Research Awards Eligibility Requirements

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Send submissions and direct inquiries to:
Philip Bakerman
Research Analyst
1307 New York Ave. NW, Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20005-4701
Tel: +1-202-478-5661


CASE leadership has endorsed a shift from recognition of past publications to a grant-focused program that funds in-progress research. Research projects in educational advancement that have not been completed are now the only eligible works for entry. The scholarly research must be helpful to educational advancement practitioners in devising strategies and tactics for accomplishing their work.

If you are a graduate student or researcher conducting an in-progress research study related to educational advancement, you may submit an entry to the Research Department by sending a 5-10 page prospectus and a letter of support from a current faculty member. Please click here for the full set of eligibility requirements. 

The award categories are:

Alice L. Beeman Awards in Communications and Marketing for Educational Advancement

H.S. Warwick Research Awards in Alumni Relations for Educational Advancement

John Grenzebach Awards for Outstanding Research in Philanthropy for Educational Advancement

• Outstanding Research in Integrated Educational Advancement

For more information, please visit the member support center.


Representatives from the CASE Commissions on Philanthropy, Alumni Relations and Communications & Marketing select the winning entries.

Regarding unpublished works: The author, by submitting the material to the CASE Research Awards, hereby grants to CASE a right of first refusal to publish any part or the entire final research project (or some derivative thereof), under the author's name, at CASE's discretion. CASE is not obligated to publish the work. If CASE declines to publish the work, the author is thereby free to seek publication of the work through any other outlet. The author may not seek publication elsewhere until CASE has made its decision regarding publication of the work, such decision to be made within six months of the submission to CASE of the final research project. CASE may make exceptions for submissions to peer-reviewed academic journals. NOTE: Some institutions publish dissertations of PhD candidates in open access institutional repositories. CASE does not consider this activity to be a violation of its right of first refusal.

If CASE chooses to exercise its right to publish the work, a decision about the appropriate format for the published work will be made after the research project has reached a satisfactory conclusion in the estimation of CASE. At a minimum, the author will be expected to provide a five-page summary of the completed work to CASE to facilitate its publication decision.