chief Executive Leadership Award Winners

CASE District I: Lawrence S. Bacow, president, Tufts University
CASE District II: Robert A. Scott, president, Adelphi University
CASE District III: Henry N. Tisdale, president, Claflin University
CASE District IV E. Joseph Savoie Chief Executive Leadership Award: Jake Schrum, president, Southwestern University
CASE District V: Michael Rao, president, Central Michigan University
CASE District VI: Ben Ernst, president, Ranken Technical College
CASE District VII: Jerry Farley, president, Washburn University
CASE District VIII: Irene Lewis, president and CEO, SAIT Polytechnic
CASE Europe CASE Europe Leadership Award: Sir Eric Anderson, provost, Eton College
CASE Asia- Pacific: Paul Sheahan, headmaster, Melbourne Grammar School

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