Alice L. Beeman Research Awards for Outstanding Research in Communications and Marketing for Educational Advancement

The Beeman Awards recognize the work of researchers and scholars exploring advancement trends in communications and marketing in the areas of public relations, government relations, marketing, issues management and institutional image enhancement.

The scholarly research must be helpful to educational advancement practitioners in devising strategies and tactics for accomplishing their work in communications and marketing.

The awards are named in honor of the late Alice L. Beeman, CASE's first president, and recognize excellence in writing about educational advancement.

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Past Alice L. Beeman Winners

2015 Outstanding In-progress Research
James P.  Toscano
"Social Media Legitimacy & Colleges and Universities"

2014 Outstanding Published Scholarship
No winning entry

2014 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
No winning entry

2013 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
Wesley R. Fugate
"Alike but Different: How Three Private Liberal Arts Colleges Communicate Prestige, Legitimacy, and Differentiation during the Student Recruitment Process," University of Georgia, 2012

2013 Outstanding Published Scholarship
Shelia McAllister
"How the World's Top Universities Provide Dialogic Forums for Marginalized Voices," Public Relations Review, 2012

2012 Outstanding Published Scholarship
No winning entry

2012 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
No winning entry

2011 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
No winning entry

2011 Outstanding Published Scholarship
James H. McAlexander and Harold F. Koenig
"Contextual Influences: Building Brand Community in Large and Small Colleges," Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, 2010

2010 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
Sharee LeBlanc Broussard
"Source-Message-Receiver in Integrated Marketing Communication: A Study of U.S. Institutional Advancement," University of Southern Mississippi, 2009

2010 Outstanding Published Scholarship
No winning entry

2009 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
James Owston

"Survival of the Fittest? The Rebranding of West Virginia Higher Education," Marshall University, 2007

2009 Outstanding Published Scholarship
Thomas Hayes

Marketing Colleges and Universities: A Services Approach, CASE, 2009

2008 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
Dawn Edmiston
"An Examination of Integrated Marketing Communication in U.S. Public Institutions of Higher Education," University of Maryland University College, 2007

2008 Outstanding Published Scholarship
Christopher Simpson
Weathering the Storm: Protecting Your Brand in the Worst of Times, CASE, 2007

2007 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
Liang-Hsuan Chen
"Choosing Canadian Graduate Schools from Afar: East-Asian Students' Perspective," University of Toronto, 2005

2007 Outstanding Published Scholarship
Larry Lauer
Advancing Higher Education in Uncertain Times, CASE, 2006

2006 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
Jane R. Best
"The Evolving Political Dynamics of Federal Higher Education Funding," Vanderbilt University, 2004

2006 Outstanding Published Scholarship
Richard Alfred
Managing the Big Picture in Colleges and Universities: From Tactics to Strategy, Greenwood Press, 2006

2005 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award
Nissa Dahlin-Brown

"The Impact of U.S. News & World Report Rankings on MBA Programs at Eight Public Institutions," University of Tennessee, 2003

2005 Outstanding Published Scholarship
David Kirp
Shakespeare, Einstein, and the Bottom Line: The Marketing of Higher Education, Harvard University Press, 2004

2004 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award
Janine Pisani McGuire
"Integrating Fund Raising with Academic Planning and Budgeting: Toward an Understanding of Strategic Fund Raising," University of Pennsylvania, 2003

2004 Outstanding Published Scholarship
Derek Curtis Bok

Universities in the Marketplace: The Commercialization of Higher Education, Princeton University Press, 2003

2003 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award
John C. Maguire
"Public Institutions in Higher Education Policies on the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990 and the Buckley Amendment," Illinois State University, 2001

2003 Outstanding Published Scholarship
Larry D. Lauer

Competing for Students, Money, and Reputation: Marketing the Academy in the 21st Century, CASE, 2002

2002 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award
Jean-Pierre Kulemfuka Bongila

University of San Francisco
"Funding Strategies for Institutional Advancement of American Private Universities: Applications for Congolese/African Universities," University of San Francisco, 2001

2002 Outstanding Published Scholarship
Richard S. Ruch
Higher Ed, Inc.: The Rise of the For-Profit University, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001

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