H.S. Warwick Research Awards for Outstanding Research in Alumni Relations for Educational Advancement

The goal of the H.S. Warwick Research Awards is to encourage research in alumni relations relating to volunteerism, alumni programming, alumni giving, advocacy, student alumni membership, marketing and other areas.

The scholarly research must be helpful to educational advancement practitioners in devising strategies and tactics for accomplishing their work in alumni relations.

The H.S. Warwick Research Awards are named in honor of the late Herbert S. "Dave" Warwick, the first full-time alumni secretary at Ohio State University and founder of the Association of Alumni Secretaries in 1913, one of CASE's predecessor organizations.

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Past H.S. Warwick Winners

2015 Outstanding In-progress Research
Derek J. Berger 
"The Relationship between Academic Program Delivery Method and Alumni Engagement: A Correlation Study"

2014 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
Jerold S. Laguilles
"What Kind of Alumni Do Low-Income Students Become? An Investigation of the Relationship Between Income-Status and Future Alumni Involvement," University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2013

2014 Outstanding Published Scholarship
Marybeth Gasman and Nelson Bowman III
Engaging Diverse College Alumni: The Essential Guide to Fundraising, Routledge, 2013

2013 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
Melissa Starace
"Transforming Nomads into Settlers: A Study of Community College Alumni Engagement Efforts in Pennsylvania," University of Pennsylvania, 2012

2013 Outstanding Published Scholarship
Maria Gallo
"Beyond Philanthropy: Recognising the Value of Alumni to Benefit Higher Education Institutions," Tertiary Education and Management, 2012

2012 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
Lisa Skari
"Who Gives? Characteristics of Community College Alumni Donors," Washington State University, 2011

2012 Outstanding Published Scholarship
Jonathan Meer 
"Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? Peer Pressure in Charitable Solicitation," Journal of Public Economics Education 95, no. 7-8 (2011): 926–41

2011 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
Andrew P. Christopherson
"Alumni Association Membership Levels at Public Universities: A Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Alumni Association and Institutional Characteristics,"  University of South Carolina, 2010

2011 Outstanding Published Scholarship
No winning entry

2010 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
Melissa D. Newman
"Determinants of Alumni Membership in a Dues-Based Alumni Association," University of Kentucky, 2009

2010 Outstanding Published Scholarship
David J. Weerts,  Alberto F. Cabrera and Thomas Sanford
"Beyond Giving: Political Advocacy and Volunteer Behaviors of Public University Alumni," Research in Higher Education 51, no. 4 (June 2010): 346–65

2009 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
Noah Drezner
"Cultivating a Culture of Giving: An Exploration of Institutional Strategies to Enhance African American Young Alumni Giving," University of Pennsylvania, 2008

2009 Outstanding Published Scholarship
Jonathan Meer and Harvey S. Rosen
"Altruism and the Child-Cycle of Alumni Donations," American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 1, no. 1 (February 2009)

2008 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
Wendy Levine
"Communications and Alumni Relations: What Is the Correlation Between an Institution's
Communications Vehicles and Alumni Annual Giving?" University of San Francisco, 2007

2008 Outstanding Published Scholarship
Michael A. Gottfried and Erica L. Johnson
"Solicitation and Donation: An Econometric Evaluation of Alumni Generosity in Higher Education," International Journal of Educational Advancement 6, no. 4 (2006): 268–81

2007 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
Xiaogeng Sun

"A Multivariate Causal Model of Alumni Giving at a Midwest, Public University," University of Nebraska, 2005

2007 Outstanding Published Scholarship
Ronald Ehrenberg
What's Happening to Public Higher Education?, Preager Publishers, 2006

2006 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
Gregory Clark Wolniak
"How Major Field of Study in College Affects Job Satisfaction: A Study of the Job Satisfaction of College Alumni and the Influences of Undergraduate Major, Major-Job Field Congruence, and Income," University of Iowa, 2004

2006 Outstanding Published Scholarship
Michael Worth

Securing the Future: A Fund-Raising Guide for Boards of Independent Colleges and Universities, Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, 2005.

2005 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
Beth Bienvenu
"Opinions from the Field: Graduate Assessments of the Value of Master's Degrees in Arts Administration," University of Oklahoma, 2004

2005 Outstanding Published Scholarship
Alan Wendroff
Special Events: Proven Strategies for Nonprofit Fundraising, John Wiley & Sons, 2004

2004 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation (co-winner)
Scott Gaier
"The Impact of Alumni Satisfaction with Their Undergraduate Academic Experience on Alumni Giving and Alumni Participation," Purdue University, 2003

2004 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation (co-winner)
Pommashea Noel-Bentley
"Leveraging the Balanced Scorecard to Measure Accountability in Alumni Relations," Centre for Innovative Management, 2003

2004 Outstanding Published Scholarship
Marybeth Gasman and Sibby Anderson-Thompkins
Fund Raising from Black-College Alumni: Successful Strategies for Supporting Alma Mater, CASE, 2003

2003 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
Stephanie J. Hueftle

"Development of a University Alumnae Mentoring Program: A Case Study," University of Nebraska, 2002

2003 Outstanding Published Scholarship
Janice Gow Pettey
Cultivating Diversity in Fundraising, John Wiley & Sons, 2002

2002 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
LeKita V. Scott
"A Description of Successful Fund-Raising Units at Public Historically Black Colleges and Universities," Florida State University, 2000

2002 Outstanding Published Scholarship
Doug Eadie

Extraordinary Board Leadership: The Seven Keys to High-Impact Governance, Aspen Publishers, 2001

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