The Frank L. Ashmore Award for Service to CASE and the Advancement Profession

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The Frank L. Ashmore Award for Service to CASE and the Advancement Profession honors a current or former staff member at a CASE-member institution or educational partner who has performed exceptional service to CASE or the advancement profession. The American College Public Relations Association, a CASE predecessor organization, first presented this award in 1968. Originally known as the Presidential Citation, it was renamed in 1973 to honor the memory of Frank L. Ashmore, the director of ACPRA from 1959 to 1961.

Nomination and Selection Process

The deadline for nominations is October 15, 2018.

Nomination instructions

In order to be considered, all nominations must be submitted online. Do not send supporting materials such as pictures or news and magazine clippings with your nomination. Each nomination must include the following:

  • A completed online entry form which includes answers (from the nominator instead of a traditional nomination letter) to the following:

Describe the nominee's length and nature or types of service to CASE.

Describe the nominee's service and resulting impact on the advancement profession regionally, nationally or internationally.

What other roles or service to education has the nominee engaged in outside of CASE and advancement?

What defining characteristic sets this nominee apart from other leaders who have served CASE and the advancement field?

  • Nominee's professional or related vita
  • Two supporting letters (not from the nominator) endorsing the nomination. Ideally a supporting letter should be no longer than two pages. The support letters should be addressed to:

Awards Subcommittee
1307 New York Avenue NW, Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20005

Examples of letters from previous winners


Nominations are reviewed by the awards subcommittee, which is made up of members of the Committee on the Profession of the CASE Board of Trustees.

Selection process

The awards subcommittee reviews all nominations and votes to select a recipient. The Committee on the Profession then reviews the selection at the spring CASE Board of Trustees meeting. The board approves the winner of the award.


After the board meeting, CASE notifies the nominator who submitted the winning candidate. A letter from CASE's president is sent to the recipient. Letters are also sent to the nominators of unsuccessful candidates.

Award presentation

Distinguished Service Awards are presented at CASE's annual Summit for Leaders in Advancement in July.

Past Recipients

2017 William Walker
2016 Norma Walker
2015 Douglas Dibbert
2014 Karen E. Osborne
2013 Jake Schrum
2012 Larry Lauer
2011 Lorna Somers
2010 Carol Cheney
2009 Kent Rollins
2008 April L. Harris
2007 Peter McE. Buchanan
2006 Mary Kay Murphy
2005 Ronald Stephany
2004 Dan L. Heinlen
2003 Judith Jasper Leicht
2002 Susan Kubik
2001 Ray Footman
2000 David Dunlop
1999 Curtis Simic
1998 Donald R. Perkins
1997 Jane A. Johnson
1996 Donald M. Pattison
1995 William W. Franklin
1994 Robert A. Reichley
1993 Stanton E. Schmid
1992 Merilyn H. Bonney
1991 Virginia Carter Smith
1990 Raymond E. Willemain
1989 Ted Gibbens
1988 Paul Franz
1987 M. Fredric Volkmann
1986 Maralyn O. Gillespie
1985 Warren Heemann
1984 Robert E. Linson
1983 John Hunter Detmold
1982 John E. Dolibois
1981 James W. Frick
1980 Edwin Crawford
1979 Elizabeth Bond Wood
1978 Alice Beeman
1977 W. Emerson Reck
1976 Jerry Horton
1975 The CASE Staff
1974 Michael Radock; Robert M. Rhodes
1973 No award
1972 M. M. Chambers
1971 The Internship Program of the University of Iowa
1970 Edward VanderHarr; James Denison