The Ernest T. Stewart Award for Alumni Volunteer Involvement

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The Ernest T. Stewart Award for Alumni Volunteer Involvement recognizes an individual for service to one’s alma mater and is named for the first executive director of the American Alumni Council, one of CASE’s two predecessor organizations. It is the highest honor that CASE presents to an alumni volunteer.

Nomination and Selection Process

The deadline for nominations is October 15, 2018.

Nomination instructions

In order to be considered, all nominations must be submitted online. Do not send supporting materials such as pictures or news and magazine clippings with your nomination. Each nomination must include the following:

  • A completed online entry form which includes answers (from the nominator instead of a traditional nomination letter) to the following:

In what ways has the nominee served his or her alma mater, and for how long?

How has the nominee's service or involvement made an impact at the institution?

What defining characteristic sets this nominee apart from other alumni who are engaged with or serve your institution or other institutions?

  • Nominee's professional or related vita
  • Two supporting letters (not from the nominator) endorsing the nomination. Ideally a supporting letter should be no longer than two pages. The support letters should be addressed to:

Awards Subcommittee
1307 New York Avenue NW, Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20005

Examples of letters from previous winners


Nominations are reviewed by the awards subcommittee, which is made up of members of the Committee on the Profession of the CASE Board of Trustees.

Selection process

The awards subcommittee reviews all nominations and votes to select a recipient. The Committee on the Profession then reviews the selection at the spring CASE Board of Trustees meeting. The board approves the winner of the award.


After the board meeting, CASE notifies the nominator who submitted the winning candidate. A letter from CASE's president is sent to the recipient. Letters are also sent to the nominators of unsuccessful candidates.

Award presentation

Distinguished Service Awards are presented at CASE's annual Summit for Leaders in Advancement in July.

Past Winners

2017 Belle Turner Lynch, nominated by Oglethorpe University
2016 Mary Rockett Brock and John F. Brock III, nominated by the Georgia Institute of Technology
2015 James A. Stern, nominated by Tufts University
2014 Pershing E. MacAllister, nominated by Carroll University
2013 Charles Garcia, nominated by the United States Air Force Academy
2012 Timothy Ubben, nominated by DePauw University
2011 Richard Rogel, nominated by the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
2010 Deanna Oppenheimer, nominated by the University of Puget Sound
2009 Richard Pound, nominated by McGill University
2008 William E. Skelton, nominated by Virginia Tech
2007 Li-Chiang Chu, nominated by the Woodstock School;Peggy Hammer, nominated by California State University, Fullerton
2006 Rosemary Deniken Blankley, nominated by Arcadia University; E. John Rosenwald Jr., nominated by Dartmouth College
2005 Wallace Chandler, nominated by Elon College
2004 Roger L. Plummer, nominated by the University of Illinois Alumni Association
2004 Jean Bixby Smith, nominated by Scripps College
2003 Elise Sterling Howard, nominated by the University of Pennsylvania; Ralph W. Voorhees, nominated by the Rutgers University Foundation
2002 Maud Fuller, nominated by the University of the West Indies
2001 Stanley C. Gault, nominated by the College of Wooster
2000 F. Helmut Weymar, nominated by the Pingry School
1999 Arthur Lim Siew Ming, nominated by the University of Singapore
1998 Madelyn M. Levitt, nominated by Drake University
1997 Harold and Estelle Tanner, nominated by Cornell University and Wellesley College
1996 Adelide Fortune Holderness, nominated by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro
1995 Carl L. Schweitzer, nominated by the University of Missouri-Columbia Alumni Association
1994 Elizabeth B. Rawlins, nominated by Salem State College
1993 Ilah Coffee Merriman, nominated by the Texas Tech Ex-Students Association
1992 No award
1991 Dartmouth College Alumni Association; Essex Community College Alumni Association; Ex-Students Association of the University of Texas; University of Idaho Alumni Association
1990 Student Alumni Association/Student Foundation Network
1989 R. Dewey Welch, nominated by the Indiana University Alumni Association
1988 University of Michigan; Alumni Association of the University of Michigan
1987 William H. Schweitzer, nominated by Trinity College (DC)
1986 Joseph E. O'Daniel, nominated by the University of Southern Indiana
1985 Edwin L. Kennedy, nominated by Ohio University
1984 Frank O. H. Williams, nominated by Renbrook School
1983 Harrington Drake, nominated by Colgate University; Robert N. Purcell, nominated by Cornell University
1982 Pauline McGibbon, nominated by the Universities of Toronto and Guelph; Thomas B. Carney, nominated by the University of Notre Dame
1981 Rawleigh Warner, Jr., nominated by Princeton University
1980 Thomas B. McCabe, nominated by Swarthmore College
1979 No award
1978 U. S. Steel Foundation
1977 University of Michigan Development Office and Alumni Association
1976 No award
1975 Central State University Alumni Association
1974 Technology Review, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; The Portable Stanford, Stanford Alumni Association
1973 No award
1972 UCLA Alumni Association
1971 Wellesley College Alumnae Association; Brigham Young University Alumni Association
1970 Women of Wayne State University Alumni Association
1969 Oberlin College Alumni Association
1968 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alumni Association; University of Georgia Alumni Association
1967 Georgia Tech Alumni Association; University of Georgia Alumni Association
1966 Colgate University Alumni Association; University of Florida Alumni Association; Florida State University Alumni Association
1965 Columbia College Alumni Association
1965 Stanford Alumni Association
1964 Auburn University Alumni Association; The University of Alabama Alumni Association; Hofstra University
1963 University of Alabama Alumni Association; The Association of Former Students of Texas A&M University
1962 Alumnae Association of Smith College
1961 Convocation of the University of the Witwaterstrand (S. Africa)
1960 Emory University Alumni Association
1959 Dartmouth College Alumni Association
1958 Iowa State University Alumni Association; Editorial Board of Operation Moonshooter
1957 Wofford College Alumni Association
1956 University of California Alumni Association
1955 The Ohio State University Alumni Association; The Alumni Board of Yale University